Your Spine as an Electromagnetic Antenna

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

This article is a continuation of my 2022 series on the electricity of human beings. 

The time my body touched the ceiling

In my early twenties I was doing a lot of meditating, fasting, visualizing, lucid-dreaming, breathing-technique, praying, chanting and toning. I had isolated myself for a couple of years to figure out who I am. During this phase, I recurrently felt a tingling spine and wasn’t sure what to make of it. My isolation was not total, I had a girlfriend who stayed over at my place a few times a week. One night, I highly frightened her. My spine seemed to be electrically charged making my body jump up and down in bed. We had turned off the lights and were on the verge of sleep when this happened. My girlfriend leaped out of bed to switch on the light. She witnessed my body catapulting up to the ceiling. The tip of my nose actually touched the ceiling. It wasn’t levitation, it was a strong flowing movement of my spine under high voltage. My girlfriend was shocked but I lie in bed laughing. “What is going on?” she demanded. I kept laughing and didn’t even know what to say. How do you explain spiritual phenomena to people who don’t know the first thing about it? I wasn’t unwell, I felt invigorated and light. Her fear shifted up to anger: “You need to tell me what’s wrong with you or else I’m leaving“. I said: “It’s because of all of this meditating. It’s the meditating”. – “What? What are you talking about?”“I’m fine. It’s to do with meditation. I have a lot of energy”. I assured her that it wouldn’t happen again while figuring out how to lower the energy. At the time I didn’t have any words for what had happened. I didn’t know that Chinese Medicine and Eastern Spirituality have specific names for this phenomenon (such as  “Kundalini Awakening” in Yoga, where spiritual awakening is linked to energy rising from the base of the spine to its top). I hadn’t done any of this intentionally, but I had already been increasing my energy level steadily over the previous weeks and this was a culmination of the inner work I had done. I believe the result of this one energy surge was a lifelong injection of creativity, strength, health and well-being.

The Electromagnetic Spine

Fast forward a quarter of a century and I find this scientific study posted at the National Library of Medicine which I shared on my Telegram Channel a week ago. Here’s an excerpt from this mind-blowing study:

The effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure on biological systems have been studied for many years, both as a source of medical therapy and also for potential health risks. In particular, the mechanisms of EMF absorption in the human or animal body is of medical/engineering interest, and modern modelling techniques, such as the Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD), can be utilized to simulate the voltages and currents induced in different parts of the body. The simulation of one particular component, the spinal cord, is the focus of this article, and this study is motivated by the fact that the spinal cord can be modelled as a linear conducting structure, capable of generating a significant amount of voltage from incident EMF.

In this article, we show, through a FDTD simulation analysis of an incoming electromagnetic field (EMF), that the spinal cord acts as a natural antenna, with frequency dependent induced electric voltage and current distribution. The multi-frequency (100–2400 MHz) simulation results show that peak voltage and current response is observed in the FM radio range around 100 MHz, with significant strength to potentially cause changes in the CNS. This work can contribute to the understanding of the mechanism behind EMF energy leakage into the CNS, and the possible contribution of the latter energy leakage towards the weakening of the blood brain barrier (BBB), whose degradation is associated with the progress of many diseases, including Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

The study shows that your spine is receptive to electromagnetic fields, dispersing the energy throughout the central nervous system (CNS). “Incident EMF” means electromagnetic frequencies that are imposed from external sources instead of being generated “from within”/”from source” as I had done.

Two types of people take interest in this kind of research: Those who aspire to new ways of healing and those who wish to manipulate humans. Either you learn to play the divine instrument that is your electric body or someone else will play it.

Imagine a pencil tip or feather gently drawing along your spine. Did you feel a tingle? That’s how you create energy from within. Have someone use their finger tips to gently draw a line down your spine. Feel the tingle? That’s positive, consented external influence. Today there are various medical treatments that provide electromagnetic stimulation that promote recovery from spinal injury and inflammation. All those are positive uses of this knowledge and there are many more most people haven’t discovered yet.

In personal observation and experimentation, I’ve come to view the spine as similar to a bar magnet.

A bar magnet has a negative and a positive pole. At the negative end you have the brain or more specifically the cerebellum.


