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Reality Creation Articles 2021 – Part 3

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

This is a collection of articles published on this website in 2021 – Part 3. You can find Part 2 here and Part 1 here

Table of Contents

1. Is it possible for others to control your mind?

2. A 30 Day Challenge for Improved Mental and Physical Fitness

3. Apathy attracts Conspiracy

4. The Cringe Exercise – A Practice for Transcending Self Importance

5. Much of Reality is Make-Believe

6. The Power of Speaking Boldly

7. I’ll tell you a secret about Donald Trumps mother

8. The mystery of 1000 years missing from Galleria Umberto

9. When is it time to let go vs. try harder?

10. How you can help the world regain freedom

11. Why does radio music sound the same? Because it’s all by the same guy.

12. Another “virgin” of yourself. A true and funny story. 

13. The manipulation of familiarity and attachment needs

14. The Power of Secret Giving

Is it possible for others to control your mind?

 This headline caught my attention:

Really? Are there drugs that block free will? Can I become a zombie?

People of personal responsibility say that it’s not possible for others to control you without your consent. You are the captain of your ship!

People of victim-consciousness, say that it’s easy for others to control your mind without your consent. It happens all the time!

Which is true?

I say it depends level of consciousness (see my book series on Levels of Energy). At a high level, you cannot be subjected to outside control without consent. At a low level, you have given up conscious will and can be forced.

An adult person can sometimes go unconscious and lose their will. But before they became victimized from the outside, they, in some way, victimized themselves.

Quoting from an article on the Mind-Control Drug Scopolamine:

There are stories circulating that a chemical known as “Devil’s Breath” is making its way around the world, being blown into faces and soaked into business cards to render unsuspecting tourists incapacitated. The result? A “zombie-like” state that leaves the victim with no ability to control their actions, leaving them at risk of having their bank accounts emptied, homes robbed, organs stolen, or raped by a street criminal. 

… the compound is said to lead to hallucinations, frightening images, and a lack of free will. Amnesia can occur, leaving the victim powerless to recall events or identify perpetrators.

According to a 1995 Wall Street Journal article, about half of all emergency room admissions in Bogota, Colombia were for burundanga poisoning. Scopolamine is also present in Jimson Weed (Datura stramonium), a plant found in most of the continental U.S.

…The State Department notes on their website that scopolamine can render a victim unconscious for 24 hours or more. In Colombia, where its use seems to be most widespread, “unofficial estimates” of scopolamine events are at roughly 50,000 per year. 

And quoted from another article on the Drug Rohypnol:

Since the 1990s Rohypnol has been used illegally to lessen the depression caused by the abuse of stimulants, such as cocaine and methamphetamine, and also as an aid for sexual assault. The so-called “date-rape drug” was placed unknowingly in the drinks of victims, often at a bar or party (“club drug”). Due to the strong amnesia produced by the drug, victims would have limited or no memory of the assault.

But: Drugs don’t have the desired effect in healthy, mentally lucid adults. They could affect people who are already weakened. Apathy makes one suggestible. There are many who have had drugs put into their drinks and got nothing more than a headache and slight nausea. Maybe if they were beaten into submission or tortured, their Will might have been overwhelmed by drugs. But only temporarily.

Unfortunately, “the Government” has done a lot of “scientific” research into mind control, hypnosis and the breaking of peoples will. I wish taxpayers money were put into more positive endeavors. Prisoners of war, for example, have been subject to combinations of sleep deprivation, starvation, sensory deprivation, torture through sound or pain, forced repetition of commands, etc. It turns out that some peoples Will can and others cannot be broken. Those whose Will cannot be broken usually have deep spiritual beliefs that supersede worldly assault.

Some people believe in a “leadership”, “schooling” or “management” style that reduces peoples will, so that they can be “formed”. This philosophy is called authoritarianism. Authoritarians do not want thinkers, they want workers. The world is run by authoritarians, because anti-authoritarians can’t be bothered to run it. To counter-balance the authoritarian tendency, it’s good to know your rights and never feel intimidated by peer-pressure, force or coercion. Develop your free-will, within the framework of respecting your fellow humans.

The answer to the question “can others control your mind?” is this: If you exercise your will, then others can’t control your mind. If you do not exercise your will, then others can control your mind. Simple as that!

Things are a little different in childhood. A child will do things it doesn’t want to do, in order to get approval and avoid punishment from adults. So it is easier to victimize a child and they should receive more protection. But even kids aren’t entirely victims, as anyone knows who has heard a baby shout its lungs out until it gets its way.

Becoming a victim is usually a gradual, subtle process and so is becoming free. Every day that passes makes you a little more free or a little more dependent. This week I recall doing three things that made me more independent. These are small things, but they ultimately add up: I repaired my own watch instead of taking it to a repair shop. I chose to quit doing Business with a company that mandated vaccines for its employees (boycott is an effective way to use your power for positive change). I chose to self-heal a knee-pain I had been carrying around for weeks from playing Tennis (it healed!). Don’t get me wrong, I am not against getting help from others and I am certainly not against community. Every one of us thrives when we have the support of friends and family. It is too much dependence that’s the problem. If you don’t want others to control your reality, then exercise your ability to think and decide for yourself.


A 30 Day Challenge for Improved Mental and Physical Fitness

 Incremental improvement is more stable than overload. This is a 30 day challenge for improved mental and physical fitness. Every morning, for the next 30 days, I will do the Clock-Meditation and Planks. Each day I will increase the time I do these two exercises. I invite you to join me.

The Clock Meditation

Sit upright on a chair, facing a clock. If you don’t have a clock, use a watch. If you have neither, use some kind of timer. Put your hands on your knees and don’t move at all. Do not twitch a muscle, do not shift in your chair, remain as motionless as possible, while you softly fix your gaze upon the clock. Should attention drift away, gently move it back to the clock. It does not matter whether you look at the clock as a whole or some detail of the clock. On the first day, you look at it for 1 minute. On the second day, you look at it motionless for two minutes. On the third day for three minutes, and so forth. By the end of the month you will be sitting still and soft-focusing for 30 minutes.

The Plank

This is a physical exercise, as shown in the image below.

This exercises addresses almost all muscles. Beginners: On the first day, maintain this position for 20 seconds. Then add 5 seconds every day. At the end of the 30 days, you will be able to maintain it for 165 seconds. If you feel like this is more than you can handle, reduce it to 4 or 3 seconds added every day. Add to the time every day, learning to expand incrementally. Intermediate: On the first day, maintain this position for 40 seconds. Then add 5 6 or 7 seconds every day. Advanced: On the first day, maintain this position for 60 seconds. Then add 10 seconds every day. Or simply find a time that works for you.

Apart from greater mental discipline, calm and physical strength, the purpose of both exercises is to experience the value of practice. The lesson taught here, is that never-ending improvement is possible when you choose tasks neither too easy nor too hard. That in-between-state is what creates flow.

I’ll leave it up to you whether you start daily with Plank or Meditation. You can start with either or even alternate the two each day.

If you’re taking part in the 30 Day Challenge, feel free to write about it in the comments section on my Facebook Page.

This may seem very easy, but don’t be fooled. Implementing new habits can be difficult at first, as it breaks your old routines. But with every day, it becomes easier until finally it is normal.


Apathy attracts Conspiracy

 Twice in life, I was on the verge of signing a big book contract that would mass-market my Books and put me on TV-Shows. But these contracts also included obligations for me to self-censor and be “politically neutral”. These book deals didn’t go through, because I’m not in the mood for watering-down. All these famous teachers already sound so watered-down, don’t they? I know why they sound that way – they have contracts saying they mustn’t talk about anything other then their narrow band of topics they published a book on.

On a similar note, I recently heard a well-respected doctor tell someone that he is not allowed to say that the anti-covid-vaccine has side effects because it “could cause skepticism”. Imagine that! As if speech-suppression doesn’t already cause enough skepticism!

Are we victims of censorship? No. A publisher has the right to their views, just as I have the right to mine. That’s not “oppressing free speech”, it’s just a difference of viewpoint. Even though I didn’t get these contracts, I am doing very well, thank you.

I was given a choice by this publisher. We are always given a choice how to act or react, though sometimes we pretend there is no choice. The apparent choice was “get rich” or “have freedom of speech”. But this choice is a false one – I can be financially well AND express my views, I don’t need to choose between one of them. I don’t need a big-time publisher so that I can express myself. The illusion is always, that you need some person, group or external object for your success – this belief makes one susceptible to apparent victimization.

And the doctor? He “was told” not to tell anyone about vaccine side-effects. But he chose to tell me about this anyway. And if he told me, I am sure he also told others. Even though he was told to shut up, he chose to speak. It’s his choice. And I am sure there are doctors who chose to be quiet, perhaps out of fear. He also told me this: “Never before in the History of Vaccines, have I been told not to talk about side-effects. This whole thing is unprecedented“. Does this oddity point toward some kind of orchestrated conspiracy? Yes. Does it make me a victim? No.

