Warning: Avoid Fake Versions of the Reality Creation Website

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

This is a warning to all readers and especially Members of realitycreation.org that spoofed versions of this website exist. They make use of slight misspellings of the website name, such as realityscreation or reaitycreation or realtycreation. The correct address of the real website is:


More importantly, there are also fake versions of the Reality Creation Members Section.

A fake version of the Membership site shows materials as they existed several years ago. The main page of the real Membership site is this:


The REAL Members section has these sections:

Member Videos

Members Streaming

Members Downloads

Being Authentic Course

Recorded Webinars

Your Account

Attention Training

The Enlightenment Technique

The Reality Scaling Course

Emotional Clearing and Energy Work

ATTENTION: If you think you are a “Member” and do not have access to these materials, that means two things:

a) We never received any payment from you

b) You have never visited the real membership site but a spoofed/fake site. 

You can determine whether you have fallen for the fake sites by checking whether your Membership Payment went to

[email protected] (this is the correct recipient)

or some other address. At the moment, the most commonly used fake sites are located in China and may contain Chinese names or characters (but we’ve also seen other countries). For example, this one has been used the most frequently:

Yang Bo

[email protected]

If you notice that you have been sending money to this or other addresses, here is what to do:

  1. Cancel your “Membership”
  2. Request a Refund within Paypal, explaining the Fraud. Paypal is normally forthcoming with refunds. 

To Sign Up for the REAL Membership Site – it is on this page and no other:


It does not effect most of you, if you have spelled the site name correctly. Good practice is to simply bookmark the real website. With a little awareness, this will not happen to you. 





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