Sunlight as nourishment

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Frederick Dodson

Have you ever been so hungry you were shaking? Then you go into the sun, the shaking stops?

That’s because sunlight = nourishment.

You don’t always have to go to the fridge when you’re hungry. You could also just catch some light.

We can do without food or water for some time, but without light we perish.

It’s no coincidence that surfers are rarely overweight. They get their food from the sun.

It’s no coincidence that most “mass shooters” are pale and drugged. They are energy-deprived.

It’s no coincidence we used to treat illness with sunlight (see my book “Healing Methods of the Antique Spa”). Sunlight = energy for all living things and that includes YOU.

There are “breatharians” who claim to get all their nourishment from breathing and sun. That’s not what I’m promoting. Food is good for body and mind. All I’m saying is that food is not the only nourishment.

Consciously breathe in the sun through your skin for a few minutes. How do you feel?

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