A while back I listened to a podcast titled “Catch and Kill” by the Ronan Farrow, while driving a long 8 hour stretch. I was able to finish the whole book in one drive. Ronan Farrow is allegedly the journalist responsible for bringing down film producer Harvey Weinstein.

In it, several sexual assault victims of Weinstein were speaking out, crying, traumatized. As much as I sympathized with the victims and despised the creepiness of a film producer abusing his position of power, there was an important factor missing from the entire long podcast series: Choice.

Weinstein had a weird way of assaulting woman. It was a step-by-step process. First inappropriate comments. Then inappropriate touching. And then, at some later point, outright rape. Some of the Models and Actresses knew how to exercise their freedom of choice before things got worse. They quit working for him at the first instance of inappropriateness. Weinstein would say something like “This girl will never work in this town again!” In spite of that, some of them went on to have successful careers, no need for Weinstein. But other women chose to put up with Weinsteins advances. Eventually, they got abused by him (and no doubt by others in his wider circle – it’s sad so many others got off the hook). Some even continued to stay quiet and continue working with him, after abuse. Some chose to sign “non-disclosure agreements” (NDAs prevent so many things from ever coming to light) in exchange for a lot of money. It is important to speak up and stand up at the first signs of lies or misconduct.

To behave in this way, these women first had to believe they didn’t have a choice if they wanted to achieve fame and fortune. They had to believe they are in a vulnerable position.

Before you judge these women, realize that most of us think along similar lines. We put up with jobs we don’t like “to make money”. It’s a lesser degree of the situation these women were in, but it’s founded on the same false belief. “I have to do something I don’t like, in order to get something I like”. 

I’ve been receiving emails from people in Saudi Arabia, Germany, Israel and other countries telling me that they are “forced” to take the vaccine. If they don’t, they become “second class citizens” who are not allowed to travel, participate in public space or even go to their jobs. Some write to me saying “Fred, I don’t want to take the vaccine, but I need to keep my job! What should I do?”

Well, perhaps you missed my response to that question in this previous article: A vaccine against fear.

And perhaps you also missed the 30+ books I wrote on Reality Creation, where I teach in meticulous detail that

You are not a victim. You create your own experience of reality. 

This doesn’t mean that there are no conspiracies. Bad agendas exist. Forced vaccination through vaccine passports is grotesque. However, it’s still your CHOICE. You can choose how to act, react and handle the situation.

Back then, I chose not to change my views and got cancelled by a big publisher. But I did not believe that it would make me “poor”, on the contrary. There are Millions of like-minded people I can do Business with, I don’t have to do Business with this publisher. Likewise, if you are an an anti-vaxxer, I personally know a number of like-minded CEOs that would love to employ you. Whatever beliefs you have, you can use as a springboard to do Business with like-minded people.

In fact, people are already creating a parallel economy – such as private airplanes that will not require the vaccine passports that all the big airlines are requiring. The power is ours. Too much whining about conspiracies gets tiresome. If you don’t like the way things are run, build a parallel economy, a parallel reality, a parallel society. Support a different world. Many of us are already living in a parallel world, mostly system-independent. Right now, I have access to several farms to purchase food from people I know personally. I have access to a private plane company that will take me anywhere. Why? Because I’m not a victim.

Loss of freedom comes to people who live in apathy. Many have lost their jobs. But this “mess” started long before Covid. For decades, nobody gave a damn about the political process, civil liberties and community. But if you do care then snap out of apathy. The way out and up is to take charge of your vibration and to bring politics back to a local level and get involved. People are cooperating more than ever before. Sometimes I wonder if this would have happened without a crisis. Something intended for the bad, has been used for the good.

Remember this: It’s all imaginary. A pharma company does not grant civil rights – they only imagine they do. A Governments authority is imaginary and only possible with your consent. The value of money is made up. And this particular pandemic is also imaginary – it only exists the moment you turn on the TV. If there were really a pandemic, you’d know about it without turning on the TV.

Since one year, I have been imagining something other than what I’ve been told. I’ve been imagining Success. Discovery. Hugs. Friends. Fun. What I imagine, I experience.

You are not victimized by conspiracy, you are victimized by your own apathy. Wake Up.



The Cringe Exercise – A practice for Transcending Self-Importance


Much of Reality is Make-Believe

 How easy is it to fool crowds? Fairly easy. Just dress up like a celebrity and have two bodyguards with “security” written on their shirts accompany you. People will go wild.

The Video below shows examples of fake celebrity. Watch the first one to get an idea of  how it works.

The interesting thing: There is not that much difference between real and fake celebrity. A real celebrity is also a human being, yet they are treated like “stars” and make people starry-eyed. Bottom line: What is driving people crazy is not what is actually happening, but what they think is happening. If you think you are in the presence of an extremely important person, you’ll feel excited. But that sense of elevation in a persons presence will only stay, if it’s a genuinely high-energy-high-consciousness person. If the person is only faking it, then his assistants and aides quickly have to whisk the celebrity away, before it shows.

Human Behavior is motivated by perception of facts more than by facts. For instance, there is no pandemic. And yet, most people behave as if there is one, because “the media” told them to. I have received sharp criticism and cancellations for claiming there is no pandemic. From people who consider themselves smart and educated and just don’t want to admit they have been misled. It’s daunting to consider that the whole world has been mislead. But it wouldn’t be the first time in History, frankly. It’s easier to fool people who think they are smart. It’s difficult to fool the humble. There are thousands of health factors – getting oxygen, sun and movement among the foremost. Putting good things into your body is another. But these smart and educated people tell you that cutting off oxygen, sun and movement and putting bad things into your body will keep you healthy.

I’ve always kissed my spouse when she has the flu. Why? Am I ignorant of the fact that the flu is contagious? That might be your belief.  But the fact is, that I have never gotten the flu just because people around me had it. I kept kissing my spouse and hugging friends and relatives, because I am immune to the flu. What makes me immune? Probably the BELIEF that I am, coupled with fearlessness. You tell me it’s a “scientific fact” that flu is contagious. But that’s never been my experience.

What should I trust: My own experience, made time and time again, or what “the news” tells me?

All the headlines above, made certain people very rich. It’s the fear-to-riches scheme which has been running for thousands of years. But none of the headlines resonated with me, so I did not pick up any of these illnesses, despite frequent travel (including travel into danger-zones). All along I experience that thoughts and beliefs are contagious.

But enough of that. We can get into complaining about how easily people are fooled or we can use the power of belief to our advantage.

Just knowing that “monkey see, monkey do”, can help you achieve business success. I advised a restaurant owner to have friends and family sit in the restaurant. Before that, the restaurant was empty. After people saw it’s already filled, they believed it to be good and wanted in. Just that one little shift,  changed the trajectory of his restaurant. I was his “last resort” coach before bankruptcy. A tiny change, and today his Business is thriving.

Much of reality is make-believe. Monkey see, monkey do.

Sounds cynical, doesn’t it. But, it’s not all make-believe. This restaurant owner is also a fun character and makes decent food. You can fake it till you make it, but you can only succeed long-term if there is some substance to what you are doing. Something real behind the packaging. See the image above? What does it have to do with this article? Nothing. It’s just packaging. Putting someone attractive up to attract people is the most common form of marketing, used since thousands of years. Make-believe. But then this article better have some real substance. If packaging vs. content are too far apart, it angers people off. There are some who have deluded themselves into thinking they can run a Business on packaging and promises only, but these don’t last.

I’m not a fan of packaging. That’s why my books don’t have a preface, introduction and foreword. I want to keep it real and get right to the heart of the matter. Nor do I pay for marketing. If I were more into packaging, I could probably sell more books, but I really prefer quality to quantity.

We live in times where much of what people think they “know” was made up by a PR firm. You’ll realize that most of politics, news, information and education is without substance when it feels like you read a 10 000 page menu without having a meal. If something is of substance, then it makes a difference in your life. It moves your bank account. It sparks a feeling. It leaves you stronger. It makes you more forgiving. Or it’s actionable.

We live in a monkey-see, monkey-do world. People tend to do what they see others do. It begins early on. We watch how our parents behave and talk, and copy their example. This has both negative and positive implications. The empowering take-away is this: You can stop doing and thinking things just because “everyone else” does and thinks them and start listening to your heart. “Set your Course by the stars, not by the light of every passing ship”. Set your course by your heart, not by the noise of every passing trend.



The Power of Speaking Boldly

 A well liked manager got fired from his position. HQ advised people not to talk about it (“Don’t get involved in the politics of the company, just keep doing your job”). The atmosphere the next day was subdued. Nobody understood what had happened, so rumors were spun.

