The Healing Power of Colour Zone Therapy

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Working in the field of self-improvement since the 90s, I know thousands of books that claim to improve your state but don’t do much outside of the placebo-effect.

The classic 1997 book “Colour Zone Therapy” by Joseph Corvo and Lilian Verner-Bonds is one of those rare books that delivers. It contains a list of ailments – back pain, influenza, poor eyesight, depression, insomnia, etc. Each ailment is treated by first confronting the negative beliefs associated with the ailment. Then, one visualizes the corresponding healing color while applying massage and pressure to specific points of the foot (reflexology) and voicing corresponding positive beliefs. The combination of color, foot-massage and positive belief has easily and effectively created an improved state and often even a healing in anyone I have used these techniques on.

The book is also fun for couples who wish to treat each other to a nice foot-massage and visualization.

When I first learned of the book, I thought it too simplistic to be relevant. But as my wife used it to treat a pain in the hips that I was having and the pain and problem disappeared completely, we began using it on each other and on clients. I have now been using it for the last 15 years on and off. What impressed me most about the book is how accurate the negative and positive beliefs are to various physical issues. Sometimes, when students of mine were dealing with certain physical problems, I’d look up the corresponding negative beliefs in this book.

I’ve taken a photo so that you get a sense of the books structure:

If this book recommendation helped you heal something or increased your level of energy, I am happy.

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Frederick Dodson


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