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May 23, 2018
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May 28, 2018

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The Biggest Secret in the Universe

Success is so easy, its almost comical

How a BMW Z4 was manifested without paying for it

Authentic Flirting and Dating

The Hidden Roots of Success

Do Houses Have Consciousness?

How Energy is Gained at Different Levels of Consciousness

Fake Glamour vs. Peak Experiences

Conspiracy Theories and Levels of Consciousness

The Lifecycle of Civilizations

The Power of Self-Sufficiency

The Three Types of People

How permanent ideal body weight was manifested

How to succeed at running a restaurant

The Power of Definitive Communication

Kindness - The Underestimated Power

How to Overcome Screen Addiction

Let Go of Waiting

Do you really think Google is Free?

Just Say No to Gossip

The Biggest Secret in the Universe

The Biggest Secret in the Universe is this:

Whatever happens to you in life, is there to help you experience more Love. 

Grasp this and you understand all else. What follows is why this must be true and how you can use this wisdom to change anything.

Have you ever noticed losing interest in a project after a few achievements? And have you ever become careless about money after getting a lot? And have you ever begun losing romance after "getting" him or her? And have you ever noticed treating people you already know worse than new people? And have you ever noticed companies that become bigger, stop caring about their customers?

These patterns of decline are very common in society. Decline-of-Love-after-Success is the main cause of decreased health, happiness and wealth. Spiritual Law is that you will experience in life whatever helps you experience more love. So if abundance causes you to experience less care or interest, then abundance will be taken away from you again. Why? Because the Universe conspires for you to experience more Love. And this is how most peoples finances, health, happiness, etc. go up and down over the decades. They don't care, so it all goes down. So they start caring again, by necessity, and it all goes back up. Then they are well-off again, become complacent, and it all goes down. Then they wake up and become attentive again and it goes back up. If only losing money, health, relationships or happiness makes you more aware and loving, you can be sure that you will keep losing them. It means that the only way to make you more loving and aware is to take something away from you.

Would you like to break through this pattern and become healthier, wealthier and wiser than ever before? Then let improved situations cause you to become even more loving, interested and attentive. Let success inspire you to become even better. When abundance makes you a more loving human being or helps you maintain interest in your friends, family, customers, etc. more abundance will come to you. If there is any area of lack in your life, look for a lack of care toward yourself or others and correct yourself.

Does this remind you of parent-child relationships? That's because our relation to the Universe is similar to that of a child to its Parents. We like to spoil our children with unlimited generosity. But if this causes them to become spoiled and unkind and it seems like the only way to make them caring, respectful and aware again lies in no longer spoiling them, we intentionally throttle the flow of abundance in their direction.

"But this can't be true, Fred. What about all the rich, famous, healthy, happy people who are unkind and outright nasty?"

Their riches are temporary and their happiness an illusion. If you think these "outright nasty" people are happy, healthy or wealthy you are seeing only a snapshot of  rather than the whole movie. Or they are creating a public perception of their supposed abundance (abundance = rich AND happy, not only rich) and hide their suffering. I have met a lot of people from all walks of life over the last 40 years and it's been easy to see where abundance is authentic and stable (coming from love) or temporary or at the expense of health (coming from trickery). And then there are some very kind and loving human beings that are mistakenly viewed as evil by the public. In spite of appearances, there is no "nasty" person who is at the same time abundant. This false assumption is rooted in conspiracy-theory which itself is rooted in the paradigm that the Universe is an evil place that rewards evil.

To get a bigger picture of this, look at peoples lives when they are older. Above the age of 70 they draw closer to the end of the movie-of-their-life and their conduct throughout life becomes more visible. Loving conduct guarantees long-term happiness, health and success. Unloving conduct will eventually catch up with you and leave you lonely, poor or sick in old age (but even then its never too late to turn it all around). Is it controversial to suggest that people end up where they are, primarily through their own choices in life rather than being victims of uncontrollable circumstances? Then I'll soften this stance a little by adding that many people are not entirely conscious of the process. I make such statements not with the aim to judge or condemn people who are suffering, but rather with the aim to help, so that they may become more conscious of nightmares of their own making.

Another way to get the idea is by looking at people whose success-stories have spanned across their whole lifetime vs. people whose fortune was short-lived. The difference between "one hit wonders" and those of a lifetime legacy is that their fortunes did not fundamentally change who they were inside. They never gave up their creativity or love, did not sell out or compromise their dignity and honesty. Fortunes come and go so easily. But it stays with those who stay true to themselves. And being true to yourself means living from Love. No doubt, we all experience our share of trouble and challenge. But if you take the challenge as an opportunity to grow in awareness and love, the trouble is short-lived.

If the Universe is a friendly place, how could it be any different? The only it could be untrue, is if the Universe were a mean place. Honestly: How long do you think nasty and unloving behavior will be rewarded by others? Eventually the unloving will Fall. This fact is evidence that the Universe is generally built as a Just and Fair, self-correcting system. If it were not so, we would all be extinct by now.

If the Universe were an Evil place, then the mean-spirited would reap the greatest rewards. There do appear to be some realms of consciousness where the most evil person has the most power. In these places, victory belongs to the violent. But such parallel realities of drug-cartels, mafia gangs and tribal wars are not the majority at Planet Earths current Level of Energy. And their lives are not filled with joy and end just as violently (live by the sword, die by the sword). If you wish to live in the friendly version of the Universe, follow the rules of the friendly Universe by believing that friendliness is rewarded. Reject philosophies and ideologies that imply that riches and accomplishments require force, cheating, trickery and lies. Such Beliefs have their basis in the unfriendly-Universe philosophy.

The conspiracy-theorist lives in this dark reverse-universe in which the most abundant people are the most evil. Those stuck in victim-consciousness insist that their experience in life has absolutely nothing to do with their own vibration, choices, thoughts, words and actions. But there is a world in which Love turns into Riches of all kinds. I and many others already live in that world and have been living here for a long time. I have known this for 30 years now and it has always guided and helped me without fail.

"But Fred, they say that Money is the Root of All Evil. I have internalized this Belief. Now you are telling me to Love Money. It will take some time for me to let go of that old belief system because it seems so true!"

First of all, the saying does not go "Money is the Root of All Evil". The exact saying goes "Love of Money is the root of All Evil". Secondly, its not some unknown "they" that say this, its a phrase from the Bible. Thirdly, I am not saying to "Love Money". I said "Love causes Money". Big difference.  "Love" could be the Love of People, the Love of your Craft, the Love to your Customers, the Love toward your Children, the Love toward your partner. In fact, the saying 'Love of Money is the root of all Evil' fits to what I am saying here. Making an external thing ('Money') more important than the feeling and act of Love is not only at the root of Evil, it is also at the root of bad health, exhaustion, angry relationships and poverty.

Whatever happens to you in life is there to help you experience more Love. 

I've met my share of people who have been seriously ill. As they became more loving, their health improved. But many, after their health improved, unfortunately went right back to being unkind, uncaring, unaware. So what happens? They fall ill again. The lesson was not learned. Bad things happen until the lesson is learned. The lesson to learn in Life is always the same: Love. Everything is a lesson in Love. But if you stay aware, you no longer need lessons just like an innocent person requires no punishment, an awake person requires no wake up call, a well-intended person requires no guilt, and a person on a loving path requires no course correction.

"But Fred, love is not always the answer. I tried sending love to my Boss, who has really been treating me badly. And he hasnt changed. He still shouts and threatens us every day. Sometimes he physically assaults us". 

In this case, Self-Respect (which is another form of Love) is the answer. Do you respect yourself enough not to put up with that and leave the job?

"But Fred, if I leave the job, I'll be out of money"

On the contrary. Without Love (here in the form of self-respect), you will run out of money, happiness and health. And does it get anymore unloving than to think you are unable to get a better job and have to put up with mistreatment just for a couple of Dollars?"

The worldview shared in this article is not common. The objections to it are numerous. But once the philosophy of a Loving and Love-Rewarding Universe is embraced, most doubts subside and peace and prosperity is what you Become. From that time onward, you no longer need negative events to awaken you.

Whatever happens to you in life is there to help you experience more Love and Awareness.


Success is so easy, its almost comical

The title of this article is offensive to people who have an inner link between hard work and success. It is also offensive to people who believe success is dependent on circumstances and connections. But I stand by the statement, even though it flies in the face of all conventional "wisdom". It's painful to watch how people struggle and hustle and cheat due to these conventional beliefs. There have even been times I considered quitting as a success-coach, precisely because worldly success is so easy to attain. I thought "It's obvious. Teaching success is like teaching to breathe air. Why should I even have to teach that?" But then I remember the times in which it seemed such a mystery to me and I get compassion. Success is like learning a language. If you don't know it, it all seems mysterious and difficult. But once you know the language, it feels natural. Then any sort of success is a breeze. A picnic. A piece of cake. Easy as pie. Childs play. Smooth Sailing. Sure, there might be a phase of effort in learning the language, but once its grasped it can never be taken away from you again. You then know its rules and how its played. If success in anything continues to be "hard" through life, you don't "get it" just yet. So I'll keep on writing and teaching until enough people join us in this realm of pleasantness where we no longer fight the fight, but play the game.

I caught a Taxi to Los Angeles Airport the other day. The driver was complaining that "because of Uber" (a private, app-based transport service), Business is going much slower. He was wishing that "someone" would do "something" about it. The day was too sunny and my mood too bright for me to tell him what I thought. But if I had told him, it would have been this: "My friend. I take Uber 90% of the time because they are quicker. The cars are much cleaner. Payment is more convenient because its instant and automatic. The prices are more flexible. Uber cars are generally more available, especially in cities. I have travelled a dozen countries in the last months and Uber outperformed local taxis anywhere I went. Many Ubers are staffed by private drivers. Because of that and because of the fact that the Uber App allows for instant Feedback, many of them tend to be more patient, to ask whether you want music or not. Uber cars are very unlike your taxi. I see cigarette stains all over the seat. There is loud music blaring from your stereo. There is no AC on and you didnt ask me whether I would like some. In front of my face, just above the backseat, there is a mandatory TV Screen, showing me ads I did not ask to be shown".

The taxi-industry is not failing because of Lyft and Uber and whatnot, it is failing because it hasn't positively developed or upgraded in decades. It has nothing to do with Uber being evil villains, it has all to do with customer-centric convenience provided every time something better comes up. CDs replaced LPs. And mp3s replaced CDs. Maybe in 50 years, Uber will be complaining that the Teleportation-Booth industry is "taking away our jobs". The truth is and always has been, that that which is most convenient to buyers, eventually wins. This much has been clear for thousands of years. Why should I pay double price for this noisy, stained taxi if I can ride in an air-conditioned Limousine for half the price? Now how "hard" do you think the guys at Uber work? Well, after the initial effort of creating the App and System, they don't work hard at all. Money just keeps rolling their direction based on a few simple, customer-centric principles. As always, it's never primarily about the mechanics (Doingness) of a Business, it's about the principles (Beingness) on which that Business runs. Work should be an extension and refinement of principles, not the other way around.

