Remote Feeling in Animals and Humans

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Frederick Dodson

An acquaintance related a story in which her mother wished to get rid of a ca that she thought too aggressive. She dropped the cat off at the other side of town, but the cat found home again, appearing at their doorstep the next day. A few weeks later the family was scheduled to take a long car trip from their native Pittsburgh to Des Moines which is a more than 800 mile (1278 km) away. They were going to visit relatives and sleep in motels on their way. They took the cat on the long ride and dropped it in Des Moines. Only two weeks later, the cat reappeared at their doorstep! From that point forward, the family stopped trying to get rid of their cat.

The homing-ability of cats is well-known.

I believe the explanation for this is a highly developed sense of remote feeling, as I call it. Consciousness is not limited to time and space. By thinking of the family, the cat can feel which direction to go to reach the family. It’s simple – focus on someone or something and you start feeling a pull in that direction.

I know a word in the German language that accurately describes this ability. It is Ferntastsinn, which means “remote touching sense”. Unfortunately the word doesn’t exist in English, so I invent the term “remote feeling”. But even the German word is only applied to fish and other marine animals. The word was coined because it was observed that swarms of fish don’t bump into each other because they can sense each others presence at a distance. Supposedly this remote-sensing ability is due to water-pressure.

I believe it’s more than just water-pressure just like with cats it’s more than just “a heightened sense of smell” that let’s them find back home through hundreds of miles. Take Dolphins for example, where it’s not just “water pressure” but a sophisticated combination of sonar signals and remote feeling that let’s them navigate. Or Elephants that can communicate hundreds of miles by creating seismic waves for other Elephants to feel. Or dogs that know when their owners are coming home.

“Science” tentatively acknowledges these abilities in animals. Encyclopedia Britannica calls remote feeling “psi trailing” and readily admits that there is no explanation for it (if you don’t understand consciousness and vibration, how can there be an explanation for anything?)











I know humans also have these abilities. I know that this topic is being deliberately suppressed and obscured by people who are hostile to human development. I also know that regaining this power is important and good for you.

In some of my older books and audio-programs I illustrate the difference between visualizing an object and remote-touching it. When I ask you to put your attention on a sofa in another room it can be done in two ways: You either remember or imagine the sofa in the other room or you stretch your awareness to that sofa and remote-touch. Touching it will give you a more accurate feedback than visualizing it. In parapsychology, people are taught “remote viewing” with almost no mention of “remote touching”. That’s really surprising because “remote touching” delivers better results than remote-viewing. Anything perceived through the eyes and mind can be deceiving or distorted.

My audio Course “Your Natural Telepathy” helps you re-develop some of these skills, especially the exercise of finding friends and family in large crowd of people. Using a tactile-sense or the whole-body-feeling-sense rather than only relying on mental images makes Telepathy more easy.

In essence, if you wish to know something stretch your feeling-attention there. Don’t imagine or visualize,  just “feel there”. I know that humans have this sense because I’ve used it my whole life. When Hurricane Ian came to my doorstep in October 2022 I didn’t evacuate my house because I knew the water wouldn’t get high enough to flood it. And it didn’t. I “remote sense” the situation, the area I live in, the elevation of the house, the potential flood zones. All of this is also called intuition. It’s a knowledge of things even if you don’t know all the details involved. The cat that found back home “just knew”. The cat is “reading the field”. It is “homing in on a specific family” and finding it. I’ve done this many times.

I try my best to reduce using GoogleMaps because it’s taking away from my spatial-orientation-sense which is linked to remote-feeling. Unless you’re confused, drugged or tense, you have a sense of spatial orientation that scans an area. It’s your remote-attention scanning the place. In so doing, you can “feel” and “sense” not only where you are but where objects of interest are and where home is. Sometimes on weekends, when we are far away from home, my wife and I switch off GoogleMaps and try to get home by feeling only. Unfortunately there are also road signs everywhere, telling us where to go. I bet if even those signs were gone, we’d still find home. It’s all a matter of practice and faith.

When your friend or spouse talk about people you haven’t met yet, you get a sense of what they look like, feel like and sound like. This is your remote-feeling sense. When looking at a public figure you often get a sense of “that person is creepy” or “that’s a good person” – unless your perception is distorted by all the noise. If there’s too much noise and you seem to be losing your natural ability to “just know”, you need psychic detox.

I wish to tell you how easy and natural your remote-feeling ability is. It’s already there, by nature, from birth. You are a divine being, an electromagnetic being, a being that can stretch out it’s consciousness far beyond the body and “read” what is going on other times and places.



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