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There is a 2014 documentary called Water Memory  , about scientists Jacques Benveniste and Luc Montagnier. In the 1980s Benveniste discovered that water can receive, remember, store and send information. The discovery was unique in the field of Biology. Before this, Benvensite was a renowned biologist, on the verge of winning the Nobel Prize. Nature magazine published his work on water memory. After that, things went downhill quickly. The ferocity with which shadowy elements within the “scientific community” attacked him and ended his career took people by surprise.

Professional Debunker James Randi and a commission formed by Nature magazine sent people to his laboratory. James Randi was famous for “debunking claims of the paranormal”. He was never sent to verify or support. When Randi and the team saw that Benvensite was right and they couldn’t easily debunk him they demanded him to change his procedures to increasingly more rigid and strange standards until the results were no longer there. They then announced to the press that the formerly respected biologist was a fraud, a hoaxer. Funding for his research was withdrawn. Not long after, he died.

Later, Benvenistes results were verified by other scientists. Among them Luc Montagnier who won the Nobel Prize for discovering HIV. He too had a great reputation in mainstream media, until he announced that he had repeated Benvenistes results. After that he was called “crazy”, “sick” and suffering from “old age”.

In the documentary (posted below), Montagnier demonstrates that water can remember which DNA was placed inside it even if the water is several times diluted. It’s revealed that DNA emits electromagnetic signals. Water molecules form enclosures. The signals contained within the hydrogen bonds can be transported to other places. In an experiment, the researchers transport DNA information contained within the water from France to a University in Italy.

Based on the fact that DNA emits electromagnetic signals, Montagnier predicts that illnesses will one day be healed with electromagnetic frequencies alone.


Montagnier doesn’t make this claim but in my view the experiment implies a kind of teleportation. The package containing the EMF required to regrow a strand of DNA was teleported from France to Italy, using a computer. The ability to regrow the same DNA elsewhere, means that we may be able to regrow an entire body elsewhere. If that body is joined by a unit of consciousness (spirit), teleportation is complete.

Another interesting moment is when the TV Crew is asked to take the batteries out of their phones because they interfere with the experiment. I’m reminded of the fact that most phones today, in 2023, no longer allow battery removal.

Meanwhile different researchers have proven these facts independently, in their own ways. I’ll cite only one here, quoted from the Science Daily article “Chemical memory of seawater“:

Water does not forget, says Prof. Boris Koch, a chemist at the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in the Helmholtz Association. Irrespective of what happens in the sea: whether the sun shines, algae bloom or a school of dolphins swims through a marine area — everything and everyone leaves biomolecular tracks. With the help of a combination of new techniques, Boris Koch and colleagues can now identify and retrace some of these…

With the help of this mass spectrometer at the Helmholtz Zentrum München, the German Research Centre for Environmental Health, the team of scientists working with Boris Koch has for the first time succeeded in identifying thousands of individual components in the dissolved organic matter (DOM) in the course of a single measurement…

…using this method, we have discovered a new way of exploiting the water’s chemical memory,” says Boris Koch. For example, scientists can say how old the dissolved matter is, whether it was exposed to strong sunlight along its path through the oceans or which bacteria and types of plankton probably once swam in the same body of water.

“We can even trace which share of the DOM leaves its tracks in the atmosphere…”

Positive and Negative Charging of Water

Water stores information. Water transfers information. I have taught that water can be charged with intention that effects the drinker. I’ve shown this in live experiments in my seminars since the 1990s and in this Video: How to prove reality creation to people. I’ve previously written about the scientist Masuru Emoto who was the first scientist to show that talking to water in a negative vs. positive way changes the look and structure of it to either ugly or beautiful. Blessing your water before you drink it, cleanses it.

About 25 years ago I was told a shocking story by an attendee of a seminar. I was teaching the positive charging of water and he gave an example of negative charging. He and five other men had met in an apartment to conduct a “magick ritual”. These were grown, educated men, well respected in their communities and company. Nothing in their public life suggested clandestine activities. They dimmed the room and put on candlelight but stayed casually dressed.

The ceremony was supposed to get the head of another company to sign a contract so that they (the five men) become their sole supplier of plastics. He had been hesitating to sign and looking for alternative suppliers.

The men filled a bathtub with water. They added various ingredients to the water which I don’t all remember. Some I do remember but won’t list here. They chanted over the water a full hour, continually repeating a phrase along the lines of  “He has signed on with us“, but using his full name. They charged the water with this command. After the one hour of chanting they stood in complete silence for 5 minutes. During this time they were to imagine projecting their consciousness into that person, being that person, feeling as him and being centered in his solar plexus. They were to imagine themselves thinking “I’m signing on with them“. Then the bathtub was drained while the group imagined water flowing through the pipes and directly into the person’s solar plexus.

He signed the contract a day later, the remote influencing had worked.

I believed his story. This kind of activity is truly “black magic”.  Any sort of hidden influence you exert on others is negative, even if you have “good intentions”. Every human being has an electromagnetic self which can be influenced through words, imagines, EMF and water. Naturally, high consciousness and strong-willed-people are spiritually protected and the voodoo have no effect on them. As appealing it is to some people to commit “invisible crimes”, nothing is invisible in consciousness.

The problem with secretly manipulating others is that it opens the doors to you being manipulated. What  goes around, comes around (one of the truest and most useful statements ever made). If the story is true it would explain the crazed reactions people like Montagnier and Benveniste have received from mainstream gate-keepers. In water-memory there are hundreds of implications and all of them are a disadvantage for those who would seek to profit off of public ignorance.


I enjoy home experiments. Muscle-testing and dowsing are not the only ways to ascertain the quality of a product. Animals, especially dogs and cats, know what’s good. They usually choose spring water over bottled water. Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself. Strange but true: Among bottled waters they consistently prefer certain brands over others, with only slight variations in different pets. They can also discern between positively and negatively charged water, just like humans. I have verified this with my cats repeatedly. Something that anyone can duplicate and verify at home is a reliable fact.

James Randi, who made a living of “debunking claims of the paranormal” and people like him, have the mental power to distort accurate results and readings. Their hostility creates an electromagnetic pressure-field. I a mocking, ridiculing person nearby who demands I “prove” my water-charging experiments to him, I won’t do it. But surrounded by friendly people who have not made up their mind “pro” or “con”, it’s easy to demonstrate. A little bit of skepticism does not distort results but hostility does.

I highly recommend you bless the water you drink. Most of your body is made of water, most of the planet you live on consists of water. And if the ancients are to be believed, this ocean we live on is surrounded by yet another ocean – the cosmic ocean. Water is clearly one of the most important things any living being needs. Especially tap-water, which flows through an entire city, picking up the thoughts, words and energies of millions, should be spoken over with positive intention (in addition to being filtered). Some people prefer to collect spring water. They use websites like to find springs near where they live.



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