Along similar lines, we hear that streaming services like Netflix and Amazon have "killed" the Video Industry and are "killing" the Cinema Industry. Streaming services offer choice and convenience and flexible prices and, and, and. The moment such services arrived, I never visited my local Video Store again. Why would I? If I take back my rental too late, they'd charge me an insane fee. Big Video chains had such shoddy practices for years, before something better came along. My local Movie Theater looks like it hasn't updated it's interior in more than 25 years. If the owner of that Cinema had gotten the idea to actually improve rather than rest on his laurels and use his Business as a cash cow, he might have considered adding comfortable reclining chairs or at least cupholders or any sort of reason at all to choose his venue over the comfort of my couch. I actually found a Movie Theater recently, that was absolutely booming. They are sold out weeks ahead and special reservations must be made. Why are they succeeding when others are failing "due to Netflix"? It's because they turned "going out to the Movies" into an awesome experience. They have large, cushioned couches instead of traditional cinema chairs, tray tables, waiters coming around to serve the audience, a selection of specialized sodas not available in the supermarket, Madame-Tussaud-like figures standing around their cinema parlor (and therefore plenty of selfie-eager people willing to go there just for that), and much more. They are so great at what they do, so good at the "Movie Theater" thing, that they will never go out of Business and will never have "competition". There is Love in their Business.

Let's take Amazon as another current example that causes people to complain on how "unfair" the company is and that so many retailers are failing because of Amazon. The common misconception is that someone more successful is causing you to fail, as in "one mans gain is another mans loss". This popular notion actually masks the true cause of failure, which is your own retail shops lack of convenience or improvement. There are those who take the competition of companies such as Amazon as a springboard to self-improvement and then there are those who blame Amazon for their own shortcomings. The online retailer Amazon is simply successful because it offers a simple, quick, convenient and easy way to purchase goods. Their delivery is lightning quick. Their refund policies are generous. Their selection is vast. Shopping there is easy as can be. As a customer looking for convenience, I am not aware of their much criticized employment practices or their much criticized tax issues, etc. I just want to watch a certain movie whenever I want it. Or have a certain item delivered whenever I want it. As throughout all of History, you hear a lot of complaints about the successful company. But the fact is, anybody could have predicted the rise of online shopping and created the appropriate platform ahead of time. By the early 2000s it was obvious that this would be the way people would shop in the future. And if the day comes that Amazon loses its simple and straightforward customer-centric attitude, they will be replaced by something better. And then they might whine about that better provider, but who cares? The customers decide what benefit they are getting and they naturally reciprocate that benefit with purchases.

The world has been wondering when the highly advanced Tesla Cars are going to go mass-scale already. Why is it taking them so long? Well, you can blame some "oil conspiracy" or say that "people are not ready yet because they aren't smart enough", or you can look at what customers actually want. Right now, the car is still kind of nerdy and attractive to only a small segment of the population. It's use and technology seems complicated rather than convenient. Especially the older generation just wants to get into the car and drive to the grocery store, rather than having to deal with an endless list of "features" and "gadgets". The younger generation, on the other hand, wouldnt mind if their Car Models looked more sexy. Teslas time will come, with a few minor adjustments. Or they might choose to only appeal to a small segment of the population. That's what I do with some of my books: They are not meant to appeal to anyone but only certain levels of consciousness.

Success is a Picnic. You may think what was said here, does not apply to you. But the principles of "how the universe works" are the same in any area of life. To extrapolate this information, simply replace the word "customer" with the word "Boss", if you are an employee or the word "Partner" if you want to improve a relationship, or "Body" if you want to improve your health. By being loving to that Boss, Body, Partner, Customer, success comes naturally, as a side-effect of Love. Be pleasing to people. Not a people-pleaser, that's something else. A people-pleaser is nice to people out of guilt or approval-seeking (to "make them like me"). Pleasing people, on the other hand, is doing what you love with love and loving what you do. You please them most, by just being yourself. When you are truly yourself, you are calm and loving. And when you are calm and loving, you do great work. And when you do great stuff, people and customers are attracted to you naturally.

How a BMW Z4 was manifested without paying for it

Today I'd like to share the true and miraculous story of how a BMW Z4 was manifested without paying a cent for it. These kind of stories seem like fairy-tales for many, but they are rather common for reality-creators.

When I was a younger, around the age of 26 or 27, I fancied a silver BMW Z4 as "the car of my dreams". I couldn't afford it back then so I didn't buy it. I made a so-called Vision Board, where I pasted a number of pictures of things I wished to manifest. One of the pictures was of said BMW. I hung the Vision Board in my bedroom so that I could see it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. And just so there is no misunderstanding here: It's not the Vision Board that creates the magic, it's your inner intent and self-image. The tool is only a conduit through which to express your intent.

Anyway, years passed and the BMW did not manifest. I eventually forgot about that dream and I also put away the Vision Board and even forgot about using that tool. At age 33 I entered a phase, where I could actually afford such a car but it didn't cross my mind to just go and purchase one. The reason being, that I don't place importance on physical objects. I've spent my whole life teaching inner abundance, inner power, inner states and have always kept my private life simple and humble. I've had seminar-organizers, who have paid me very large sums, ask me why I wear sneakers and t-shirt to their events or take the subway home from their events, can't I afford any better with all the money they gave me? But in higher states of consciousness, enthusiasm for external status symbols is just not that high. Instead there is enthusiasm states of bliss, love and joy. As more time went by, I realized that focusing people on material luxuries could help them generate more financial security for themselves, so I started recommending such, as a carrot-stick. Nonetheless, true success is an inside job. Its all to do with skill (inside), imagination (inside), values (inside), principles (inside), state (inside) and has very little to do with luxury watches, handbags and cars. But it is precisely this independence from the material world that makes it easy to manifest whatever physical items you want. 

  In one of dozens of "manifesting without paying" examples, a student gifted me the silver BMW Z4 about half a year ago. I had helped him and his wife through some rather serious issues, one of them being the health of his wife. Prior to coaching, her health was deteriorating rapidly and doctors expected death. After our sessions, her health was gradually improving. I had worked with them for a month, coming to their house three times a week. He had several cars in his Driveway and Garage. Seeing that all these pieces of metal are not quite as important as his wifes health, he said "Take it. Take this car as my gift to you". I accepted the gift without hesitation (contrary to the fake humility of "No, I cant accept that!" so common in our culture).

Now this is where it gets metaphysical: The car was actually 10 years old (2007), but it only had 5000 kilometres on it. It looked like new. It was actually produced around the time I had the wish for the car and had the Vision Board hanging on my wall. Not only that, it was manufactured in the city that I was living in back in 2007! (Munich, Germany). It's as if it was being made just for me at the same time and the same place I was wishing for it!

There is a metaphysical theory that states that all of our gifts are already allocated to us before we even incarnate on earth, just waiting for the right time to be delivered to us. That's what this felt like.

Don't get me wrong, it's great to "manifest" something by just going out and buying it. But it's more fun to manifest things as "gifts from above", as a wink from the Universe, saying "well done".  Don't over-emphasize the money itself, focus on the stuff you want to be, do or have with money". Money is just a symbolic tool of exchange. Keep your mind on the final result you really want and you'll manifest it with or without money.

I'd like my readers to more deeply comprehend the nature of effortless manifesting: It manifested for me from a position of liking that kind of car, not a position of wanting it, needing it, working for it, etc. By the time it finally manifested, I didn't really care anymore. Right now I cruise around in it, and its nice, but at this point in my life I can imagine much better. Ultimately it really is just a piece of metal that requires attending to and I'd be just as happy without it. This state of equanimity or non-attachment, coupled with appreciation and a sense of deserving, is the emotional field in which effortless manifestations occur. Simply but, you can have anything you feel bigger than.

It seems that the Universe has endless stuff lined up for you, which you can receive any time once you realize it's not about stuff in the first place. In my twenties I was keen on the car, because I thought that it's about the car, the yacht, the private jet, etc. Dependence on external objects for inner validation is a position of insecurity. Things come easily to those that require literally nothing external for validation. The magic lies in a persons energy-field, not in material objects. And the intentions you put out there, with an innocent heart, tend to manifest rapidly. As for those things that have not manifested for you: They will drop into your lap in a surprising way.


Authentic Flirting and Dating

Yesterday I witnessed this painfully awkward scene that inspired me to write this piece: A gorgeous looking women standing behind a Cafe counter. An insecure looking guy stands up from his seat, approaches her and says: "I'm looking for something, can you help me?". Already feeling his intention, the woman frowns and says "Huh?". He repeats: "I am looking for something special, can you help me?". She says "What are you looking for?". He says, in a shallow tone: "I am looking for your phone number". The embarrassment of that moment is palpable. She rolls her eyes in total dismissal and says "Sorry, I'm married". His face blushing and eyes to the floor, he quickly disappears from the cafe, leaving an unfinished cup of Mocha at the table.

I felt a wave of compassion for the guy and his cringe-worthy performance. I wish I could have told him a few things from an observer-perspective. It astonishes me to witness people this far off the mark. I realize that THIS is why I became a success coach.

The Internet-Age has brought with it a vast culture of horrible "dating advice", "flirt coaches" and wannabe "pick up artists". One of the most common misguided things they teach you, is that when you approach a woman you need to use a "pick up line" - a phrase or statement that will grab a womans attention or make her laugh. Hence, on a Google-Search you'll find stuff like "Pick up Lines to seduce any woman within 5 minutes", "Pick up lines that will get you her phone number". "Sign up now to get an ebook with the Top 100 pick up lines to drive any woman crazy and make her OBSESSED with you!" "And for an extra $750 Dollars you get the Subliminal Ultimate Female Attraction Kit that includes another 500 pick up lines spoken by Pick Up Master Charlie the Superstud. Added Bonus: A 1 hour talk by Giacomo Novacasa on how to get into 30 womens pants a week ".

I exaggerate to illustrate my point: This whole "pick up artist" culture is made by losers for losers and perpetuates more losing overall. If anyone succeeds in flirting it is not because of this rubbish but in spite of it.

The exact opposite is true: Genuine flirting develops naturally and looks coincidental. Likewise, the best marketing is the marketing that doesn't look like marketing. You see, the guy in the Cafe did not strike up an organic, genuine conversation with her while ordering his Mocha. He actually got back up from the table with her as a specific target. His energy-field was not mellow and casual, it was desperate, as if he had been secretly stalking her for weeks and now seized a once-in-a-lifetime-chance that would forever determine his doom or glory. With that vibe, it doesn't matter what you say, it's not going to work. His "pick up line" felt unnatural and rehearsed as in "I learned this online and now lets try it on someone who looks hot". If he had been his authentic self...the same self he is with his friends, his relatives, etc. rather than using things foreign to him, he may have had more success. The crux of most flirt-flops is that both men and women think they have to be something or someone other than who they really are. This is just short-sighted, because its not going to last. If you get involved with the other, they will soon find out who you really are. And I don't know anybody who recites cheesy pick up lines in normal daily life. And why do they think they have to be someone else? Because they intuitively feel that who they are is not attractive to who they are approaching. So the solution is simple: Become the person that would be attractive to her/him OR chose someone who accepts you as you already are. 

