Free: New Phone App “Awareness Call” (IOS And Android)

This app is not for information or entertainment, it is for Awareness. It was lovingly created by Frederick Dodson, author of 25 books on success, consciousness and the law of attraction. It enables you to set different types of “alarms” at times and in intervals that you specify. But there is nothing at all “alarming” about them. Depending on purpose you can set 4 times of signals:

1) Here Now

This signal asks the question “Where is your attention right now?” If you are practicing being present in the now you could, for example, set this at a 3-hour interval for a few days. As you get better at being-in-the-now you might have it once a day. Then you might take a break from it for a few weeks and try to achieve this state of awareness without help of the app before you return to it for deeper practice. Please keep in mind that Awareness, just like washing, sleeping and eating, should be a lifelong practice.

2) Options

This signal asks the question “Where could your attention be right now?” Upon hearing it, you are meant to become aware of your options beyond the current fixation of your attention. For example, you might be fixated on a certain person, place, problem or thing and upon hearing the question, consider other persons, places, solutions and things. This question is the cue to open up and expand the direction of your imagination and attention. The result is a heightened state of awareness and improved well-being.

3) Positive Focus

This signal asks the question “Where would you like your attention to be right now?” The question directs you to shift your focus to a thought, a place, a person or a thing that feels more pleasant, relaxing, enjoyable or strengthening. The difference to the “Options” signal is that here you are meant to choose only one thing and focus on it rather than be aware of many things. You might choose to look at a sunset for a few minutes, visualize something nice for a few seconds or work on your favorite project for a few hours.

The most empowering question you can ask yourself is: Where is my awareness right now and where would I like it to be?