The other day, a local man was found dead at the side of the river. There are three different accounts on how he died but the police won’t provide any details. Like the community doesn’t need to know what happens in their front yard! So people go about their Business, asking no further questions.

I do a one-month coaching with a guy. On the very last day, in the last 10 minutes of our time together, he reveals he was sexually abused as a child. Why didn’t he tell me at the beginning of our session? We could have worked through it.

A teenager was brutally beaten by gang members, in the locker rooms of a local school. It was so bad he had to be stitched up at the hospital. He was told by the sports teacher: “Suck it up”. Nobody in charge said anything further about it. A gang member was said to have told him “not to be a snitch” or he’ll get another beating.

Telling people to hush something up =  disempowerment. Cover-up resolves nothing. It only allows more of the undesirable thing to happen. It leaves people bereft of knowledge, closure and emotional relief. The only way to counter this kind of oppression is by speaking up openly and boldly. In so doing, you empower yourself and the people you are talking to. You make the world a more trustworthy place. Even if they disagree with your speaking up, transparency ultimately empowers everyone.

Speaking up can appear more difficult than staying quiet. But it’s only a short-term pain for a long-term gain. Cover-up is a short-term gain for a long-term pain.

In the last few weeks, a student of mine has gone through one of the roughest patches of her career for speaking up. She had been in a hush-hush environment within a company where she was the partial owner. The secretive atmosphere had been getting worse. People taking money that wasn’t theirs to take. There was backstabbing and whispered gossip. Having failed to speak up earlier, she hadn’t even clarified  her share of company earnings! She came to me for coaching on “mental relaxation” due to all the “stresses at work”. But instead of doing the guided meditations she expected, I advertised for the need to speak up and be bold. All of our practice was only on that. Everyone in her work environment needed to come clean. And so she spoke up. Everyone hoped that her campaign for transparency was a one time thing and afterwards they could go back to being sneaky. The subconscious doesn’t like having a light shone into its darkest recesses. But her brave standing for truth continued. The co-owners in the company got really angry. Soon they threatened her. Funds were withdrawn and some of her partners jumped ship. A time of upheaval and uncertainty followed.

“I spoke up as you told me to, now the whole company is in disarray!” she complained to me.

“You can’t carry the torch of truth without burning a few beards” I joked. But after the dust settled, the company was at a much better place than before. It had ascended a few levels in consciousness! The people left were treating each other well. Misgivings were communicated openly but respectfully (instead of keeping them secret and then exploding in rage later). Everyone was clear on the their goals and responsibilities.

If you speak up early on, at the very first signs of trouble, then trouble has no chance to fester. Then, there is no violent revolution, just peaceful transition. When you have something to say, silence is a lie.

Speak up about things you see or experience in your immediate surroundings, work or private life. When speaking up, it is wise to not only state what you are against, but especially what reality you prefer. Speaking out against things is better than not speaking up at all, but you are more likely to succeed if you tell others not only what you are against, but what you are for.

Exercise on Speaking Up

Answer the following questions:

  1. When was a time you wished to say “no” but said “yes”?
  2. When was a time you wished to say “yes” but said “no”?
  3. Do you recall a time you weren’t entirely straight in your communication?
  4. How would you be had you been straight and clear?
  5. What is something you’d tell someone if you were authentic and courageous?

Answering these questions a few times can help you regain your voice and your ability to influence your reality.



I’ll tell you a secret about Donald Trumps mother

 Yesterday I provided an “Ask Me Anything” session (the session is now closed, answer will follow in about a week). What surprised me a little is how many people sent me emails asking about Donald Trump! Even out of the spotlight, he’s still the most dominant topic on peoples minds.

One email claimed that I haven’t written anything about Trump.

My response: I have written about Trump, but you DIDNT SEE IT. The reason you didn’t notice, is because “the media” limits perception to either a “pro Trump” or “anti Trump” stance, with little question on who Trump actually is. My wish is that people overcome their perceptual laziness and look beyond what they are told.

Just one example: This is Donald Trumps mother.


Her name is Mary Anne MacLeod. My last article Fairies from Outer Space, was about the private beliefs of the MacLeod/Trump Clan. Knowing this, you can now re-read the article with new eyes.

Why didn’t I mention this fact in the article? Because mentioning Trump would distract from the main point, which is to show how various elites believe they are bloodline extra-terrestrials.

Some of you (who ask me about Trump), didn’t bother to read the article, because you wouldn’t expect it to have anything to do with the topic. Why not? Because no news-media have ever featured the Trump Clans belief in extra-terrestrial fairy folk. One side images the Trump family as modern day Nazis and the other side crafts them as devout Christians. Thus, this whole stuff about fairies from outer space, remains private and hidden.

I write this to inspire you to conduct more independent research on everything. One of the questions I received yesterday in “Ask Me Anything” was this: “Do you believe in the Afterlife?”. My answer to that is “Yes”. But I sure wish you’d done just some basic research on me. I’ve affirmed my belief in the afterlife in dozens of books and hundreds of articles and videos. Another person ask me whether I have ever heard of “the law of attraction”. I already got this question last year. My answer is “Well, no, I’ve only written 20 books on the subject”..

These kind of things truly amaze me because, by the time I write a question to an author I like, I’ve usually not only read ALL of their books but also every single interview they have ever given and even books about them written by others. When I read an article, it usually turns into reading several articles because I check other sources and references on what was written. It’s never just “reading the article”. I don’t expect anyone to be a reading-fanatic like me, but some basic research can go a long way in improving your life.

It’s a bad habit to take what you see and read at face-value, without questioning it. We think we “know” things because we have been told on TV or read it somewhere. But before we don’t check, double-check, cross-check and verified, we don’t really “know” a thing.

Maybe you “don’t have the time” to research things – anything – more deeply. In that case, your goal could be to use reality creation and disconnect from the rat-race to regain your freedom, time and dignity.

I was speaking to a friend the other day. He told me that he had read the entire 10 page packaging for a medication, before taking it. What that showed me is his prosperity. Someone who has the time and leisure to read the entire packaging, is prosperous. But one who takes their time to learn, becomes prosperous.


“From one thing, know ten thousand things”

Miyamoto Musashi


The purpose of this article is to show that nothing is as it seems. Drop your assumptions, then even this random building in Italy, becomes an adventure. While my last article only took 15 minutes to write, this one took about 20 hours of research, wading through hundreds of old photographs, maps and historical archives. At times it felt like I was on a wild goose chase, at other times I knew I was on to something. If you like detective-work and mystery as much as I do, you’ll enjoy this article.

Missing Time

There is a French website of old photography from the 1800s, from private and public collections. On one of its pages, we find the following image of “the shopping mall Galleria Umberto” in Naples, Italy:

The photograph is  said to be from around the year 1900, from a private collection. There is a horse carriage and a tram. Trams were introduced to Italy in the 1870s.

This is what the structure looks like today:

Notice anything?

The photo from 1900 says Anno DCCCXC, which means the “Year 890”.

But today it says “Anno MDCCCXC, which means the “Year 1890”.


By all appearances, 1000 years were added to the building. Or someone wants us to believe there were.

I took a screenshot of the original page, because sometimes such anomalies disappear more quickly than you can say “Fake History”.


If the photo is genuine, it would mean this: Our great-grandparents were told that this building was built in 890. But we are told that it was built in 1890. Why were a thousand years added? And were they added to the building or to the photo? Finding that out is the purpose of this article.

Perhaps the makers mislabeled the building by mistake, then corrected their mistake later? That’s unlikely for such a grand and expensive project and even less likely in the home-country of Latin, but not out of the question. I spent some time wading through old newspaper-clippings about the structure and found no mention of such an error. If anything, the 1000 years were added quietly.

But I didn’t find any other photo showing the 890 either. The old photo above was added to the French website in 2013, donated from a private collection of someone named M. Wiedemann. Not finding a second source of the same info, is normally a strong indication that the it’s fake. On the other hand:  It wouldn’t be the first time photos from private collections expose strange anomalies.

Wikipedia says this:

Galleria Umberto I is a public shopping gallery in Naples, southern Italy. It is located directly across from the San Carlo opera house. It was built between 1887–1891, and was the cornerstone in the decades-long rebuilding of Naples—called the risanamento (lit. “making healthy again”)—that lasted until World War I. It was designed by Emanuele Rocco, who employed modern architectural elements reminiscent of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. The Galleria was named for Umberto I, King of Italy at the time of construction. It was meant to combine businesses, shops, cafes and social life—public space—with private space in the apartments on the third floor.

