Setting Boundaries Webinar 5-6 November 2022

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Setting Boundaries – Webinar

Setting boundaries is defining who you are and who you are not, what is and isn’t acceptable, establishing your unique identity and protecting it from negative influence, abuse and manipulation. It’s an important requirement for maturity, self-development and going up the scale of consciousness. Many are unaware of their boundaries and who they really are. Others allow their boundaries to be violated every day. This 6-7 hour workshop (approx. 3 hours each day) provides excellent exercises for you to become aware of areas in your life where you are not setting boundaries and where you can become more responsible and authentic and as a result of those two – more successful and emotionally healthy in all areas of life. Boundaries are set between you and spouses, children, family members, business associates, employees, bosses, friends and adversaries. As a result of boundaries, your relationships don’t decline, as commonly thought, they improve. 

On each day of the Webinar there will be ample opportunity to ask Fred Dodson questions on the subject. 

Date: Saturday 5th of November and Sunday 6th of November

Time: 9 am to 12 noon EST (3 hours on each day)

Coach: Frederick Dodson

This Webinar is FREE to view and participate in for Reality Creation Gold and Reality Creation Silver Members. It is ONLY available to Silver and Gold Members. Sign up with the link and get access to hundreds of other courses, webinars, videos and audios as well. I cannot guarantee that a recording will be posted (it depends on the quality of the recording), so it’s best to show up in person. 15 minutes prior to the event a ZOOM link will be posted on the Silver Members Overview Page, that’s how you access the event. Please be sure to find out which time zone corresponds to 9 am EST for you. 

I am excited to see you soon and present new, high-quality, super-success-oriented material. 

Frederick Dodson


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