This guy lacked genuine interest in the human being standing there. His sole interest lies in getting laid. How attractive do you think that is to the woman? As a general rule, men like looking at good looking women and women like being looked at with admiration and appreciation. Biologically speaking, female arousal and male arousal are polar opposites: Male energy gets aroused by looking at beauty, female energy gets aroused by showing beauty. This guy showed no admiration, appreciation or respect whatsoever. He was stuck in his mind with "How can I get her to like me", "Lets see if I can seduce her", "I hope my pick up lines work" and "Will she notice my shirt is not ironed?"

Using a specific "pick up line" implies that women are robots whose buttons you can push according to specific commands. Only computer nerds of the Internet-Age could believe such nonsense. Women (and Men) are not first attracted by what you say and do, but by who you are. Who you believe you are is expressed in how you dress, how you move, how you feel, your status in life and your capacity to flow unsullied and unconditional admiration and appreciation (energy) in her direction. It's an energy and presence thing, not an external thing (as with everything in life). Sometimes just saying "Hi" will work more wonders than all these "pick up lines". A simple "Hi" will do. The more confident you feel within yourself, the less effort you require to attract attention. "Hi" is an effortless statement. It implies that your mere presence is enough to attract attention. If you have the belief that you are FUN to be with, there is no reason for the other to reject or dismiss you (unless they are already taken). Have you ever noticed how unattractive a person appears to you who thinks they have to put on an entertainment circus just to please you?

Missing in the Cafe-guys approach was also the Element of FUN. Any observer could see he was suffering tremendously. Why should such a gorgeous woman have to deal with that walking, talking ball of shame and tension? She is just there to do her job. If this guy cannot make her stay there a bit more light-hearted and joyous, why bother? Good flirt situations arise naturally and may very well contain moments of vulnerability, confusion, humor and uncertainty. Humans cant be controlled with button-pushes or like machines, unless they are mostly unconscious. In other words: Such "flirt techniques" only work on people you wouldn't really want to be with in the first place.

If someone asks "What should I say when I am on a date with her/him"...that question itself is already grossly adrift. Tucked away behind it is a deeply insecure human being who thinks he "should" say certain things and "should not" say other things in order to be loved. Isn't being yourself good enough? If it were that easy to "say the wrong thing" it's not worth it anyway. The Internet is filled with endless lists of "what to say". In a recent waiting room I saw a womans magazine with the headline "Top 10 things NEVER to say to keep your Man happy". Nearby was a Mens magazine with a headline "5 things to say to drive her Crazy". But if you simply encounter another human being openly, with goodwill and respect, there are no strict speech-rules to adhere to (apart from the obvious, such as avoiding insults). "Oh no....I mentioned my political opinions and now she doesn't want to meet up with me anymore!" someone recently told me. And I said: "That's not the real reason. If you were just awesome and super-comfortable with yourself, she'd want to be with you no matter what political opinions you have. Moreover...why are you even interested in someone who would deny you just because of a minor disagreement?" And yes, you bet that all these "Top 10 Lists" you see in magazines were written by marketers who think that "Top Lists attract readers attention" rather than written by people who have some real advice based on wisdom, clarity, spirit and experience.

In my late teens Id sometimes hang out in dance clubs. That's where I first witnessed another one of the great misconceptions particularly MEN have about what it means to be a "real man". They think that "being manly" is about dominating others. Real "manhood" however, is about dominating oneself, not others. The attempt to control, force and dominate others is actually a sign of weakness, not strength. That so many men have fallen into this is both comic and tragic. Comic because aggressive men think they are being super-sexy while everyone else thinks they are psychos. Tragic because this philosophy is the cause of endless conflict and violence in which insecure men "prove" their manhood by "dominating" others. "My nuclear bombs are bigger than yours". Is there anyone less sexy than Kim Yong Un?

Unless they come from households with abusive fathers, most women admire and love men that dominate themselves, not others. To dominate oneself means that this man has self-control and self-discipline, knows what he wants and gets it done. Dominating others means this man keeps trying to force others in acting and thinking differently than they are. One is Power, the other is Force. Force is fear-based. If you have Power, you do not have to force anyone to think, say or do anything. While this errant behavior is mostly found in men, there are also plenty of women you think in terms of forcing and pushing. You do not have to push and promote yourself, you instead effortlessly attract that which is aligned with your Being.

"My Dating Coach told me that when I'm on a date with a woman, at some point in the evening, I should grab out my hand, choke her throat or pull her hair and force her to kiss me. He said that turns women on at a deeper level, even though some won't admit it" a student once said to me. He added: "I was skeptical of this advice. Could you tell me more about that?"

I got tears of laughter when reading that one. That has to be some of the worst "dating advice" I ever heard. You won't be perceived as a "real man" by most, you'll be perceived as a maniac, an animal. Sure, many women and men like being dominated in an aroused sexual context. In fact, it's a sense of overwhelm that corresponds to male and female orgasm. Obviously the sexual act itself, even without choking and hair-pulling, is already somewhat forceful. But in most other contexts, choking someone you do not know and who has not granted that kind of permission into a forced kiss, would be considered a gross violation of personal space and total disrespect, akin to rape. This kind of "dating advice" has all to do with force and submission power-games which is an entirely different realm and context than flirt and love. That advice might be better served to a guy looking to open a brothel of sex-trafficked slaves rather than a conscious and free human being.

The opposite extreme of that is just as ridiculous: I knew of a guy who "dated" a woman for 4 months, when she said: "When are you finally going to kiss me?!?!?!". She had been signaling for a kiss hundreds of times, but both were a little too timid to go for it. Needless to say, they never got together.

Become the best version of yourself and you will naturally and at just the right time, attract what is right for you. No fake effort, method, no technique required. Just going out and feeling really good, just feeling yourself and others and having fun is enough. If you want to know whether a person, place or thing is on the right track, check if they are having any fun. Avoid companies, people, potential partners, associates, who are too grim. Grimness reveal hidden agendas and all sorts of issues you want nothing to do with. A light-hearted attitude reveals that this person has understood some of the basics of life. They are the right partner, the right flirt, the right Business associate, the right anything. Choose your people wisely.

What then is Authentic Flirting and Dating? It's knowing that WHO YOU ARE when you are at ease is more interesting, funny and worthwhile to be with than any of your stereotypical and pretentious roles...and taking that true self, to meet others.


The Hidden Roots of Success

There are three main ways of viewing success:

  1. Success is the consequence of circumstances and coincidences (Having)
  2. Success is the consequences of hard work and struggle (Doing)
  3. Success comes from inner, non-physical attitudes (Being)
The first two paths are long descending roads into darkness. I've spent the last 25+ years helping to deprogram these lopsided philosophies. But there is more work to do because the majority still subscribes to them in one form or another. Most believe in the mix of the two. They are propagandized in media, television, school and in bestselling books and parroted non-stop by the naive mind. To the point that "quitting ones lousy job" evokes FEAR in most people, rather than the JOY it would normally provoke to leave something undesirable!

The statistical image above shows the majority view. In the U.S. (and around the World) most "Democrats" lean toward the idea that success is owed to "circumstances" and "privileges" (the class, race, sex, country you were born into), as well as ones "connections", whereas most "Republicans" believe that success is owed to "hard work" and "stronger effort". As these two groups make up around 80% of the Population, it becomes clear that we have some way to go toward an enlightened planetary civilization. Our political system was originally set up to cater to these two predominant worldviews.

Imagine a young boy with parents of the "hard work: philosophy. They tell him he won't succeed if he is "lazy" and that he needs to accept doing stuff he doesn't enjoy "in order to" reach a position he will some day enjoy. "You gotta start at the bottom, kid! There is no free lunch! Get off your lazy ass! You have to make a lot of sacrifices! If you didnt make it at first, you gotta work even harder! Never give up! Never compromise! You gotta earn it kid! I dont give a damn if you're tired! Do you really want this or not!&%$#@!!!*&%!"

I exaggerate to illustrate the despotic-sadistic attitude at the root of this philosophy. Once this kid links a little achievement with grueling effort, this kid is lost for life. Literally lost. A slave. Set up for a life of struggle. He is like the Monkey in the Banana Experiment: Scientists set up a cage for the monkey and another cage full of Bananas. The monkey learned that by stretching his arm through the cage, he could grab a tiny piece of the cost of dislodging his arm muscles and ripping his skin. Once the monkey was conditioned to "hard work = success", the scientists opened the door of the cage. But the monkey didn't notice, because he was focused on trying to get a small piece of Banana. Obsessed with greed, he'd voluntarily destroy his health just to get a little. Had he relaxed, he would have noticed the open cage door, gotten out and had access to ALL the Bananas EFFORTLESSLY. And unless someone helps him de-program, that monkey is a lost cause. And then there are those who give up on success entirely, because they don't want to submit to the drudgery. But that's throwing the baby out with the bathwater. You can have the Bananas without excessive pain.

Imagine a young girl with parents of the "circumstances" philosophy. They tell her that success is beyond her control and that many people have fallen victim to the false hopes of success-teachers. "Science has proven that there is no level playing field. Successful People have received unfair advantages. You are better off caring for the homeless. They have been discarded like objects from the ruthless and cold system. The rich don't care about them. They did not get their way of their own decision. Nobody decides to be homeless. They were made that way, by this oppressive and uncaring elitist society. People are obese because of their genetics, it has nothing to do with their conduct. You have to focus on the struggles of the poor and fight the fight against the system! If you have a heart and compassion, then resist!"

Again I exaggerate to illustrate the victim attitude at the root of this philosophy. Once the kid learns that there is something inherently bad about successful people, that kid is lost for life. Literally lost. Set up for struggle and pain. If she were the Monkey in the Banana Experiment, she'd just wait in the cage and pout until someone hands her a Banana.