The interior:


The Missing Architect

If it was really built in 1891, as Wikipedia says, surely we easily could find evidence of that. I looked up the architect Emanuele Rocco – and found absolutely nothing on him. No background, education, history or family. Even more bizarrely, he appears to have made only one structure – the Galleria Umberto. Right then and there, I realize something is off. Would a completely unknown architect come out of nowhere and suddenly build one of the greatest buildings in all of Italy? And would he then disappear, never to build another structure again?

A few minutes after asking that, I found that Emanuele Rocco isn’t even an architect:

Looking at Roccos Italian Wikipedia entry, linked on the Wikipedia page for the Galleria, we learn that he is a philologist. The page lists his linguistic works but there is no mention of architecture nor any mention of him designing the Galleria (at the time of this writing). Surely such an enormous undertaking would have deserved even just a small mention?

So a guy who is not an architect and has never designed any structure before or after, comes out of the blue and expertly crafts a vast and stylish architectural delight? Possible, I guess, but very unlikely.


On the Italian entry for the Galleria, I read that Roccos architectural work was later “taken up” by another architect by the name of Antonio Curri. “Oh OK, there was a proper architect involved” I think. But then I learn that Antonio was merely in charge of adding decoration to the Galleria. Why does Wikipedia list him as one of the architects, when he merely added a final decorative touch?

This article says in its title that Curri was indeed “the architect of the Umberto Galleria” in Naples. But in the article, he is no longer named as the architect, but rather,

“in collaboration with Ernesto di Mauro and designed by Emanuele Rocco, he took care of the decorations of the Galleria Umberto I”

Alright then. If Emanuele Rocco designed it, where are the designs? Where are the building plans? I searched diligently, but have not found. Nor have I found any interview of Rocco or any public statement of his that takes credit for the building. I realize that, just because I haven’t found it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. But it’s odd. Maybe it wasn’t built in 1890 after all.

The detective in me went searching for places of similar architecture in Naples. I found one and it’s also a shopping mall! It’s called  “Galleria Principe Napoli“, only two kilometers distance from Galleria Umberto. There are very similar arched entrances. It is claimed to have been completed in 1883, 8 years before Galleria Umberto but it is said to have been built using a previously existing structure that was already standing in 1586 – 300 years prior! See images below.

The arched entrances of Principe Napoli look awfully familiar:


So here is a structure using the precisely same architecture and design, but claimed to be much older.

Certainly if Galleria Umberto was indeed built in 1891, then we’d find evidence of its construction. I did not find any newspaper clippings that announced the completion of these grand structures. Maybe that’s because Naples first big newspaper Il Mattino, started publication one year later, in 1892.

I did find one picture that is claimed to be of the construction of the Galleria:

The source of this picture is “Wikimedia Commons”. There, the source of it is given as some private persons Facebook page. And I did not find the image on that page. I also found no records of who took the photo or when it was taken. Nor did I find any historical website that might have verified the image. Unfortunately, no surrounding landmarks are visible, so this could be a photo of just about any building site. The structure we see does have curved windows similar to the Galleria, but here it looks like it’s already built.

In 1890, photography was a big undertaking. Anyone willing to bring all their photo equipment to a construction site, would have likely shot more than just one photo and from different angles. But we have only one alleged photo of the construction and that photo is of obscure origins.

And here’s the one and only drawing of the alleged construction that I could find:

It is said to be from 1887, a few years before the alleged completion date of the Galleria. It has little resemblance to the photo above, but at least there is a known landmark to the left: It’s the San Carlo Theater. The drawing looks like the area was under some kind of attack or fire. The adjacent buildings to the right look damaged and hollowed out. I found no mention of fires, wars or natural disasters around that time in Naples, except for a Cholera epidemic. But a cholera epidemic doesn’t destroy buildings.

A single drawing and a single photograph and no known architect – the evidence that this building was in fact built in 1890 is sparse, so far.

The Old Photos

The following is an aerial picture of Naples in 1887. I was excited to find it. In 1887 the Galleria wasn’t even built yet, according to official History. Instead, the place was supposed to have been a pile of rubble and damage as in the drawing above.

If the Galleria was already standing, we should expect to see large structure where the Galleria today stands. This is what the area looks like today. The Galleria is now topped by a gigantic glass Dome:

Obviously, the glass dome is nowhere to be found in 1887. So it would have been added later.

In the close-up of the old image, we can see a large structure beside a smaller dome. The smaller dome is of the San Ferdinando Church which exists today as it did in 1887. The larger building beside it is the roof of the San Carlo theater, which is right across from the Galleria entrance on which we saw the “Anno 890” inscription. Pay attention to what you see across from that building.

Here’s another close up of what the scene looks like today:


Notice the statues across from San Carlo theater. These statues stand atop the Galleria entrances.

And another close up:


Sorry that 1887 didn’t have more high-res photography. But if you look closely, you can see an erect building (not rubble) and the statue that tops the Galleria right where it is supposed to be!


There are two entrances on this side – one has the inscription “Anno 890”, the other says “Galleria Umberto”. Both have three statues at their top. Judging from their shape, I’d say these are the figures atop the “Galleria Umberto” entrance. I cannot make out the figures of the other entrance in the image. Perhaps the other entrance was transported there from elsewhere later on, or the angle of the photo does not allow for a clear view.

A Google Maps view of the area below. For now, I’d like you to notice the location of the Castel Nuovo, an 11th Century castle in relation to the Galleria Umberto, it will become relevant soon.


So what is going on here? Why is there an old photo saying that the building was built in 890? Why can we see its top in an 1887 photo, when it wasn’t supposed to have been built yet? And why does it appear as if Emanuele Rocco as the architect is a fabrication?

My guess is that Umberto Galleria was not built in 1890 but merely renovated and decorated, having the glass Dome added among other things. Just as was done with the Galleria Principe Napoli. The photo below is from around 1900. This is an image made from the perspective of Piazza San Ferdinando (today called Piazza Trieste e Trento). On the left you see the San Ferdinando church. Right beside it you see a building that seamlessly becomes the Umberto Galleria.


Strange but true: I could not find a single photograph, painting or drawing from this angle that was dated pre-1890. I spent hours in search. I found hundreds of images pre-1980 from other angles. And I found hundreds of this angle post-1890. But the one I was looking for appears to have been erased from existence.

Does that mean that nobody ever took a photo or made a painting showing the Piazza pre-1890? Unlikely. Most images of the Piazza today, feature both the church and San Carlo theater. Notice, for example here, how the old 19th Century image is cut off in the middle. If it weren’t, we’d see the Galleria.

All pre-1890 images showed an angle that didn’t include where the Galleria would be. For example:

The photo above is from 1880. I’d have needed the photographer to point his camera just slightly to the right to see whether there is a Galleria or not. How frustrating!

You can see the church dome and also the building to the right of the church, which becomes the Galleria. If you have a close look at it, you realize that the 1880 version of it looks different from the 1900 version above. We can see that between 1880 and 1900, the building has indeed seen some renovation work.

Looking from the other side, I did not find a single pre-1890 photo that showed the theater and what is across from it simultaneously.

Again, had the photographer of this pre-1890 photo of the theater, tilted just ever so slightly to the right, this whole mystery would be solved. Here’s what the theater across from the Galleria look like today:


Normally I’d dismiss the “Year 890” photo as the result of some kind of photo-manipulation. But it would only take one single photo of San Ferdinando Plaza or San Carlo theater alongside what is now the Galleria, to disprove this whole thing. Do you realize how unlikely it is that nobody bothered to photograph it and yet we find hundreds of photographs of everything else? This is as if someone deliberately made all the relevant photos disappear.

Instead, we have mysterious images such as this :

What’s so mysterious about it? If genuine, it looks like from a time when neither the Dome nor the theater across from it, existed, nor a building continuing on its right side. In this image from 1890, for example, there is a building to its right, in the same angle as the Galleria:.


The theater is just a few meters across from the arched entrances. The artist of the drawing would have to be inside its walls (if the painting is true to life). The image says that the Galleria was inaugurated by the architect Ernesto de Mauro. If Rocco was the main architect, why didn’t Rocco inaugurate it? Was it not written that de Mauro was not the architect but merely a decorator?

The picture below was taken by Giacomo Brogi, who lived between 1821 and 1881. He died a decade before the Galleria was allegedly built. And yet here we see the structures outermost tip, beside the domed church and again we see it in a state of disrepair, compared to the later version. The photo is evidence that the San Carlo street (the street the Galleria and Theater are on), underwent renovation.

I found a lot of websites that showed Piazza San Ferdinando in a side by side comparison, earlier and later. But every single one omitted an important detail. An example showing the piazza in 1870 vs. 1890:

The theater San Carlo, by the way, is said to house the oldest horseshoe-shaped auditorium in the world.

