Reality is not normal

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Frederick Dodson

One of the great popular delusions is that if things are “normal” and “ordinary” they’re real. If things differ from the norm, they are “fiction”.

Upon spiritual awakening, you realize the ordinary and normal is boring because it’s less real. The universe is more amazing than that.

A few random examples of reality being stranger than fiction:

* There is a medical condition called “foreign accent syndrome”. A head-injury causes you to pick up a foreign accent you have no relation to. Some people start speaking an entirely foreign language after injury.

* The Wyss Institute at Harvard University has successfully created self-replicating, reproducing robots. They have also crossed frogs and robots to produce “living robots”. This happened years ago. How weird does it get?

* Supernumerary body part is the medical term for people who grow extra body parts.

* There is a Wikipedia for the intelligence community called “Intellipedia”.

* 82% of the Internet takes place on the dark web.

* The U.S. Military runs parallel-earth simulators to be able to predict any outcome.

* In 1957 and in 2001 it rained blood-red rain in Kerala, India, staining people’s clothes and buildings.

* There are infrasound stations in Greenland. People are unsure about their purpose.

* The Department of Defense has soldiers walking around in invisibility cloaks (you probably won’t find anything on this, but it’s true).

* There are currently dozens of micronations living independently of their host nations.

* Melonheads. “In the American folklore of Ohio, Michigan and Connecticut, melon heads are beings generally described as small humanoids with bulbous heads who occasionally emerge from hiding places to attack people. Different variations of the legend attribute different origins to the entities”.

I could fill entire books with examples.

Even in your “normal every day life” as you call it, there are signs of high weirdness IF you are paying attention.

Pay attention and you’ll notice that the seemingly normal, orderly and familiar life you’ve created is an illusion. The universe is vast and crazy. That scares people, but once you accept it, the FUN starts.

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