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On the sexual misconduct of ancient “Aliens”

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

You won’t read this anywhere else in the world. It’s something weird I discovered while researching my latest book . This is an excerpt from my latest book Extraterrestrial Linguistics.


“…Worldwide Linguistic evidence for sexual exploitation through these ancient German speakers. I almost omitted it because it does not paint a flattering image of our spacefaring ancestors. Finally, I decided to include it in the book. My aim is not to worry about cultural sensibilities but to discover our true History, regardless of how it makes anyone look.

I first came across this oddity when I learned, from a Swahili speaking person, that the Swahili word for Breast is Titi. I thought it might be modern slang or a recent addition to the language from outside. I found that it’s neither slang nor modern. It’s the official word. A doctor who is saying “Breast Cancer” uses the word Titi. Back then, I categorized it as a coincidence. But after my studies for this book, I realize it’s not.

I looked up the word “Breast” in many languages. Upon discovering most of them to be ancient German, I began looking up other sexual and vulgar terms. After all, sex is timeless to human behavior.

I began by looking up the Amharic (Ethiopian) word for Whore, which is Galemota. If I separate the word, even a modern German speaker will instantly understand it. Gale Mota. In modern German it’s “geile Mutter”, Horny Mother in English.

If that were the only German reference, we could put it off as a fluke, but it’s not. The word “horny” itself is K’enidi, pronounced Ke-needy. My etymology dictionary says that the English word “Need” is of Germanic origin.

The word for prostitute is Zimuti Adari. Again, the German is so pure and well preserved, that even modern Germans will understand this ancient tongue. The German word “Mutti” is a variant of ‘Mother’. Again! In ancient German it was probably said like this: Adari Zi Muti, something like “That is the Mother”. Both Ethiopian words Whore and Prostitute, point to different German words for Mother.

The Amharic word for Love is Fikiri, which is ancient German dialect for Fucking. In proper Modern German its “Ficken”.

The word for Breast is Tuti, which is close to the German word for “Tits” and similar to the Swahili one.

The Amharic word for bed is aliga. I’m looking at this “foreign” language called Amharic, thinking I can’t believe it. I rub my eyes and pinch my arm to see if I’m dreaming. In German, “Liege” is actually “bed”. Southern German (Bavarian) dialect would precisely say “a Liga” for “a bed”.

The word for stupid is dedebi, which is De Debi, modern German Depp, which means stupid. I discovered more, but do not wish to reiterate it here. At the very least, this points to the possibility of a group of rather disrespectful ancient German-speaking people for who equate Love with Sex and Mothers with Whores.

So what is going on here? The German was so well preserved that I became suspicious. Could this be a more recent influence? Just to make sure, I checked whether Ethiopia was ever a German colony in the last few hundred years. It wasn’t. So how did it get into the language? Or was it there to begin with?

A tribe of people in South Africa who call themselves the Xhosa (pronounced Kosa) also show signs of vulgar ancient German. How these slang-like phrases found their way into an ancient language is a mystery to me.

The word for Whore is Ihenyukazi. Kazi is ancient German for Kitten or “Pussy”.

Ubufozi is the Xhosa word for Vagina. Fotze is vulgar German for “cunt”. In the language of the Zulu tribe, the same word, Ubufozi, refers to Femininity. To show the global reach of these ancients: All the way across the world, on the Pacific Island of Samoa, the word for Vagina is Fusi, which is essentially the same sound. How is that possible? It can only be explained if this variant of ancient German was, at one time, global or these tribes wandered the entire globe.

Food is Ukutya, ancient German Kut, Ya. In English, that means “it’s good, yes”. Isn’t that ridiculous? You say “the food is good, yes”, and it’s recorded to be the translation for “food”.

Breast Ibele, Bele is ancient German for Balls.

Bed is Ibhedi Bed-hi, which is ag. German dialect for going to bed.

Woman – Umfazi, which is again, Fotze, vulgar and derogatory German for “Cunt”.

The phenomenon is not limited to African languages, it can be found across the world.

The Basque term for Whore is Urdanga. Dan is ancient German. for lady and Ur is probably not the same as the German “Ur” (origin), but rather, the German Hur (Whore). Ur-danga then, is Hur-Dan-Ga, the ancient German word “whore-lady”.

The Estonian word for fuck is Hoorama, which is the ancient German “Hur Rama“, to “ram a whore”.

The Maori word for vagina is puta tenetene. Pute is Latin for “girl” and also ancient German for “whore”.


It’s difficult to put all of this off as “coincidence”. Especially in combination with all the other linguistic evidence presented in the book. But what on Earth does it mean? Was there a gang of ancient German-speaking people that travelled the whole world? And if so, why are they absent from History books?

Or is it that these words originally had no negative connotation? That’s also a possibility, I guess. In Arabic, the word Hoor refers to the most pure and beautiful women in Heaven.  Could it be that “the fallen ones”, knew that the Hoor are the purest women in Heaven and wished to desecrate the word to mean the opposite of “pure”? Maybe.

What if I told you that, approximately 1000 years ago, a band of misogynistic German speaking people in flying saucers, roamed the Earth to sexually exploit and abuse surface-dwellers? You’d probably think it sounds insane. It wouldn’t fit to anything you think you “know” about History. And it would also require giving up too many cherished beliefs, not just one:

The belief that flying saucers don’t exist and if they do, only exist since recently.

The belief that ancient aliens are actually “aliens”.

The belief that our own technology began with the industrial revolution 200 years ago.

The belief that humans haven’t been to deep space.

The belief that school teaches a fairly accurate account of History.

The belief that technologically advanced people are generally benevolent.

But if you’ve read the book, the utter strangeness of the statement is reduced one level. If you take an unbiased look at ancient Mythology, you’ll see that the writings are rife with the sexual exploitation and misconduct by beings mistaken to be “the gods”.

From the Book of Genesis, Chapter 6, verse 4:

“There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown. Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great upon the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was altogether evil all the time”

The Hebrew word for Giants is “Nephilim”. Who are these Nephilim who came down to Earth and had sex with human women?

As shown in the book, the word “Ilim” or “Elim” refers to higher Beings. Ne-philim could therefore be a negation, as in Not-Elim. That would fit to the notion that they are “fallen angels”. But that’s only speculation on my part.

The Book of Numbers, Chapter 13, verse 13 has another name for them:

“We even saw the Nephilim there–the descendants of Anak that come from the Nephilim! We seemed like grasshoppers in our own sight, and we must have seemed the same to them!”

As explained in my book, the word “An” is a worldwide term, used in every language, to denote Ancestors. It’s preserved in modern German as the same word, Ahnen. Even the Sumerian word Annunaki, which “ancient aliens” researchers claim refers to extraterrestrials, contains the An. As you learn in the book, the word “Ak” or “Ok” refers to a specific star constellation. An-Ak are “the ancestors from Ak”.

But it gets even stranger. If you wish to know how strange, you can read it here:

Extraterrestrial Linguistics


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