Reality Creation Coaching


  • * One month of online Coaching with Fred Dodson
  • * One Skype/Phone Session a Week
  • * Results-Oriented and Tailored to you
  • * No Limit to the Amount of Emails
  • * Good for multiple issues and topics
  • * Access to all Videos Courses and Audios

Live Coaching

  • * 1 Day of Live Coaching with Fred Dodson
  • * Transcend any issue, achieve any goal
  • *For Individuals or Groups
  • * Pragmatic, Quick Results
  • * Anywhere in the World
  • * Tailored Training

VIP Coaching
$50 000

  • * 2 Weeks of Live Coaching with Fred Dodson
  • * Or 1 year of email Coaching
  • *For Individuals or Groups
  • * Pragmatic, Quick Results
  • * Anywhere in the World
  • * Tailored Training

Update: Due to a high volume of Booking,  the 1 Hour Coaching Sessions and 3 Day Email Coaching Sessions are no longer available. I recommend self-coaching with our many audios and videos instead. To contact us regarding Group and Team Coaching, please scroll to the bottom of this page

Why Coaching?

Success Coach Frederick Dodson helps you SEE things you were unaware of and inspires you to THINK and DO things that are aligned with your life goals and purpose. You are unique, one size does not fit all and what you require for raising your consciousness level, ability, energy and achievement is triggered by a Coach who is exclusively dedicated to your success.

I am Frederick Dodson and coach people in Success and Levels of Consciousness. I have authored 28 books in 7 Languages, conducted more than 5000 seminars for private persons and companies around the World. I have the immutable intention that all people I coach are elevated to higher levels. Your experience of life is governed by your own awareness and attention. Directing attention in congruence with your true hearts desire is called reality creation. This way of approaching life is rare. I thus offer training for all price-ranges. There are many articles on this website available for free. But as reading about swimming does not teach you swimming, coaching provides more rapid advancement.






A few examples of things achieved in only one session:

* Several people discovered a new purpose, quit their job and succeeded in their new self-employment

* One person who wanted to get a role in an Audition of a major Hollywood production, got it.

* A woman who hadn’t been able to get pregnant for years, got pregnant

* A man who whose employees wanted him to resign, turned the situation around and is now respected

* A woman with neck pains she had for several years, released them.

Coaching creates good, rapid results if your intentions are clear and specific.

Coaching requires a high level of dedication by both of us and I treat my personal time as precious (I recommend you treat yours the same way). If you’d like a 3 month Session, send me an email detailing where you would like to be in life regarding your physical vitality, your spiritual state, career success or any other topics you’d like to focus on. Share a little about your background and why you think Reality Creation Coaching is right for you. If you have any questions about the process, ask. My response to you will generally outline the Coaching-Process and work out the terms of our session together.
The Mentoring coaching focuses on one ultimate goal or several goals to be achieved. The mentoring process guarantees results, but you are asked to follow the plan and exercises given. I accompany you through different guided processes ensuring you are working on goals that are right-for-you. You will enhance and improve every aspect of your Being and manifest your dreams more easily.
You will have weekly sessions on Skype with Fred Dodson, Email Exchanges with Fred Dodson, recorded Audios, all aimed at the process of of manifesting your goal through the focus of attention and imagination.
The powerful methods taught in Coaching build upon but go beyond those taught in the books “Parallel Universes of Self”, “Success Attracts Success” and “The Miracle of Awareness and Attention”. Having someone else help to keep you on track, aware and up to speed with the realities you prefer, is one of the most precious gifts you can give to yourself.

Coachings for Groups, Companies and Executives

I can help you advance the skill and power of your team or group. In 30 years of Coaching, I have conducted Group Seminars on Levels of Energy and Consciousness, Reality Creation, Success Coaching, Leadership Training, Presence and Presentation Training, Communication Training and Team Training. Contrary to 99% of all Corporate Coaches, a Seminar with me is Fun and Experiential, creating a long-term shift to higher awareness, integrity and ability in each individual. 

You may have specific requests to my work with your Group, but the average Training time per Group in the last years, as been 3 Days and the average Training Fee (depending on Group size), has been $4000 a day. 

Seminars are available Live or Online. If you would like to inquire about Seminars and Events for your Group, fill out the Form below and I will get in touch with you.