This is a painting of how the theater supposedly looked in 1830, quite similar to today:

Notice anything? This painting would seem to debunk my notion that the Galleria existed across from the theater before 1890. We find normal apartments. Of course a painting doesn’t prove anything. This appears to be the only painting clearly showing both sides and I was unable to find out who painted it and when. The painting exists in several variations and also a black/white version.

Luckily, there is also a drawing, said to be from between 1860 and 1870, that refutes the one above. It is by the artist Antonio Bonamore, but it appears to be depicting an earlier time than the 1860s, rather, some time in the 1700s, judging by the style of carriages and the fact that Ferdinando square looks much different.

Across from the theater see Galleria-style Arched Portals, three of them in fact. And one of them has the statue at its top. What to make of this? Again, drawings can’t be relied on. This artist, however, Antonio Bonamore, was said to have done drawings that are “true to life”. In that case, it lends credence to the idea that the “Galleria” entrances were already standing long before 1890.

There is also this strange painting, that purports to show the theater after the fire in 1816:

It is not entirely clear which part of the theater we are seeing here. The photo appears to show an object across the street that more resembles the entrance of the Galleria than the theater. The soldiers are also oddly small compared to the structures.

Let’s take another look at this photo. It is San Carlo street from the other side, with the theater on the left and the Galleria on the right in the background, is said to have been taken in 1890:

The problem? The Galleria was said to have been completed in 1891, one year later. In these photos there is no sign of any construction work. The building looks finished and like it has been around for a while. Notice on the upper right you see a small piece of the Dome. Where are the builders? Where is the brick? Where are the carriages? Where are the tools? There is no construction work going on here. By the fact that sunroofs are drawn, you can tell that the shops are already running – one year before the alleged completion and inauguration.

The following photo seems interesting. The Galleria building looks like it’s in a state of disrepair, as we would expect from it in a pre-1890, pre-decoration time. Even though it’s only barely visible, the building does not look brand, sparkling new here.

Finally here is a photograph of San Carlo street in 1846. The problem? For some inexplicable and mysterious reason, no photographer would simply turn around and take a picture of the other side of the street. Why? I found hundreds of photos of the area, but none of the spot in question.

The photo is by a Richard Calvert Jones. You can bet I searched every single photo this individual ever made. And I found several of Naples and even the right street, but alas, none that would show the Galleria.


Medieval Maps

Let’s look at medieval maps. If the building is much older than we are told, it would have to be on old drawings.

The first map I found was on the Wikipedia page Timeline of Naples. The map is dated 1572, more than 300 years before the Galleria was said to have been made.

Sensationally, the map shows the curved street and heightened buildings where we’d expect to find the Galleria! A close-up will make it more clear. The Galleria is a diagonal line to the upper left of the prominent Castela Nuovo (see previous photo from Google maps for clarity). The theater San Carlo is not yet built, but there is a larger structure at the Piazza San Ferdinando (where you see the number 41 on the left), that is still there today. Nor is the church San Ferdinando built – which means that the artist Antonio Bonamore appears to have gotten it almost right! The only difference to today is that there appears to be a street between the two arched entrances.


In my view, these two taller buildings with the arched entrances are our Galleria Umberto:


They are precisely at the location Bonamore said they were, and approximately where they are today.

Another view from the Castel Nuovo:



This is a medieval gem of a painting. If you look closely – very closely – you can see just a slight hint of an arched entrance on San Carlo street.

If the arched portals were indeed built in 890, then we’d expect to find them depicted in old art and maps. And, we in fact do, even if vaguely. When I looked at paintings and drawings of Napoli that contained great detail, I always found them.

This is a map from 1815, where you see that San Carlo street is slightly curved, just like it was in the 16th Century and is today. Paintings depicting a straight road are not true to life.

A close up:


Not all old maps and images confirm my theory. This is a drawing of Naples from 1522.

You see the Castel Nuovo, but there is no sign of any Galleria. Unless the towers surrounding the city were the archways. A closer look reveals that the tower just above the Castle does have an arched entrance. This 1493 painting of Naples seems to hint at such:

But they look nothing like Galleria Umberto. These pre-15th Century drawings are inconclusive.


The Symbols

 Taking a closer look at the interior design of the structure, I was surprised to find them lined with the star of David.

That’s an odd choice to make for a building that was supposedly made as a shopping mall. The Naples of 1890 didn’t have more than 900 Jews, according to demographic stats of the time. Or perhaps these stars are not related to Jews but to some mystery school involved in the building? I don’t know. But I doubt that Italians of the 19th Century were likely to decorate one of their main buildings with it. I found no explanation.

The statues and the architectural style itself, appears to be classical Roman. But the year 890 would be approximately 500 years after the Roman Empire had fallen.

I will now show you Castel Nuovo close up. It was said to have been built in 1228. Maybe you notice something peculiar about it:


That’s right. The Galleria Umberto, the Galleria Principe and the Castel Nuovo all share the same arched portal and pillars style of architecture. And yet, they are claimed to have been built at vastly different times (1220s, 1520s, 1860s and 1890s) by entirely different people. That’s not impossible of course. It’s common to copy previous architectural styles. But where is the proof that a guy named Emanuele Rocco built Galleria Umberto in 1890? Where are photos of the construction? Where are the building plans of the architect? I couldn’t even find a picture of this architect.



All in all, the evidence for the Galleria being older than 1890 is sparse. But the evidence for it being built in 1890 is even more sparse!

Why would anyone bother going to these lengths to make a building look a thousand years newer than it is? It’s not that easy to fathom the motives. And I don’t really want to, because then I’ll spend another 20 hours on this article. In 1890, Naples is said to have had a lot of corruption and organized crime. It was also a time where “the great restoration of Naples” was proclaimed. In the hustle and bustle of all these restorations, it’s conceivable that someone may have used already existing structures to take credit for stuff built earlier.

In short: Take nothing for granted. Nothing is as it seems.


When is it time to let go vs. try harder?

Someone asked me this question, and it comes up a lot:

How to know the difference between when it’s truly time to let go and give something up (like a project/career) because it’s just not your calling anymore and you’re just forcing it, OR when you need to just keep moving forward in the face of inevitable obstacles or feelings of doubt, fatigue and boredom with the sometimes tedious tasks needed to finish?

Short answer: Swimming downstream is more fun and gets you places more quickly. Swimming upstream makes you stronger. So there’s a benefit to staying and a benefit to leaving. We usually see disadvantage in leaving and disadvantage in staying, but the heart sees benefit in either.

That said, here’s how I live life, because I want both, I want to grow stronger and I want to achieve my goals: If 70% of my work is enjoyable, then I’m happy to push through the 30% less enjoyable parts. For example, I love writing books, but I don’t enjoy the proofreading part. But I’m so excited about the book, that I’m happy to push through that.

Another example: My marriage is mostly blissful, so I’m more than happy to work through the 1% of a time that it isn’t.

The hard aspects need to be embraced (not resisted), then they are easier to handle. But if non-enjoyable parts exceed 30% the job. I’ve walked away from plenty of stuff and still do so up to this day. Staying with a company or spouse that doesn’t treat you well most of the time, for example, is not “loyalty” its subservience. Sticking to a job you hate, is not “toughness” it’s a waste of time and talent.

Ideally, a person stays with a  job until it’s mastered and then moves on to learn something new, outside of ones comfort zone (and thereby grow). Unfortunately, most people overstay. They think that having mastered it, they are meant to stay there. But if there’s nothing left to learn or master, it’s time to move on. That’s less comfortable short term, but better for your soul long term.

A question I usually ask back is this: If you had the courage and believed in yourself, would you still be in the job you are in? If the answer is “yes”, great. If it’s “no”, then it’s time to move on.

Another way to put all of this: Overwhelm is no reason to leave, but underwhelm is. Overwhelm means it’s not yet mastered. Underwhelm means it’s mastered and has become boring.

Imagine an escalator and a stairway. Some people choose to walk the stairs because they want to become stronger. Others choose to stand on the escalator because it gets them to the next level more quickly and easily. I’d recommend neither. Don’t walk the stairs and don’t stand on the escalator. Walk the escalator.

How you can help the world regain freedom

 “I’m so excited to get the vaccine. It gives you a lot of opportunities” said a lady I watched being interviewed before getting her injection. Wait, what? I thought. Really? A pharmaceutical company now gives you opportunities in life? 

Then I saw a headline: “Google is now mandating Vaccination for their employees“. Hm…wow. A vaccine does open up employment opportunities. Gosh. All those unvaccinated people will be treated like second class citizens. Like in Canada, where the unvaccinated walk a separate line at some airports (in a year or so, I’ll probably have to remove the word “some”).

A day later, I saw a headline: “The vaccines are ineffective for the new variants of Covid”. Aaah, I see where this is headed! A life-long Government-enforced subscription to vaccines, so that you may have “opportunities in life”. Hilarious. Or sad. Depending on perspective. I haven’t even taken the first vaccine and they are already gearing up for the third one!

