Take a lot of medium-level risks

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

This is a poster from my recent Flow Seminar:


I take a lot of medium risks to stretch my sense of aliveness and skill. “Medium” means I do not lose too much if it fails. I don’t do high-risk. There is no need to.

Mothers frequently tell their children “Be careful!”. But it would be better if there were also times they said “Dare to!” People are conditioned to be so careful, we’ve created a society full of “stay safe” and “stay home” billboards. Is “staying safe” and “staying home” going to get you anywhere big in life? Not hardly.

While taking risks feels fun and exciting (and life is supposed to be fun!),  if you know the facts of any situation, it’s easier to take risks. Know the best-case and worst-case consequences. Understand and accept them before taking the risk.

If you’re not willing to lose $20 000 in Bitcoin, then don’t buy that amount. Buy the amount you are willing to lose, and then a little more. If you’re willing to lose $5000, then buying that is a low-level risk. Low-risk won’t get you anywhere. So $8000 is a medium-level-risk.  Ever so slightly stretch beyond your comfort zone. Choose a risk that won’t cause you sleepless nights but still keep you awake during the day time.

Keep ever so slightly stretching beyond your previous limits.

Maybe there’s something you’ve been meaning to say to a colleague, but have kept it hidden because it’s risky. Maybe you are risking your reputation or the peace. But it’s been on your mind. Not saying it is low risk. Saying it is high risk. Medium-risk, then, is saying it in a softer, buffered way. Or saying it in bite-sized chunks, one part now, the other later. Not saying it will not get the energy moving. Saying it too bluntly will only cause upset. So you find the medium sweet-spot.

If you’re not willing to take a few risks, you are living from fear. And if you’re living from fear, you attract things to be afraid of. People don’t take risks because of what could go wrong, and it’s so much cozy to stay on familiar terrain. But when you take medium-risks, not that much can go wrong and you have the benefit of perpetual growth.

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