Remote Sensing -A Course in Extrasensory Action

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Frederick Dodson

Have you ever felt when someone is thinking of you?

When someone is staring at you from behind?

Have you ever evaded disaster by changing lanes on the road?

Do you have a great, almost paranormal sense of orientation?

Can you sense a change in mood in others?

Do you just effortlessly “know things”?

Do you use your attention to scan things?

Does your consciousness stretch beyond your body?

Have you ever felt that someone is trying to invade your space or your dreams and warded it off?

Fully restoring this natural human skill is what this course is all about.

I’ve created a lot of courses and I’ve never said this but this could be the MOST IMPORTANT ONE. The exercises are


I’ve just now uploaded it to the Gold-section of my website (one week early!). If you don’t know where or what that is, use your remote sense (or at least common sense).

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