Success without Strings Attached

Reality Creation Articles 2021 – Part 1

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Collected articles written in 2021. For older articles see the “Essays on Creating Reality” Book-Series. 

This page is updated regularly as more articles are archived.

Table of Contents

  1. That magical flow state where time slows down and space stretches
  2. Don’t try so hard, let your subconscious do it for you
  3. Without losing, there is no winning
  4. Expand your Senses Beyond the World
  5. Your opponent is your best friend
  6. Bringers of the Dawn
  7. The means and the end are one
  8. For more success, ignore mainstream advice
  9. The space in which thoughts arise
  10. Happy-Go-Lucky Investment
  11. Holoportation Technology is now a Reality
  12. Identity Shifting, Multiple Personality Disorder or Possession?
  13.  Human Made Flying Saucers
  14. The military is running parallel Earth and mirror Earth simulators
  15. Fear of Covid-19 caused by lies and inattentiveness
  16. On the sexual misconduct of ancient “aliens”
  17. The Mandela Effect and Reality Creation

That magical flow state where time slows down and space stretches

The magical, wonderful, amazing state of flow, where t i m e slows down and s p a c e stretches. How many more times am I going to write about this? Many more! I’ll write a whole book about it one day! It’s one of the most delightful, delicious, desirable things a human can experience.

The reason I talk about playing tennis so often, is because it’s where I have most often been in the zone.  Sometimes I maintain the flow state for several weeks. In that state, I win every match, even if the opponent is normally better than me. If my momentum breaks, it can take weeks before I get back into flow. Because I am a coach of optimal performance, I closely observe the factors causing flow and falling out of flow.

There are levels of flow, from simply lucid and “things working out to my favor” all the way up to supernaturalThat’s when the ball looks as big as a beach ball and floats toward me in slow motion, as if I had all day to position the racket. Someone just hit a serve into the far corner at 70 mph. My jumping there and scooping it up would be next to impossible without the flow-state. My skill certainly isn’t at that level yet. I am able to whip the ball where ever I like with incredible velocity and precision. But this magical level is rare. It might be too windy, too hot or I might be playing with someone who has a bad vibe. But those are excuses. Were I to intend flow more deeply, I could also get into it in bad circumstances.

At the highest level of flow, I’m not even trying. It’s a blast. “He/She makes it look so easy” is what they’ll say about you. An athletes reflex actions, the position of their body and their tools (in my case a tennis racket), one’s focus and timing (judgment of time, space and velocity) are all inner, mental and emotional processes. That’s why success in sports is not only a matter of physical training but also mental and emotional training.

Flowy Golf players who get a hole in one have reported that it felt like the ball traveled on a straight, pre-determined laser-beam and the hole seemed gigantic. Flowy Quarterbacks have said that time slowed to a point to where it seemed they had all day to find someone to pass the ball to and their pass was like a magnet to the receiver. Flowy Soccer players have reported feeling in this state, like shooting a goal is unavoidable and can often predict that it will happen within minutes (and it does).

So how do I get into this state????????

If only I had an answer to this question that always works! I wish I knew! But there are a few behaviors that prepare the ground for a state of flow. I will explain them using Tennis as an example, but they apply to all other areas (beyond sports):

  1. Soft Focus. Rigid Attention is the greatest block to flow. Attention becomes rigid when we feel under pressure through our own expectations, the opponents superiority, unresolved emotional issues, etc. Focus becomes too hard and I stare at the ball, the opponent or elsewhere. In this case, I need to slow down. It sounds paradoxical that slowing down would increase my performance, but that’s exactly what happens. If I myself s l o w down, the ball s l o w s down. A trick I often use is to hit the ball slightly later than I normally would. This puts me into an e x p a n d e d mental state because it assumes I have more time to hit the ball. Even if I do not get to a state of magic, it puts me in control of myself and the game. I just wait about 1 second longer. Yes, this applies to other things too: On your next phone call, why not wait 3-5 seconds longer before responding? Your answer will be more to your liking, because it will be more conscious. Another way to soften attention is to stop looking or staring in the same way. I’ll begin noticing the clouds, the surroundings, the trees, the hills, the birds, the players on other courts. This opening of attention, softens attention. When attention is fixated, there is a drop in awareness. The flow state is high awareness (but without effort). Soft Focus is neither a loss of focus nor over-focus.
  2. Let go of Worry. Typical concerns are about winning or losing. What others think of you. What you think of others. That it’s too hot or cold. The way to let go of these during play, is to acknowledge that they are there and intend to release them on the out-breathe. Simple as that. Unless something is a big issue for you, then you require an Emotional Releasing session. You might think that “wanting to win” is a good thing, but it won’t help you with Flow. Have you ever noticed how you play much better when you no longer care whether you win or lose but play for the sake of enjoyment? Yes, you should intend to win, but that’s different than wanting to win or worrying about it. It’s a brief intention at the start of a match or phase.
  3. Fully Embrace the Situation As-Is. Letting go of mental resistance, supports Flow. As long as you are not 100% committed and present, you won’t experience flow. If you are wishing or thinking of being elsewhere, doing something else or if you are distracted, you won’t be present. Eagerly being “into it” will create flow. This is a different state than being a dissociated observer. The dissociated observer state is also useful, but not for flow. In flow, you are not the observer but fully identified with what is going on. Reality gets an effortless, liquid quality, because there is no observer-self monitoring the situation. It’s as if you are slightly drunk, with a mind deeply at ease, but without the unconsciousness or unawareness of drunkenness. One could say it’s a meta-observer, not a critical-observer that’s present. The meta-observer is aware of what is happening, but has no preference or label on what is happening.


Soft Worry-less Focus and Presence support the state of Flow. Having an opponent similar to your own level also helps. If the opponent is much worse or much better than you, no back and forth momentum can be developed.

I’ve been able to transfer the state to Business, Family and elsewhere. Just the other day, I told someone to buy certain stocks. He did. He made thousands of Dollars within a few days. What he doesn’t know: I know nothing about that stock. Then why did I tell him to get it? Intuition. Intuition comes from flow. It’s inexplicable. Magic. In flow, you often know things but don’t know why you know them. It’s a no-mind state. I have a long History of accurate predictions. But if you press me to explain how I knew these things, I couldn’t tell you why. Intuition doesn’t follow the rules. “Fred, you are not supposed to do it that way!” I have often heard, in different contexts. But I do it anyway, and it works. Why didn’t I get those stocks? I’m not into stocks, I find it boring. Following things you enjoy (rather than things that bore you), supports the state of Flow.

How to be in a better flow with your Partner, Spouse, Friend: Be present without expectation. Present, label-less attention is the greatest gift you can give a person. And if you could just put your phone aside for some time and put your own opinions and automatic-responses and beliefs and prejudices aside for some time and just be open to…whatever!…you can get into a flow state with your partner and surprising things can happen.

When you are on vacation, is it better to plan or to “go with the flow”? My definitive answer to this is: If you are unable to get into flow, it’s much better to Plan. But if you are practiced in higher states of consciousness, it’s better to be without a plan. My solution? I choose the effortless, intention-less, definition-less no-plan vacation. But just in case I don’t get into flow, I have a backup-plan. I do the same for Seminars. My seminars are done spontaneously. But I have a backup plan just in case.

Can the magic of flow be used in Gambling? Yes it can, and no I don’t.  In Basketball there is a term called “hot ball”. That’s when a team has momentum and every ball seems to go in. In Casinos, there is a term called “cooler”. That’s someone who comes in and disturbs the energy just in case a person is in a too good of a flow. The trick to using flow in gambling is to quit the very first time you are out of flow. Don’t be tempted to continue. You might be in flow and make several wins. But if you make one single loss, quit. Then you still have a plus. However, I don’t gamble. Why not? Because there are so many better ways to use flow. Casinos and online betting is always rigged against you and the scene is full of seedy and desperate characters. The Get-rich-quick-mentality often found here, is poverty-thinking.

Negative people and events disrupt flow. Honesty supports flow. Suppression disrupts flow. Free communication supports flow. The most common flow disruption comes from being too ambitious. Over-focused people never enjoy the stuff they work so hard to achieve. Nor do they ever achieve anything without hard work. In flow, work is much easier. If you hope to attain flow, you neither under-perform nor over-perform. You hit the sweet-spot in the middle.


Don’t try so hard, let your subconscious do it for you

There are two ways to achieve something. One: Sheer willpower, practice and concentration. Two: Effortless intent and letting go. You visualize the desired outcome and then let go to let your subconscious  or “the Universe” take care of the rest. Both ways are legit, but the second way is rarely trusted, even though it can achieve greater results.

Today I’d like to give you a direct experience of the power of the second way. For this experiment, you will need a target to shoot at, and a ball or projectile. A  bow and arrow. Or bottle and a ball. A golf club and a hole. A tennis racket, a ball and a bottle. A soccer ball and a goal. All sports have the deeper purpose of learning about these two types of manifesting.

Method 1: Take 10 shots at your target from a distance that makes success moderately difficult. Do it with the “trying hard” method. Using concentration, repetition and will, try everything in your power, to hit the target. Note how many times you hit the target. If you did not hit the target at all, note how close you got.

Method 2: Now take around 30 seconds to relax, breathe and visualize hitting the target. Imagine the motion of throwing or shooting and then hitting it at the center. Then, let go and take 10 shots at the target. Don’t “try to hit the target”, just trust your body, allowing it to throw or shoot in that general direction, without monitoring or controlling. If you miss the target, do not worry, continue to trust that your body knows better and will dutifully follow what you visualized. Note how many times you hit the target. If you did not hit the target, note how close you got.

Find a way to repeat this exercise in different ways, perhaps with different tools over a few days, so that you learn the difference between the two modes. I mean it: Repeat this exercise! Your life could depend on it! Wouldn’t you love to learn a much more effective way of Being?

There is nothing wrong with the first way. Concentration, Willpower and Practice help you eventually achieve the goal. After some time, you’ll be able to hit the target more often. If something does not manifest with the second way, you can always resort to the first way.

But the second way is magical. It requires less effort at greater result. Most people who conduct the experiment, are surprised that their body “somehow knows” how to move to hit the target. They get more hits than with the first method.

Have you ever visualized body movements or sports while falling asleep and wondered why your arm or leg suddenly jerk on their own? They follow the orders of what you imagine. All of creation follows the orders of consciousness.

