The Miracles of Attention and Awareness

Attention creates Reality. Energy flows where attention goes. “Where is my attention right now?” and “Where would I like my attention to be?” are the two most important questions you can keep asking yourself throughout life to regain control of your life. You may not be able to control all the circumstances, but you can control the direction of your attention. You are able to focus, direct, re-direct, shift, retrieve or release attention from almost anything. And these abilities determine your success and happiness in life.
– Frederick Dodson, The Miracles of Attention and Awareness
You can direct, open, focus, shift, deepen and expand Awareness for an ever increasing influence on Reality and an ever enjoyable Journey through life. This book supports you in making your dreams and aspirations come true.

Reviews of The Miracles of Attention and Awareness

Yesssssssssss! Fred always hits the spot. Love this book among so many others.

I read parallel universe of self over and over for two years, i still go back to it. This is another bible for me, i will read the miracles of attention and awareness over and over, Fred’s work is so deep and knowledge rich, i find new little pieces of gold every time i return. I won’t write out a spoiler alert. Fred does an amazing job of bringing you right to the point of epiphany but somehow makes it just enough so that the self discovery is made on your own and not told to you. Life changing, changer. Reading again soon.

Jessica Mollinea
This man is a genius!

I am addicted to Fred Dodson’s books! I found him through Subconscious Mind Mastery’s podcast and ever since have been reading his books and watching his YouTube videos. L I F E changing!

Rida Khan
Another CLASSIC by Fred Dodson

Fred has done it again! Nobody has spoken directly to my soul like Fred Dodson. From the first page, this book will re-tune where you’re focus is, which is what you are brining into your life. This is about reality creation. It’s about setting your thoughts where you want them, taking them back from a society that mostly produces noise and drowns out what we really want. There’s a great story in Ch 2 – Fred said he designed an iPhone app a few years back to trigger an alarm to ask you – “Where is your awareness right now?” Then – “Where would you like your awareness to be?” He said Apple rejected it because it “didn’t offer any information or entertainment value.” That just shows how far from this kind of material and thinking our culture is. Fred will bring you back to focusing on what you want, creating what you want, and living the life – literally – of your dreams.


Excerpts from the Audio Book

Table of Contents

1. Modes of Attention

2. Secrets of Awareness and Attention

3. The Power of Appreciation

4. A Training in Flow, Energy and Happiness

5. Concentration Training

6. Psychonavigation

7. Presence Training

An Excerpt from Chapter 1 “Modes of Attention”

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