Having coached success for decades, I state with relaxed confidence that these philosophies are harmful to society when they are over-emphasized. If you think success comes externally, you lack confidence and creative power. If you think success comes from "hard work" you lack intelligence. Yes, I do agree that success can be sometimes helped along through some circumstances. Statistically, a black man growing up in a Middle-Class Family is more likely to succeed as a Basketball-Pro, than a black man growing up in the lower class. And yes, I do agree that success can sometimes be helped along with some hard work. Lots and lots and lots of Training is one aspect of becoming a Basketball-Pro. But these are not the ultimate determining factor,they are not absolute truths. Circumstances and Work are Effects and consequences of underlying, non-physical states of Being, states of Emotion, states of Belief. If your Being is aligned with your goal, the circumstances and amount of work matter much less. 80% of the Billionaires today were not born into wealth. Most of their success can easily be attributed to a good idea rather than doing undesirable work. At a higher level of Consciousness, Success is:

  1. 20% Circumstances
  2. 20% Doing
  3. 60% Being

At an even higher level of consciousness, all achievement is 100% determined by ones Beingness, but I don't even want to go into that here because the majority is not ready to accept or see that due to their conditioning. Cirumstances: Being at the right place, at the right time, with the right people. Doing: Pursuing activities in alignment with your Goal. But both your doing and your circumstances are actually sourced or magnetically attracted through your Being. Your Being is a mix of your attitude, principles, values, thoughts, emotions, intentions. Change those and the rest changes, including your Doing and your Circumstances. Success is determined in the Seed of a thing, the Nucleus around which other elements crystallize. Teach your children how to handle their attention, how to develop principles and values, how to alter their beliefs and deal with their emotions, and the rest will follow fairly joyously. Positive Circumstances don't guarantee later success. A lot of rich children did not fulfill their dreams, on the contrary. Why? Because positive circumstances can make you feel too comfortable to want to change or grow. Negative Circumstances don't guarantee failure, on the contrary - they can motivate you to break out of the rut. Hard work does not guarantee later success. Slaves work the hardest, but have nothing to show for it - except for depleted energy (burnout). Try smart work instead of hard work. Try having FUN with your work. People who are having FUN actually learn the most quickly and are the most creative and productive.

When looking away from outer appearances at the deeper, hidden determinants of success, one finds thoughts and attitudes. The real determinants of success is who you think and feel you are, smart work rather than hard work and how you respond to negative or positive circumstances. Some of the hardest workers on the planet are North Korean construction workers who are sent to other countries as slave-labor. Their "hard work" will never afford them any sort of success. The "hard work" philosophy is based on the ancient religious "life is suffering" paradigm and culminates in exhaustion. The "success is circumstance" philosophy is based on ancient caste and feudal systems in which you were born into success and peasants were treated like garbage, but it no longer applies to modern times and hasn't applied for hundreds of years. Victim-philosophy is also rooted in "life is suffering", just like its counterpart.

I've observed that those who reject these false teachings early on, become successful in every area of their lives. The alternative philosophy is: "I create my own success through my inner creative power". I grew up in a middle-class household and we were often short on money. I even dropped out of high school. But I never considered that my difficult circumstances or family background had anything whatsoever to do with my success. Nor did I ever accept demeaning jobs, grueling labor or boring employment for someone else to be key to success. My "laziness" derived from the fact that I refused to do things I did not like to do. My parents fed me with a constant diet of both above-mentioned philosophies: "Not everybody can be a hero. You have to take what you can get" and "Not everybody can do a job they like. You're lucky to find any job". If by "hard work" you mean "doing work that I don't like" then I haven't "worked hard" a single day of my life. To this day I reject work-offers for things I would not enjoy. And it has paid off tremendously. I get to keep my joy, my energy, my time...and become much more effective at what I do because of it. And so can you, if you take an honest look at your life and note how the philosophies our parents and mass-media have taught us have not, are not and will not be working long-term. You can renounce them and start taking back your life, dignity and well-being today and every day yet to come.

Children are literally programmed with an array of false ideas about how the world works. When they dream or think big, they are told:

"Come back to reality"

"Just who do you think you are?" (in a condescending tone)

"Get down to earth"

"You are living in dreamland"

"Women have a hard time in the workplace"

"Immigrants are stealing our jobs"

"You don't have to re-invent the wheel. Start at the very bottom, work your way up slowly, do what worked in the past"

"Rich people are exploiting us poor workers"

I could go on for days listing all the negative thinking that the predominant ideological cults have spread through mass-consciousness. It is up to you to become aware of negative thoughts that are not yours, and declare that they do not apply to you or your life.

And you might object: "But I have experienced that some of this is actually true!"

And I say that you first think it, then believe it, then experience it, not the other way around. Through in-form-ation an idea forms in your consciousness. Once it takes root, you filter reality to notice anything that confirms it and ignore anything that contradicts it. If you believe that "hard work"  always leads to success, you will notice all the people who get ripped at the Gym rather than all the North Korean slave labor. If you believe that people are a victim of their circumstances you'll notice North Korean slave labor rather than Gym goers. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying these slave laborers are not victims, they certainly are. And I am not saying that going to the Gym does not build your muscles, it certainly does. I am saying that you more exclusively perceive, experience and act upon according to what you believe. This is commonly called Confirmation Bias. And what you deeply believe often derives from 24/7 public programming. Are you a victim of this programming? No. You voluntarily chose to watch programs that broadcast these thoughts.

Success only requires "hard work" if you believe it does. Success is only dependent on circumstances if you believe it is. I have seen plenty of examples of success without hard work and without the right circumstances. Truly, your individual success has much more to do with the law of attraction. That is, whatever you energetically vibrate the strongest, whatever dominant thought you have, whoever you think you are, you will gradually attract evidence of into your life. Your dominant vibration or energy may be supported by hard work, it may be supported by the right circumstances, but these are just extras, not the origins.

Success lies in the seed. At the very beginnings. In the originating Intention.

You could plant two seeds, right beside each other, in the very same ground. One seed grows into a beautiful Rose. The other seed grows into a poisonous plant. Both seeds were planted in the same circumstances. Both grew without effort. But the results are entirely different. 

The Art of Reality Creation is to hold a desired final-result in mind, regardless of the circumstances and actions. The only real work required is the shedding and dropping of thoughts that do not align with the intended goal. Doing so will actually save you a lot of external work.

Let me put this idea of "less effort, more results" in another way:

The less intelligence someone has, the more education is required.

The less power someone has, the more work is required.

The less someone has to say, the more he talks. 

The less creative someone is, the more tools he needs.

The worse a product is, the more marketing it needs. 

None of what was said in this article implies that you always have to rely on yourself or that nobody should work or that people are never exploited. What is being said is that that which is good and true and close to yourself, does not require quite that much effort. When you are "truly yourself" or "your higher self" you are like a tree that effortlessly grows, regardless of circumstances such as winds and rains and other trees and regardless of more or less effort.

Do houses have Consciousness?

Do houses have Consciousness? I don't know. But houses do have energy and distinct character, just like humans, animals, plants, cars and all else. They vibrate at certain rates, emit a specific "personality" and attract or repel certain people. We don't learn about energy-fields in school, so I have created a few Image Collages below to help you feel the difference. If you are a sentient human being, you will feel that every house has a distinct "vibe". You'll be repelled by "bad vibe" houses, unless you yourself are in bad vibe, then you'll be mysteriously drawn to them. You'll be attracted by "good vibe" houses, unless you have a bad vibe yourself, by which good energy houses will disgust you. The houses you like, say something about you. The kind of houses you strongly like, you will eventually live in because we all end up at the places we most appreciate.

"Fairy Tale" houses show human creativity. Some have a slightly sinister vibe, such as the second one from the left, and some are unabashedly happy, such as the pink one. Notice how each house actually makes you feel a little different. We don't necessarily feel much when we look at the standard boring houses that we are used to. That's because not much Feeling went into them and not much History happened in them, so no distinct energy is stored in them. Drawing back to the question "Do houses have Consciousness?" the answer would then be: Any energy or character houses have, was given to the house by the makers of it and dwellers in it.

  These are well known haunted houses. Don't tell me you can't feel the difference between them and others.They are mostly characterized by neglect and decay, but not all of them are. Sometimes the decay is hidden in the souls of the inhabitants. Which raises an interesting question: Are you only able to spot "bad vibe" when you see it, or can you feel it even if the house "looks good" on the outside? The two top middle pictures and the bottom right picture do not look run down. Now that I have labeled them "haunted" you might feel spooked out by them. The way you label things or have them labeled by others, distorts your feeling and perception. "Reading Energy Levels", as described in my book "Levels of Energy" would require you to intuitively feel that there is something "off" about these houses, before I labeled them as haunted. This kind of hunch is there many years before decay sets in. It perceives spiritual decay, the physical effects of which can sometimes only be seen many years later.

Futuristic Luxury Houses as the ones above, were built with great Imagination, Optimism and Clarity. Hence, most people who see or enter them will feel more free and inspired. If I just hiked through the mountains and my boots are dirty, my clothes sweaty and worn, I might feel uncomfortable around them - they don't feel as welcoming or compassionate as the "Fairy Tale" houses. Theirs is the world of sparkly cleanliness and prosperity.

One of the more fascinating sides of earthly reality are the amount of secrets hidden in plain sight. Houses are hidden in Ice and below waterfalls (images on the left), camouflaged as bunkers (bottom left, second row), tucked away in Canyons or under grass hills, camouflaged with mirrors (center image), on remote, hardly accessible islands, hidden on top of inner city roofs (bottom right) or accessible only by members of select groups of people (center right). I display them here because they evoke different feelings than you'd get from your run-of-the-mill suburban house.

So do houses have consciousness? I wouldn't call it consciousness. I'd call it energy as well as an energy-level, dependent on the creators and all the things that happened in there. Something you might have noticed is this: If the energy in your own house is not that great, you'll enjoy going out, visiting others, traveling frequently. If the energy of your house is beautiful, you'll much more likely stay home more often.
So how can you improve the energy of your house? Any small upgrade to your furniture, your thoughts, words and actions, your walls, a thorough clean or de-cluttering can upgrade the houses energy. If you take care of it, it will take care of you. Just like with humans: If you treat them kindly, they will usually treat you kindly. The same goes for your car, your pet, your plant, your food, your company, etc. Everything is energy and what goes around, comes around.

Fake Glamour vs. Peak Experiences

In 2017 we are experiencing an avalanche of sexual misconduct revelations against celebrities. The strange thing is how quickly most of them confess to sexual assault, rape and power abuse - as if there is some hidden hand in the shadows who is holding blackmail videos of them. The sheer amount of reports coming in almost every day makes it unlikely that we are dealing with a chain of coincidences. Instead it looks like these revelations were planned, timed and orchestrated by people the public is unaware of.

No matter how disappointing, the exposure is highly positive for the consciousness level of humankind. Bringing darkness to light, bringing the subconscious to the conscious and bringing the secret to the known is not only a healthy process for an individual as well as for society as a whole. It helps people discern between appearance and reality. The more in touch people are with reality, the more power they have to shape reality to their preference.

The celebrity-sphere uses Fairy Dust or Pixie Dust: An energy-substance, spread around to make something appear more magical or appealing than it actually is. It's upside lies in marketing, salesmanship and making a kids eyes shine. It's downside lies in deception. A person of higher consciousness might use it in small doses for marketing a good cause, but generally aims to reduce its use. Higher consciousness prefers essence and reality to smoke and mirrors.

