When animals talk

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

I have casual conversation with animals.

I guess it’s common for people to talk to their house pets – animals, dogs, parrots or even fish. But you can really converse with any animal – dolphins, horses, eagles, penguins – any living being. I even talk to my car when it’s not working, so how much easier is it to talk to an animal. I’ll talk to anything really, because everything is imbued with consciousness and energy, manifesting in different forms. Everything is communicating. Everything is telling you something, sometimes through their mere existence. You can learn to understand what you are being told or stay oblivious.

People who talk to animals we call “horse whisperer”, “dog whisperer” and I’ve even seen a “snake whisperer” once. We know that animals understand us to some degree. Sometimes there is confusion as to how much they understand. My view is that they understand much more than we believe. Dogs for example, can learn and carry out sophisticated directives. Cats understand the same directives but often choose not to carry them out. 🙂

I’d like to take animal communication a step further and ask a daring question: Is it possible that animals know everything we are saying? If you’ve ever been in the presence of whales or dolphins, you get the sense that they not only understand everything, but have intelligence at least equal to ours. They are capable of playing pranks on us. You don’t play pranks on beings that you are mentally inferior to. But is it possible that all animals have, in their own way, intelligence, awareness and ability that far exceeds what we expect of them?

There I am, overestimating creation again. Because I appreciate and value life, I look for higher potential in all people and beings.

Let’s take it another step further: Is it conceivable that animals not only understand everything we are saying, but could also talk back? But they do talk back, you say. In their animal way, they communicate with us. But wouldn’t it be amazing if animals were able to talk back in our language?

Is it at all possible that animals can talk English, Chinese, Russian or Swahili? How funny would it be if a donkey suddenly spoke Italian?

You might find it bizarre that I’m even considering the possibility. Talking animals only exist in cartoons, right? But what if we’ve been taught a false idea of what animals are? We’ve been taught false ideas on almost anything, frankly.

Notice how young children interact with animals, before they have been taught that animals are “stupid”. I’ve observed that they talk to them! There is some form of communication going on that I, as a mis-educated adult, are not part of. Are animals really stupid? Or does each animal have something that others don’t have – a special superpower? A bat has sonic powers that no other being has. A cat has paranormal powers that others don’t possess. Is it possible that each being was created with a specific important purpose? I believe so.

In school, we are taught an extremely narrow band of “reality” that turns into “consensus reality” and “the official narrative”. Thus, animals are “stupid”. And our ancestors, that built buildings many times more amazing that what we build,  were also “stupid”. And spirituality is “stupid”. You see, anything that doesn’t fit the extremely narrow band is dismissed. Their school curriculum boils down to a lack of appreciation and wonderment.

So when I say “maybe animals can talk English”, because of the narrow-programming, people will usually say “No they can’t. That’s stupid”. But is it really? I don’t expect you to believe that animals can talk our language, because it’s what you’d call “quite a stretch”. We wouldn’t want to stretch that narrow band too wide, would we?

However, consider this: All the major world religions have stories of talking animals. The same can be read in old folktales and so-called fairy tales. Look up “talking animals in the Bible”, “talking animals in the torah”, “talking animals in the quran”, etc.

Have I ever heard an animal talk? No, I haven’t. But do I think it could be possible? Yes, certainly. Maybe they don’t because it would scare people. They’d think the animal is possessed! Nor do I expect you to believe that animals understand what we are saying. But if you don’t even believe that, you haven’t spent much time with them.

At the very least, I believe animals are underestimated. For that matter, I also believe we are grossly underestimating our fellow humans. The street beggar could be an angel in disguise. We pass the beggar, often without noticing the pure consciousness behind those eyes, the spark of light that is manifesting as the role of a beggar. Likewise we dismissively think “well, that’s just a waiter. That’s just a baker. That’s just a cop”. But all of these roles are really infinite consciousness manifesting as a role on the stage called life.

Whether you talk to people or animals, you can talk to the infinite consciousness aspect of them, and that’s the aspect that will give an interesting response. Some argue that it’s not the animal talking but rather a spirit talking through the animal. In the Torah, Quran and the Bible it is God talking through animals. So if that were true, could animals talk independently of a spirit, entity or consciousness talking through them? I don’t know. But I do know that nothing can talk without consciousness.

I’ve told certain bugs to leave the house and they have left. There was a problem with ants. I could either call pest control, or I could simply ask the ants to leave. So I spoke to the ants for a few minutes and asked them to leave my house. I never had a problem again. This might seem weird to you, but I am weird. 🙂

I’ve asked cats to guard the house while I’m on vacation and they have. I’ve asked a bird to relay information to someone who had lost their phone, and they did. Some choose to talk to animals in a babyfying way, as in “aawwwww, cuuutie pieeeeee, heloooooooo”. That’s fine. Animals like that. But personally, I choose to talk to them like in a casual conversation with a friend. If I treat someone in a mature way, there’s a chance to get a mature response. Not every animal is a baby. Things are much more than we thought. A bird is much more than we thought. It has more purpose than we assume. There’s more to a bird than just a bird. Consider what the higher purpose of any animal could be.

Also consider that you will live in a much friendlier world when you stop treating everything as separate and unimportant and actually begin interacting. Even if you don’t wish to be seen talking to a bird in the tree (what will the neighbors think! oh my!), at the very least you could look at it and acknowledge its existence. It’s there. There is a reason it’s there. You can continue staring into your phone and pretend it’s not singing the most amazing song to you, perhaps even written for you, or you can look and listen. How deeply you live in this world, is your choice.



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