Spiritual Identity vs. Spirituality

Picture of Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

People have told me “You’re not very spiritual” because of all kinds of stuff – using a vulgar word in rare cases, drinking coffee, eating meat, enjoying luxurious cars, etc.

But having a spiritual identity and acting holy has nothing to do with essence/spirit. It’s just a mask that actually LIMITS your unique and awesome spirit. It’s easy to feign the APPEARANCE of what people think “spirituality” is.

I could wear white robes and brabble about peace all the time and make a big public show out of feeding the poor. That’s not spirituality, it’s a role played to the public to appease people’s expectations.

If I’ve gone to feed the poor, I never told anyone because it’s about helping the poor, not virtue signalling.  And a luxury car is not “anti spiritual”, it’s an expression of the abundance of your spirit.

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