It's like when you first fall in love with someone, clouds of fairy dust obscure your view and your partner can do no wrong as you see them in the brightest light. This is useful for the survival of humankind, it gets people together. But as the couple becomes more familiar, the stardust wears off and you start seeing reality, along with a persons actual strengths and weaknesses. Sooner or later your true self is seen. And if that true self is not appealing, one either escapes to the next relationship in order to re-experience the fairy dust drug, or you improve yourself.

If you use fairy dust in marketing, it has to be backed up by real substance. If it isn't, your service or product is shallow and will eventually be exposed as such. The creation of "Celebrity" or "Royalty" involves heavy uses of pixie dust. With every public appearance, the status of a celebrity either rises or falls. If a celebrity reveals too much, the star dust wears off and the public removes those rose-colored glasses they saw them with. If a celebrity reveals too little, interest is similarly lost. When a public figure is seen to be involved in sexual abuse, rape and harassment, it completely shatters any illusions we had about them. Hence, we mature and start seeking true enlightenment rather than the glitter counterfeit.

In personal relationships, losing the fairy dust is a desirable thing. For people who wish to evolve, seeing through others fairy dust is good. It's getting in touch with what lies beyond the superficial. But in marketing a brand, it can make sense to keep some of the allure, even though it's entirely illusory. Celebrities are nothing but brands that have been built to appear a certain way. They deliberately crafted and refined what they chose to show you, just like regular folk do on Facebook. Being directed to their bright sides only, their all too human nature (and - sometimes - outright subhuman nature) remains mostly unseen. Our whole society has a preference for appearance over reality and almost every human being tends to hide his shadow.

Hollywood is expert at hiding peoples darkness in a heavy cloud of fairy dust. They have to, in order to protect the mythological grandeur created in their motion picture stories. Those who can read energy intuitively, are not deceived by it. In my 2010 book "Levels of Energy" I cite the movie "Pulp Fiction" as a good example of something I enjoy for its artistic merit, even though I can feel the psychological corruption of the people who made the movie. People act surprised that Harvey Weinstein, one of the most powerful film producers in Hollywood (and producer of "Pulp Fiction") is a predatory creep. But anyone who can read energy and see the fruits of his work could easily deduce that there's something not quite right with the guy. Movies produced by him, routinely portray violence, rape, torture and mayhem as humorous, glamorous or even heroic. But when you strip down some of these films to their essence rather than falling for perception (perception altered by fairy dust), you sense the true nature of a thing. Knowing the Levels of Energy, life becomes easy to predict.

Another word for Pixie Dust is Glamour. Glamour is a specific energy-form, a magnetic force. Glamour is an illusion but one that creates Multi-Billion Dollar industries (thus real life results). People who intentionally create glamour, know this: Because a fan does not know everything about the Celebrity, he fills in the gaps with his own Imagination. The mind has a tendency to exaggerate the grandness of things in the distant past or future and things in the present that are not entirely known. This is why Presidents approval ratings generally go up after they are out of office, as our minds paint a more colorful image. This is why some of the less severely disgraced celebrities will resurface in the future, after the public has forgotten. Falling for glamour, your partner might appear much more attractive after he or she left you or before he or she is with you. If a so-called "superstar" is nearby and everyone is going crazy to get an autograph from her, perception of any faults, mistakes or misbehavior will be filtered away. We have our own, inner Photoshop that eagerly distorts perception all the time.
In the presence of of glamour, people feel "starstruck" and their eyes glitter with fascination. What is actually happening is that they are making stuff up in their mind. Their eyes are shining because of what they are making up about the celebrity rather than what the celebrity actually is.

Don't get me wrong, glamour is not fundamentally negative. The fairy dust used by Hollywood has also made Millions of people happy and entertained for more than a Century. Without a little bit of charisma, fascination and magnetism, things become unnecessarily drab and plain. But that's because humans have generally forgotten Higher States of Consciousness.

I recall the story of a guy who worked as a life coach who was acting as if he was a celebrity. He employed a couple of people to act as his "bodyguards" to keep the crowds away and one as his "agent".  This little charade communicated "superstar status" to his audience, tripling his popularity, merely based on the illusion he created. However, because there was little substance in his "life coaching", word soon spread and he again disappeared from public view. Fairy dust without substance creates "one hit wonders".

I don't use fairy dust in my own work. If I did, I could have "Millions of Followers". But I acknowledge the usefulness of fairy dust in marketing and even educate some of my students in its use. The reason I don't use it is because my goal is the refinement of my skills and teachings, not the accumulation of large quantities of "followers". Seminar Organizers whose goal it is to have many fans, have pointed out that I am "too accessible" - they'd prefer me to create some aloofness, retreat to "VIP rooms" in seminar coffee breaks rather than chat with students. They'd prefer me to stand on an elevated stage rather than go down to the crowds and talk with them at their level. They want more fairy dust. I agree that if one becomes too familiar with people, they no longer identify you as a teacher but as a friend. But when one becomes too aloof, they can't identify with you either. So my path is to stay authentic and grounded and focus my students on my materials rather than on the some illusory public figure persona.

Most royals don't actually wear gloves in daily life. They only put them on when they are in public, to denote a separation between  their status and that of the crowds. It's deliberate marketing, deliberate fairy dust. Most "superstars" actually have plenty of time and availability. And yet, they limit it as in "I only have 5 minutes to do this Interview", as one of many fairy dust schemes.

To put it bluntly: You can get very, very rich with the use of fairy dust. But you can get rich and happy when you provide actual substance or value.

The Glamour-Energy is only needed as long as people do not access higher energy. If humans were to have more "Peak Experiences", interest in Glamour, Celebrity, Marketing, Fanfare and Fairy Dust would gradually fade and be replaced by something deeper, more authentic and lasting. What are Peak Experiences?

A mother sits at breakfast, gently observing her children. Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, she is filled with such intense joy that her eyes begin to water.

A cyclist turns at a bend and witnesses a valley and sunset like never before. He feels as if he just entered a higher realm of sacred beauty. The feeling of awe becomes so intense he has to get off his bike for a moment.

A man kneeling in prayer gets the sudden impulse to surrender everything to God. Suddenly he is swept away by a sense of love and light more powerful than in hundreds of prayers before that.

A couple is sitting in front of each other in a Cafe. Suddenly he sees his girlfriend like he has never seen her before. All at once he sees all of her beauty, pain, joy at once and waves of compassion flow outward toward her. She asks "Whats wrong?" because tears of happiness well up in his eyes. But he can't explain.

A guy is presenting in front of a crowd. As the evening progresses, he talks himself into high enthusiasm. Now fired up, waves of humor and excitement coarse through his body as he is transported to higher and higher levels of Being. The crowd has never seen him perform this well.

I once played a tennis match against an opponent who was three levels above me. I was losing badly and a little shaken by the opponents overwhelming skill. Suddenly, I decided to surrender all fear and intended to release all thought as it arose. I intended to play the very best I possibly could. This intention was renewed with every single game, every single point loss, every single point win. Suddenly, I entered "the zone" and hit the ball like never before. There was no more stress, no more fear, just fun and courageous moves. The opponent had a hard time keeping up. 

Peak Experiences can occur in any context. Certain activities might make it easier to enter the Zone,  but Doingness is not the primary trigger, Beingness is. Peak Experiences are a higher state of Consciousness. We call them "Peak" experiences and often experience them as overwhelming, because we are habitually accustomed to mid and low levels of Energy. Compared to these, they seem like "Peak". But to Enlightened Beings, the Peaks are the Valleys. Tears of Joy is the squeezing out of lower energies to make room for the higher ones. Certain pieces of music, certain scenery, certain acts by others may appear so beautiful that they make our minds stop and our state instantly heighten. Those who are more habituated to higher states will not necessarily experience tears and they will tend to see the perfection in anything. There is an innate beauty and sacredness in everything, seen when the mind rests its hyper-activity.

Infinity cannot be grasped by the mind, that is why it is played out as evolutionary sequences-in-time. But when the mind rests, it is felt that these time-sequences do not actually exist and that all of Infinity is present here now. The cyclist may have seen the sunset and landscape many times, but he saw them with the mind. In his moment of overwhelming awe, he was not actually seeing the same old landscape but Infinity as expressed in the landscape.

Peak Experiences have varying intensities of love, compassion, depth, understanding and lightness about them. Temporarily surrendering the mind allows all of these states to shine forth naturally.

Various cults know how to temporarily create peak experiences through a number of techniques or drugs. That's how they hook people to joining them. But, neither cults nor drugs are required. I've written half a dozen books on ascending to higher levels of consciousness. It can be done by yourself, with a little awareness and without strings attached.

Just the intention to feel appreciation to something or someone, to feel more real, more pure and more present, can trigger a peak experience. Peak experiences come about when the mind is mellow and relaxed, without filter. Normally, everything is filtered through past experiences, beliefs, opinions, ideas, concepts. You might see a thing, but not clearly because you see it through many filters. Just like using too many filters on a photo ruins the pristine quality of the photo and using too much make-up on the face ruins its natural beauty, too many thoughts ruin crystal-clear perception of life. When all expectations and viewpoints are removed from your state, whats left is the experience of life itself.

Thoughts and Opinions cannot grasp this. Try describing to a blind person what a rose looks like. Try describing to a deaf person what a piece of music sounds like. Or try describing to anyone, what coffee tastes like. Your words (expressed thoughts) just don't do it justice.

People who have not had peak experiences in a long time, attempt to acquire it through sex. But the average Orgasm only lasts a few second. If you observe closely what happens at the moment of Orgasm, you get an idea of what Peak experiences are like: The mind stops and there is only feeling. And how did this state come about? If you look closely, you'll see it came about through intense appreciation, as the sexual act is an act of intense appreciation. The Peak Experiences I am referring to, however, do not only last a couple of seconds, they can last several minutes, hours and days. At a higher level of consciousness, peak experiences last forever and you move from peak to peak. Traditionally this state is called "Spiritual Enlightenment".

Conspiracy Theories and Levels of Consciousness

Every so often, a reader will ask me about Conspiracy Theories. They'll ask me what I think of "The Illuminati", the "New World Order Conspiracy", "Demons", "911 as an Inside Job", "Reptilian Aliens" and similar. And in general, in both my books and seminars, I have dissuaded people from going there (which prompts some to call me a "shill" - a common error of the paranoid is too see anyone who disagrees with them as part of the cover up).

I haven't dissuaded them because conspiracy theories aren't true, but because focusing on the negative does not help in raising your level of consciousness. Energy flows where attention goes. There is no doubt that horrible things are happening in this world - both openly and secretly. But investing too much of your heart in researching them, will do no good to the average human being, because fear is a path to the dark side. Where your attention is, is where your heart is. Ideas that leave you feeling victim of insurmountable circumstances, being able to do nothing about it, being a pawn, being surrounded by savage insanity with no way out, is not good for your spiritual well being. If I were to tell you that the world is ruled by blood drinking, child-raping reptiles who control everything and harvest human beings as food...what's that going to do for you in daily life? I guess if you're a warrior type, it might motivate you to fight back. But for most people it does nothing. As any experienced school teacher, psychiatrist or sports coach can tell you, fear-based motivation is only fleeting and temporary and requires constant reinforcement.