A student of mine told me, that she arrived at work the other day and there were Government officials in the office. They had come unannounced and were vaccinating the entire staff. She was taken by surprise, peer-pressure was on, but she refused the jab. Her boss showed up and shamed her in front of the others: “You’re going to get us all killed!” Her employer is now looking for a legal way to get her removed from the company. Colleagues didn’t come to her defense and she was the only person, among hundreds, not to comply.

I recommended she seek legal representation. Just because everyone else in her office is complying, doesn’t make it right. My wish is that this company and millions of others around the world, get bombarded with lawsuits.

Nobody needs to sit idly by, while the soulless, hive-minded crowds (“I’m not responsible, just following orders!”) try to force their non-scientific and fear-based Covid-Religion on others. Many of us saw this kind of scenario coming from miles away. When they said “only two weeks to flatten the curve“, I didn’t believe it. Why? Because the whole thing was unlawful from start to finish. No vote, no due process or discussion. Just outright and instant removal of your rights, for no good reason (did you know, for example, that masks are 500 000 times the size of a Covid Virus?). A Government willing to break the law once, is willing to do it again. That’s why, already a year ago, people were saying “just wait and see…they are aiming for forced vaccination”.

Now, in 2021, some of us are saying: Wait and see, they are aiming for more than just forced vaccination. They are aiming for a universal, global and mandatory social-credit-ID. It’s not about Covid or even the vaccine, it’s about the remodeling of our society to full spectrum electronic control.

“Now, now Fred. That’s alarmist! What’s wrong with you? You used to be so positive!” someone recently commented. But I see it the other way around: If I need to turn on TV before knowing there is a pandemic, then there is none. Those who say there is a pandemic, are the alarmists. I’m the one calmly pointing out, why the alarmists use alarm (fear). It’s to get people to act, for the purpose of control, energy and money. In case you haven’t noticed, the problem-reaction-solution scam has been going on for thousands of years.

But how can you say there is no pandemic? I have a relative who got sick from Covid!” I hear you say.

OK. I also have a relative who got the flu. How is that a pandemic?

In France, Marcon was the first to eagerly announce that people would no longer be allowed to go shopping for food without a vaccine. Others followed. Then large corporations, such as Google, eagerly announced a vaccine mandate.  That’s not only forced vaccination, it’s also an unlawful breach of the most basic human right – choice over your body. The laws of every country prohibit this kind of thing.

If there were any real journalism left, they’d be asking questions like this: “Wow, I wonder why all of these “democratic” countries have suddenly and simultaneously all trashed their most fundamental laws and constitution without discussion? Might there be something much bigger going on in the background?”

The gullible assume that all is well and that these brazen breaches of common law are done for public health and safety. But quarantining and punishing perfectly healthy people is not done for the common good.

A reader of mine (now former reader) said that I should focus more on the “positive, life-affirming writing” that I used to have and less on this stuff. But I ask:

What is life-affirming about passively sitting around and letting people of questionable ethics run the show? The very least I can do is provide a counter-viewpoint. Have people already forgotten the totalitarian movements of the 20th Century, and how much destruction and deaths were caused?

Or perhaps they are not forgotten. Maybe it’s a humans nature to seek authoritarianism when he’s afraid.

An objection I sometimes hear is: “We simply care about people. There is nothing wrong with caring”. 

My response: If you care so much about people, then why don’t you address the 9 Million people dying of hunger every year? Imagine putting only a small ounce of the attention given to Covid, on Hunger! We’d have eradicated the issue within months!

Have you wondered why we don’t fix that issue and a thousand other more pressing issues first, before creating economic destruction for a virus that has a survival rate similar to the common flu? It’s because we have not been propagandized to think about Hunger, Cancer, Heart Disease, Suicide Rates and many more serious issues. Why not? Because Covid is not about Covid. And I am disappointed that so many people, including many who work in the field of consciousness, believe that Covid is about Covid. That’s because people who say what Covid is really about, are quickly removed from public discourse and “social media”. So all you get is an artificially fabricated echo chamber:



You do realize it’s your tax-money that is paying for hundreds of thousands of fake twitter-accounts, posting the same nonsense ad-nauseum, right? This is what the PR-Firms working for pharmaceutical companies call “creating a narrative”. The whole Covid thing is a fabrication. The appearance of consensus is manufactured. Even so-called “fact checkers” are not what they seem, being sponsored by the very same pharmaceutical companies.

Such fraudulent “fact checking” messes with peoples ability to discern truth from falsehood. Not knowing true from false leads to an overall decline of societal health and cohesion.

If History shouldn’t repeat itself, the totalitarian tendency must be identified, named and counter-acted through non-compliance early on. Otherwise it descends into worse.

I too have been told “I’m getting people killed” by not having taken the vaccine. I responded: “So you’re admitting that your vaccine doesn’t work?” The woman answered: “The vaccine helps, but it’s not a guarantee“. Not a guarantee is an understatement. The CDC says you can still get Covid, still pass on Covid and still die of Covid even if you’re vaxxed. And you certainly still need to wear your mask and social distance after you are vaxxed. Gosh, it’s almost like getting vaxxed didn’t make a difference.

I’ve been witness to a lady who went to get tested for Covid every week. Then she got vaccinated twice. But she still doesn’t go to public meetings “just to stay on the safe side”. She’s been working from home and living in fear for more than a year. Guess what happened? She got Covid! Gosh, who would have thought that fear attracts what it’s afraid of? Color me surprised!

But here’s an issue: This fear-person works in the HR-Department of a company I have done Coaching for. Upon learning about my views, she is trying to get me removed from their list of Coaches. I doubt she will succeed. But if she did succeed, I wouldn’t mind, because I’d prefer not to work with fear-people. I never would have dreamed that I’d be dealing with this kind of nonsense in 2021. I’d never suspected that we’d be collectively referring to the unvaccinated as “killers”. Is that really the way forward? That’s what I call “the totalitarian tendency” and it needs to be pointed out without fear or shame…

…but without making an enemy of fear-people. I sent this lady a wave of compassion. That relaxed her. While she wants to get me removed as a Coach, I send her another wave of compassion. As she relaxes, I can explain my viewpoint. And even if she doesn’t agree with me, we haven’t dehumanized each other.

A bigger issue than fear-people, are the ones who run this mass-media-machine and know exactly how to incite fear-people. I am truly impressed with how effective it is. They can now generate a global unified message across all platforms. The unified message is blasted out to reach news-agencies, newspapers, radio, TV. Then it trends on Google, Twitter and Facebook. Then it appears in movies on Netflix. Then it is parroted by the mindless mob, without question. Then it is seen as “fact”, because “everyone is saying it”.

I recall when this whole thing started, people were wildly gesturing, explaining how the virus came from a bat in the wet-markets of China. They were speaking with utmost confidence. I thought: How can they possibly know this, with barely a few days that have passed since the outbreak? That’s the power of the mass-media-machine. Back then I recall one lone person saying: “What if it’s a bio-weapon from the Wuhan Labs?” but nobody took notice, because they had been filled (in-formed) with what the machine told them.  Today, one year later, even Skeptics would agree that the Wuhan-Leak theory much more likely.

Daily mass-programming impedes ones ability to clearly discern truth from falsehood.

The bad news is that it’s pervasive and unified across countries.

The good news is: As powerful as it is, there is only one small thing needed to disable the programming:

Trust more in your direct experience than in external authority. 

Once a person realizes that external “authorities” do not have your best interests at heart, it’s game over for them. Then, nothing that comes at you externally, is taken at face value. And so, in one instant, you’ve dropped all gullibility and can no longer be brainwashed. You’re immune. I never got sick because I didn’t believe I would. And I didn’t believe I would, because I didn’t trust others authority.

This started early on. A scene from childhood. My mon called: “Come in out of the rain! You’re going to get sick!” and I instantly talked back: “No I won’t!” and I didn’t. That scene became the story of my life. My mom said “Don’t you talk back to me!” but I say: If the belief-system someone is trying to impose on you is negative, then by all means, do talk back! Right now, there are too many cowardly people who do not like what is happening, but they are not speaking up! 9 out of 10 colleagues of mine do not dare speak up.

In an act of non-compliance, I stayed out in the rain, against my moms orders. After another few minutes, she came out and dragged me back into the house by force. While grabbing my arm, she once again shouted “You’re going to get sick!“. To imagine that parents actually believe they are acting from love when they are affirming sickness! And the moment she said it, I thought “No I’m not“. And I didn’t.

And what if I did get sick? Even then, I wouldn’t give in to negative self talk. I will affirm my trust in the goodness of the Universe until the very last breathe…and beyond. 🙂

All of 2020 and 2021 I have been told by TV, Radio, Internet, Colleagues, Friends and Acquaintances, that I might get sick, but I didn’t. Nor am I going to.

