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The Mandela Effect and Reality Creation

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Today: I remember putting my sneakers into the trunk of the car, for a later activity. I noticed they were filthy. Because I had an appointment there was no time to clean them or go get others. I could clean them later. I went to my appointment. Afterwards, I went to get my sneakers out of the trunk and they were completely clean. Spotless.

What? How? Am I delusional? False memory? Or did I switch timelines, from one parallel world to another? I believe we jump timelines. I wrote a book called Parallel Universes of Self about this in 2006. I think this happens more often than we notice.

If you can shift timelines toward a reality change, as if an event never happened, it stands to reason that the world as a whole can do it too.

I clearly remember Gibraltar as an Island between Morocco and Spain. I remember that the “Straits of Gibraltar” were two waterways on either side of the Island. I remember that the Island, under British rule, was not populated and merely had one or two facilities on it. It was just a piece of rock in the Ocean.

Looking at the Map today, I find that this is not the case at all:


Gibraltar is not an island, it’s attached to Spain. It’s not even directly between Morocco and Spain, as I thought it was. And it’s more than a small piece of rock, it has a population and even a mountain on it. It looks nothing like the Gibraltar I remember.

You could say my memory is tricking me or I was misinformed about Gibraltar. But to me, that sounds offensive. Granted, I have never been to Gibraltar, I can only recount what I was shown on film, taught in school and read in books. I lived in a parallel world where Gibraltar was in the middle of  the Straits of Gibraltar (plural), not at the side of the singular Strait of Gibraltar.

This is called “The Mandela Effect”, deriving from the fact that some people remember Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s while others insist he died in 2013.

Over the years people have asked me why I haven’t written about the Mandela Effect, as it ties in nicely with Parallel Universes. The reason is this: It’s a nerdy subject. By that, I mean, there is a lot of thinking and speculation, but little practical application in the context of Parallel Universes Coaching. I wrote  my 2006 book Parallel Universes with practical self-improvement in mind.

The term Mandela Effect gained traction around 2013, when Mandela died:


Some things ascribed to this effect appear to be about remembering things inaccurately, but others appear to prove genuine parallel worlds. Usually these two views are separated into two camps, the naysayers vs. the believers, but such divided camps are for people who lack the power of discernment. If one is too lazy to look deeper, then everything is explained from only one viewpoint and that’s how these “camps” are established.

The Mandela Effect is fascinating, but of what practical use is it to puzzle over various trivia? Thinking about it more deeply, I found one way in which it is useful: It can shake up “everything you believe to be true”. It awakens us to life being more mysterious and interesting than commonly assumed.

I think it’s good to shake up peoples belief-system. Like I did  with my recent book “Extraterrestrial Linguistics“. It’s good to entertain the idea that everything you believe is unreal. Why is that good? Because it trains you to think outside of habitual boxes. The mind seeks comfort in the familiar, in “consensus-reality’. To consider things that nobody else is believing, helps you grow.

Remember: Just because you entertain an idea, doesn’t mean you have to believe in it. I entertain all kinds of “crazy” ideas, as a matter of training. It doesn’t mean I buy into them fully. I savor the belief for some time before either swallowing it or spitting it out. Embracing or rejecting an unusual idea before savoring it, is the root of ignorance. The difference between me and crazy people is that I am fully aware of what “normal” people believe.

But even more useful than reading examples of changed History or the Mandela effect, is to create your own preferred timeline. Your own amazing life can be created regardless of where Gibraltar is or what other upheaval is happening in the world. The Universe will keep teaching you that your life is all up to you and can be turned around at any minute on any day. And did you know that the way you see world events is a reflection of the way you see yourself? Do you see world events or the Mandela Effect as mysterious and amazing? That’s because you are.

“But Fred, global Covid Pandemic is not the timeline I wanted! And it affects me! It’s not true that I choose my preferred reality! I am dependent on the worlds political reality!”

Well, if you say so. Guess what – it hasn’t affected me negatively so far. 2020 was my best year financially and in health. And I also happen to be living in parts of the world without lockdown or mask mandate. So I never experienced any of the consequences of Covid (even though I have written several articles objecting to the politics around it). If you really think all that is a coincidence, you don’t know Reality Creation.

Here’s how to make the Mandela Effect more of a practical experience: Notice errors in continuity in your own life, especially after a radical change in energy-state or self-image. When you shift your state rapidly, then the new-you is not living on the same timeline as the old-you. Pay attention and you’ll notice the changes. Things are not as fixed as they seem.



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