You become what you focus on. That's why many of the famous tyrants in History - Stalin and Hitler being the most prominent - were conspiracy theorists who saw a world full of secret evil oppressing humanity. They required evil oppressors to justify their own radically violent actions. Osama bin Laden was a conspiracy theorist. The Navy Seals who killed him, found in his home, numerous conspiracy books, among them books on "who was really behind 9/11?". (Btw: If Bin Laden was really responsible for 9/11, why was he reading books on who did it? ;-)). Only very few who delve deeply into research-on-evil stay sane, rational and calm.

In my view, conspiracy theories should only be communicated if they are injected with a sense of hope, empowerment and the chance of winning or overcoming the adversary. There should be a sense that one can do something about it or that the good guys will prevail rather than a sense of doom. That"s how to talk about negativity at a higher level of consciousness. The only place where a little paranoia might be useful is if you are working in Law Enforcement. But even there you receive the tools to deal with it, rather than being completely at the effect of overwhelming negativity - you receive databases, weapons and training.

The following charts are taken from my "Levels of Energy" Courses. They are based on extensive Research in Consciousness.

If my research is accurate, then most conspiracy theories are either false or half-truths. Some are actually true but then embellished and grossly exaggerated to the point of becoming a falsehood. And then there are a few conspiracies that turn out to be true. Of course, those 5% might be enough to shock the hell out of people if they were to become known. Perhaps some things are best left in the garbage bin?

This chart should also be of interest to conspiracy theorists. If my research is accurate, most people are well-intended or try to be. These days there are more good people than not so good people (for the first time in History, in my view). If you dedicate your time and attention to the good in the world, you help the good in the world grow. That still leaves about 30% of people who cannot be fully trusted and 5% who can't be trusted at all. How to deal with such people? Remove yourself from them. And don't fall for their schemes. You are likely to meet someone integerous or non-integerous, every time you go out of house. Just yesterday I was in a Restaurant, going to the Restroom when I caught a peek into the kitchen. I saw what appeared to be the Manager, force-twisting the Chefs ear. He was shouting at him while pushing his head down toward a burning grill. What the....? In the restroom I saw three cockroaches. Violent management and cockroaches beside the kitchen, categorized the restaurant in the "some integrity (and a lot of non-integrity)" zone, so we left it and decided to eat elsewhere. In such an environment, there is no saying what the food would be like. Later, in traffic, I experienced three different people who gave me right-of-way with a smile. Those were people likely in the "mostly integerous" zone. So you'll experience all consciousness levels on a daily basis.

The 5% which have no integrity at all - those are the people conspiracy theorists are focused on. They habitually lie, cheat, conceal, violate, impose, control, scheme, kill, exploit, steal, harm. The higher you rise in consciousness levels, the more harmless you become. At lower levels however, this Dynamic reverses: The more harm you create, the higher you rise in the ranks. In certain Circles, the more mean and violent you are, the more you are the Boss. In the positive world however, the more peaceful, honest and kind you are, the more power you accumulate. By focusing too much attention on conspiracy-theories, you learn too much about this reverse-world. And if you are not aware of the friendly universe, you'll start believing that "this is how life works" - its mean and unfair. So if you are going to study conspiracy theories, you should at least balance it out with optimistic ideas. No doubt, studying evil is much more entertaining than studying bliss and enlightenment. But if it gets to the point where you buy 10 surveillance cameras for your private property and throw away your phones after one-time-use, you have probably gone too far down the rabbit hole. :-)

Humans have an innate desire to overcome great challenges and overwhelming odds. It helps them feel significant and gives their life a meaning. When I was a teenager, I loved the idea of battling against evil aliens and liberating earth from their attacks. I used to lie in bed at night, fantasizing about having my own laser-weapon-equipped flying saucer with which I would eradicate those evil aliens off of Earth. But, unless a real invasion is happening right now and its time to take up arms, such notions are really a waste of time. If there were really an evil alien force out to destroy the world, don't you think there would also be a benevolent force somewhere out there, that is better equipped to deal with them than you? Why not just let them take care of what they are trained to do and mind your actual day to day Business? Your neighbor, your spouse, your kids, your employees, your bosses, your co-workers, your home, your projects, your pets...they all could use some of your energy, time and attention - why give so much of your attention to hypothetical negative entities that will never reciprocate?

Having said all that, here's how to discern whether a conspiracy theory is true or not: A conspiracy is something harmful that is happening in secret. The way you uncover them on a mass-scale is the same way you uncover secrets on an individual, private-life scale. Let's say, for example, that your spouse is secretly cheating on you. That's a mini-conspiracy. You're feeling that he or she is cheating on you: Is it Intuition (Truth) or Paranoia (Untruth)? From my experience as a success-coach I know this: If you're in a lousy state (exhausted or emotionally hurt), you are mostly dealing with Projection or Paranoia. If you are in a positive and clear state, you are mostly dealing with Intuition. In a lousy state, you are going to "connect the dots" in a way that makes every of your spouses behavior look "suspicious". If his or her phone beeps at 2 in the morning, the lousy-state-mind will think "That's evidence! A secret lover!". If he or she then says "It's nothing" the lousy-state-mind will say "Why aren't you showing your phone to me? What do you have to hide? That's proof!". Your spouse might then get annoyed by being falsely accused and snap back...this too, of course, will be included as "evidence" of their wrongdoing. In other words, in a low state of energy, EVERYTHING looks like part of the conspiracy. If, on the other hand, you are in a clear state, positive mood, fresh energy you will tend not to project or distort. If, in this state, you still feel there is something "off" or he/she is keeping secrets, it is very likely true.

Raising your mood and well-being, will help you see clearly. At a higher level of energy and consciousness, you can easily tell truth from falsehood. You see a news headline, chuckle and think "That's BS". You see another headline and intuitively sense "That's pretty accurate". So rather than worrying about and researching truth vs falsehood for countless years, simply elevate your state, your emotions and consciousness, it will be obvious what is and isn't true. Just one example: For most people it is obvious that you shouldn't have to pay a model agency, a filmmaker, a record company or a publisher to present your work. Any such scheme would have to be a scam. But for the desperate and needy lousy-mood-mind, it's not obvious at all. They'll fall for every scheme, set-up and scam out there. "Paradoxically", very paranoid people are also very easy to manipulate. You'd think the opposite is true: You'd think that because of their extreme suspicion, they cannot be manipulated. But if you fuel their suspicion, you can use it to  have them believe almost anything. If you want to be hard to manipulate, instead of being paranoid, be in high vibration (confidence, love, peace, humor). And if you want to know how the world works, heighten your state.


The Lifecycle of Civilizations

The Power of Self-Sufficiency

Definition: "Self-sufficiency is the state of not requiring any aid, support, or interaction for survival"

If the world ended and there were no more electricity and convenience stores and you were left to fend for our own...would you survive? What would it take to make that Burger you're eating?'d have to go kill a Cow with your own hands. How many people have ever done that? Then you'd have to skin the cow. Then you'd have to collect firewood and make a fire in which to cook the meat you cut out. But the Burger is still not done. You'd have to go find lettuce growing somewhere or plant it. You'd have to gather wheat and then go through the arduous procedure of making dough that then becomes bread. And what about Ketchup? Well, go find some tomtatoes, squash them and add sugar. Do you know how and where to get sugar? Finally, after working all day or perhaps several days, you might have something that somewhat resembles a Burger.

As advanced as we have become technologically and intellectually, we can hardly make anything ourselves. How many of you know how to build a house or at least shelter? If there were a worldwide fallout, most of us would not know how to re-create any of the electronic appliances and vehicles we use. There are only a dozen companies building most of the airplanes and jets used in the world. Who can build a plane from scratch? The truth is, we are dependent on a handful of corporations for our survival. At the dawn of AI, the world is heading toward even less self-sufficiency. Consider this for example:

Devices that control your entire life, home, schedule, information are hailed as a breakthrough in convenience. To me they are just another step toward dependence and complacency. If I allow robots to do everything for me (and mass-media to think for me), there is no gain in awareness, creativity, willpower and skill. What makes us human eventually atrophies and we'd  live in a highly advanced Idiocracy. Good thing he doesnt have to ask Google how to button his shirt.

The alternative is to do some things yourself:

Do you always need daddy-google-maps to tell you where to drive or can some things be found through spatial awareness?

Do you think I pay a designer to do the covers of my books, or do design them myself?

Do we always need some seedy fast-food diner or frozen goods company to cook for us or can we prepare a meal ourselves?

How many listen to music vs make music themselves? The ratio is probably 99.9% of listeners to 0.1% makers.

The do-it-yourself mentality has saved me hundreds of thousands of Dollars.

I'm not asking you to be able to fix your own car, but do you really have to go to a repairman just because you don't know how to refill the cars oil?

I'm not asking you to become a Photoshop expert, but do you really have to pay one just because you don't know how to write on top of a photo?

These are just two examples of things that are incredibly easy to do and yet many pay for them out of sheer mental laziness.

All of this might seem like a minor issue to you, but I've met plenty who seem unable to carry out the most simple things...unable to open a bank account, unable to set up a Blog, unable to operate a Camera (let alone build one), unable to talk to their spouses, unable to lose weight, etc.

I recommend you expand your ability. I love expanding my abilities beyond the norm. For example, due to a lot of long-distance flights in my work, I have trained and gained thee ability to fall asleep at will. I am overjoyed at the ability because it used to be an issue. Due to many years in Coaching, I have gained the ability to talk about anything with anyone at anytime. I have gained the ability to pilot airplanes. And hundreds of things more. Acquiring ability is the easiest way to boost your confidence. How to you expect to feel confident about yourself if there is nothing particular you are good at? People visit courses to build their self-esteem, but the money is better invested in visiting courses to build their skill, because that automatically builds their self-esteem.

Anything you learn to do yourself - be it playing the piano, writing html code, speaking a foreign language, learning medicine, trading currency or become a massage expert - trains you to focus attention, to express creativity and to take responsibility for providing the skill where it is needed. Having all kinds of skills is also instrumental in building wealth and prosperity. Who do you think they are going to employ...the person with a lot of skills, including self-taught ones, or the one without any? No doubt it feels good to delegate a few tasks and have more time. But it also feels good to do some things on your own and gain more skill. The reward for self-sufficiency is freedom. I can do what I like, when I like, with who I like, where I like, as often as I like because I am able to.

Here's an idea: Make a List of Things you'd love to be able to do and then go learn how to do them. You'll feel great.

The Three Types of People

In popular science, the three body-types are known as Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. It is widely acknowledged that these three have varying physical abilities and needs. For example, the Ectomorph does not gain weight easily. The Mesomorph gains weight more easily. And the Endomorph gains weight most easily.