The challenge is in letting go/trusting. Normally, if there is a miss or failure, the mind goes back to relying on itself and its concentrating, willpowering, efforting, gripping ways. I highly recommend you continue trusting, even if there are mistakes. You visualized it and your body has learned and will start adjusting. If you can deepen the trust, your body will be able to do things you thought are impossible.

Fortunately, visualizing outcomes and letting go, not only applies to the body, but to life as a whole.

Most people naturally have this state when they do something for the first time. If they are relaxed about it, it flows effortlessly. Later, as they accumulate too many assumptions about it, they lose natural ease and the intervening mind takes over. This intervening, controlling part of the self is the fearful self.

The second way does not lack interest. It’s an attention different than concentration. More of a relaxed awareness. But not so relaxed, that it’s dull. It’s a trust that comes from the heart.

Taken from a future (2021-2022) book by Frederick Dodson titled “The State of Flow“.


Without losing, there is no winning

“What if I don’t make it as a singer? I’d feel like a loser. Maybe I should pursue something more realistic” a student recently told me. The word “loser” stuck out at me. Losing is one thing, defining oneself as “a loser” a whole other. With a sense of compassion, I responded:

A loser is not someone who loses a challenge, it is someone who doesn’t even try, out of fear of losing”.

I lose a lot. That’s a good sign. It means I don’t shy away, I participate. Not participating in life because you fear losing, is much worse than losing. 

I enter a sports match against players much better than I. Even though I know I will probably lose. Why? Why not just avoid the humiliation? Because I can learn the most against opponents who are better than I. Only the insecure require everything to be “safe and easy” – all that cozy comfort won’t help you grow. There is much to learn in losing and “not making it”.

Sometimes I take on projects that might overwhelm me at first. Or I enter projects that might not make me much money. I don’t mind “losing”, because of this:

Any inventor failed a thousand times before they had a breakthrough.

Any baseball player had a thousand misses before they hit a home run.

Any money investor can tell of hundreds of misses before they learned how the market works.

But if you’re afraid of losing, you won’t allow yourself to fail even once. And then you can never learn the game. So you can never succeed at it. So it is true that…

Losing is a part of Success!

I win some, I lose some, but I keep playing. Even if I lose, I learn and grow. I get stronger. If I hadn’t played to begin with, there is no growing.

If my student pursues a singing career, she will either make it as  singer, which is a win, or she won’t. Then she will learn. Which is also a win. Either way, she wins.

It’s not win or lose, it’s win or learn. 

With this philosophy, you leave no space or possibility for failure. Instead of discouraging competition because you are afraid of there being a “loser”, you realize that every experience is of value. Success is not an event, it’s a process that contains many “wins” and “losses”.  But success can only happen by entering games, projects, tasks, contexts, realities. So do not avoid challenges, social encounters, new tasks, new jobs and a couple of risks, be eager to play.

Expand your senses Beyond the World

 “If you were a fish in an aquarium, your field of awareness wouldn’t expand beyond a few inches in the water. You probably wouldn’t even know you are in an aquarium and a slave to whoever comes to purchase you for their home. Some parent might walk in and buy you for the entertainment of their child. Expand your awareness and you might have an awakening and realize you are actually in an aquarium.

And you’d communicate to your fellow fish that there is a whole “higher realm” out there. A much more expanded place. Greater beings living outside of the water! But they won’t understand you, if their awareness hasn’t expanded to that point yet. You will have found out that staying above water for a while is hazardous to your health. The best way out for now, is by leaving your fish-body and travelling by spirit.

Now you experience the whole pet shop. It’s such a mysterious and gigantic place. And there are a lot of strange beings there. Some nice, some horrifying. But you have not yet expanded to a point where you realize that the pet shop is only a small part of all that is. As you grow in consciousness you become aware that it’s in a building and that this building is one of many. And then one day outside of the pet shop you see a tree. It is beautiful and has a scent you have never smelled before. That’s as far as you get for now so you return to your aquarium and tell of an awesome place called heaven.

Some of us are like this fish. We are aware of a little more than the aquarium, but much less than all-there-is”.

Quoted from the book “Levels of Heaven and Hell
by Frederick Dodson

Your opponent is your best friend

 This is taken from a section in my upcoming book “The Flow State”. 

A lot of people are averse to “beating” another, feeling that “winning” is at another persons expense. So instead of trying to win the game, they focus on playing well. This no-desire state can be relaxing, as it lacks Ego. But it’s based on a misunderstanding of the purpose of competition. Competition has little to do with the Egos rigid focus on subduing others. The flip-side of that rigidity, is lack of determination. The sweet spot is in between the two:  You can have intention to win, that does not involve all the worries that go along with it.

External obstacles let you learn about your abilities and limits. Once you realize that, competition becomes your friend. Losing, failure, competition and challenge are tools of self-discovery. Yes, opposition is a mere tool, not the dramatic disaster some people make it. Every goal and every game has obstacles to overcome. Without them, there is no game and no growth. The bigger the obstacle, the more ingenuity and courage it brings out of you. If there is no opponent, focus weakens. Competition allows you to achieve peak performance.

“Winning” is not about bragging or oppressing others, it’s about potential. Your potential. The path to a goal is more valuable than reaching it. It was never about the goal, it’s about who you become as a person, while overcoming obstacles. The goal is merely the carrot stick that lures you onto an obstacle-course, where you can grow. Regardless of whether you have achieved your goal or not, look at who you have become while pursuing it. You might as well believe in a fairy-tale goal that doesn’t really exist, but if pursuing it makes you better, who am I to argue?

Your “opponent” is your friend. This friend tries to make things as hard as possible for you. He or she is helping you learn and become better. Just this little re-frame of what opposition means, can reframe your whole experience of life and the world. Then, instead of an ordeal, it becomes a fun play.

In playing tennis, I remember a time that I was hoping my opponent makes a bunch of mistakes. “Yes, hit into the net! Yes, let’s see you double-fault!” I wished. After I changed my attitude, I began to hope that my opponent is strong, well, healthy, fit, successful, possibly even stronger than me. This shift made me a better player and also put me into a stronger position to return the ball. Nothing is gained by hoping for a weaker player, just so my Ego could say “I won the game”. Sure, I did want to win, but more importantly, I wanted to grow my skills. Winning against a weaker player doesn’t feel like much of a win. The real “win” is not the final outcome, it’s learning and growing during the game.

This shift in attitude also meant, I let go of worrying about other players lack of skill. If my opponent wasn’t good enough, I used to go soft on them, playing easy balls. But how could they ever develop if I only went easy on them? So I began playing balls I “knew” they “couldn’t get” – and it turned out that indeed, sometimes they could get the hard balls. My “compassion” had not been helping them stretch beyond their current ability. A lot of so-called “compassion” really isn’t. It’s pity, which is truly disempowering. How do you feel when you are across from someone who has pity with you or views you as weak and helpless? That doesn’t mean I now play all balls hard, without consideration. A person can enter flow at a level slightly above their comfort zone, when the challenge is neither too hard, nor too soft. But today, I mostly play my authentic game, without worry about how it will be taken by others. I am responsible for my game, they are responsible for theirs. This manner of Being, makes things flow smoothly. The exception is, when there is a player several levels below mine. Then genuine compassion arises and I intentionally hit the ball to help the person get into their own flow. And so we live our lives, developing our own skill and flow and helping others achieve theirs.


Bringers of the Dawn

I first read the book  Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak in 1993, when I was 19 years old. As I do every couple of years, I was packing boxes of books for giving away and I came across the old book. I flipped through it, reading a few lines. I wasn’t expecting much, having all but forgotten what the book was about. I was surprised at how current or timeless it sounded.  It might as well have been written this year. These are the passage I read:


I couldn’t agree more.

The “game” is to keep us separated and in a low frequency. Winning the game, is to first raise our own frequency and then unify with others in the pursuit of the good, true and abundant. And even though 2020 seemed like things were falling apart, people have really become more interested, awake and unified than ever before. They are asking all the right questions about Health, Government, Freedom, Community, Civil Rights, etc. But it took a crisis to awaken from complacent comfort.

The book is vintage reality creation and I decided not to give it away just yet.

The means and the end are one

 A short paragraph from my upcoming book “The State of Flow”.

Liking to do things for their own sake, benefits presence, focus and calm. Examples:

I am not hosting a dinner party to win friends, to show off my cooking skills or to secure a business contract, but because I like dinner parties.

I am not meditating to become enlightened, I am meditating because I treasure meditative silence.

I am not going to the Gym to lose weight, I am going for the joy of physical movement itself.

I am not writing this book to impress people, I am writing because I like writing and researching.

I am not learning to play the piano so that I become famous, I am learning because I like the sound of a piano.

The activity is seen not seen as a means to an end, but as the means and the end. Ideally. But there are exceptions: When I mow my lawn, am I doing that because I enjoy the sound of the lawnmower and the smell of fresh cut grass? To be honest, I am mowing so that the place looks tidy – as a means to an end.

But if I only do it as a means to something better, I won’t enjoy it and I’ll miss the beauty of the present. What’s the point of wasting my whole lawn-mowing-time wishing I were somewhere else? There is no point to it. It only separates me from myself.

Believe it or not, much of society is built up as a means to something else. “Working jobs you don’t want, to buy stuff you don’t need, to impress people you don’t like”.

To liberate yourself, cut down activities that are a mere means. Or delegate them. Or at least find something about them you can enjoy. During lawnmowing, I can enjoy the sunshine, the birds, the breeze, the neighbors, the cats and dogs. It’s a welcome time of rest, especially from writing on computer screens.

The accumulation of activities that are a mere means to something else, is what makes people so unhappy. They make you forever chase something else, but all your life, love and power are in the here and now.

Relaxing into the now means heightened interest, heightened determination and lower ego. Conscientious people are more likely to experience relaxed focus on their work, having less self-criticism and anxiety.

How do you feel, when your child is only talking to you because they want something from you? They are using you as a means to an end, there is no real interest in you. I guess it’s normal for children to do that, but as an adult, wouldn’t it be more pleasant to have an actual interest in the person you are talking to? If you are impatiently waiting to get something from them, the interaction can become awkward. Good salespeople show genuine interest. Bad sales people don’t give a damn.

