Self-testing so-called toxic vs. organic products

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

I’ve self-tested a number of organic vs. toxic products. I’m interested in their effect on consciousness and energy level.

I discovered I only prefer the organic version of a product sometimes. Not all products claimed to be “organic” are effective or even healthy.

And I’m bored by alarmist fearmongering. The power of mind and spirit can counterbalance a wide array of toxins.

The products I have self-tested:

Razors with lubricating strips vs. organic razors

Toothpaste with and without fluoride

Cooking with seed oils vs. coconut oil vs. no oil

Cotton, silk, satin and polyester

Shampoo organic or regular

Instant coffee, drip coffee, machine coffee vs. no coffee

Deodorant organic vs. regular

Chewing gum with aspartame, xylitol and mastic gum

Cage Free vs. Pasture Raised Eggs

Yes, there are other things I could have added, but these are the ones I’m most familiar with.

And yes, the thought that a product is bad plays a part in its effect. But that doesn’t change the fact that every thing has an inherent energy and quality to it. Positive or neutral thoughts can cancel out the effects of many negative products, but there are a few that are so bad that it would just be easier to stay away from them.

Moreover, products have a variety of effects on different people. Just because minor amounts of coffee are really good for me, doesn’t mean that they are good for you. Or just because you were allergic to nuts five years ago, doesn’t mean you still are. Use your super-power of discernment instead of just lazily copying what others say.

Razors with lubricating strips vs. organic razors


The line at the top of the razor is called “lubricant strip”. I didn’t even know the term until all kinds of conspiracy-frenzied people began warning about them a few years ago. They contain polyethylene glycol, a petroleum-based industrial solvent which they claim is “extremely toxic” and classified as a carcinogen by cancer researchers. It is also claimed that the strip attacks the central nervous system and inhibits human development. Some lubrication strips are also said to contain soy and aluminum salts.

I’ve never noticed any problem with these shavers and continued to use them even after learning these things. Then, for the sake of this article, I decided shaving without them a few months ago. I ordered a large pack of disposable razors without the strip. These are completely bio-degradable razors made of wheat straw! They contain no chemicals whatsoever.











For experimentation I used the regular razor and the wheat-straw razor on and off, for a week each over two months.

If you’re used to shaving with a lubricant strip your entire life, doing without is uncomfortable. In the first week, I kept cutting myself until I learned to shave more patiently.

Verdict: I experienced no noticeable effect from using one product over the other (apart from feeling virtuous for using a non-chemical product). Shaving without a lubricating strip was uncomfortable, so I went looking for razors with non-toxic strips. I didn’t find any. I did find a product called Aqua Jet Razor but I haven’t gotten around to testing it yet. Unless I find something more pleasant, I’ll probably be returning to lubricant strips.

Cooking with Seed Oils, Coconut Oil and No Oil


The highly processed  oils made from corn, canola and soy have been advertised as healthy and good for decades, but eliminating them has made the most difference for me, out of all products tested. In a previous article I reported that I have lost more than 20 pounds recently and eliminating these oils was part of the success story. Maybe your body is different, but it’s worked for me. I have instead cooked either with coconut oil or simply with water. Coconut oil has no noticeable negative effect on my body.

Verdict: Getting rid of seed oils has been a real game changer! I am never going back to them.

Chewing  Mastic Gum vs. Gum with Aspartame or Xylitol.

I enjoy chewing gum while writing. I did a 3 month experiment where I chewed each type of gum excessively, to experience effects on my physical state and mental acuity.

Almost all gums that you can buy in supermarkets contain aspartame. It’s noteworthy that no other option is offered in normal supermarkets:

The organic alternative are those with Xylitol instead of aspartame. These are found in organic shops. It’s noteworthy that not much else is offered in such shops:




But the really organic gum is mastic (tree resin or sap):


Having a whole pack of gum a day allowed for clear discernment. The aspartame-based gum had a much longer lasting taste and mouth-freshening effect than the others. But it also created a mental fog that the others didn’t. The effect was not present or obvious in lower quantities. I clearly experienced a dumbing-down-effect in large quantities.

Xylitol had no mental dimming result, but the taste didn’t last long and the gum interfered with my digestion. During my weight-loss phase a few months ago, days with Xylitol were non-weight-loss days. Once I stopped chewing it, weight-loss continued. This is probably because Xylitol is just sugar. To me, it’s not a real alternative and not all that “organic”. I never understood how a thing that must be produced in a laboratory can get the label “organic”. Mastic gum proved to be the alternative. I did not once experience mental fog, drowsiness or digestion issues no matter how much of this stuff I chewed. In fact, I seemed to have more vigor and better digestion than I had on days I chewed no gum at all. The only annoyance with mastic gum is that it tends to stick to your teeth. This teeth-sticking is reduced if you brush your teeth more thoroughly.

Verdict: Mastic gum is the real deal. I have quit chewing gum with aspartame or xylitol.