Just one little thing – a healthy distrust of authority – collapses the whole construct!

A healthy distrust, not a total distrust. Not all authority is negative. I distrust fear-based authority.

People say “But why would the officials lie?” Well, it’s not everyone is lying. Most people are simply ignorant of the power of thought to create reality. Infancy is marked by dependence on external guardians or parents. The paternal protector or maternal comforter. If a person has not matured out of infancy, later in life, they replace parents with Governments and Corporations. That’s why it’s good and healthy for teenagers to rebel a little.

Some are waiting for a hero to save the day. That’s precisely the kind of thinking that gets us into trouble. There is no hero who is going to stand up for you. You must stand up for you. Last year I witnessed many who lost their Businesses due to lockdowns. There was no hero around to save the day then, why should there be a hero later? It is up to each individual to assert their freedom. I have. So I remain unmasked, untested, unvaxxed and unafraid.

So how can YOU help the world regain freedom? By these points:

  1. Treat fear-people with kindness and patience (regardless of whether these fear-people are pro-vaxx or anti-vaxx)
  2. Maintain your freedom and dignity in your own life and your relations.
  3. Give people examples of why external authority is not always reliable.
  4. Participate in non-violent protests or civilized debate.
  5. Boycott the system.
  6. Research and know your facts.

That’s how you can help the world regain freedom.

And by facts I don’t mean stuff you learn in the mass-media-machine. That’s not science, that’s PR. Just because someone dons a white coat, doesn’t mean they are a scientist.

I’ve been using boycott since decades. For example, recently, I cancelled a phone company because they were sending me Covid-propaganda that I couldn’t opt out of. The backlash against this kind of audacity hasn’t manifested yet on a mass-scale, but when it manifests, it’s going to be legendary! Years ago, I quit the private use of Google Search. If you don’t understand why I would boycott Google, you’re living in oblivion-land. I quit junk food. I quit pharmaceutical companies decades ago. I cancelled a Bank because of the way it treated a colleague of mine. There are only two negative companies left which I have not yet boycotted: Facebook and Twitter. But their clock is ticking.

If you think that boycotting these companies doesnt make a difference, know that they depend on individuals. Without us, they go broke. One person doing it, leads to another doing it and to another, until it becomes a trend. Finally, the dam breaks. Many brands have come and gone this way.

Protests should be enjoyed as non-violent events in which you align with like-minded people. If they go angry, they lose their energy. That’s why your friendly “Government” have been found to insert violent instigators into peaceful gatherings. The energy-wave of aligned, peaceful protestors is powerful, but the shouts and vandalism of anger-people isn’t. If the protest goes angry, Government feels justified to bring in police. They counter force with force and the energy is dissipated. But if the protest stays joyful, wave after wave of energy is created. Any Government that then uses force (against love and joy), quickly destroys itself. Many Governments have come and gone this way.

By the way – treating fear-people with kindness, includes not calling them soulless, hive-minded morons. I have done so in this article, to show that I sometimes fall into the bad habit. But then I catch myself, release the hardness and remember the higher truth: Kindness flows from seeing the higher truth. The higher truth is, that only treating each other well, will improve society. Learning to trust your neighbor more than “the Government”, will improve society.



Why does radio music sound the same? Because it’s all by the same guy. 

I recently watched a movie called “Under the Silver Lake” (it’s an OK movie, could have been better). One of it’s storylines was about one guy writing hit songs for hundreds of different artists. The main character in the movie broke into this musicians mansion. There, he discovered that many of his favorite hit-bands had songs over many decades, had been written by this one musician. Most of the “artists” were nothing but exchangeable shells.

If after the movie, someone said “Wow…imagine if that were true!”

I’d say: “It is”.

Well, OK, it’s not just one guy, but much fewer people than it seems.  These few people, make 99% of the music you hear on the radio. I’ll provide just one example here.

Have you heard of the musician Karl Martin Sandberg? No? How is it possible that you don’t know the musician with the most produced hit music tracks in human History? Sandberg is a guy from Sweden. He’s produced and written music of

Britney Spears,

Backstreet Boys,



Avril Lavigne,

Ariana Grande,

Kenrdick Lamar,

Katy Perry,

Christina Aguilera,

Taylor Swift,

The Weekend,


Justin Bieber,

Cyndi Lauper,

Jennifer Lopez,

Demi Lovato,

Selena Gomez,


Justin Timberlake,

Ed Sheeran,

Lady Gaga,


and many more.

We often hear the question “why does all the music on the radio sound the same?”. Well, there’s the answer. It’s produced by this one Swedish dude somewhere in a basement in Stockholm. What a remarkable artist that is, but hardly anyone knows him! Even though he’s been doing it across several generations of music-listeners, since 1985!

From this one example, you understand how only a handful of people are responsible for most of the popular music output.

You can find this kind of monopolization in other industries too – Amazon has a 64% market share in book selling and a 67% market share in eBook selling. That’s enormous power over what the world does and does not read (this power was recently felt when Amazon started banning books by authors skeptical of the Covid-Religion). Google has a 92% market share in Search Engines. Their market control is not the result of innocent free-market-dynamics, but of Government-ties.

Many artists have little license over “their” music once they go mainstream. Britney Spears is a good example of this, she doesn’t even have license over her own life. A team of lawyers and “handlers” are in control of her life and she just lost a court case where she sought to regain control of it.

Through the magic of PR, their lives look glamorous and amazing, but it isn’t always. Some big league music producers say:  “I’ll make you famous. In exchange, you relinquish your will and do whatever I say.”

This is why, in my work, I keep talking about “Success without strings attached”, being your own Boss and creating your own reality. Either you create your own dream or you will be used to create the dreams of others.

Of course not all music producers and record companies are like this. Some are marvelous and support independent artists who wish to express their creativity. It’s up to each artist to choose the people they work with, wisely. Every contract you enter, comes with new opportunities and obligations. That’s true of any line of work. Some people who are starry-eyed, forget to read the small print.

Fortunately, the Internet has made it a little easier for independent artists to get their music heard, their paintings seen and their books read and we are moving toward a better world where more and more people can speak to an audience directly.


Another “virgin” of yourself. A true and funny story. 

About 10 years ago, in Coaching with someone who barely knew English. She pronounced the word “version” as “virgin”. She was talking about “becoming another version of herself, as talked about in my books. But the whole time I understood “virgin”. At the time it was awkward. In retrospect it’s quite funny. An unedited transcript from our first session:

“Can I become another virgin?” she asked, meaning “another version”.

Me: “I don’t understand what you mean. You mean you’d like to reverse your reality and be virgin once again?”

“Yes, yes. Can I do this?”

Me: “Well, have you had sex before?”


Here, I thought she misunderstood the question. In retrospect I see she must have been wondering why I bring up sex for no reason.

Me: “Then you already are a virgin. You don’t need to do become a virgin”.

I felt a little dismayed to have to be the one to tell her what a virgin is 🙂

“Yes, I want to feel I am already another virgin” she said in broken English.

Me: “Well, you are a virgin”

“OK, I understand”

By her deflated tone, I knew she was not satisfied with the answer. It must have seemed like I was simply declaring that it’s done, like I had a magic wand. “OK, you are hereby another version. That’s 300 Dollars please”.

Me: “I feel you are not satisfied with this answer?”

“I thought you could help me become another virgin”.

Me: “I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean. Another virgin? Not the virgin you were, but another one?”

I was bewildered. I genuinely didn’t understand what this whole virgin-stuff was supposed to mean.

“In your book. You teach it. I am this virgin and I become another one”

Me: “Which book is that?”

“Parallel Universes”

Me: “I don’t say anything about virgins in that book. Or in any book”


Me: “If you are already a virgin, you don’t have to become another virgin. You have never had sex, right?”

Imagine how awkward it must have been for her, that I kept bringing up sex for no reason while she was trying to talk about becoming another version of herself!

“I don’t know, I don’t know”

Me, exasperated: “You don’t know? OK, let me ask you this: Why do you want to become a virgin?”

“I want to get my boyfriend back. He left me”

Me: “You think you can get your boyfriend back, if you become a virgin?”

Imagine my bewilderment.

“Yes, another virgin”

Me: “Another virgin? Not the virgin you were? Do you think your ex-boyfriend only wants you as a virgin?”

“I don’t understand”

Me: “Why do you think you need to be a virgin to get back your boyfriend?”

“Because he left me when I was this virgin. To get him back, I need to be another virgin”.

Finally, after a long and awkward back and forth, it hit me: “Wait a minute….you mean….you mean another VERSION! You mean Version!!!! I’m sorry, I misunderstood the whole thing!”

