Reality Creation Coaching

Update: Online Coaching is currently not available, only in-person Coaching is available. 

One-on-One Coaching

One-on-One Coaching is

Tailored to the manifestation of your specific goals and raising your consciousness level

Guided Audios recorded just for you

Two formats: One day live Coaching or a month online Coaching

One-on-One coaching is speedily effective if you have a clear idea of what you want

1-year access to all audio and video materials included

Live Coaching is within USA

Online Coaching is 1-hour online a week plus a a few emails a week

For questions prior to booking contact consciousness @ 

Invite Reality Creation Coach Frederick Dodson to your event:

The consciousness and knowledge in the world is rapidly accelerating. In Coaching tens of thousands of people, Reality Creation Coaching has contributed to a worldwide increase and awareness in skill, consciousness level and success. Companies and training providers have been booking Frederick Dodson to help facilitate the changes they have envisioned. A Reality Creation event is not theoretical or talk-based, it is an experience, a hands-on-practice, full of fun and action for real life and business results. This section is if you seek training for more than 100 participants. Training is online or live.

Event Topics 2022

Reality Creation

Reality Creation for Business

Levels of Energy and Consciousness

Levels of Consciousness for Business

Levels of Consciousness for Politics

Levels of Consciousness for Sales and Marketing



Partner with Coach Frederick Dodson to organize a Seminar:

This is an opportunity to organize a seminar with Frederick Dodson with between 20 and 100 participants. It can be live or online.

Event Topics 2022

Reality Creation

Levels of Energy and Consciousness



Energy Healing

Success Attracts Success

Exclusive Fields of Coaching in Reality Creation:

These are fields Frederick Dodson uniquely specializes in. He has written books on them, but just like you don’t learn swimming by reading a book, you also have to jump in and experience the topics that others only talk or think about. That’s what live seminars are for. 

Reality Creation

Levels of Energy

Money Training

Intuition Training

Energy Healing

Success attracts Success



For Coaching Inquiries Please Contact Marc:


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