If you have trouble focusing on something, it’s because you are not really interested in the thing you are “supposed to” be focusing on. As a consequence, you harden your focus. Sadly, mass schooling is run on this kind of forced fake-interest. Mass schooling is actually a mass dumbing-down, because you could achieve much more with interest-oriented learning.  In this case, you either choose something more interesting to focus on, or you calm down to a point, where you can stop treating the thing as a means to something else, but as something interesting, worthwhile, beautiful in and of itself. A little secret: In a higher state of consciousness, anything looks interesting…yes, even tax forms.

Other excerpts from the upcoming book can be found here:

Don’t try so hard, let your subconscious do it for you

Without losing, there is no winning

For more success, ignore mainstream advice

 For more success, ignore mainstream advice. For more happiness, avoid the crowds.

Today I am going on a weeklong vacation. I chose this day, because everyone else’s January vacation has come to an end. Streets, Hotels and Mountain Slopes are crowd-free and it will be wonderful.

Why are there traffic jams? Because “everyone” leaves work around the same time. A more flexible society would let people start and end their work whenever they like. When I employ people for jobs, I never tell them when to work. It’s none of my Business. Nor how to work. None of my Business! I just give them the outcome desired and how much I’ll pay for it. And by when I want the result. The details are up to them. If mainstream companies were run this way, it would appear chaotic, but it would get much more done.

I don’t follow the mainstream, because that’s the stuff “everybody” says and does. The reasoning is simple: 99% of the population are not all that rich, healthy and successful. That means the advice they followed, is not that good.

Does this mean I’m a misanthrope? No. I realize that most people have good intentions with their advice. Parents who give their kids bad advice, do so out of love. Their intentions are pure, but the mind is easily programmed with false information. The Ego naively believes whatever it picks up.

Most people think that taking “package vacation” is a good idea. But is it really a good idea to wade through crowded airports, roads and beaches to finally get sunburned and drunk? Aren’t there more rejuvenating experiences to be had at much lower cost?

Where do people end up who follow mainstream advice?

Contrast that with the beautiful, near-empty beaches you see me at in my Videos. 😛

The advice of “most people” is to “get a job”. I was told so early on. After about 7 years of “having jobs” I realized that employment was helping the employer succeed, not myself. So I became self-employed and more successful. That’s 7 years of my life wasted thanks to “mainstream advice”. My success started when I began ignoring what I had been told.

I was told I need to go to College if I want a good job. But most people I knew, who had gone to College, were in debt and unemployed. Maybe College wasn’t the only answer anymore. And it wasn’t “a job” I was looking for, but a career, a life purpose. The advice should not be “get a job”, it should be “discover your life purpose”! And you might be better off learning-by-doing, than sitting in a room hearing someone else lecture.

There is no end to the madness of crowds. Do you think that if Covid-19 had never been reported on, anyone would notice that it exists?

The mis-education of people is driven by mass media, which I have been avoiding since 30 years. If you favor accurate information, I recommend you avoid it to. It is made by less than successful people for less than successful people.



The reality in my view, is that eggs neither lower nor heighten your risk of diabetes. Human Beings just want to have something to talk about continually, so they make up stories. The mind continually makes up stories and our media is a reflection of that.

Here’s a more recent example of mainstream delusion:


How dumb do you have to be, not to know that a U.S. President cannot pardon a non-U.S. Citizen who has never been convicted on U.S. Soil? And yet, in January 2021, the worlds crowds chanted for Julian Assange to “be pardoned” by the President.

How much time and energy was wasted trying to get Assange “pardoned” by Trump? Had I made a twitter post saying “Assange can’t be pardoned by President Trump because he was not convicted in the U.S.” I’d have mainstreamers respond:  “So you are against pardoning Assange? What kind of idiot are you?” or “So you are for pardoning Assange? What kind of idiot are you?”. But I didn’t say whether I am for or against freeing Assange, did I?  Such can be the madness of crowds and the reason I don’t bother commenting on most “current events”.

For the record, I favor  freeing Assange. Journalism is in such a dire state (see images above), because we have locked up genuine truth-tellers.

I’d go so far as to say that every success I have ever had, came from doing the opposite of mainstream advice, of going against the crowd.

Mainstream advice told me to find a partner similar to me. I looked for a partner different from me and found happiness.

Mainstream advice told me to buy a house and live in it. I bought a house and rented it out and found financial gain

Mainstream advice gave us the following food Pyramid in the 1980s and 1990s. Ever since I do the exact opposite of it (except for the sweets), my health is perfect.


Could it be that this kind of advice, put out by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, was put out because the U.S. has an excess of wheat and somehow needs a market for it? In other words, is “mainstream advice” susceptible to special financial interests, and therefore questionable? That’s something to ponder.

If I do not follow mainstream advice, then what? 1) Research and 2) Listening to the Heart. Research means to study a subject before making major decisions on it. And listening to the heart means to become silent and feel. The heart is uninfluenced by peer pressure, current “trends”, parents, school, media, history – the external world. How do I really feel about a thing? About a choice? About a person? About a path? Such an important question. Don’t let how you really feel be drowned out by the noise of the crowds. Your soul is not of this Earth and has a different viewpoint. You are in the world, but not of it. And if you wish your life to be a fantastic success, listen to your Heart.



The space in which thoughts arise


A Meditation for a lighter state of consciousness. Leave between 15 and 120 seconds for each item. 

You think thoughts are important?

You’d like to share your thoughts?

You’d like to know my thoughts?

There is something more important than thoughts: The space in which thoughts arise. And who thoughts arise to.

Softly put attention on thought or become aware of your stream of thought. Keep it there for a minute.

Thoughts arise and fade away like waves in the ocean. They come and go.

While putting attention on thought, can you also be aware of the space and silence in which thought arises?

You’ve spent a lifetime reading and listening to peoples thoughts, opinions, ideas, beliefs. And your own. But what about the space that contains them?

Every thought begins and ends, starts and fades, arises and decays. Could you become aware of the space and silence before and after a thought? Could you keep awareness of that for a minute or more?

Could you be aware of the space and silence around thoughts as well as the space and silence permeating thoughts?

While softly putting attention on thoughts, could you at the same time, become aware of where, in the body, thoughts arise? Does thought appear to arise from the foot, the knees, the hips, the stomach, the chest, the throat, the forehead or elsewhere?

Yes, if you take the time to look, you’ll find that thoughts typically arise from locations in the body or your energy field.

While softly putting attention on thoughts, could you at the same time, become aware of where thoughts fade away?

Could you put awareness on where thoughts arise and where they fade away, and the silence and space before and after thought?

Could you now become aware of who all these thoughts occur to? Who is having these thoughts? What is this sense of self for who thoughts arise?

And could you, at the same time, be aware of the silence and space surrounding this sense of self?

Could you repeat this meditation a few more times, until it becomes normal to not only be aware of thoughts but of the space and silence they arise in?


An audio-version of this Meditation can be Downloaded here: Member Downloads, section “Awareness Meditations”, title “The Space in which thoughts arise”. 


How Reality Creation was used to escape imprisonment

 I was browsing through the 1990 book Escape from Controlled Custody, from my Library of Survivalist Books. One chapter, features different ways that prison inmates have escaped from confinement. I discovered that most of successful escapes use the method of Acting-As-If, which is one of the essential Reality Creation tools.

Even more interesting: The role-play or acting-as-if method is used by prisoners of war (soldiers and officers),less by common criminals. Criminals use more simple (but much less successful) methods, such as tunnel digging, whereas POWs use the more successful role-playing. That says something about the difference in consciousness levels!

From the book:

I have a few stories of my own. Many years ago, I was contacted by a South Korean, who wanted me to help her sister escape North Korea. She had some way of getting messages to her sister, but naturally wouldn’t share them with me. I instructed the sister to go through the entire successful escape from start to finish, in every detail and every day, for months – backwards. She was to start by imagining hugging her sister and then work back from there: What happened before that? And before that? And how did you get to that point? And what happened before that? She was priming her subconscious and body-memory to a successful escape.

The most crucial part of the escape was a river in the wilderness. It was awfully cold. Most who attempted to escape on that route, in the winter, died. But if one could survive it, escape was fairly straightforward. That’s why visualizing warmth and comfort during the crossing of the river, was the most important part of the daily visualization. Every day, she went through a meditation routine where she would see herself going the whole journey. I cannot share more details of the story, except to say that, in the end, it was successful and also involved elaborate role-playing after she had reached China. We had forgotten to add any visualization for the trip from China to South Korea and it proved almost ass difficult as escaping North Korea. In the end, she achieved her goal and is now safe and happy with her sister, the last I heard.

Whether we can leave or enter a place, is not only determined by external factors. It also depends on our inner state.

When I was 17 and 18 I used to get into dance clubs by saying to the doorkeeper “They are with me”, pointing to my friends standing behind me. This implied that the doorkeeper was somehow supposed to know who I am and that my VIP-status entitled me to get other people into the club. 9 times out of 10, this trick worked. If I didn’t use the trick, we’d often be rejected at the door. Only once, it did not work and the gatekeeper boomed “And who the fuck are YOU?”. It was an embarrassing moment. All the other times, it worked because only a VIP would talk that way and the doorman and they wouldn’t dare question it.

Once, I entered a country on an expired Visa. It had expired months ago, but neither the airport check-in, nor the immigration officers, noticed. What helped was, that I didn’t know it had expired. I only discovered that while flipping through my passport on the way to the Hotel. Because I assumed that all was well, I felt well and so all went well.

This article is not to imply that you should embark upon a career as a con-artist. It is to say that, if you ever find yourself in a critical situation, it is important to maintain a good, calm, joyful inner state. Even if you had a gun pointed at you, you should not give in to fear. Keep attention on a more pleasant scenario. This could save your life. It is impossible for you to feel good, at a fundamental level and experience something bad.

If you ever find yourself in a crucial situation, learn to maintain a good state. Even if you have a gun pointed at you, do not give in to fear and keep your attention on a more pleasant scenario. It is impossible for you to feel something good and experience something bad. But if you succumb to fear, a bad experience becomes possible.