In retrospect, I can see that she was making herself clear the whole time, if it weren’t for one small mispronunciation. The coaching ended up aiming for not getting her ex back but attracting someone better. A reality creator doesn’t cry over spilt milk because there is always something better, ready and waiting to reveal itself to those who believe.

For more on “being another version of yourself” see my book Parallel Universes of Self





The manipulation of familiarity and attachment needs

What is the biggest secret of mass-reality-creation? It’s the familiarity principle, also called  The mere exposure effect.

Quoting from Wikipedia:

The mere-exposure effect is a psychological phenomenon by which people tend to develop a preference for things merely because they are familiar with them. In social psychology, this effect is sometimes called the familiarity principle. The effect has been demonstrated with many kinds of things, including words, Chinese characters, paintings, pictures of faces, geometric figures, and sounds. In studies of interpersonal attraction, the more often someone sees a person, the more pleasing and likeable they find that person.

Another way to say this: The song you keep hearing on the radio is not played because it’s popular. It’s popular because it keeps getting played.

Consider the last sentence for a moment. It provides a clue to how many other things work. And to how the world is run.


Popular Culture is neither Popular, nor is it Culture

Have you  heard of payola?

Again, quoting Wikipedia:

Payola, in the music industry, is the illegal practice of paying a commercial radio station to play a song without the station disclosing the payment. Under US law, a radio station must disclose songs they were paid to play on the air as sponsored airtime. The number of times the songs are played can influence the perceived popularity of a song, and payola may be used to influence these metrics. 

Even though it’s illegal, record companies find creative ways to pay radio stations for mass-exposure of their songs. Thus, “indie” music bands, who did not sign on with big record companies that can afford to pay for airtime, must look for other ways of attracting an audience.

Regardless of whether you consciously like a song, repeated exposure gets your subconscious to “like” it in the sense that it’s familiar and therefore feels “safe” and “cozy”. Even songs you can’t stand – if repeated enough – will have your subconscious create familiarity-feelings that will affect you to some degree. To some extent, influencers can override the conscious mind to reach your subconscious.

Modern “social media” works on the same principles as payola: Organic reach is prevented. Only people who pay for millions of followers, will have millions of followers. If silicon valley companies actually allowed organic reach, our “popular culture” would look very different. Many of our “superstars” would be unknowns and many unknowns would be widely acclaimed. In fact:

Popular culture is neither.

That means, it’s neither popular, nor is is it culture. The popularity of the top 10 songs, top 10 movies and top 10 websites at any given time and whatever is supposedly “trending” is manufactured or fabricated, not organic.

What is truly organic? My work is, for example. In the last 20 years I’ve purchased close to zero ads and not paid for marketing. I’ve let the reach of my work grow organically, without any “selling” and “persuasion”. That means my success has come more slowly, but it’s also more stable, more independent and reaches people who dislike repetition-brainwashing as much as I do – conscious people. I’m glad I don’t keep having to write books on the same topic and I don’t have to mail out a shallow newsletter every other day.

Abusive People manipulate our attachment Needs

Have you ever heard of a case in which a spouse doesn’t leave their abusive partner? Most of us have! Their thinking goes something like this: I know this person. I am familiar and comfortable with this person. I am attached to this person. Leaving them and going into the unknown is much more scary than taking “a little” abuse. And maybe I am a bad person and deserve this abuse. 

It might seem strange to you, but I’ve met people who would choose bad-but-familiar over free-but-unfamiliar (see also: Stockholm Syndrome). At a low level of consciousness, freedom appears daunting, as if something worse happens if they dare leave their familiar setting. Some abusive people are skilled at manipulating peoples attachment-needs. Every human being desires the familiar, a sense of belonging, a sense of continuity. An abusive person seeks out weak people in which the need for belonging is strong. Then the abuser can get away with a lot before the person fights back or leaves.

Peoples need for familiarity, causes them to stay in relationships they don’t really wish to be in, including non-abusive relationships that have  gone stale.

Free Yourself from Familiarity-Hypnosis

Ask Yourself:

Am I staying in my relationship for comfort and familiarity or out of real love and joy?

Do I genuinely like my work, or am I only doing it because I’ve succeeded with it in the past and know it so well?

Do I really love my circle of friends and relatives or am I only hanging out with them out of familiarity?

Do I really love the TV-series I am watching or am I only watching because it feels cozy and familiar?

An example: I have binge-watched 16 seasons of the cartoon “Family Guy” a couple of years ago. But I don’t genuinely like the show. How do I know that? I have never watched it alone. When I’m alone I don’t watch anything. I’ve only watched the show with my wife, because she loves it and it provides a cozy and familiar context after our long day of work. I actually tried watching it alone once, and it elicited no laugh. But when I’m watching it with my wife, it gets a chuckle out of me because the person sitting beside me thinks it’s hilarious, and emotions are contagious.

I’ve also never had alcohol alone. That means that alcohol is not my genuine desire. When I’m alone, one of the genuine desires I have is to learn something new, to read or to write. “Would I also do it if I were alone?” – is a question that helps you determine whether you are being fully authentic.

I remember how my wife got me to watch season after season of “Family Guy” with her: “Just watch a few episodes and then decide if you like it”. See? She was using the familiarity principle. They also call it “acquired taste”. I couldn’t stand it the first few episodes but then “it kind of grew on me” and so then, I watched it out of habit. I think we watched an entire 16 seasons (back then) within just a year. I share this so that you see that every one of us uses brainwashing-techniques, even if innocently (also: I’m not saying that Familiarity as such is a bad thing. I am saying that it can be abused).

Creating a drug-addiction works the same way. If a drug dealer can get you try try the drug several times, they can build a familiarity. Even if you do not like the taste or feeling at first, a few more hits and the body starts getting used to it. Soon you believe you need it.

So yes, it is true that, to some extent you can “get into” and “learn to like” almost anything. But that’s different from genuine attraction, joy and love. Things you really like do not require continual repetition and exposure for you to like or believe them.

Many have never heard of the familiarity principle or mere-exposure-effect. I believe that’s by design. If people knew how it worked, they would realize the enormous power of mass-media and Marketing PR to create mass-reality. There are many things people believe, that don’t even exist, except in their minds. If I’d list them all here, it would upset a lot of people. And there are other things that do exist, that are not believed, for the same reasons.

Why are some people immune to repetition-brainwashing? Because they’ve worked on themselves spiritually. Deep inside, they’ve called for truth. They develop healthy attachments and are willing to release attachment when needed. They are willing to let go of familiarity when needed, stepping into the unknown. Breaking your routine of action, activity, thinking and feeling every now and then, is a good way to prevent being manipulated. People keep asking me “What’s your main teacher?” But I don’t have a main teacher. And they ask “What’s your primary method of reality creation?” but I don’t have a primary method. It’s better to stay flexible, without attaching too much to one path, method or source of information. The last three books I wrote are a good example of breaking routine. They venture into unfamiliar territory. I hope that your life too, sometimes ventures into unfamiliar territory. That’s how you prevent the familiarity-effect of hypnotizing you into complacency. Stay awake.


The Power of Secret Giving

Give something in secret. Give someone a gift without the person knowing who the gift is from. Do someone a favor without the recipient ever finding out who did it.

When you use this spiritual technique, you are playing the role of “the good Universe“. You help people believe that the Universe is a good place and good things happen for no reason. The more people believe this, the better a place the world becomes.

You can send some cash to a person you know needs it, without revealing the sender. You can pay for the next persons groceries and disappear before they find out. You can put in a good word for an employee. You can send a visualized prayer of healing for a colleague. You can clean your spouses car, without ever telling him or her. You shovel your neighbors snow away for them, before they arrive home and leave them wondering how that happened. You can list who you would like to secretly send some of your abundance to this year. You can help people believe in miracle and good fortune. 

Things done in secret are normally bad. When someone hides, masks and deceives he is usually up to harmful activities. With anonymous giving, you are taking secrecy away from bad people and using it for the good.

The ego likes to take credit for giving. “Look at me. Look at all the good things I did”. That kind of giving is fine, but it’s not entirely pure. When nobody knows who gave, then the Ego cannot take credit for it. Exaggerated displays of charity and virtue are often done to cover up wrongdoing. Secret giving, on the other hand, makes the heart sing.

There are too many people around, waiting for someone to do something, some hero to step in, some savior to fix things. And there are too few people actually doing something, fixing things, stepping in, taking responsibility. You can be one of the angels who helps out in the background, is a positive influence in your neighborhood, community, group, town, city, country, planet, world.

Instead of just waiting for the Universe to make things happen for you, why not BE the Universe that makes things happen for others. That rapidly elevates your consciousness level to a realm where you gain more of the skills and information required to help. 

Haven’t you always wished for a surprising source of good in your life? Well, you can BE that. Then you cease to need it. Everything you give, comes back to you by many times. 

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