Safety comes from within, not from the Government

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Frederick Dodson

In the last years, when they want to censor, track or lock you down, they use the word “SAFETY”. It’s the buzzword that is supposed to trigger fear in people so they seek the comforts of a “safe space” provided by unelected social engineers.
The CEO of X, YouTube, Facebook speak of “keeping the community safe” when they actually mean suppression and censorship of views they disagree with.
“Safety” was also used to justify tracking citizens, branding and firing the unvaccinated and lockdowns. But the word only works on people who easily feel unsafe. Those who have gone deep within and discovered who they ARE, don’t feel unsafe. My spirit was created to last eternally, so I’m eternally safe.
“Stay safe” has become a common way to end emails. But some of us don’t seek safety, we are already safe. Those who seek external security provided by “the government” will never be safe because they make the external the SOURCE of their comfort.
Safety does not come from money, relationships, family and credentials either. These things are good and ADD to your safety but they can only add to an ALREADY EXISTING sense of safety within. This sense of safety comes from knowing who you are – a divinely created, eternal being.
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