Speaking Intentions from a Quiet Mind

Picture of Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Your intentions, prayers and commands have more power when spoken from a quiet mind, spoken “into the void”.

Crowded and scattered mind disperses attention-energy in all directions and in the end nothing is manifested.

A mind at peace voices no doubts or contradictions. A word that travels uncontradicted, returns great fruit with ease.

This is one reason quieting the mind is essential.

Have you ever tried just going blank?

Have you ever just stared at something until all thoughts recede?

Have you ever just stopped everything you’re doing, trying, talking, desiring, resisting and sat in stillness until your mind is calm?

We experiment with this in the upcoming Webinar Quieting the Mind.

The Reality Creation Technique was created for people who can’t quiet their mind. A way to address and handle scattered attention, unruly monkey-mind. Like a chicken pecking here and there but not manifesting anything in specific.

But if you can quiet the mind, you don’t need it.

If you can quiet the mind there are about ten thousand other things you no longer need for your well-being.

You may think you need another vacation, lotion, drink, smoke, acknowledgement, approval, food, money, change of weather, new clothes, etc.

But what if what you really needed was peace of mind?

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