Screen-world creates delusions, real-life experience creates success

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Frederick Dodson

Have you ever gotten angry at something you read online that has nothing to do with your life and will never affect you? Like some kind of automaton that can be triggered? Everything on screen is second-hand info, you can’t be 100% sure it’s real. But you can be sure of and trust in your first-hand experience.

Your screen tells you Joe Biden is the most voted for President in History with a smashing 81 Million votes! Walking the streets of real life tells a different story. How many people have you seen wearing a Biden cap, t-shirt, pin or car-sticker? In the last 7 months I’ve been driving around the country and only seen three car stickers and two flags supporting Biden (yes, I’ve counted – it’s a game we’ve been playing) and so many Trump flags, stickers, pins, shirts and caps that we lost count. How could Biden possibly be the most popular President of all time? It’s fantastical to me how delusional people are. (See also my 2021 article “This man is neither the President nor Joe Biden“).

The discrepancy between direct experience and what the screen-staring-people believe has never been greater.

While your screen said you mustn’t travel because there is a fatal pandemic, I traversed several countries through empty airports and on vacant planes. I remained healthy. It was surreal. Where are all the people? Why do they believe what they are told online more than what is happening when they step outdoors? There were no animals, people or even homeless falling dead from some “pandemic”. Not even supermarket-cashiers, having the most contact to people, were getting sick.

The great dumbing down of last twenty years (see image above, image source) is due to preferring screen-fed-data to reality. The more you take your cues from the screen (media, news media, TV, internet, computer, smartphone, social media), the more delusional you become. The more you allow yourself to be guided by direct experience in the present, the more successful you become. Success is linked to being in touch with reality. Knowing what reality is, you can shape it according to your preferences.


Direct Experience = Reality. Screen-Info = Illusion.


A well-known Zen-Parable asks: “If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?”


A couple of shrewd energy-harvesters figured out that if they could get you to look at their programs on the screens, they could program you and continually harvest attention-energy. The news is not about information, it’s a mass-manifestation engine. It’s called broad-casting because it casts a broad spell. The purpose of “the news” or “trending topics” in the Internet is to get you to see the world in a limited way. But 90% of what’s shown to you on screen has nothing to do with who you are. You are a divine being.


Want to make the world better? Create your own media company and present an honest and/or uplifting message. That’s the first step. The second step is to provide fun alternatives to screen-world.


I’m reluctant to comment on things I’ve not experienced. My books are written from experience. That means my writing is more cautious and perhaps less emotionally arousing than others, but at least I won’t have to publish redactions every other week. But the Internet has amplified the “hearsay” phenomenon where you simply repeat what someone said, regardless of whether it matches personal experience. Everything you see on screen should be taken with a grain of salt.


This video summarizes the problem (watching the first example is enough, the other examples are the same):



Some people know they can lie all they want, the herd will still follow. They know some can tell truth all they want, many still won’t believe them. There are people out there telling the truth about everything, day in, day out. But it’s not of that much use. Humans are meant to discover truth from within, in their own time and process, without being shouted at from a pedestal. Truth requires you to stop taking your cues on how to act, speak and think from the outside.


A few weeks ago something surreal happened: 40 eager people gathered to play tennis. The club didn’t let them play because their app reported a thunderstorm 2 miles away. Where we stood, there was no rain, wind, thunder or lightning. I said: “That’s alright. Let’s start playing and if it starts raining, we can quit”. The person in charge showed me their app saying “Nah, it’s not safe”. I pointed up at the sky at the perfect weather saying “It looks fine to me”. – “Nah. Can’t risk it”. For a full hour 40 people stood there, staring at their apps. Some had opened apps to see the movement of the storm. Meanwhile the tennis courts stood dry and empty. After one hour of pointless app-staring, I said “Can I sign a waiver that I take responsibility if anything happens to me?” They said “Nah. The liability is too high. We can’t let you play”.


Spooky: Out of the 40 people only one other person was willing to play with me, noticing the weather was great. If I told this to people 70 years ago, they’d turn it into a Twilight Zone episode. Before there were apps, nobody would know there’s a storm nearby. And if you don’t know it, what’s there to worry about? That evening, the courts stayed dry but nobody played. Again:


“If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?”


Telling people truth or reality is not that effective. They need to experience the consequences of their choices. If you programmed someone with a falsehood, showing truth causes cognitive dissonance – an unpleasant state – and the falsehood will cause comfy and cozy feelings. This is why I never coach a person who doesn’t specifically ask for it. If I try to deprogram people who are invested in their delusion, I’ll only grow frustrated and resentful. Sharing truth based on real-life experience was easier before the screen phantasmagoria. Today, sharing truth (and thereby success and health), requires patience and compassion. If I can help a person feel relief from fear, shame, guilt, pain, poverty, stress and loneliness, the real work is done.


“Who are you to define what reality and truth are?” someone might protest. Correct. It’s not my place to define truth or reality for you. Otherwise I’m acting just like the screen-masters. But as a success-coach, it is my place to tell you this, from the heart: Your direct experience is more real than the paid propaganda you see on your screen. Your native state is divine. Therefore, any negative reality you are experiencing is a result of false beliefs. Renounce the false views you cling to and you’ll feel glorious.

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