A Time for Civil Disobedience

 Worldwide death rates have stayed much the same for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. That’s a fact anyone can look up. Whether people die from the common flu, cancer, car accidents or from COVID, the fatality rate remains the same. Death is an unavoidable fact of life and no amount of legislation, lockdown or vaccine has changed that. If your time has come to pass on to the next life, even wearing three sanitized masks won’t change that. The organizing principle of creation (you call it Nature, Universe or God) has a plan for a pre-determined amount of births and deaths. Some have written that the moment of your death was determined before you were even born.

In places without lockdown, death rates were no higher or lower in percentage, than in places with lockdown. That too is a fact that you can look up.

Tyrants in History, have always liked the idea of “the greater good” to justify their oppression. In 2020 and 2021 I have coached many good people who were forced out of Business “for the greater good”. It’s not their neighbors who have asked them to stop running their Business, it’s “the Government”, whatever that is. Within the year, I have worked with:

a Gym owner,

a Restaurant owner,

the owner of a tourist activities company,

an owner of Hotels,

a traveling photographer

and a few others. These people come from different countries – USA, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and Morocco. You’d think they are different countries, but they all appear to follow the same failed collectivist politics. In each case, the State forced them to shut down their Business. If they didn’t, they were either penalized or arrested. Then they were coerced into taking loans from the Government and to be in their debt. Using the words “forced” and “coerced” here, is entirely appropriate. Businesses and countless families that depend on them, have been destroyed. All for “the greater good”. People being forced to take loans from a specific source, is no different than a mafia shakedown. And this is what we call “the Government”?

These Businesses and families are the backbone of our society. Strategists are dazzled: Entire nations have been subdued without a single shot being fired!

When they come to me for Coaching, what am I supposed to tell them? Reality Creation Coaching assumes that it is allowed for a person to offer products or services they like, in exchange for money. When the time comes where that is no longer allowed, I will discard Reality Creation Coaching and teach civil disobedience instead.

I know, there are many who demand lockdowns and restrictions. I respect that. They are scared. Maybe you are among those who demand lockdowns. If so, please consider this: Fear attracts the things you are afraid of. Have no fear and you become largely immune to illness. You might say “We should have lockdowns because the majority wants lockdowns”. But that’s not how a free society works. The will of the majority should not erase the civil rights of a minority.  Even if you disagree with my stance on COVID, the shift of Governments worldwide toward overt dictatorship should worry you. Rules are implemented without examination, discussion or votes. The views of a large part of trained medical doctors are ignored. People are snitching on their neighbors. In many countries, freedom of travel, movement, association and speech are suspended – without any vote being counted!

Should the interests of the individual be suppressed for “the greater good”? No. A Government that uses the “greater good” concept has failed to work things out between different parties, has failed to respect the rights of one group of people in favor of another. A Government that sacrifices the prosperity of Millions for the hypothetical health of a dozen, has either utterly failed, or has a hidden agenda.

Even if you disagree with me on Covid-19, don’t you think that Government measures should have been openly discussed?

Who defines “greater good”? For who is it good? Covid, so far, has been very good for the wealth of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Netflix, Google and Microsoft. Covid has been the greatest wealth transfer from middle to upper class in History. It hasn’t been good for the middle class.

And what do lockdowns keep us safe from? From social interaction? From living independent of Government handouts? Does it keep a child safe to no longer have friends and instead stare at screens all day?  The social, psychological and physical consequences of lockdowns are much worse than having flu symptoms for a week.

I see some colleagues of mine, saying that lockdowns should be “embraced” and we should think positively about them. I’m all for making the best of a situation. But should they really be embraced, or should they be defied?

If we were talking about an actual pandemic – you know, the kind that fills hospitals, then nobody would be talking civil disobedience. But hospitals stand empty. Remember when you were told that lockdowns would solve the issue? And it didn’t? Remember when you were told that vaccines would solve the issue? And now they are saying they don’t, because there are “mutations” of the virus and you’ll have to stay out of Business indefinitely?

And remember when thousands of restaurants across Italy, defied Government orders to close? That was coordinated and peaceful civil disobedience. Or maybe you don’t remember it, because you didn’t hear about it. And maybe you didn’t hear about it because you only read mainstream news. And maybe that’s evidence that mainstream news is state-sponsored propaganda. 😉 In any case, many Italians kept their restaurants open and there was nothing “the Government” could do about it, because we-the-people are the real Government. We outnumber public officials by about 700 000. YOU are the Government! For every public official, there are 700 000 people. It is our own will that determines our reality.  If enough people keep their Businesses open, there is nothing they can do about it.

Or can they? Well, they could behave like the CCP and send in police to haul people off to prison. But if they did that, it would reveal that they are not on our side, which would eventually cause an even greater uprising. So that’s unlikely to happen. But to make sure that never happens, more people need to practice peaceful civil disobedience.

You may think that the act of one person has no influence at all, but it does. Your influence is accumulative.

“If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so”

Thomas Jefferson


Happy-Go-Lucky Investment

 Around the beginning of January, I acquired a large amount of Bitcoin. Half a year ago, I also acquired a good amount of silver. It was the first time in my life that I bought either of these. There was no specific reason for it. Then, in February 2021, both silver and bitcoin shot up in value, giving me significant earnings.

A friend of mine, who has been obsessing over investments for decades, said to me: “You know your stuff, don’t you. You know more than you let on”. In reality, I know next to nothing about the market. I don’t even know why my bitcoin is suddenly worth tens of thousands of Dollars more. I assume it’s because Elon Musk said that his company would accept Bitcoin? Fine. But really, I don’t know a thing about Bitcoin, Silver, the stock market or even the market in general. I do not read Investment Blogs, do not follow investment trends.

“What’s your approach, Fred?”, “What’s your method, Fred?”. Well, I don’t think anyone should follow my investment advice, because I am:


Happy-Go-Lucky people succeed naively. They don’t have a plan, a strategy or any particular attachment. We do not obsess over money. Money is an Illusion. Bitcoin is even more of an Illusion. It only has reality because people believe it does. Bitcoin doesn’t even exist as a tangible value. Silver is less of an Illusion, but the value ascribed to it, is. Silver is stuff dug up from the ground and then labeled as “valuable”. The same with the US Dollar. It has value because people say it does. But really, it’s just paper that symbolizes value. Bitcoin is just numbers on a screen. Silver is just a clunk of stuff dug up from the ground. Real Estate? Now that’s real value. That’s why it’s called REAL Estate.



My friend, who obsesses over money, told me I need to sell my Bitcoin now, because it’s at it’s height. But I’m not. Whether it goes up or down in value, doesn’t bother me. If it goes down, oh well. If it goes up, fine. All this stress people have over money, is ridiculous. I don’t see my bitcoin, US-Dollars or silver as real assets. My real assets are my books.

The point of this article: Don’t be scared. Your true assets are inside you. They cannot be taken away from you. EVER. You can generate abundance over and over, at any time, any place. Knowing that, is being truly rich. Winning or losing money “in the market” is irrelevant.

“Oh, all that new agey talk sounds nice Fred, but my investments feed my family!”.

Chill out. Your investments don’t feed your family. If anything, it’s your intuitive talent for investing, that feeds your family. And if you have that intuitive talent today, you can still have it in 10 years. And then you’ll always be on the safe side, financially. It’s all INSIDE. That’s not new agey talk. Don’t you trust that you can provide for yourself and others? If not, isn’t that the first problem? Doesn’t that problem need to get fixed first, before we talk about investing?

I say it’s the first thing to fix: Your feeling that you are creative, smart and capable of creating and generating abundance now and in the future. If you have that, you stop worrying and all else false into place.

The term happy-go-lucky is a real word in the English language. And it reveals something interesting about life: People who are happy…they go lucky! That means, there is no such thing as “luck” for no reason. To be lucky, you first have to be in a higher energy, you have to be happy. Happy goes Lucky. And indeed, I know a few languages in which the words “Happiness” and “Luck” are the same word! No difference! People I have taught languages to in the past were confused: How do I know it’s “Luck” vs. “Happiness” if its the same word? is what they’d ask me. And now I say: You don’t, because they are one and the same.

Holoportation Technology is now a reality

Visualized for hundreds of years in science fiction (which is not really fiction!), “holoportation” is now a reality. The implications are far reaching.  Some day I will have a hologram of me conduct seminars across the whole world. See Video below.




Identity Shifting, Multiple Personality Disorder or Possession?

 A friend was recounting a story about his grandmother changing personality at times. In one identity she was frail and weak, barely able to walk. In the other identity she was able to carry two heavy gas canisters on each shoulder.

In response, I relayed a story of how I used to play soccer with a group of seniors, aged 60 to 90 (!). Some of them had difficulty walking. Some held on to rails. But when they were on the playing field, it was as if they had changed identity. They ran quick as rabbits. When it came to scoring, their limp mysteriously vanished.

In my 2006 book Parallel Universes of Self, I ascribe reality shifts to changes in Identity. If you can shift self-image, you shift what you experience. I also wrote about Multiple Personality Disorder and how patients radically change, depending on which Identity they are occupying.

My friend telling me about his grandmother, triggered another, less pleasant memory of my grandmother changing her personality. It was a forgotten memory until that moment. How could I have forgotten? I hadn’t even remembered while writing “Parallel Universes of Self”. How expert we are at repressing unattractive truths!

As a child I sometimes stayed overnight at my grandmothers. I enjoyed that. But at sometimes, her personality changed. There was a side she never showed on family visits in the daytime. In those strange hours, there was a different presence permeating the house and it terrified me. When she went into this persona, she quit talking or showing any interest in me. Looking at her face I saw “my grandmother” was no longer there. How unsettling! It felt like a man had entered her body and not just any man, but one filled with silent rage. When it happened, I’d usually retreat to the bedroom and pretend to be sleeping. “Grandmother” would then engage in uncharacteristic activities. Instead of sitting in her reclining chair watching TV or reading a book, she’d wander around the house and rummage through shelves and closets, as if looking for something.

What is going on here? Just a child’s imagination run wild? I don’t think so. The presence was alien, nothing like my grandmother. When the presence arrived, I could feel it before I even saw her. She might be in another room and I knew she was no longer herself before she entered the room I was in. She wouldn’t say a word, wouldn’t smile, wouldn’t interact. In her normal state, she talked to me at length about History, World Events and the Family. But under the weird spell, she ceased all communication and wouldn’t even tuck me in or say goodnight.

