Results Of The Reality Creation Retreat

10 days of Reality Creation Retreat are over and I`ll share some of the experiences and feedback from the course. There were 27 students present from 7 different countries. The mix of people was absolutely stunning – they couldnt have been more different and unique. We had a professional soccer player, a German vice-champion in shooting, a psychologist, a fashion designer, a brilliant futurist-entrepreneurial couple from Bel Air, an alchemist flute-player, a guy who owned pharmacies, a real estate woman, one of the best software programmers in the world, an arabian princess, an investor from Toronto…you can imagine the funny dynamics that developed between the group. As the course progressed, the group got increasingly closer. Rather than spending lunch and dinner in their separate groups and nationalies, they began to mingle, exchange business cards and finally, on the last day, sing and party together at a Como Villa one of the students had rented. We spent the last afternoon without exercises, just eating cake, drinking champagne and playing soccer in the garden. I asked the students to report on Manifestations every morning. There were numerous “minor” manifestations and a few big ones. One student experienced intense lucid dreams, out of body experiences, remote viewing and then, on the last day, body levitation! None of these were among the expected results of the course, but they were a welcome indicator that this woman was having a good time! Another manifested a monetary turnover result during the course. Another experienced relief from a 15-year long pain within only 5 minutes of pain-meditation. There were many others, I lost track after a couple of days.

Here is some of the Feedback received from the students, word by word.Even though most were fine with offering their real names, I have only added first names or abbreviated names because I am an avid fan of privacy.

Dearest Fred,

“It is the best seminar I’ve ever experienced so far. Before coming I thought what are we going to do for 10 hours a day but then when I’m here I just didn’t want these 10 hours to end .I really liked repeating the exercises over and over…. I’ve been doing the imagination experiment since two years after reading one of your articles in Facebook and it worked with me fabulously.

I really appreciate your unique style in training and how real and authentic you are I think this is the reason why the material flows smoothly into us. One more thing thanks for choosing lake como cuz it is WOW specially menaggio. Thanks a lot and see you soon”


“Language can’t describe my experience of Freds Seminar: I’ve felt first hand what I read about being in 5 Dimensional reality and pure presence, profound serenity, with magical pre-manifestation every now and then. Practical, simple methods along with heavenly and sensual meditations. It was a life-transforming experience.


“I was in a somewhat negative mind at the start. Of course not being aware of that. After maybe day 4 I woke up into the goodness of life. And it kept getting better every day and I am very glad I came here. I also feel I learned a lot from every person here. The format and the structure of the seminar is just right. Thank you!”

Max, Los Angeles

“The Reality Creation Retreat in Lake Com was a real eye-opener for me in confronting all of my fears and limitations. I now have a real sense of purpose in how I will live my life henceforth and can’t wait to put these methods and practices to good use”

Justin, Toronto

Dear Fred,

“Your Seminar gave me Motivation and Techniques that are guaranteed to help me. It strengthened me and I now know it works”

Tobias, Germany

“Being familiar with the content, I enjoyed the massive focus on the practical side. I believe it will help me for my personal growth and the needed persistence. Thank you very much for the retreat, but also for your whole work that enriched my life for 15 years. There is nothing to complain about here, just a suggestion: I guess you could distribute your attention more evenly among the attendants”

Marinus, Germany

“Fred, you have a gift and a strong energy of purpose that is very palpable whether in your presence or in your teachings. I love your style of teachings because of the spontaneity and the strong way you trust and do and say the right thing at the right time. If I didn’t know better I would say its magic but knowing from your stories I know it can be done by people who are eager to apply your techniques in real life. The best part though, for me, is the fact that your seminar is not dry with teaching but filled with self-programming. I feel the shift in me. In just these 10 days I had noticed a shift in my inner dialogue and I remember to talk and be the way I want to, it is actually effortless, like the lens inside me changed from minus to plus. It is like something just burst through and it is happier and loves the moment more than I ever imagined. Thank you. Love,

Katarina, Florida

Great Seminar, great group, fantastic exercises. The days were very intense for me. I would have preferred an extra free day. The here-now exercises took too much time and energy in my opinion. I am taking very, very, very much home with me, especially motivation. Thank you so very much!

Mathias, Germany

“Hi Fred,

It was a great to attend the seminar of reality creation. . I feel the changes, I feel my power. I didn’t know how much I have until I get the seminar…

Everything was perfect the country,the city, the hotel everything was like a magic even people.. I learned to much, I experience amazing things with you and people. The exercises was really helpful and different and I had much much fun I really enjoyed every single minutes.. It was like a heaven. It was just WOW

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu”


“Attending the reality creation retreat was the best gift i have ever gave to myself so far.The trainer, the location, the group, the whole experience were just perfect and inspiring and a gate to a new full of energy and prosperity life.

Thank you Fred


Samah, Saudi Arabia

Dear Fred,

It ‘s a brilliant course witch changes the energy level in such a wonderful fast way that makes me speechless ….I am so confident know and trusting in my power that really everything is coming true

I feel it.I am so greatfull und blessed

I send you unconditional love

See you at the stars

Iris, Germany

Hello Fred,

This is the best retreat I have attend ever up to now, 10 days with 10hrs a day for intensive training indoor and outdoor, really this course help me to face my emotions, thoughts and beliefs for the first time,I feel light happy, I can say this is a life changing course.


“I liked meeting other people who practice reality creation and being immersed in RC. I was able to improve my understanding of how RC works. I have several actionable items I will practice regularly. The most important insight was simply to be more consistent and stick with it”.

Nicholas, Ukraine

“The seminar helped me to beleive in my own power to create the reality I want. It was very interesting to observe limiting beliefs being destroyed. The exercises and techniques were fresh and innovative. By the end of the seminar I didn’t have any doubts left in my abilities as a powerful manifestator”

Elena, USA


It was wonderful

I like it so much

I like the practical part

But at the end of two days i wanted to relax 🙂

Thats all

Thanks alot …


“i really don’t know how to thank you for this past 10 days, you changed my life forever.

the techniques we learned and applied were really next level & i am not that the person who came at the biggining, i am really someone else! i’ve changed 100%.

thank you for helping me in the private session your advice was really helping. you are the kind of people that i am really glad to have in my life forever.

thank you for everything”

R.N, Kuwait

“The course is a piece of heaven, i faces my emotions and go through it even though it is the last day I feel it is just start for my lovely journey in the life, what I love in the corse is the harmony and the injury of love and hummer what helps my a lot , I trust you Fred and you keep help my mor and more, I love that the course have a lot of techniques and exercise and we practiced again and again so we solve our problem not learn only , this is wonderful”


Dear Fred,

Seriously, so far this is the best experience I had in my life. For the first time I was totally okay and at ease with being transparent, being present and just being myself -no masks no filters- and I liked it. I feel I got to know the real me during this retreat and I want to stay this way all of my life (somehow I feel I can die in peace now) I was also happy to notice that the people around me liked the real me too, not just liked me but also respected me, and maybe even loved me for that. The whole thing was magical and like a movie. I already manifested several intentions in a list I created the first day of the retreat, some spontaneously and some through the techniques we learned. The duration and location of the retreat were just perfect and the group was so much fun and amazing, and you too of course were all that and more. I want to come again to your next retreats just for the laughs and fun of it, and I suggest doing it in a cruise ship.

I can go on and on.. Thank you really


The most empowering question you can ask yourself is: Where is my awareness right now and where would I like it to be?