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The Incomparable

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

A student was struggling to sell a piece of real estate at the top floor of a high rise building. It had a sky pool and a beautiful outdoor veranda overlooking the city. There was a granite-slab that ran from the room out onto a lounge-like veranda. It was used as a long dining or party table. It had a high ceiling and panoramic windows around the building. It was one very large room with a small chamber and bathroom in the center. And it had no kitchen, even though a kitchen could be installed. The problem? It wasn’t normal. Too unique.


After futile selling attempts, he asked me for advice. I told him to package it differently. So he staged it with beautiful colored lights running along the Veranda, like something out of Miami Vice. When people came for viewing, he added finger foods on the granite slab, to point out that it’s a table. Soft lounge music was playing. Viewing times were in the evening, because it looked much better with the city lights on. Finally, he got a sofa and a rug.

That should have sold it, but it didn’t. So he went down with the price. Still, it did not sell.

Repackaging didn’t work, so the next step was to change the context, which is meta-level repackaging. His ads, price and offer were targeting singles and families looking for an apartment. But what if it wasn’t an apartment? What if he called it a Club, a Studio or a Lounge? We changed the context from “living” to “partying”. Selling it as a Club, he could put the price up even higher than it was initially. People are willing to pay more for something unique. In fact, “maybe you are not selling it because the price does not speak to a wealthier target group who would be looking for a club space” I told him.

But it was in a residential area, so it was not possible to get a permit for a Bar or Club. But it was possible to offer it to artists as a Studio, a professional workspace overlooking the city.

That worked. The property sold to a photographer, within weeks.

It may seem strange that raising a price makes a thing sell better, but people with extra money, seek out the exclusive. A thing that is incomparable, is difficult to sell otherwise. It’s too weird, too quirky. But you can be sure that there is someone out there who will fall in love with that weird and quirky thing and be willing to pay any price for it. I am this way, and there are many others.

There is a metaphysical reason for this. The common, usual, normal and comparable comes from Mind and Earth. The incomparable comes from Soul and Higher Realms. That’s why it feels so exciting!

Some of my books are comparable to others on the topic. And some of my books, such as my most recent one (Extraterrestrial Linguistics), are incomparable – so much I can’t even find their proper library category. My comparable books are usually ones that people demanded. The incomparable ones nobody asked for. The first kind is more difficult to write. The second kind is easier to write, because it comes from the Soul. It flows. The comparable book will be more successful, initially. The incomparable book may not sell much at first, but in the long run, it will be legendary. That’s the difference between “mind based” and “soul based” work. Neither is “good” or “bad”, they are just different experiences. The world needs both normal real estate, music, movies, books and restaurants that everyone can relate to, and it needs unique things that are unprecedented.

A special case (and flow-state) is achieved when you pursue a work that mixes mind and soul. The harmonizing of heaven and earth, soul and mind, mystical and practical, weird and common creates more high energy and attraction than either of the two alone.

If you wish to attract your soulmate, you will need to live as your soul, mate. And living as your soul, means you become less predictable. What is it about you that is unlike any other?


If you wish to have a more Business, allow it to sound, look and act a little different than similar Businesses. I have coached a lot of Coaches, and the thing that I had to advise on  the most, is that they sounded too much like a Million other “life coaches” and needed to find their niche specialty before they could succeed. I mean…how many more people are going to call themselves “life coaches”, for instance? Call yourself that, and you’re only one of millions. What could you call yourself that nobody else calls themselves?

There is a Meditation I use, to get in touch with the incomparable. It follows these  simple instruction:

Put attention to a place you have never been, never seen and have not yet imagined. Take your time to find it and daydream. Enjoy the sense of something beautiful, strange or alien. 

 You go to a place you have neither been in life, nor in your mind. Can you find such a place? Can you see, hear or feel something that is not based on a prior experience? It might be difficult at first, but with practice, you can become accustomed to thinking way outside the box. If you struggle to find something unique, then imagine going to a far away, inhabited planet.

Discovering the unfamiliar is akin to a horse escaping a carousel. A carousel keeps spinning the same old thoughts over and over. But you can awaken and break out of the dull circles of life, by thinking something you have never thought before.




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