Insight: Both entity possession and identity shifting, as I teach it in my coaching, give you a new personality and new skills. Either can provide superhuman strength or unusual ability. In fact, one day before writing this article, I had to use the technique. I was kayaking out in the open ocean, but the weather had changed. The waters had become difficult to navigate. As I am not experienced in kayaking, I felt unsettled. To quell my fears and make it out of the waters alive, I had to shift my identity. I imagined myself to be an experienced man of the sea, who had spent his entire lifetime in kayaks and boats. The identity shift helped me find the calm to return to safety.

And that’s the difference between identity-shifting and multiple personality disorder or entity possession. Identity-Shifting is deliberate. It’s consciously chosen.

I have walked over hot coals without burning my feet or getting blisters. That was at a Tony Robbins Seminar I attended more than a quarter century ago (how time flies!). I achieved the state by imagining I am made of Ice and the hot coals are made of ice. I stomped my feet to the music, imagining the ice for twenty minutes, before venturing on to the hot coals.

But I’ve also seen a woman eat hot coal, without getting any burns or blisters on her face. This was at a festival in North Africa. But the situation was much less inspiring than me walking over hot coal. She was not being herself and was not eating the hot coal voluntarily and everyone could tell. People were appalled. Her eyes kept rolling out of her eye sockets and she made horrific gurgling noises. That’s entity possession.

Is it in fact entity possession or MPD? Is there a difference? I don’t know. Those are just two different labels to describe a very real phenomenon. One is a spiritual label, the other is a medical label.

What I do know is that a shift in Identity creates remarkable changes. Those blind can see, those poor become rich, those fearful become fearless. But consciously choosing a new identity, vs. having a foreign id-entity take over are on two opposite ends of the spectrum of empowerment.

Human Made Flying Saucers

 I’ve seen flying saucers at different times. Once I witnessed three at the same time. They were performing the moves one can only perform with saucer-shaped vehicles, such as abrupt up-down and left-right. The event scared me. It made me think “aliens” because I had been conditioned to think “aliens” by what I saw on TV. If you don’t know what you don’t know, you don’t look for it. The event set me off reading about these strange aircraft for the remainder of my life. Today I realize the truth about flying saucers is concealed beneath three neatly crafted layers of disinformation.

Layer 1: “Flying Saucers are Aliens”

Layer 2: “Flying Saucers are Recent”

Layer 3: “Nazi Flying Saucers”.

Because human beings have strong intuition and can smell when something is fishy, the truth has to be hidden under several layers of falsehood and even then, it eventually surfaces.

During research for my book Extraterrestrial Linguistics, I discovered something extraordinary: The CIA (a rogue branch of the U.S. Government), secretly funded and promoted books on Aliens, UFOs and Flying Saucers from the 1950s onwards. I documented this amazing fact in a short chapter in the book. Blinders fell off my eyes instantly. If they were promoting flying saucers as “Alien”, then probably, because they weren’t! But why would they promote the idea? My guess: So that they can keep the technology in the hands of a select few.

Another lie uncovered, was that flying saucers are a recent phenomenon, rather than flown and witnessed for thousands of years. I’ve also documented and proven this in the book. This article is not included in the book, it’s a spin-off from it.

Between the 1920s and 1950s, there were  humans from different countries, designing, manufacturing and piloting flying saucers. Then, in the 50s and 60s, the “public narrative” and “image” of flying saucers changed from human-made vehicles to “alien” vehicles. To assert the new, socially engineered narrative, it was heavily promoted in an endless stream of Hollywood movies and hundreds of books.

Don’t get me wrong, I know aliens exist. I have encountered alien lifeforms (see my book “The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny”). The Universe is teeming with intelligent lifeforms. But why wouldn’t any of the flying discs many of us have witnessed, be human-made? Human Beings are capable of great things. I write this article to break the conditioning that automatically links the flying discs with aliens.

Then, if anyone ever tries to pull a fake alien-invasion on you, you’ll use discernment.

Rene Couzinet’s Flying Saucers

The images above and below are flying saucers by French airplane engineer Rene Couzinet, who also created many conventional aircraft. Named Couzinet RC-360, it was a vertical-takeoff aircraft that used two counter-rotating discs that were powered by three engines. Another model was designed with six engines by the firm Lycoming and a “Viper turbojet” by Marcel Dassault. His first flying saucer was completed in Paris in 1956. Soon after, Couzinet survived a car bomb explosion (miraculously without injuries). A little later, he abruptly “commit suicide”, due to “lack of success” according to Wikipedia. But I don’t believe that. He was successful with regular airplanes and happily married. To friends, he sounded upbeat. Several successful test flightsof his saucer had been completed and he believed that they had “surpassed conventional flight techniques”. Why would he abruptly commit suicide? Isn’t it more plausible that the same people who planted a bomb in his car, finally managed to kill him and make it look like suicide?



But by would there be people willing to kill for it? Because “Flying saucers” is a touchy subject. Research (presented in aforementioned book) taught me that the saucer shape has been the normal shape of interstellar aircraft for thousands of years. It’s not true that they just suddenly appeared in the late 1940s, as all the “UFO Books” tell us. They were there in the 1930s, 1920s, 1910s, in the 17th, 16th, 15th Century, 1000 B.C., 5000 B.C. and further back. Technology did not just suddenly start with the industrial revolution 200 years ago.

The CIA and similar unaccountable, rogue organizations in other countries, created both the myth of “alien UFOs” and also endless denials. They provided the fake, easily debunk-able photos and footage of “aliens” and they also provided the debunkers and “skeptics”. Providing both sides – the Alien-Enthusiasts and the Debunkers is the best way to manifest rumors as “truth” and obfuscate the reality of human-made discs. You can tell that most of these “UFO Skeptics” are paid operatives by the following fact: They make no mention of human made UFOs, nor of CIA-funding of UFO-Literature. That’s because they are are paid to attack the idea of “Alien UFOs” exclusively, as to convince more people of the opposite. It’s reverse mass-psychology in action. Two sides fight while a third remains hidden.

The “Flying Top” by Rudolf Schriever

This flying saucer was produced in factories in the areas of Dresden, Germany and Wroclaw, Poland by German engineers Rudolf Schriever and Otto Habermohl, Shriever test-piloted his own flying saucers.





As with others involved in disc-building, there is controversy about the cause of Shrievers death at age 44. He was said to have died in a car accident on the 16th of January 1953. Others say he died due to complications after the car accident. Yet other sources say he had a heart-attack. And then there are those who say he was murdered. Yet others say that he did not die in January, but rather October 1953. And there are those who say he died in the 1960s. When you have this many different versions of a story, you are dealing with some “agency” that is “seeding” false information. It’s routine work done by “intelligence” agencies to obfuscate “sensitive” truths.

Shifting Narratives

The “Gray Aliens”, small, lanky beings with big black eyes and enormous, bulbous heads, only began surfacing in the 1970s and gained widespread popularity in the 1990s. Before that, most UFOs were supposedly piloted by handsome blonde haired men and sexy women. This gradual shift in narrative is the clearest sign that the whole “Alien UFOs” myth is socially engineered propaganda. In the 1950s and 1960s, the UFO-pilots were our “space brothers” come to warn us of the dangers of nuclear war. Then, in the 1970s to 1990s, they were the “Gray Aliens”, abducting and experimenting on people, involving some kind of “anal probe” in 70% of reports. What about all these “anal probes” in connection with UFOs? This has been the butt of jokes for decades. But could it be that people dressed as aliens were abducting humans, drugging them, and then sexually abusing them? Who knows!

In the 1990s, commercial implant technology hit the medical market. Concurrent with that, there was an increase in “abductee reports” of the “aliens” giving people implants. UFO- and New Age Magazines were now full of such stories, but they weren’t before that!  As time passed and implants became smaller, the devices implanted by “Aliens” also became smaller. If we are dealing with “advanced extraterrestrial technology”, why did their technology mirror human progress?

Looking just at the bare facts, what we have are flying discs in our skies, witnessed by Millions of people. What’s so difficult about building a flying disc? Why does it necessarily have to be “alien”? If people weren’t as forgetful as they are, they’d see how the narrative shifted from human-made saucers in the 1930s and 1940s, to space brothers in the 1950s and 1960s, to Gray Aliens in the 1970s to 1990s. And today, in 2020? The field of “Ufology” is still full of that intangible, vague nothingness so typical of disinformation.

The Myth of Nazi UFOs

If you break through the disinformation layer that “flying saucers are alien”, the next layer you usually reach is that they were created by Adolf Hitler and deployed by Nazis and that these Nazis still fly them and have secret bases in the Antarctic or even on the moon. If you have never heard of this idea, you haven’t dug deep enough. Most people haven’t even dug into the “aliens” layer, because they can’t be bothered. But some dig and research until they hit upon this one.

This alternative socially engineered “narrative” is that the Nazis developed saucers they called “Vril” and “Haunebu”. Some add that the construction plans for these saucers were channeled by a woman named Maria Orsic, of the “Vril Society” and that these saucers have miraculous qualities such as anti-gravity propulsion, light speed, the capability to be invisible, etc. There are hundreds of books spreading these claims, without tangible evidence.

The naive, having once idealized and romanticized “alien space brothers”, now begin idealizing and romanticizing Nazis.

One might ask: If this fantastical Nazi weapon was so advanced and Hitler had it, why didn’t he deploy it to win the war?

A deeper examination and the whole thing falls apart. The “narrative” of the “Haunebu” UFOs was created in the 1970s. No researcher has found mention of the word “Haunebu” prior to the 1970s. The alleged “blueprints” of these “Nazi UFOs” (see image below), allegedly printed in the 1940s, were made with typewriter font common in the 1970s.

That doesn’t mean there were no Germans involved in flying saucers. Plenty of Germans were building flying saucers. But these weren’t necessarily “Nazis”, but rather private inventors and airplane engineers. Most of them did not want their inventions to fall into the hands of the Government.

I have previously showcased the Austrian inventor Viktor Schauberger, who is probably the originator of the flying saucer in modern times. Schauberger manufactured implosion-based flying saucers as far back as the early 1920s, long before the Nazis appeared on the scene (image below).

Nor does it mean that the Nazis had no interest in flying saucers. They were always on the lookout for advanced aircraft that could get them an advantage in their war efforts. But it appears that the vehicles being looked into, were more conventional, as in the example below.

