Success Attracts Success

“If you’re not going to be the best in your field, what’s the point of doing it?”– Frederick Dodson, Success Attracts Success

This book is the result of 35 years of research into the determinants of success, performance, achievement and wealth. Based on many years of coaching-experience, research and real-life results, these are the definitive keys to abundant success in all areas of life.

Reviews of Success Attracts Success

How to Win at Life, Guaranteed

Fred Dodson has outdone himself with this book. While he may be best known for his metaphysical approach to creating your own reality (particularly the brilliant Parallel Universes of the Self and the recent Reality Creation and Manifestation), he also has a number of practical guides to using reality creation techniques to get results in the material world (How to Learn a Language in 5 days, Soccer Magic). Success Attracts Success is his best work yet in the latter category – it’s basically Reality Creation in Business, with less focus on the mental techniques he’s known for (don’t worry, they’re here), and more on down to earth techniques to get and keep the job that you want (or, when it’s time, to leave the world of working for someone else entirely), take tests, and take practical daily steps in 15 minutes a day that slowly but surely turn you into the person you want to be, which will, by definition, get you everything you want to have. Everything is built around applying consciousness to the challenges and opportunities of our daily lives, while maintaining integrity (the integrity chapter may be the book’s best). It’s all here – marketing, working with colleagues, holding productive meetings, constantly improving and re-inventing yourself, making customers happy, and, to quote the title of one section, “Creating Unstoppable Momentum”. Fred offers other guides to Reality Creation using intention, visualization and other esoteric techniques; this is what comes next, the guide to getting your hands in the clay and creating the life that you want. It’s a winner, and you will be, too, if you apply – not just read, but APPLY, what he teaches here. Guaranteed.

Ursa Major, Amazon Customer
An amazingly empowering read!

Of all the books written by this author, this one is by far the most practical and empowering of all. I highly recommend for anyone looking to experience real results and improvement in all aspects of life. This one will give you the tools to immediately upgrade your life experience. Thank you!

Justin Caleb, Amazon Customer

Success takes place at the intersection of doing what you want and others want.– Frederick Dodson, Success Attracts Success

Excerpts from the Audiobook

“What kind of business am I in, and why am I in this business? How is what I’m doing contributing to society? How can I better serve others? How can I make it a joy to serve?”

– Frederick Dodson, Success Attracts Success

Table of Contents

1. Consciousness in Business

2. Higher Learning

3. How to Skyrocket Your Success

4. Success and Life Mastery

5. Willpower and Self-Control

6. Taking Action and Peak Performance

7. True Power

8. Integrity Training

If you’re waiting to be discovered, waiting to be noticed, waiting for a pay raise, waiting to get a gig, waiting to get customers, waiting to be recognized, waiting to be paid, waiting to be praised, waiting to be employed…You’re wasting your time!

The world owes you nothing. Take Initiative. Other ways to express the idea: Just Go. Just Start. Be the first to… Ready, Fire, Aim! Stop Waiting and Do Something. Go Ahead. Lead the Way.

– Frederick Dodson, Success Attracts Success

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