Realms of Consciousness: Levels of Energy Book 3

After “Levels of Energy” and “Journeys in Spectral Consciousness” this is the third book in the series. In this Volume you learn of Higher Realms of Consciousness, Emotion and Reality and the Attitudes and Behaviors that align with them.

Reviews of Realms of Consciousness


Some of the exercises in this book have completely changed my life and it’s only been one day. I’m excited to implement them and see what comes into my life. Admittedly, I havnt been able to do all of the exercises and mostly because they’re hard to follow in audiobook form, but I plan on going back and implementing them..

Eric Worthy, Audible Customer

Unparalleled Metaphysical Knowledge

Excellent content and narration, chock full of gems you can use to improve your life. I’ve already listened to it twice and will listen again soon. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Audible Customer, Linda, Jacksonville Florida


this book compliments the first two in the series and helps the reader put it all together. I will be listening to all three books again and again and noticing how my life and oerception have changed between readings.

Amazon Customer

Excerpts from the Audiobook

Table of Contents

  1. The Scale of Consciousness
  2. Life Lessons on the Levels of Energy
  3. The Energy Field of Places
  4. Higher Realms and States of Consciousness
  5. Self-Therapy and Life Repair
  6. Enlightened Politics
  7. The Non-Duality Course
  8. Non-Physical Entities of Higher Realms

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