The Government tries to punish success (but fails)

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Frederick Dodson

You live in a society that tries to punish success.
Example: I pay an crazy amount of taxes because I don’t have debt, I haven’t taken up loans. Experts assure me I’ll pay much less if I take up a loan. They are right.
Imagine: I could save/make so much more money if I go into debt. The more money I have, the more the IRS takes. A mockery of how the Universe really works.
The richer you are in America, the higher your tax bracket (the percentage of taxes you pay). People are cognizant of that, so they try to not make too much money so that they don’t fall into the higher tax bracket. How crazy is that?
The deeper economic theories behind this are essentially socialist. “Let’s go easy on the poor people and harder on the rich people”. Sounds like a reasonable plan, right? But it doesn’t work because you attract more into your life of what you reward. Poverty and lack of money should not be rewarded. I’m not saying they should be punished, but there shouldn’t be incentives for debt and poverty. Small Business wealth should be incentivized.
Another Example: With a high credit score, I’m showered with all kinds of benefits, including huge mortgage savings and access to all sorts of benefits and services. Unfortunately I don’t even own a credit card, because I don’t do credit, loans or debt. That means they won’t even let me rent a car at the airport (in most places you need a credit card to rent a car. With no “line of credit” you are considered “poor”).
The problem with people like me is that a bank can’t make money off of me. Their money comes from collecting interest off of debt.
We have debit and credit cards. Both words indicate “money owed”. This is is the status they’d like to keep you in. Since I am perpetually in surplus, the system does not look kindly on me.
Being in debt is the norm in this slave-society. Debt, loan and mortgage free people are the rare exception.
“What??? That is SO weird!” I’ve been told. “Didn’t you ever wanna buy a house or a car?”
“Uh-huh” I respond.
“So how could you buy it without borrowing money??????”
“I waited until I could afford it”
What a weird, revolutionary concept!
Why don’t I just play along and reap the great monetary benefits from aligning with how the system works?
I might. I’m not “against” it, I just haven’t played the game so far. The law of attraction is a real thing.
Being in debt is not prosperity-attractive, with few exceptions. For example if I use someone elses money (that of an investor) to buy property and tax-deduct that as a loan, that’s pretty smart. There are all kinds of weird schemes we can play to work around the system.
But someday, we need to reform the system to be more aligned with how reality works. Imagine how the world would look if society were to reward success.
But as long as society doesn’t reward my success, I’ll have to reward myself. 🍦
Fortunately, the laws of the Universe can’t be subverted, no matter how stupid the Government is. I always have been a success and always will be because I play by the rules of the Universe, not the rules of society.
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