Some Natural Energizers

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Do try some of the natural energizers before you spend big money on those pills, injections and therapists.

1. Small Portions of Food

A half empty stomach is good, not bad. Some people eat too much (and too much processed stuff), feel tired because of all the weight in their stomach and then do stuff to compensate for the tiredness, like overdoing workout, overdoing supplements, etc. Less is sometimes more.

2. Coming from the Heart

Let your center be your chest, not your head. Flow compassion. Recognize there are people and things outside of the needs of the Ego.

Self-absorption is an energy waster. Self-admiration and approval-seeking are energy wasters. Be there for your spouse, pet, neighbor, etc.

3. Physically and Spiritually Clean Water

You can talk on water, intend on water, pray on water and increase it’s quality.

You can use a water filter that rids tap water of some micro-plastics, flouride, chlorine, bromide, etc.

You can experience the high-vibe shower of natural waterfalls.

Your body is full of water to make you less dense.

4. Sunlight

Sunlight is a natural healer, Vitamin D charger, energizers. Don’t stay in your box all day, take walks. If you’re pale, get out and get some free energy. Let the sunrise into your eyes, let the light in.

5. Intentions aligned with Higher Purpose

Examine your motives, values, wants, goals, intentions. A lot of people struggling with energy-issues are actually in the wrong job. “I don’t know why I feel chronically fatigued all the time” – Maybe it’s because you are pursuing a profession that has little to do with your higher self, higher purpose, higher mission?

6. Good Sleep

Very underestimated. Get rid of electronics in the bedroom, turn off wi-fi, ensure a quiet atmosphere, make the room dark. If your partner snores, have them use tools to stop. Sleep for as long as you like.

These are bare basics, before turning to erudite ways of energy-increase.

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