At the positive end of the spine you have tailbone which touches upon the genital organs. The medical term for tailbone is “sacrum” which refers to “sacred” or “holy”. That label is perhaps no coincidence. The tailbone is the only part of the spine that doesn’t atrophy, which is why some ancient teachings say that from it all bodies can be recreated.


If you haven’t felt the electric spine during spiritual activity, perhaps you’ve noticed it during sexual activity. Strong orgasms appear to travel from the genital organs through the tailbone, up the spine and into the brain.

At the center of the two-pole bar magnet we find the solar-plexus. I consider the solar-plexus, heart and chest region your power-center from which you generate your own energy and you source energy from divine realms. More recently I’ve advised a counter-clockwise rub of the chest for quick relaxation or even laying handwritten intentions on top of the chest to be read by the heart. Your solar plexus regulates, drives, disperses and pumps both internal and incoming (external) electricity through the nervous system. Most of it flows through the spine to the tailbone and cerebellum. From there it gets distributed to other parts of the body. All bodily functions and are regulated by energy. As you see in the image above, the bar produces a magnetic field around its body. These are your “aura” and various layers of energy that make up your personal field. The location of the solar-plexus:


I’d make the solar-plexus circle a little bigger to include the center of the chest. In  yogic philosophy these are two separate chakras, but I view them as one energy-center, the real brain or “seat of the self while in the human body”.

The “central nervous system” is defined in science as the brain and the spinal cord. From an online science page: “It is from the spine that electrical pulses are dispersed to the rest of the body. The spinal cord is a long, tube-like band of tissue. It connects your brain to your lower back. Your spinal cord carries nerve signals from your brain to your body and vice versa. These nerve signals help you feel sensations and move your body. Any damage to your spinal cord can affect your movement or function”.


There are many healing techniques that specifically address the tailbone (for example chiropractic or osteopathy) and the cerebellum (for example craniosacral therapy) which Google, Wikipedia and Modern Medicine and the Universities have declared “pseudo-science”. Ancient Chinese Medicine and in particular Qi Gong and the 2000 year old chinese medicine of Acupuncture specifically address these two areas as vital our well-being. Unfortunately Acupuncture is also labeled “pseudo-science”. I’ve seen energy-healers and faith-healers place their hands on the cerebellum with positive effect. When massaging your partner you can create special sensations of wellness by massaging the two areas tailbone and cerebellum.

A straight, relaxed spine is one way to naturally receive a re-charge “from above”. I make sure to not only have a good posture when sitting, but to have flexible posture throughout the day. I disagree with forcing children to sit in school in the same posture all day. Even worse is having them bow their backs toward the desk to type or write. It blocks the energy flow and deforms people. The ancients associate a bowed back or a hunchback with all sorts of negativity. In my writing work, I make sure to change. I sit, lie on my back, lie on my stomach, lie sideways, sit on a hard chair, stand, sit on a sofa, all on the same day. The spine remains flexible. Stretching improves energy-release. Some people do this through gym-yoga.  Others use massage. Some like to go swimming as water washes off negative charge and the swimming motions stretch the spine. My wish is that this article gives you a heightened appreciation of your spine.

A person who is under attack, violence, abuse or sustained stress and pressure is in danger of having his or her personal protective field (magnetic layers around the bar magnet), breeched. While under attack, the top of the spine (cerebellum) compensates the energy-imbalance of incoming electric tension (voltage) by increasing it’s output activity. It pumps harder. In the same way, your heart beats harder when you’re under threat or perceived threat. This way, your energy-centers can effectively ward off most attacks. The top of the spine tries to create a connection to the bottom of the spine so that energy can flow unimpeded, in spite of the attack.

The bottom of the spine (tailbone) is the closest to earth and connects you directly to earths geomagnetic field. People who have a healthy lower spine are known to be “grounded”. This means their connection to earths magnetism is not cut off, they are known to be stable people, not airy and not prone to delusions. Ideally the “airy side” (cerebellum) and the “earthy side” (tailbone) are balanced. Orientation within time and space is only possible through “gravity” (the earth’s magnetism). We call cowards “spineless people”. If a person has integrity, we say they “have spine”. Language contains many hints. Integrity vs. Cowardice then, are matters of having a functioning energy-conduit.

