Sorry guys, I don’t believe in this testosterone stuff

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Frederick Dodson

“So Fred, if you don’t believe in Testosterone Replacement Therapy, then what Testosterone boosters do you use?”

I don’t use any. ALL Testosterone Booster Supplements are a Marketing Scam.

“OK, then what herbs do you use?”

I don’t use any. There are herbs that have been clinically shown to boost testosterone. To save you the time, I’ll list them right here:

Fenugreek Seeds
Anacyclus pyrthrum
Cuscutae Semen
Morinda Officinalis

There are also certain foods that boost T-Levels.

But I don’t pay attention to it.


ALL of nonsense began with one specific false belief that was seeded and disseminated into mass consciousness:

“Men’s testosterone levels decrease every year by a few percentage points after age 30. They dramatically decrease after age 40. Lower T-Levels means lower sex-drive, erectile dysfunction, lower muscle mass, more weight gain, hair-loss, etc.”

Then, from this ONE Belief sprung an entire industry of pills, supplements, testosterone injections, programs, seminars, etc. It’s classical problem-reaction-solution.

1. A problem is created
2. People react
3. A pricey solution is offered

Did you know that 90% of the “problems” in mass-consciousness have only been created to sell you a solution?

Once you develop the belief that you are lacking, I can sell you anything. This is not success, it’s a path to suck cess:

1. Believe you are lacking
2. Start experiencing that Belief for real
3. Be sold on something to compensate for the lack

Why would the author of several books on spiritual energy, self-healing and divine-healing believe in testosterone boosters? LOL.

I realize a lot of guys believe in these concepts, but I’m here to remind you that these are still just concepts.

It is NOT my experience that you need high testosterone levels to succeed in Business, have a healthy sex drive, grow chest hair, lose weight, have energy.

Sex drive can instantly be created through imagination. What you imagine about your partner and what sex with them means to you, causes the erection. If you’re stressed it’s not going to happen. If you’re at ease and allow yourself to see, touch and smell self and other in a relaxed way, you won’t have problems. Testosterone has nothing to do with it.

Many men have better sex in their 50s and 60s than in their teens and 20s because they are more conscious of themselves and others. No Viagra. No injections. Reality is created by will and imagination.

Even if it were scientifically true that T-levels lower with age, making men gentler – so what? Have you ever considered that your Creator wanted you to be gentler with older age? That this is the best thing for all involved?

Being gentle or soft has nothing to do with being weak or timid. I speak from personal experience:

I’m 50 years old and usually win my tennis matches against men in their 20s but have a harder time beating men in their 40s and 50s.


Aren’t men in their 20s more agile and quick? Don’t they have MUCH more testosterone? Maybe that’s the way things used to be, but not anymore.

The new generation of men are weaker, have a smaller bone structure, slimmer shoulders, are more pale, have less muscle mass. Our social engineers have used the food and pharma industries to breed a new kind of man, less athletic, more intellectual. I’m not making a statement on whether this is good or bad, I’m just stating my direct experience.

Even though they have “higher T” because they are young, I have more energy than most of them.

Energy-level has only little to do with T-Level. Energy-level is a matter of Will and Imagination, again. You don’t have to pay for these things, they are in-built from the beginning. Yes, you can boost energy with breathing techniques, meditation, prayer, good nutrition, physical activity and maybe even herbs but in essence you are what you imagine yourself to be.

Be careful not to buy into ideas about “having low t-levels” or some such nonsense.

There are a million false-beliefs in society that have been put there by PR-people of pharmaceutical companies. Don’t fall for it. Reclaim the powers of your electromagnetic self.

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