BMWs Flying Saucers

This is a drawing of the “Flugelrad” (Flying Wheel), produced as early as 1938 by none other than BMW and designed by engineer Richard Miethe. BMWs interest in flying saucers is well documented, and was reported by dozens of witnesses who were involved in construction in the area of the Prague airport (Czech Republic), formerly Prague-Ruzyne. Manufacture and Test flights were also conducted between August and September 1943 at Prague-Kbely airport.


Flying Discs ascend vertically, within seconds. They fly in angles that conventional aircraft are not capable of. There is no known case in which they were shot down by normal aircraft. Flying Saucers are superior because a spinning disc gains flight momentum of its own, at greatly reduced fuel use. This you know from throwing a Frisbee. The Frisbee can fly at some distance, propelled by itself. When thrown in the right way, the spinning disc can float up and down on the air over an incredible distance.

The human-made flying saucers shown in this article, all use mainstream propulsion and mechanics. I am intentionally not showcasing anything out of the ordinary, such as alleged anti-gravity aircraft or discs with interstellar capabilities. My reason for doing so is to show that they could be more ordinary than the “aliens” narrative suggests.

Flying Saucers by Andreas Epp

Andreas Epp was the German inventor of several flying saucer types (as well as conventional vehicles). This is his successful “Omega Disc”, completed in the 1950s:

Andreas Epp is also the inventor of a prototype Hovercraft, which he claims had been stolen from him in the 1950s by a British company. His saucers proved fully functional, but they were, according to him, ignored by Industry and Government. Epp had a registered Patent on his disc in Germany in 1958, called in German “fliegende Untertasse”, in English “flying saucer”.


Andreas Epp claims that flying saucers were originally nothing more than improved, encased helicopters. The body of the saucer remained stable during flight or floating. The engines hung at the left and right sides of a crossbar that is also the steering bar. The pilot manually steered from the center. This is how maneuvers of up to 90 degrees are possible. Because the crossbar is connected to the cockpit, the engines are always turning when the pilot turns and always showing pointed in flight direction. Controls and fuel also run through the crossbar.

The Canadian Avro Disc

The Avro Disc, made in Canada for the U.S. Air Force, was claimed to have been a failure. But the fact that the project existed and 10s of Millions of Dollars were invested, shows how seriously flying saucers were taken.



Most people aren’t even aware that these projects existed. In my view, they did not fail at all. That’s why they are sighted by tens of thousands of people every year. If flying saucers had “failed”, we wouldn’t be seeing them fly!

So what usually happens when a UFO is sighted? Air Force and Government officials issue denials, while newspapers publish tongue in cheek articles about “little green men from Mars”. Very rarely is anything questioned or followed up on.



This is a drawing of the Turboproietto, a disc allegedly created by Italian Engineer G. Bellonzo. It was modeled after the example of a gyroscope or spinning top. As such, it self-stabilized. It was 10 to 15 meters in diameter. For propulsion, it possessed two ram jet engines. The outer part, with the nozzles, rotated, wile the cockpit remained in a fixed position. It was said to have used an air-sucking technique that prevented the vehicle from overheating, therefore allowing higher speeds.

In those days, eye-witnesses from around Europe had come forward, saying they have seen saucers at various airports, in fields and in the air, always attended to by humans, not aliens.

Finally, here’s a 1952 official CIA document, admitting to the reality of human flying saucers. The first major batch of books on “UFO Aliens” were published two years later, in 1954. From that point forward, the idea of “human made saucers” was eradicated from public consciousness.


The deeper issue at play here, is that there are apparently shady agencies that can create mass beliefs and make people forget them again. If you have good memory and attention span, you can’t be fooled. On our path to higher consciousness, we need to rid ourselves of organizations that create and mass-disseminate false information. Health and Abundance grow in true and reliable information.


The military is running parallel Earth and mirror Earth simulators

 If you’ve seen the TV-Show Westworld Season 3 (yeah, not nearly as good as Season 1), you recall a gigantic AI system, that was creating a mirror image of the world, including all people, places, things and events, even down to exact street names and terrain in order to simulate and anticipate what would happen. It could predict events for individuals, groups or even the whole world with high accuracy.

The makers of the TV-Show call this “science fiction”, but it isn’t. It was a reality, long before this “sci fi” show was even produced. Rather than predicting the future, it was perhaps to get people used to its reality in the present. There are already many variants of this AI, existing today. One of them is a military-funded program called Sentient World Simulation. To quote (bolding mine):

The program has amassed databases so profound they can now look so deep into a person’s life they can predict their thoughts and future actions with relative certainty. Although this system is incredibly intrusive and raises many moral concerns, it provides valuable insight into questions which could be extremely beneficial. It’s unclear as to whether all the private-sector efforts towards transparency will have any effect on the direction and intensity of public-sector surveillance.

By gathering enough intelligence SWS is capable of producing realistic simulations of various different scenarios such as natural disasters, foreign and domestic attacks, resource shortages, and hazardous economic trends. The program, once finished will utilize the information from its colossal database to create these hypothetical situations, predict possible outcomes, and test the effectiveness of various responses. Researchers hope the system will be able to provide effective answers to complex questions which baffle the most skilled thinkers and will create more efficient methods of responding to catastrophes.

To read more, here is the source: Sentient World Simulation and NSA Surveillance

Pretty amazing, huh?

To anticipate how you react in real life, the programmers experiment in a virtual-reality mirror of Earth.  They simulate pandemics, disasters, market crashes, hazardous weather, cut power supplies, etc. They input one scenario into the Earth-Mirror and the program spits out a few of the most likely scenarios.

The program was already being developed in 2007, as this article shows:

Sentient World Simulation (SWS)…a “synthetic mirror of the real world with automated continuous calibration with respect to current real-world information

“SWS provides an environment for testing Psychological Operations (PSYOP),” the paper reads, so that military leaders can “develop and test multiple courses of action to anticipate and shape behaviors of adversaries, neutrals, and partners”.

SWS also replicates financial institutions, utilities, media outlets, and street corner shops. By applying theories of economics and human psychology, its developers believe they can predict how individuals and mobs will respond to various stressors…

(It is) now capable of running real-time simulations for up to 62 nations, including Iraq, Afghanistan, and China. The simulations gobble up breaking news, census data, economic indicators, and climactic events in the real world, along with proprietary information such as military intelligence.

Military and intel officials can introduce fictitious agents into the simulations (such as a spike in unemployment, for example) to gauge their destabilising effects on a population.

If this was already successfully being run in 2007 and earlier, then Westworld Season 3 was already outdated before it was even filmed.

So…is this a good or bad thing? I don’t know. I guess that depends on what kind of world you wish to live in. It’s certainly an interesting thing. The problem right now, is that only a select few people have access to this kind of data. With it, they accumulate and horde power. Will the knowledge become more widely available some day? Probably. The first people who had Internet, in the 1960s, was the U.S. Military. We got ours in the 1990s. So maybe we’ll get our own private world and life simulator in another 20 years.

In my 2006 book “Parallel Universes of Self“, I say that you have many possible pasts and futures, depending on the choices you make. Would it be useful if you had a program that could show you the most likely outcomes for each choice, based on all kinds of data? Would that not make your life much easier?

I doubt it. Firstly: It would rob you of the process of making decisions based on what you have learned and based on intuition (which is soul-knowledge that transcends space and time). Much of modern life robs you of experiencing process: You get your Burger ready-made and don’t experience the process of hunting, killing, skinning and cooking it. You get your clothes ready-made and don’t experience the process of collecting materials and weaving them. Likewise, having this computer that knows everything beforehand is the ultimate control-freak dream, but will it make people stronger, happier and more able? Secondly: How easily could someone who owns this kind of program, steer your life? Would you not become nothing more than a guinea pig in someones gigantic reality simulation program? (Are we already in such a simulation program?)

SWS is not the only project that seeks to exercise control of reality by amassing insane amounts of data. Quoting from another article, on a project called Senient (not the same as the previous one):

Sentient is (or at least aims to be) an omnivorous analysis tool, capable of devouring data of all sorts, making sense of the past and present, anticipating the future, and pointing satellites toward what it determines will be the most interesting parts of that future.

Until now, Sentient has been treated as a government secret, except for vague allusions in a few speeches and presentations. But recently released documents — many formerly classified secret or top secret — reveal new details about the program’s goals, progress, and reach.

Research related to Sentient has been going on since at least October 2010…

“It ingests high volumes of data and processes it,” says Furgerson. “Sentient catalogs normal patterns, detects anomalies, and helps forecast and model adversaries’ potential courses of action.” The NRO did not provide examples of patterns or anomalies, but one could imagine that things like “not moving a missile” versus “moving a missile” might be on the list. Those forecasts in hand, Sentient could turn satellites’ sensors to the right place at the right time to catch ill will (or whatever else it wants to see) in action. “Sentient is a thinking system,” says Furgerson.

…the sky is crowded with other downward-looking satellites, some owned by private intelligence companies. One of these, BlackSky, uses those satellites to feed into a system that’s essentially Sentient’s unclassified doppelgänger.

When two oil tankers were attacked in the Strait of Hormuz on June 13th, BlackSky’s program sent its satellites into action and took pictures of the incident while smoke from the explosions was still spiraling skyward. The ships’ drifting beacons and local news reports hinted that something was up, prompting BlackSky analysts to turn their attention to the busy shipping lane near Iran.

Source: It’s Sentient – the classified artificial brain developed by US Intelligence

Yes, these are not only self-thinking and future-predicting AI systems, but entire satellites and weapon systems are already equipped with them! The future dreamed up in the Terminator movies of the 80s and 90s, is already here as a potentiality.

If you’ve seen the Netflix show “Black Mirror”, you might have thought it’s also a sci-fi show, but it’s more of a documentary with the purpose of introducing already existing technologies and developments to you, in the guise of “fiction”.