Three distinct fields interact with each other: The environment/surrounding, earth’s magnetism and the individuals personal energy. From the electrical tension between the three, electric fields we call thoughts and images take shape and are perceived by the brain and projected to a field we call “mind”. The solar-plexus perpetually sends and receives energy from the world and passes the information on to the cerebellum. The cerebellum balances out the imbalance created through excess input by creating more motor activity, creating a copy of the image received. Image and Image-Copy become a circuit, circle or spin that create a person’s reality. I’m aware that this may sound unusual or hard to understand, so let me put it into other terms: As long as you are present and calm, no thoughts form, no spin forms. If the information received from outside overwhelms your solar-plexus and doesn’t fit in with your belief-system, your mind tires to compensate by forming thoughts. The more “spin” these thoughts have the more emotional upheaval and the more emotional upheaval, the more spin is created. The reason you feel relief and refreshment when listening to my guided meditations is because observing, breathing, non-reaction and peacefulness reduce the the spin. When the spin is reduced, you are left with your native energy, which is the divine essence that you are. Fear is usually felt in the solar-plexus and it points to the invasion of a foreign thought that is not in your best interest. My presentation titled “How to Stop Fear” identifies the foreign thought and replaces it with a native thought.

Electromagnetic Manipulation

A hostile person will intentionally try to cause you to lose your grounding, your reality-connection, the shared frame-of-reference you have with people close to you. This is why cults always first aim at disconnecting you from your family. There can be benefits to leaving your family and even your country by choice, if you wish to leave your habitual conditioning and become more “airy”, but cults aim for this so that they can program you with their own frame-of-reference. They attempt to distort and deform the process of energy exchange between the environment, solar-plexus, upper-spine and lower-spine by causing shock, radical impact, violence or a sudden shift in your habitual energy-field. Thus, people who administer torture have also been known to add consciousness-altering drugs into their mix.

A proper grounding can also be suspended by fixating a person onto certain often-repeated beliefs or repetitive work while putting him under stress and pressure to a point his cerebellum can no longer compensate. At this point an aptly named “nervous breakdown” or “burn out” is experienced. Indeed, the central nervous system breaks down and indeed the spine burns out. Emotions such as “joy” and “love” are really energy freely flowing. A person who is burned out may remember or know what love is supposed to feel like and be able to mimic it, but doesn’t actually feel it.

When you reach a point where your personal energy field is breeched, your electrical charge breaks down and the solar plexus no longer sends signals up and down the spine. The cerebellum no longer having guidance, it is now on its own, working against external pressure, but the mental resistance only amplifies the external attack. This is called “beating oneself up” – someone is attacking you and you blame yourself. A person can only be removed from their base and grounding (earth, natural environment and close relationships) if they are in a weakened state. Once the grounding is removed it can be replaced with a new belief-system, a counterfeit-grounding, a fake frame of reference, a mock-up or dummy (my use of synonyms here is to make it as clear as possible). This is common practice among fascist and communist regimes, mafia-clans, organized crime, ritual abusers and other hostiles. Unconscious perception is redirected, resulting in mis-conditioning and crazy ideas. All of a person’s thoughts, values and beliefs, no matter how well-thought-out are then useless because they are based on a wrong frame of reference. The base of their spine has been falsely imprinted.

Knowing that your “grounding” or core-beliefs are stored in the sacrum or tailbone  you also understand that people with an anal-fixation have likely been externally manipulated. Their connection to reality has been replaced with a counterfeit grounding. What is an anal-fixation? We call people who are especially fixated and inflexible “anal” or having an “anal-retentive personality”. A person that always has to make sure that every piece of furniture is in place and perfectly aligned or one who reads through the tax form twenty times to make sure there’s not a single error or one who keeps arranged items on the work desk so that they are perfectly aligned or one who takes every single thing literally, we call “anal”. There are so many clues in language. Their excessive obsession with making things appear just right is because things aren’t. The care more about the way things look than the way things are, more about how they look than how they are. Two people can have the same belief-system but one was indoctrinated, the other self-chosen. The first will lead to inauthentic, automated responses and a narrow interpretation of the belief-system. In time, the conditioning wears off and the pendulum may swing to an opposite-belief. With self-chosen beliefs from the heart (solar-plexus and chest), there is no need to fanatically defend it, no need to keep repeating it, no need to convince and persuade others and there is no pendulum swing to the opposite. It’s something freely chosen and discovered through personal experience.