Toothpaste with and without fluoride

A big deal has been made about fluoride being toxic for humans. And nobody would disagree with that. That’s why dentists keep telling you to rinse your mouth thoroughly after using toothpaste. I’ve experimented with many non-fluoride toothpastes over the years. Unfortunately, none of them leave that sanitized, super-fresh and sparkling clean feeling of fluoride toothpastes. For this reason, I use both types of toothpastes on and off. I don’t want to ingest fluoride every day, but when I use it weekly it’s good for the teeth without being too hard on the body.

Verdict: Using fluoride is OK in moderation.

Organic Shampoo vs. Regular Shampoo

I am not a chemist and no next to nothing about cosmetic products, but to me it seems that many of the organic shampoos I have tried are either ineffective or contain things that do not belong on the head or in your hair. Some of them have dried out my hair. Regular shampoo on the other hand, does the job.

Verdict: I’m all for regular shampoo. I don’t need to turn this organic thing into a religion.

Instant Coffee, Ground Coffee vs. No Coffee

“Did you know that Starbucks is made of Elephant Poo?”

“You do realize that coffee is a drug and you lose your natural ability to generate energy if you drink it?”

Sometimes it seems to me like these organic naysayers are just there to spoil my enjoyment. I believe in conscious living, but not in grim lecturing. Mind and Spirit over matter!

Drinking no coffee at all probably does produce the overall best state in me if viewed over the entire day. Dependence on coffee for improved performance is not something I want in my life. Coffee appears to increase focus but reduce creativity. Creativity comes from the subconscious, from relaxation. Coffee counteracts relaxation. That’s why workaholics are addicted to coffee.

To me, ground coffee is much better than instant coffee. Even though it is widely claimed that there isn’t much difference. Maybe it’s because ground coffee has more than double the amount of potassium. Or because it’s less processed. I don’t know. For me, it’s easier on the stomach and also tastes better. And yes, whole bean coffee that is ground in a coffee machine is better still.

Verdict: No more instant coffee for me.

Organic vs. Regular Deodorant

Most of the organic deodorants seem ineffective to me, whereas regular deodorants seem too chemical. Have you ever sprayed deodorant and had to cough because the stuff is so noxious? I have not yet found the ideal deodorant yet, so I’ll keep looking.

Verdict: Undecided

Cage Free vs. Pasture Raised Eggs

To summarize the situation, I posted this image on my Telegram Channel recently:

I’ve tested the various types of eggs and the pasture raised ones do seem to taste a little better. I’ve tried to approach this as neutrally as I can, so there’s no placebo effect.

Verdict: I slightly prefer pasture raised eggs, but won’t get fanatic about it.

Organic absolutists protest: How about eating no eggs at all? How about not eating any animals at all?

Well, obviously I don’t believe in vegetarianism or veganism. I believe plants are the main food for animals. Animals are the main food for humans. And humans are the main food for extraterrestrials. That’s the natural food chain.

(I’ll leave it to you to figure out whether I’m joking)

Cotton, Silk, Satin and Polyester

I came up with this one when I realized how pleasant my satin pillowcase was, compared to a polyester pillow case. I’m going to reduce the polyester. It got me wondering about different clothing material. I’ve only just begun exploring this area and don’t have a verdict yet.

Mind over Matter

I believe it’s good to consciously choose the foods and materials we interact with. It’s good to question the motives of large multi-national corporations. But it’s not good to look down on and judge people who are not doing the same. An example: A friend of mine is in perfect health and perfectly slim even though his diet is mainly fast foods and he doesn’t care one iota about organic products. I’ve never lectured him on his lifestyle. Why not? Because it’s mind over matter. What you think and believe has a greater effect on reality than what something is made of.

Sadly there are a lot of fanatics of all stripes and colors out there. A few months ago I dared show that I sometimes drink water out of a copper vessel. I received backlash in the form of half a dozen unsolicited emails telling me just how dangerous and toxic it is to drink out of copper. Well, guess what? I’ve tested copper vs. other vessels on and off, just like all these other products. The copper-water is just so much softer. I prefer it. You can warn me all you want, but what is right-for-you doesn’t have to be right-for-me.

Both organic and anti-organic fanatics are similar to political fanatics, religious fanatics or any sort of fanatics. Just because something isn’t found in nature, doesn’t mean it’s “bad”. Humans are meant create their own things and not only and exclusively use what is already found in nature. Fanatics forget that it’s mind-over-matter. As you think in your heart, so are you.

Verdict: You can increase your energy level by a few points if you do away with toxic products, but the biggest increase in energy level comes from inner attitude, thought, emotion and intention. None of these products moved the needle in either direction that much. My observation: the lower your own level of energy, the more impact an external product has. When you’re not doing well then by all means, be more conscious of what you use. And when you’re doing well, you’re immune to a lot of things!



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