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Atheists are Secret Believers

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Atheists are Believers, they just don’t know it. And religious fanatics struggle with their belief, but may not know it. I realize that writing this might offend, but someone has to say it.

Where you find one side of a polarity to the extreme, you find the other. Usually the other side of the polarity is subconscious.

Atheists of the militant sort, think about God all the time. They think about God more than religious people. You find them online posting about God, albeit from the opposing side of the polarity. God and Religion lives rent-free in their head. If you look closely, they are intensely curious about Religion, Religious People, Religious Life, continually observing, commenting and critiquing. If you truly don’t believe something, then you don’t make much mention of it.

I’d even go so far as to say, they love their Creator so very much, they deny their Creators existence. Sound nonsensical? Consider this: If you rabidly, crazily love a person, but that person does not give you any attention, what do you do? Normally, the mind goes to the opposite pole and denies that persons’ existence. Deep down, atheists feel they are not getting the attention of their Creator. They claim not to believe in God, but are the ones who think about God all the time. Atheists are also keenly focused on truth-finding (“show me the evidence!”), just like their religious counterparts.

Religious Fanatics – those obsessed with Religion, taking it extremely seriously, set to convince and convert others by force – secretly doubt their Creator. Again….does that sound nonsensical? Then consider this:

If they really believed in their Creator, they wouldn’t have to keep forcing the issue. If you have trust and confidence in something, there is no need to convince others. Confidence is calm, insecurities are loud. Excessive zeal means that the person, deep down, doesn’t really believe. The religious fanatic is subconsciously an atheist. And the atheist is subconsciously a religious fanatic. That’s why religious fanatics make Religion look bad. If they were true believers, they’d be representing their Religion in a more attractive way.

As offensive as this seems, the mind does work on polarity and this principle applies to many other things too. People who are fervently committed to hating on homosexuals, might be subconsciously attracted to them or have some other issue with sexuality. Those who see racism everywhere and define everything from the lens of “race”, may have been victimized based on race, and therefore subconsciously become racist themselves.  Yes, again, I realize how controversial that sounds and that some readers would rather attack me for saying these things than confront subconscious shadows, but that’s alright. My job, in 35 years of Coaching, has been to confront peoples subconscious shadow. And usually, when a person attacks me for it, it means they are subconsciously considering it 😉

The point is: Where you see a total fanatic to one side, the other side is also present, subconsciously.

The two sides of a polarity are one unit. There is Mountain Peak and Valley, but both are part of the same unit called Mountain. There is no up without down, no left without right, no hot without cold. Cold can only be known in comparison to hot. Relaxation is known because before that, there was the opposite: Tension. Tension is known because of Relaxation. Things are created whole, but we divide them into duality. Hot and Cold are both part of the same topic: Temperature. Belief in God and Atheism are both part of the same topic: Faith.

People who go from one extreme to another, as in a Pendulum, show an imbalance, that requires addressing (if that person wishes to feel better). In a balanced state, there is some debate, then there is choice. That’s why, where you find a fanatic, you often find earlier abuse. It’s not uncommon for a fanatic (whatever they are fanatic about), to have been abused, mistreated or betrayed by people of the opposite belief.

That’s why I agree with this statement: “Everything in Moderation. Including Moderation”. When I see myself getting too preoccupied with one side of a thing, I intentionally start exploring the other side of it, just to find a well-rounded balance. That doesn’t mean I see everything neutrally and don’t take in any position. I take many clear positions on a number of things, but because I trust in them, there is no need to broadcast them in a pushy or fanatic manner. If a person questions my work, there is no need to put that person down or defend myself. That’s true belief vs. shaky belief, confidence vs. fanaticism. True belief creates your reality.

Is there anything beyond polarity? In my view, the Absolute is beyond polarity. Love and Source are beyond polarity.






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