In short, force-feeding belief-systems into people is damaging, as it interrupts the natural process of perception and integration. It is not your place to correct other people without being asked or invited. Even if you see exactly what’s wrong with them, it’s still not your place to correct them (exempt from this general rule are employees, children and criminals). The primary method of indoctrination has been repetition from many different channels and perspectives. If my TV says it and the “trending topics” on Twitter say it and my mother says it and my friend says it and alternative media says it and such-and-such are against it and such-and-such for it well then, by golly, it must be true!

I’m of the view that influences on mind and the energy-body are also done invisibly through spiritual warfare. Thus, there are people who, on the mental and spiritual plane, target other’s solar-plexus and spine. Solar-plexus, tailbone and cerebellum are the most susceptible to influence and regulate the rest. One can transfer positive and healing energy through these parts but also manipulative intent. I recommend people use the power of their word and reality creation to declare any secret and external influence null and void (see my book “You can heal anyone” and my program “Take Back Your Energy”). If you declare secret external influence dissolved and dissipated over a few days, maybe one or two minutes a day, and start feeling better, you’ll realize there were secret influences in the first place. Of course if you’re in a strong and healthy state, the effects of external attacks are minimal.

The point I’d like to make here is that negative influence is fairly easy to stop, but not through ignoring it. There has to be a pro-active participation in your energy-level and your personal energy-field.

Spinal Fluid Parasitism

Every now and then, we hear about organized crime gangs stealing spinal fluid from people. The fluid is sold at very steep prices on the black market to those who can afford it. An example:


Link to Source:

Mainstream-media stories point to India, Pakistan and Nigeria to make it look like western countries are not affected, but they very much are. What’s the meaning of this? It’s due to the belief in some circles that spinal fluid represents the condensed form of a person’s personal energy, even more so than blood. It’s a kind of parasitism and vampirism to ingest another person’s spinal fluid or use it in the form of pills or clandestine cosmetic products. The parasitic consciousness-level, where one is dependent on stealing another persons energy, is the lowest on the scale. People involved in such, have lost all grounding in reality.

The idea of the tailbone or cerebellum being linked to shifting a person’s reality is featured in some science-fiction movies. In the 1999 movie “The Matrix”, people enter and exit the matrix through headjacks entering the cerebellum. They are being used as batteries and the energy is being taken from the top of the spine. If they wish to exit the matrix, they are unplugged from one reality and plugged into another. But with what you have learned in this article you now know that in-matrix nor out-of-matrix offer a grounding in reality. Both are imposed and counterfeit. The movie makes it look like one is “real” and the other is “matrix”. But the real world is the one where no head-jack is used at all, a reality with no external imposition.

The 1983 science-fiction movie “Videodrome” predicts a future in which humans lose their grounding in reality which is replaced by a virtual-reality built by one large corporation. The movie explains that exposing a person to violence weakens them, “opening receptors in the brain and spine” that allows the “videodrome signal” to “sink in”. Thus, a virtual reality can be imposed and the minds of the masses controlled.

To which extent can humanity be mind-controlled externally? The problem with the methods of hostile (low-consciousness, parasitic) people is that their methods require constant repetition and reinforcement lest their impact dissolve. If I dump poison into water, it may have a negative impact at first, but it soon dissolves and is again replaced by clean water. The reason for this is that we live in a 100% purely positive, self-regenerative realm. Everything keeps fixing itself (not because of our efforts but in spite of them). Influence and mind-control and spiritual-control are possible, but they require enormous effort. Getting rid of the bad vibe is fairly easy if you know how.

Unblocking Energy

Fortunately you were created with the in-built ability to unblock your own system and clean up any external negativity. I just said “external negativity”, but let me share a secret: All negativity is external. Not all external things are negative but if there is something negative, it’s not you. You are pure light, joy and love. Use my many emotional clearing approaches to keep the system clean.

  1. Scan your body and being for anything that feels heavy, dark, off, dense – it is not you. Negativity doesn’t go away by ignoring it or pretending it isn’t there. It goes away when you become aware that it’s there.
  2. Own it. Accept responsibility.
  3. Consciously feel it.
  4. Release it and tell it to leave.
  5. In its stead, allow the lightness, freedom and spaciousness that you already are.

The better you come at scanning and feeling the various densities in and around your personal field, the better you get at maintaining energy, increasing energy, releasing stale energy, releasing blocks and being able to intervene long before you attract bad things.

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