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Frederick Dodson

In 2018 a friend of mine, Salah Al-Rashed, developed an Intention-Manifesting software program he called SAL125. It’s a complete life-organizing, planning and intention-manifesting tool.

A few weeks ago he asked me if I’d like to try the English-language version of it and, if I like it, introduce it to readers of Reality Creation. It’s rare for me to like software programs around manifesting (I’ve tried many and recommended none!), because inner work can’t be replaced by software. But this one I liked! That’s why you’re reading about it here.

Thankfully it’s exactly what a conscious creator would want from such a software, making life easier instead of more complicated. It’s easy to understand and use. If you know your goals and intentions you can get started right away. The software offers methods of aligning your visions, values, goals and desired manifestations with your planning, practice and actions. It creates accountability to yourself. A specialty of the program is all the amazing music and the solfeggio frequencies to be used for many practical and health purposes.

I think their own page and video describes it best:

SAL125 Page




If you’re seeking a way to clarify and organize your intentions, this program does the job well.

Frederick Dodson


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