Secret Remote Influence and Entrainment

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Frederick Dodson

In a recent Levels of Energy course I conducted a group experiment.

The group formed a circle with a blindfolded person in the middle. The group leaned their body in one direction, while focusing on the blindfolded person in the middle. The idea is that the blindfolded person’s body will soon begin leaning in the same direction through energy entrainment or supernatural synchronization.

There were 75 attendees, split into seven groups forming seven circles. In four of the groups we witnessed the blindfolded person gradually leaning in the same direction as the people forming the circle. In one instance there was no leaning but the person reported a “pulling sensation” in that direction. In two instances I did not witness a leaning…yet! The experiment only lasted a few minutes, had we gone longer I’m sure the remaining two people would have begun synchronizing. I had instructed the blindfolded to stand at ease, exerting no willpower. I did not tell them what was going to happen. We did not repeat the experiment because, now knowing how it works, they could have consciously or subconsciously altered the results.

The non-blindfolded people in the circle were instructed to lean in the direction of one of the people in the circle, chosen by the group leader (myself in this case).

The implications of this experiment are far-reaching.

  1. If you do not make choices in life, your choices will be made by the predominant “wave” or “trend” around you.
  2. It is possible to exert hidden influence on unaware people merely using attention and acting out certain thoughts, movements, actions.
  3. In an unaware state, we eventually synchronize or  become entrained by what we are surrounded by.
  4. People who hold opposite beliefs to the prevailing dominant belief-system in their area, are trying to balance out the predominant wave.
  5. Energy-transfer is real and easy to demonstrate. The fact that the “scientific establishment” claims it isn’t real probably means that someone wishes to hoard this power for themselves.

Whether you conduct Seminars in Business, Self-Development or Spiritual gatherings, I recommend you teach people the entrainment principle using this experiment. Helping them become aware of it, helps them exercise more choice and personal will in life and makes them less susceptible to manipulation and mass-hypnosis. Most people have never heard of this, much less see it demonstrated.

Even though the technique teaches you how to remote influence, I’m not recommending you do so. Secretly manipulating others opens the door to you secretly being manipulated. Always treat others as you wish to be treated. I teach it so that you know remote-control when you see it and can stop it.




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