The Control of Candy Jones

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Frederick Dodson


Can a reality be created for another person without their conscious awareness? The “scientific community” tells us that’s impossible. I believe that the so-called “scientific community” has been paid off to say that. It’s not only possible, it’s been publicly documented more times than I can count.  

There is an old, out-of-print book titled “The Control of Candy Jones” by Donald Bain. It tells the story of World-War-II pin-up girl and model Candy Jones (image above). She was unknowingly drugged and hypnotized by the CIA, her personality was split (induced schizophrenia). Her known persona was celebrity Candy Jones and the unknown persona was called Arlene, which the hypnotist “crafted” from an imaginary childhood friend (according to my book Clearing Entities, these secondary “identities” are in fact astral-entities) to run errands, spy and even endure torture. 

The story is worth retelling because it’s what has happened to many celebrities and is happening to this day. In sharing this one story, I am telling thousands of other stories.

My view has always been, that self-hypnosis is a positive thing, an act of reality creation. But there’s a dark side, a polarity to voluntary hypnosis: Criminal narco-hypnosis. Before this problem can be solved in society, it must be acknowledged as real. 

The following is a chapter reproduced not from the aforementioned book, but from another one titled “Secret, Don’t Tell” by Carla Emery. The complete book can be found for free across the Internet. 

Use a screen that can be enlarged to read this material. 

It may be a very long read, but it’s worth it to gain a better understanding of many different topics at once. 

John Nebel

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