  What mass-reality teachings fail to emphasize is the fact that each body type also carries a number of typical set-personality traits. It's just another one of those things everybody knows intuitively that is never taught in the indoctrination-centers we call "school".

The Ectomorph tends to be more "in the head", the Mesomorph tends to be Dominant and the Endomorph tends to be more social. Through upbringing and self-programming these qualities do change over the course of a lifetime. Within my live "Leadership Courses" I generally recommend the following:

1. Know a persons general by body shape (some people have a balanced mix of all three). You then gain a better understanding of how to deal with them and what to expect.

2. If you haven't followed your Nature, then try doing so. You might be a Mesomorph who was taught to be Social even though you didn't feel like it. Now you know why. You might be an Ectomorph who thought he had to build muscle rather than study science. You might be an Endomorph without any friends. If you discover any such discrepancies, align with your nature for some time and see how that feels.

3. If you have mostly followed your Nature, balance your personality by going beyond. The Ectomorph or Endomorph might assume more Leadership or do more competitive sports to get a little more of the Mesomorph. The Mesomorph and Endomorph might read more books and analyze more deeply to get a little bit of the Ectomorph. The Ectomorph and Mesomorph might socialize a little more to get a little bit of the Endomorph.

A balanced personality includes all three traits. Early own I realized I am a Meso, with just a little bit of Ecto and almost no Endo. My shoulders and back are quite broad. Accordingly, I was always taking a lead role everywhere I went, controlling the scene, making my Will come true, always in Action. Realizing that I was following the stereotype laid out from birth in my body shape, I endeavored to train my inner Ecto: Study, read thousands of books, research, philosophize. Realizing I had little interest in people, their opinions and social life, I endeavored to train my inner Endo. I had to push myself to expand my circle of friends, join clubs, etc. Had I simply given in to my Nature, Id have remained a lone-wolf with not much compassion or intellect.

If you don't believe that body-shape and mentality are related, I'd like you to check, whether this is true: Extreme mesomorphs follow mesomorph leaders, extreme endomorphs follow endomorph leaders. It's actually quite hilarious when you can predict someones stereotypical proclivities and ideologies based on their body shape. An enlightened consciousness however, cannot be that easily pegged. Infinite Consciousness is much wider, deeper, higher than body shape, zodiac, upbringing, social conditioning, culture and belief-system.


How permanent ideal body weight was manifested

Some people have been commenting on how my appearance has changed within the last year. So allow me to share the tale of how I dropped 20 pounds (10 Kilos) within just 8 weeks and made the change permanent to last the entire year and beyond.

At the end of 2016 I was doing a Seminar in Bahrain. The organizer of that Seminar was filming me. When I saw the footage I was surprised at how fat I looked. I had been entirely unaware of it. The unawareness bothered me more than the chubbiness.

Shortly thereafter, back home, I was coaching an overweight lady. As we sat across from each other she said:

"You are coaching me on weight loss, but you are a little chubby yourself"

"Its not my goal" I said dismissively.

"But you yourself write that we should only take advice from people who have achieved what we want" she challenged me.

I thought:

She's right. As a reality-creation-coach, I should be able to manifest that. So I said:

"I"ll drop 10 Kilos within the next 8 weeks. And then I'll tell you how I did it".

"But you will use the Parallel Universe Technique only, right?"

"No. Why limit myself to one method? All change is in thought-word-deed or spiritual, mental and physical. I will use whatever gets me there the most quickly".

I in fact used several methods. That does not mean YOU have to use these methods. You use whatever works for YOU. The primary importance is never the method, its keeping your mind fixed on the desired final outcome.

She agreed to lose weight at the same time. The goal was optimistic but still felt realistic. A common principle of reality creation is to aim neither too high (creating unneeded pressure) nor too low (creating lack of inspiration).

By Synchronicity, at around the same time, a reality-creation-student of mine, Mark, who works as a Cosmopolitan Lean Lifestyle Coach, as he puts it (which includes Minimalism, Lean Management, weight loss, decluttering etc. He can be reached at for those interested in being coached by him) commented on my overweight and offered some help. So I agreed to follow his advice for a month.

I recorded a guided Meditation for myself that assisted me in imagining myself slim or "already being in the parallel universe of the wish fulfilled". To prime my subconscious, I listened to it every day in the first week and then let go.

I corresponded with Coach Mark for a month. He sent me a number of emails detailing what foods to do without for a while (carbs and sugars), what type of exercises to do at the Gym and even more obscure tips such as taking cold showers, replacing snacks with nuts, Early Dinner and Late Breakfast (doing without food for 16 hours), etc.

For the first 3 weeks I went to the Gym for an hour every single day. Then every second day. Now I go once a week. In addition, I've been playing tennis twice to three times a week and going Snowboarding sporadically.

I followed the coaches and recommendations strictly for 8 weeks. During that time I made it a habit to have 3 meals a day rather than skipping them. I also made it a fixed habit never to eat after 6 pm, after which digestion winds down. I had cut out all sugars, greatly reduced pasta, potatoes, soda, rice and bread and instead had mostly eggs, meat, chicken, lettuce, salad, plain yogurt and similar. The good thing about this is that I never felt hungry, I ate all I wanted. I also drank 3 large bottles of water every day.

Thus I lost 10 kg within the intended time-period, even though the building of muscle might have added some weight. That was quite impressive.

The problem with all of this?

It took too much effort and didn't feel permanent. I had done similar crash programs throughout my life to cut down large chunks of body fat. But it didn't last. As soon as I stopped monitoring myself or got busy with other stuff, the overweight would creep back in, following an invisible template of my subconscious.

Fortunately, one year later, I have not only maintained the weight but reduced it even more. In other words, I have found the "permanent solution", and that is what the rest of this article is dedicated too.

The lasting solution required a fundamental change in self-perception. Having lost all that weight in only 8 weeks, I still felt that it could easily come back and that it required way too much focus to maintain. I did not want to take cold showers, I did not want to permanently do without pasta and Sodas and Chocolate. I enjoyed those things. I did not want to have to do sports for many hours a day. that I was down to ideal weight and body shape, thanks to all the effort, it was much easier to re-program the subconscious and make things more effortless. While the beginnings took great discipline, the rest of the year was smooth and easy. I decided to find a permanent lifestyle that suits me and can be maintained for years and decades, not just for weeks. I decided to do sports for the sake of joy and physical movement, not "in order to lose weight". How much Gym is experienced by me as enjoyable? Once a day? No. Once a week feels good. How much tennis is enjoyable? The same as before...2 or 3 times a week. While certain foods remained reduced, I allowed for exceptions. I started going more by how I felt before, during and after eating, rather than by strict dieting rules. Do I actually feel like eating now? No. Then why did I just walk to the fridge? In this kind of awareness you would sometimes see me fill a bowl with snacks, go back to my desk...and then return all the snacks to their bags, because I didn't really feel like eating, I was merely following a habit. Do I feel full now? Then I can stop eating. How do I feel after eating this? Bloated? Then that food is not for me. Do I feel light and free afterwards? Then its good food.

Simple acts of awareness and feeling is what made the change permanent. Once in a while I renewed my visualization and enjoyment of my new physical self. And it is indeed now effortless and I know it will be so for life. The best effort invested is the effort in making things effortless.

Could I have gone this effortless path from the very beginning? Certainly. But in my view it is significantly easier to feel oneself as "ideal weight" and program that into your subconscious, during a time that you actually are ideal weight.

If you would like to make that permanent change, begin with the Decision that you are a different person from now on, no matter what it takes, and never look back.

How to succeed at running a Restaurant

One of my central premises is that it's fairly EASY to succeed with your own Business because your competition (in any field) is way below the level of Excellence. Yesterday I stayed in a room in a supposed "5 Star" Hotel that asked $420 a night. In the Booking App they said I was getting their "Premium King" room with "Premium Gold" service. But that premium gold service for the premium king did not include an airport shuttle, free parking, free wifi or even free breakfast, as I later found out. Moreover the room was a small standard room with a view of another building. It was so small and boring that I'd have felt more at home at any 3-star Hotel run with some Love. I asked the reception "What do you mean by Premium King" and "Premium Gold"? There is nothing special about the room". He responded: "That"s just what the Category is called". But if something is not "Premium", why call it Premium? It must be another one of those things some shallow "Marketing Expert" thought up. When I protested this at the reception desk, I also felt some invisible Marketer speaking through the mouth of the receptionist: "Thank you so much for your Feedback. We value it". But he wasn't smiling. Did he really "value" it? Would it change anything? It didn't appear so. I find it amusing when you call out peoples BS and they give a standardized "We value your Feedback" response. Rather than actually valuing Feedback, it's a way to ward off and dismiss any real Feedback.

Going to the Hotels Cafe, I was given the choice between ordering "Supreme" Coffee and "Deluxe" Coffee. I ordered "Supreme" and found that it was only simple coffee, no different than any other. I asked: "Why is this called Supreme?". Believe it or not, the waitress told me: "Oh, that's just the name for it".

In my room there was a sign in golden letters, informing me of "COMPLIMENTARY free Wifi". Upon logging in, I was told that this only lasted for 30 Minutes and I would have to pay $40 a day for each device".

What I'm getting at this: These people are not running a "5 Star Hotel", they are running a scam. Anyone who has to advertise 30 Minutes of free Wifi in golden letters, can't be taken seriously. Who would feel warmhearted, welcome and satisfied at such a place? What I am also getting at: Any Hotel Owner who does just a little better, will far, far, far exceed the success of this Hotel. The only reason this Hotel is still being booked is because there are no alternatives at that particular location.

People don't seem to realize how easy it is to succeed in a world full of phonies.

One of the easiest ways to have your own Business is by running a restaurant. One of the reasons its so easy to succeed in this field is because most Restaurants are poorly run. This is what I learned from coaching with several restaurant-owners or would-be-owners over the years:

  1. Locate Near Other Restaurants
The idea to locate where there are no other Restaurants as to have no competition is generally wrong. When people go out to eat, they generally go to a place where there are a couple of restaurants and then choose while they are there. All these other restaurants near you are trying to outpace their competition, thus making them better. Open at a place where there are no Restaurants and there will likely also be no crowd, no other shops and no parking for your guests. Unless you have surveyed a location for a while and made sure there is plenty of pedestrian traffic, its best to open up where the city or town are already alive. Why make it difficult for yourself? On the other hand, there should not be too many restaurants already operating. Locate somewhere, where a few good restaurants have been running well for some time.

2. Learn from the Restaurants near yours

Go visit the Restaurants near yours, and learn from them. What are they doing well, and what are they lacking? Whatever they are lacking, you seek to provide. Almost all Restaurants are lacking something. That's just human nature. One might be overstuffed with furniture rather than elegantly minimalist. Another might have a owner that intrudes on peoples privacy (I recently sat in an ice-cream Cafe when its owner sat down at my table and started chatting with me, uninvited. Once he learned my profession, he wanted an autograph and a a selfie with me. I eventually had to ask " Will you please excuse me now? I have some emails to answer"). Another restaurant might have excellent food, but disorganized staff or vice-versa. There are always positive and negative takeaways in anything.