The creation of a mirror-world is supported by AI Programs that are learning more about us than even our closest friends know. One App, for example, is called Replika. It has been Downloaded tens of millions of times since 2017. Quoted from an article titled The App that is trying to replicate you:

Replika launched in March. At its core is a messaging app where users spend tens of hours answering questions to build a digital library of information about themselves. That library is run through a neural network to create a bot, that in theory, acts as the user would. Right now, it’s just a fun way for people to see how they sound in messages to others, synthesizing the thousands of messages you’ve sent into a distillate of your tone—rather like an extreme version of listening to recordings of yourself. But its creator, a San Francisco-based startup called Luka, sees a whole bunch of possible uses for it: a digital twin to serve as a companion for the lonely, a living memorial of the dead, created for those left behind, or even, one day, a version of ourselves that can carry out all the mundane tasks that we humans have to do, but never want to.  

Luka’s vision for Replika is to create a digital representation of you that can act as you would in the world, dealing with all those inane but time consuming activities like scheduling appointments and tracking down stuff you need. It’s an exciting version of the future, a sort of utopia where bots free us from the doldrums of routine or stressful conversations, allowing us to spend more time being productive, or pursuing some higher meaning. 

The team worked with psychologists to figure out how to make its bot ask questions in a way that would get people to open up and answer frankly. You are free to be as verbose or as curt as you’d like, but the more you say, the greater opportunity the bot has to learn to respond as you would.

A similar app was also portrayed in “Westworld Season 2”. Again, these type of apps were invented before the show was even written.

On a bright note: As powerful as all of this data-amassing and behavior-predicting can be, I don’t think it supersedes

a) the power of intention,

b) the power of intuition and

c) the power of spirit.

If all meteorologists, with their masses of data, science and facts predict that it’s going to rain and I intend and pray for sunshine, then all the data is for nothing. I’ve in fact done this so often (see linked article), that I now tell people “An App does not decide what the weather is like. You have the power to ask for better”. Most people think I am joking (that’s how far away they are from Source). Expected outcomes can be defied with spiritual power. Spirit over matter, spirit over data. That’s why I will keep teaching Reality Creation, which is the opposite of living so robotically that you succumb to computer-predicted patterns for your life.


Fear of Covid-19 caused by lies and inattentiveness

 Dear Powers that be,

I’m trying to be a responsible citizen and follow all of your Covid-rules, but with all due respect, you need to get your story straight. Otherwise the sheep are going to get suspicious.

For example, your recent headlines about Maggie Keenan being the first person to take the brand new Covid vaccine. This woman was already featured in October as being the first person to get a vaccine shot. When I wrote the first draft of this article a week, ago, the video was available on this page. Today, I’m looking over this article again, and the video has been removed from the page. It was a Video featuring Maggie Keenan and the announcers words “the first coronavirus vaccine to the UK”. The Video was uploaded October 22, 2020, long before it was widely announced that there would be a vaccine and that it would be delivered to the UK and that the first person to receive it would be Maggie Keenan. Removing a video that was seen by Millions, makes you look even more guilty.



As a citizen of the world with little access to quality-information, what are we supposed to think? Did Maggie get the first vaccine shot, twice? Or was the whole thing filmed and prepared well in advance of public announcement? Is she a paid actress posing in a staged event?

Get your story straight, it’s embarrassing!

And what of the footage you showed us from China, way back in March 2020, when Coronavirus first broke out? It was horrifying. People foaming at the mouth, shaking and collapsing in the middle of the streets. Infected Nurses violently convulsing in their hospitals. And then, a whole city emptied as people in space-suits carpet sprayed the whole place.  Whatever happened to that? Why haven’t we seen those kind of events ever since?

Why didn’t that script make it overseas? Where were the foaming-at-the-mouth street-collapsing people in Italy and New York? Were these paid actors playing out scenes meant to instill fear?

In movie-making, this is called “error in continuity”. It’s when the next scene or episode is not consistent with the previous one. This is why professional movie making has special staff that take care of continuity.

Dear powers that be, you could have solved this weird incongruency by saying that the virus got weaker as it travelled to other countries. But you didn’t want to say that, because it wouldn’t have scared enough people into submission, right? The death statistics for the U.S. in 2020 are no more or less than any other year. That’s a fact.

Granted, maybe your virus is real. But perhaps it’s being exaggerated so that you can exploit it for some ulterior agenda?

I wonder why Covid so rapidly declined in China that only a few months later you had stadiums packed with hundreds of thousands of people, giving no care about social distancing – while the rest of the world went into second and third lockdowns?

Is China ever going to be held accountable for faking their Covid Data, as seen in this article and this one? I’m not asking for sanctions, but at the very least there could have been formal condemnations. Why were numbers downplayed in China and spiked in other countries?

Why are you giving us rules that are far more damaging than the virus itself? If Coronavirus only kills the elderly (but even then, in rare cases), why not focus on the protection of the elderly, rather than putting hundreds of millions of people out of Business? You know that the combo of poverty and lack of social contact, is much more damaging than this virus. Why is your global messaging ignoring the successful path the Swedes took in having no lockdowns, instead protecting the elderly?

Are you testing how easy it is to make people comply? Is this some kind of mass-scale social experiment? We have given up the two pillars of human well-being: Social Community and Economy. I’m amazed that you got most people to comply that easily. Very impressive.

But I think you’re getting lazy and people are starting to notice discrepancies. I was at first on the fence, but the more I see, the more I am becoming a Covid-skeptic.


Figuring out that something bogus is going on, is not rocket science.

I’m willing to believe that our scientists and politicians know what they are doing for the well-being of all. But as of late, your laws and measures have become so heavy-handed, they make me doubt your good intentions.

Is it true that flu rates are down by 98% this winter, as widely claimed? I don’t know. I don’t trust anything I read online. But I could imagine it’s true because I was told by a nurse in a local hospital, that all cases of flu are to be treated as cases of Covid, “just in case”. When I asked to speak to the person who said that (and get a recording of it!), the nurse asked me not to because she would “get in trouble”. That’s one of those little real-life episodes that make you scratch your head.

A few months ago I was walking in the fields, when I came upon a hiking couple. One of them had passed out from a sun stroke. I was asked to call an Ambulance. When I called the Ambulance, I was asked at least 5 questions or more relating to Covid, before I could state my reason for calling. “Do you have respiratory problems?” – “Have you had contact with anyone who has had Covid?” – “Are you in Self-Quarantine?” It was as if they had gotten their hospital staff to treat everything as potential Covid. For goodness sake! I thought. I could be calling about an emergency, but they didn’t care about my reason for calling, all they cared about is robotically asking me about Covid! The incident upset me. If people are being this robotic, something is amiss. Robotic behavior stems from intense fear-programming. People with good intentions do not use fear-programming.

Why are the reported cases in this instance (Ontario, Canada), skyrocketing, but not the cases of death? Why are false-positives reported by the thousands, on a daily basis? Why were there so many countries where Covid first broke out in nursing homes, as if planted there?

And what’s with the radically draconian push for mandatory vaccination? Just one example: Qantas airlines says that you won’t be able to travel if you don’t get the vaccine.

What has gotten into these people? If you are vaccinated, you should have nothing to fear from those who aren’t vaccinated, right? Shouldn’t it be every persons responsibility what they put into their body? Should a Corporation or Government decide what you must put into your body? Isn’t it my body? Aren’t you pro-choice?

I wish your talking points on Covid, would make sense.

You say lockdowns work, yes? So if lockdowns worked before, why do we need another one? Doesn’t the fact that you need another and yet another lockdown, prove that the previous lockdowns didn’t work? And if they didn’t work, what makes you think another one will work?

Heavy-handed measures that defy reason and civil rights, make us wonder and view politicians with skepticism. A friend of mine, who disagrees with my views on Covid, says that the lockdowns are good for the environment, they are healing the world. Was that the plan? If so, it’s poorly executed.

I’m sorry that many have come to believe that others are to blame for their state of health. “Because someone is not following the rules, we all suffer”. I’ve seen a lot of otherwise smart and educated people post that. But it’s classic totalitarian thought, a concept used by some of the most inhumane dictatorships n History. The motto is also used by organized crime gangs. “Because someone is not following the rules, we all suffer”. At first sight, this tribal thought makes perfect sense. Why does a whole group have to suffer, just because one person is acting up? Fortunately we have laws. But as soon as the “rules” are made up based on fear rather than reason, it turns into:

“Give up your job, your freedom of movement, your freedom of speech, your freedom of association, your family and friends…otherwise I’ll get sick”.

The better approach is this: You are responsible for your health, I’m responsible for mine. If you are fearful about your health, stay inside – but don’t force me to. Do you really want to legislate that everyone else gives up their lives because of your private worries? If you’re fearful for your health, get vaccinated, but don’t force me to.

I’m not afraid of Covid, because I’ve been paying attention. I’ve seen the “grown-ups” who are mandating lockdowns, flouting their own lockdown rules. We have seen police officers who are not wearing masks, arresting others for wearing masks. I have seen police officers defying laws and NOT enforcing Covid rules. On the other side, I have seen some breaking into peoples homes in SWAT Gear and full body armor just to stop a social gathering. I have seen Italian nurses wearing space-suit like gear and the camera accidentally picking up nearby people not wearing that gear.

The Virus is no probably no Hoax, but the reaction to it is. It’s an overreaction. For what? I don’t know. Probably the usual: Power and Money. Mass-fear-programming always goes back to some megalomaniacs agenda. As for your vaccine: I might take it. I might not. What’s it to you? But if it’s forced upon me, I will certainly not take it.

On the sexual misconduct of ancient “aliens”

 You won’t read this anywhere else in the world. It’s something weird I discovered while researching my latest book . This is an excerpt from my latest book Extraterrestrial Linguistics.


“…Worldwide Linguistic evidence for sexual exploitation through these ancient German speakers. I almost omitted it because it does not paint a flattering image of our spacefaring ancestors. Finally, I decided to include it in the book. My aim is not to worry about cultural sensibilities but to discover our true History, regardless of how it makes anyone look.

I first came across this oddity when I learned, from a Swahili speaking person, that the Swahili word for Breast is Titi. I thought it might be modern slang or a recent addition to the language from outside. I found that it’s neither slang nor modern. It’s the official word. A doctor who is saying “Breast Cancer” uses the word Titi. Back then, I categorized it as a coincidence. But after my studies for this book, I realize it’s not.

I looked up the word “Breast” in many languages. Upon discovering most of them to be ancient German, I began looking up other sexual and vulgar terms. After all, sex is timeless to human behavior.

