Success without Strings Attached

For more success, ignore mainstream advice

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

For more success, ignore mainstream advice. For more happiness, avoid the crowds.

Today I am going on a weeklong vacation. I chose this day, because everyone else’s January vacation has come to an end. Streets, Hotels and Mountain Slopes are crowd-free and it will be wonderful.

Why are there traffic jams? Because “everyone” leaves work around the same time. A more flexible society would let people start and end their work whenever they like. When I employ people for jobs, I never tell them when to work. It’s none of my Business. Nor how to work. None of my Business! I just give them the outcome desired and how much I’ll pay for it. And by when I want the result. The details are up to them. If mainstream companies were run this way, it would appear chaotic, but it would get much more done.

I don’t follow the mainstream, because that’s the stuff “everybody” says and does. The reasoning is simple: 99% of the population are not all that rich, healthy and successful. That means the advice they followed, is not that good.

Does this mean I’m a misanthrope? No. I realize that most people have good intentions with their advice. Parents who give their kids bad advice, do so out of love. Their intentions are pure, but the mind is easily programmed with false information. The Ego naively believes whatever it picks up.

Most people think that taking “package vacation” is a good idea. But is it really a good idea to wade through crowded airports, roads and beaches to finally get sunburned and drunk? Aren’t there more rejuvenating experiences to be had at much lower cost?

Where do people end up who follow mainstream advice?

Contrast that with the beautiful, near-empty beaches you see me at in my Videos. 😛

The advice of “most people” is to “get a job”. I was told so early on. After about 7 years of “having jobs” I realized that employment was helping the employer succeed, not myself. So I became self-employed and more successful. That’s 7 years of my life wasted thanks to “mainstream advice”. My success started when I began ignoring what I had been told.

I was told I need to go to College if I want a good job. But most people I knew, who had gone to College, were in debt and unemployed. Maybe College wasn’t the only answer anymore. And it wasn’t “a job” I was looking for, but a career, a life purpose. The advice should not be “get a job”, it should be “discover your life purpose”! And you might be better off learning-by-doing, than sitting in a room hearing someone else lecture.

There is no end to the madness of crowds. Do you think that if Covid-19 had never been reported on, anyone would notice that it exists?

The mis-education of people is driven by mass media, which I have been avoiding since 30 years. If you favor accurate information, I recommend you avoid it to. It is made by less than successful people for less than successful people.



The reality in my view, is that eggs neither lower nor heighten your risk of diabetes. Human Beings just want to have something to talk about continually, so they make up stories. The mind continually makes up stories and our media is a reflection of that.

Here’s a more recent example of mainstream delusion:


How dumb do you have to be, not to know that a U.S. President cannot pardon a non-U.S. Citizen who has never been convicted on U.S. Soil? And yet, in January 2021, the worlds crowds chanted for Julian Assange to “be pardoned” by the President.

How much time and energy was wasted trying to get Assange “pardoned” by Trump? Had I made a twitter post saying “Assange can’t be pardoned by President Trump because he was not convicted in the U.S.” I’d have mainstreamers respond:  “So you are against pardoning Assange? What kind of idiot are you?” or “So you are for pardoning Assange? What kind of idiot are you?”. But I didn’t say whether I am for or against freeing Assange, did I?  Such can be the madness of crowds and the reason I don’t bother commenting on most “current events”.

For the record, I favor  freeing Assange. Journalism is in such a dire state (see images above), because we have locked up genuine truth-tellers.

I’d go so far as to say that every success I have ever had, came from doing the opposite of mainstream advice, of going against the crowd.

Mainstream advice told me to find a partner similar to me. I looked for a partner different from me and found happiness.

Mainstream advice told me to buy a house and live in it. I bought a house and rented it out and found financial gain

Mainstream advice gave us the following food Pyramid in the 1980s and 1990s. Ever since I do the exact opposite of it (except for the sweets), my health is perfect.


Could it be that this kind of advice, put out by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, was put out because the U.S. has an excess of wheat and somehow needs a market for it? In other words, is “mainstream advice” susceptible to special financial interests, and therefore questionable? That’s something to ponder.

If I do not follow mainstream advice, then what? 1) Research and 2) Listening to the Heart. Research means to study a subject before making major decisions on it. And listening to the heart means to become silent and feel. The heart is uninfluenced by peer pressure, current “trends”, parents, school, media, history – the external world. How do I really feel about a thing? About a choice? About a person? About a path? Such an important question. Don’t let how you really feel be drowned out by the noise of the crowds. Your soul is not of this Earth and has a different viewpoint. You are in the world, but not of it. And if you wish your life to be a fantastic success, listen to your Heart.



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