I began by looking up the Amharic (Ethiopian) word for Whore, which is Galemota. If I separate the word, even a modern German speaker will instantly understand it. Gale Mota. In modern German it’s “geile Mutter”, Horny Mother in English.

If that were the only German reference, we could put it off as a fluke, but it’s not. The word “horny” itself is K’enidi, pronounced Ke-needy. My etymology dictionary says that the English word “Need” is of Germanic origin.

The word for prostitute is Zimuti Adari. Again, the German is so pure and well preserved, that even modern Germans will understand this ancient tongue. The German word “Mutti” is a variant of ‘Mother’. Again! In ancient German it was probably said like this: Adari Zi Muti, something like “That is the Mother”. Both Ethiopian words Whore and Prostitute, point to different German words for Mother.

The Amharic word for Love is Fikiri, which is ancient German dialect for Fucking. In proper Modern German its “Ficken”.

The word for Breast is Tuti, which is close to the German word for “Tits” and similar to the Swahili one.

The Amharic word for bed is aliga. I’m looking at this “foreign” language called Amharic, thinking I can’t believe it. I rub my eyes and pinch my arm to see if I’m dreaming. In German, “Liege” is actually “bed”. Southern German (Bavarian) dialect would precisely say “a Liga” for “a bed”.

The word for stupid is dedebi, which is De Debi, modern German Depp, which means stupid. I discovered more, but do not wish to reiterate it here. At the very least, this points to the possibility of a group of rather disrespectful ancient German-speaking people for who equate Love with Sex and Mothers with Whores.

So what is going on here? The German was so well preserved that I became suspicious. Could this be a more recent influence? Just to make sure, I checked whether Ethiopia was ever a German colony in the last few hundred years. It wasn’t. So how did it get into the language? Or was it there to begin with?

A tribe of people in South Africa who call themselves the Xhosa (pronounced Kosa) also show signs of vulgar ancient German. How these slang-like phrases found their way into an ancient language is a mystery to me.

The word for Whore is Ihenyukazi. Kazi is ancient German for Kitten or “Pussy”.

Ubufozi is the Xhosa word for Vagina. Fotze is vulgar German for “cunt”. In the language of the Zulu tribe, the same word, Ubufozi, refers to Femininity. To show the global reach of these ancients: All the way across the world, on the Pacific Island of Samoa, the word for Vagina is Fusi, which is essentially the same sound. How is that possible? It can only be explained if this variant of ancient German was, at one time, global or these tribes wandered the entire globe.

Food is Ukutya, ancient German Kut, Ya. In English, that means “it’s good, yes”. Isn’t that ridiculous? You say “the food is good, yes”, and it’s recorded to be the translation for “food”.

Breast Ibele, Bele is ancient German for Balls.

Bed is Ibhedi Bed-hi, which is ag. German dialect for going to bed.

Woman – Umfazi, which is again, Fotze, vulgar and derogatory German for “Cunt”.

The phenomenon is not limited to African languages, it can be found across the world.

The Basque term for Whore is Urdanga. Dan is ancient German. for lady and Ur is probably not the same as the German “Ur” (origin), but rather, the German Hur (Whore). Ur-danga then, is Hur-Dan-Ga, the ancient German word “whore-lady”.

The Estonian word for fuck is Hoorama, which is the ancient German “Hur Rama“, to “ram a whore”.

The Maori word for vagina is puta tenetene. Pute is Latin for “girl” and also ancient German for “whore”.


It’s difficult to put all of this off as “coincidence”. Especially in combination with all the other linguistic evidence presented in the book. But what on Earth does it mean? Was there a gang of ancient German-speaking people that travelled the whole world? And if so, why are they absent from History books?

Or is it that these words originally had no negative connotation? That’s also a possibility, I guess. In Arabic, the word Hoor refers to the most pure and beautiful women in Heaven.  Could it be that “the fallen ones”, knew that the Hoor are the purest women in Heaven and wished to desecrate the word to mean the opposite of “pure”? Maybe.

What if I told you that, approximately 1000 years ago, a band of misogynistic German speaking people in flying saucers, roamed the Earth to sexually exploit and abuse surface-dwellers? You’d probably think it sounds insane. It wouldn’t fit to anything you think you “know” about History. And it would also require giving up too many cherished beliefs, not just one:

The belief that flying saucers don’t exist and if they do, only exist since recently.

The belief that ancient aliens are actually “aliens”.

The belief that our own technology began with the industrial revolution 200 years ago.

The belief that humans haven’t been to deep space.

The belief that school teaches a fairly accurate account of History.

The belief that technologically advanced people are generally benevolent.

But if you’ve read the book, the utter strangeness of the statement is reduced one level. If you take an unbiased look at ancient Mythology, you’ll see that the writings are rife with the sexual exploitation and misconduct by beings mistaken to be “the gods”.

From the Book of Genesis, Chapter 6, verse 4:

“There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown. Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great upon the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was altogether evil all the time”

The Hebrew word for Giants is “Nephilim”. Who are these Nephilim who came down to Earth and had sex with human women?

As shown in the book, the word “Ilim” or “Elim” refers to higher Beings. Ne-philim could therefore be a negation, as in Not-Elim. That would fit to the notion that they are “fallen angels”. But that’s only speculation on my part.

The Book of Numbers, Chapter 13, verse 13 has another name for them:

“We even saw the Nephilim there–the descendants of Anak that come from the Nephilim! We seemed like grasshoppers in our own sight, and we must have seemed the same to them!”

As explained in my book, the word “An” is a worldwide term, used in every language, to denote Ancestors. It’s preserved in modern German as the same word, Ahnen. Even the Sumerian word Annunaki, which “ancient aliens” researchers claim refers to extraterrestrials, contains the An. As you learn in the book, the word “Ak” or “Ok” refers to a specific star constellation. An-Ak are “the ancestors from Ak”.

But it gets even stranger. If you wish to know how strange, you can read it here:

Extraterrestrial Linguistics


The Mandela Effect and Reality Creation

 Today: I remember putting my sneakers into the trunk of the car, for a later activity. I noticed they were filthy. Because I had an appointment there was no time to clean them or go get others. I could clean them later. I went to my appointment. Afterwards, I went to get my sneakers out of the trunk and they were completely clean. Spotless.

What? How? Am I delusional? False memory? Or did I switch timelines, from one parallel world to another? I believe we jump timelines. I wrote a book called Parallel Universes of Self about this in 2006. I think this happens more often than we notice.

If you can shift timelines toward a reality change, as if an event never happened, it stands to reason that the world as a whole can do it too.

I clearly remember Gibraltar as an Island between Morocco and Spain. I remember that the “Straits of Gibraltar” were two waterways on either side of the Island. I remember that the Island, under British rule, was not populated and merely had one or two facilities on it. It was just a piece of rock in the Ocean.

Looking at the Map today, I find that this is not the case at all:


Gibraltar is not an island, it’s attached to Spain. It’s not even directly between Morocco and Spain, as I thought it was. And it’s more than a small piece of rock, it has a population and even a mountain on it. It looks nothing like the Gibraltar I remember.

You could say my memory is tricking me or I was misinformed about Gibraltar. But to me, that sounds offensive. Granted, I have never been to Gibraltar, I can only recount what I was shown on film, taught in school and read in books. I lived in a parallel world where Gibraltar was in the middle of  the Straits of Gibraltar (plural), not at the side of the singular Strait of Gibraltar.

This is called “The Mandela Effect”, deriving from the fact that some people remember Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s while others insist he died in 2013.

Over the years people have asked me why I haven’t written about the Mandela Effect, as it ties in nicely with Parallel Universes. The reason is this: It’s a nerdy subject. By that, I mean, there is a lot of thinking and speculation, but little practical application in the context of Parallel Universes Coaching. I wrote  my 2006 book Parallel Universes with practical self-improvement in mind.

The term Mandela Effect gained traction around 2013, when Mandela died:


Some things ascribed to this effect appear to be about remembering things inaccurately, but others appear to prove genuine parallel worlds. Usually these two views are separated into two camps, the naysayers vs. the believers, but such divided camps are for people who lack the power of discernment. If one is too lazy to look deeper, then everything is explained from only one viewpoint and that’s how these “camps” are established.

The Mandela Effect is fascinating, but of what practical use is it to puzzle over various trivia? Thinking about it more deeply, I found one way in which it is useful: It can shake up “everything you believe to be true”. It awakens us to life being more mysterious and interesting than commonly assumed.

I think it’s good to shake up peoples belief-system. Like I did  with my recent book “Extraterrestrial Linguistics“. It’s good to entertain the idea that everything you believe is unreal. Why is that good? Because it trains you to think outside of habitual boxes. The mind seeks comfort in the familiar, in “consensus-reality’. To consider things that nobody else is believing, helps you grow.

Remember: Just because you entertain an idea, doesn’t mean you have to believe in it. I entertain all kinds of “crazy” ideas, as a matter of training. It doesn’t mean I buy into them fully. I savor the belief for some time before either swallowing it or spitting it out. Embracing or rejecting an unusual idea before savoring it, is the root of ignorance. The difference between me and crazy people is that I am fully aware of what “normal” people believe.

But even more useful than reading examples of changed History or the Mandela effect, is to create your own preferred timeline. Your own amazing life can be created regardless of where Gibraltar is or what other upheaval is happening in the world. The Universe will keep teaching you that your life is all up to you and can be turned around at any minute on any day. And did you know that the way you see world events is a reflection of the way you see yourself? Do you see world events or the Mandela Effect as mysterious and amazing? That’s because you are.

“But Fred, global Covid Pandemic is not the timeline I wanted! And it affects me! It’s not true that I choose my preferred reality! I am dependent on the worlds political reality!”

Well, if you say so. Guess what – it hasn’t affected me negatively so far. 2020 was my best year financially and in health. And I also happen to be living in parts of the world without lockdown or mask mandate. So I never experienced any of the consequences of Covid (even though I have written several articles objecting to the politics around it). If you really think all that is a coincidence, you don’t know Reality Creation.

Here’s how to make the Mandela Effect more of a practical experience: Notice errors in continuity in your own life, especially after a radical change in energy-state or self-image. When you shift your state rapidly, then the new-you is not living on the same timeline as the old-you. Pay attention and you’ll notice the changes. Things are not as fixed as they seem.



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