3. Keep your food fresh and simple

I don't like to frequent some of these "high class 5 star" restaurants because they are pretentious and overpriced. Putting a tiny piece of tartar on a plate with a little green leaf beside it and charging $300 for it is not my idea of good dining. Having a chef making weird "artistic interpretations" of food nobody can identify so that they can charge $300 per plate isn't either. Wanna-be-rich people love to frequent such places to have the feeling they are part of some elite club, without realizing they are being ripped off. The owners are having a laugh. These restaurants are not as successful as they appear to be. I've heard plenty of rich people say "Lets eat somewhere normal please". If someone is asking high prices, there should be an identifiable reason for these prices. If its really worth it, people will be happy to pay more. But nobody likes the feeling of being fleeced.

Since thousands of years, the restaurants that succeed the most are the ones with simple and identifiable foods that everyone knows and appreciates. Those are the ones that just keep running well, from generation to generation.

People can also sense, taste and see the difference between fresh foods and those pre-cooked. Even if they don't know the difference, their stomachs will feel it and they are less likely to return to that restaurant. The truth is that around 60% of all restaurants have substandard values when it comes to freshness. Due to under-staffing or moneys shortage, some foods might be pre-cooked a week before. Some might have been frozen for months. Most Restaurant owners will give the excuse that they have to operate this way due to money shortage. But I say, "you have money shortage because you operate this way. If you don't want to give your customers the best experience you can, whats the point of being in Business in the first place?". Businesses that only exist for extracting money, are short-lived. They go broke eventually.

4. Find a Balance between being Present and Absent

Employ good staff and then trust them to do their work, rather than trying to micro-manage the whole place. It's not necessary for the owner to be present in the kitchen or the dining rooms at all times. There are a lot of Restaurants who suffer from control-freak owners who don't trust their staff. Ideally, the owner should neither be too absent (= careless, neglectful) nor too present (=controlling). This principle can be extrapolated to any other Business. An example: I was recently offered to buy a particular house. Upon arrival I instantly saw that the house hadn't been tended to in ages. Junk piled up in the garage, pipes were leaking, walls had mold, spider webs had weaved their way through the whole place, the balcony showed signs of dangerous wear on the verge of collapse. "Has the owner seen this house recently?" I asked the real estate agent. "Oh no, the owner lives Oversea, in Hong Kong" was the response. "No kidding" I thought. That was a good example of neglectful absence. Since he does not care about his property, how can he expect any potential buyer to care about it? There was no way I would ever purchase it. After I said so, the agent said "It might be renovated". Might be? Oh well. A recent example of being too present (controlling) was this: I was trying to enjoy my meal at this Thai restaurant. But the owner, an elderly lady, was shouting at her staff in the kitchen, almost without interruption. When a waitress brought the meal, this owner showed up a minute later to double check whether all had been brought to my table. She returned twice thereafter asking if all is well. I saw her berating one of her waitresses for her shirt-collar not being straight, for a sign on the door not being properly dusted and just being a general strain on everyone around here. How could anyone develop or enjoy their work under such constant imposition? Control-Freaks usually lack trust. Absentees usually lack interest.

5. Be Just a Little Different

There are restaurants that are substandard, some that are standard and those above standard. Those above standard do all the standard things correctly, but they have just a little more or something unusual that other Restaurants do not have, something to remember them by. If you do not remember a Hotel, Restaurant, Movie Theater, Company or even Person after a few weeks, it is because they are Standard (= Boring). We usually only remember things that are substandard and above standard because they are out of the ordinary. If the restaurant is just standard, it can be replaced with any other restaurant. And by "something unsual" I dont mean labeling normal coffee as "Supreme" Coffee. A few examples of above standard restaurants: The place has a special theme and design. Or the food is cooked right at the table. Or the waiters all have a special hairdo. Or all drinks being free for anyone who dines there. No matter what it is, there has to be something distinct about your place as opposed to "any other" restaurant. The difference should not be so marked and extreme that guests feel alienated. For example, near where I live, there was a Restaurant where all the waiters were nude. People thought that was a great idea and that the Restaurant would succeed, but it closed own just a few months later. Why? Because "being just a little different" makes a place memorable, whereas being extremely different alienates the majority, making a Restaurant niche. It's alright to be niche and extremely different, but than one has to advertise to the niche rather than expecting regular crowds to frequent the place (not to mention that most people do not like seeing a strangers genitals while they eat). One of the most important things any Business owner can learn is the importance of atmosphere, ambiance, vibe, energy-field. The whole idea is to create a context in which guests can experience a better reality than the one they had before.

These are just a few things I have noticed, among many other things. One thing success-coaching has taught me is that almost anyone can succeed at anything with a little heart, a little focus and a little balance. Running ones own Business is very rewarding. Any Business you run and any career path you take, will help you develop skills such as Responsibility, Will, Attention, Care, Imagination, Integrity, Organization, Accounting and many other things. People often tell me they don't know which Business to run or which path to take. I often say: "Choose any one, because you will learn how to use the power of your mind and consciousness in any Business".


The Power of Definitive Communication

Definitive Communication is: Clear, Unambiguous, Unwavering, Precise, Decisive.

Non-Definitive Communication is: Confusing, Uncertain, Wavering, Doubtful, Unreliable. 

A recent real-life example of definitive communication:

A manager asks her staffers whether they can work the shifts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

One responds: "I might be able to do Friday"

Another responds: "I can do Thursday and Friday"

A third responds: "I'd love to do all three days"

Who got the jobs? Of course the third respondent. Her definitive communication is perceived by her customer (yes, a Boss is a customer!) as reliable.

Words such as "Maybe", "Possibly", "I don't know", "Might" tend to instill doubt and uncertainty. In all communications with spouses, friends, bosses, business partners, they should be reduced. This much has been known for thousands of years, if you consider this ancient Verse:

"But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil". - Matthew 5:37

But what if you can't make a clear commitment or give a definitive statement? Well, then the answer should be "No". It's either yes or no. I have been observing this "maybe" and "might" phenomenon for a while now and it's obvious to me that my energy-level is lowered when I am acting indecisive, reluctant, uncommitted. In fact, way back in my twenties, I lost quite a few Business opportunities due to my wavering and calculating. You know "calculating"'s when you over-analyze perceived disadvantages of making a commitment. Having no definitive "Yes or No" on a topic, means that you do not know what you want. That, in turn, means that you do not know who you are and what your goals and values are. Consider a conversation like this:

Husband: "So where should we go on vacation?"

Wife: "I don't know. California Maybe?"

Husband: "Yeah. Maybe. Or perhaps a trip to Europe?"

Wife: "Yeah OK. But I've seen Europe already. I'd like to see Hawaii"

Husband: "I might wanna see Japan some day"

Wife: "Hmmm....Maybe".

Neither of the two have any idea what they really want. There is no developed or dominant vibration or direction present. Hence, whatever reality they create, it is going to be something random. It will be decided by others. If you do not decide, someone with a more definitive mind, will decide for you. Unless, after some conversation, they arrive at a conclusion. Otherwise its open-ended energy or incomplete manifestation. The things you wish to manifest in your life, are actually already manifested the moment you make a firm decision or commitment toward them. They are manifest way before they show up in physical reality.

But not everything is black and white. What about all the stuff you are not clear on yet? Stuff you can't possibly say yes or no to because you do not know yet? Well, that's fine. It means you are still in the process of finding clarity, of finding your true hearts desire. In that case,  why do you have to say anything? Are you being pressured to decide? Then you can at least be definitive on that: "I don't want to make a decision now, I want to learn more". That's a NO for now. Any sort of "pressure to decide" is suspicious. We just don't like being coerced. Look first within, re-align with your highest values and visions. Or brainstorm a number of ideas and discard those that don't feel aligned with your Higher Self. If we are talking about a vacation, you could list a bunch of places and go yes or no on them. Example:

Japan  YES

Hawaii YES

California NO

Europe NO

Just from Intuition, that's what you feel is good for you. And your spouse could do the same:

Japan NO

Hawaii YES

California NO

Europe YES.

So both have a "yes" on Hawaii and that's where they go.

And what if there is no common "yes" on anything? Well, there are many options after that, but the worst option is to compromise your own definitive "yes" feeling and give in to something you don't really want. "Ok, Ok, we'll go to Europe...but next time we go where I want!" Can you see the future trouble being set up here? Spending an entire vacation that is unwanted is only going to cause frustration. If the attitude isn't right (the SEED), the trip won't go right. So one option would be to expand the list of options until one is found that both are YES on. Another option would be that something other (than a vacation) is done that both are YES on. And another option is that they go to their separate YES destinations (but if going alone is a NO, then that can be discarded too). And yet another option is that one of the spouses, through their creative communication skills, makes the trip attractive and appealing to the other, so that the NO turns into a YES. That's called the Art of Negotiation.

And no, I am not saying that "Maybe" and "Might" should never be used. I'm saying their use should be reduced. The terms can be very useful in other contexts, such as in the deflation of negative events: "That was the worst thing that could happen to us!!!!" - "Well, Maybe" :-) In this example, I am using a "Maybe" to take out the sting of a hard "NO" statement. That's a positive use of "Maybe". If I am a negotiator who has the aim of turning a "NO" into a "YES", I will use the "Maybe" to soften the others "No".

But in most contexts, I highly recommend reducing the tendency of being unclear and vague. Lawyers and Politicians are deliberately vague and it drives us crazy. Why can't I get a clear answer from that lawyer, politician or CEO? They use indefiniteness out of fear, calculating that in the future things might change and they'll be at a disadvantage if they make a clear statement now. Many Politicians use it to obfuscate and distort their real opinion as not to be judged by half the electorate.

Either you are pregnant or not. You can't be a little pregnant or maybe pregnant. Either you want a relationship with him/her or you don't. Any wavering in a partner should be a warning-signal. And what if he/she wants an "open relationship"? Well, that's something that has to clearly be put on the table so that you have an opportunity to decide whether you want that or not. The importance and power of Clarity cannot be overstated. Lack of Clarity or Confusion is at the root of most conflicts and upsets. Apart from being clear, it is also recommended you request clarity from others.

Have you been unclear about what your expected tasks are in the new company? Demand clarity from the Head of Department.

Have you been unclear about how "the law of attraction" works? Request clarity from one of its many proponents.

Have you been unclear on whether he wants to marry you or not? Request clarity. Are you afraid he'll say no? Well. his "No" today is much, much better than awakening years later realizing he was never committed.

Are you unclear on which school to send your kids too? Then get clarity through visiting those schools.

Either you are committed to reaching your goal or not. If you cannot give a definitive "yes" to a goal, there is little point in pursuing it. I've met students who can't decide on their career path. But the higher truth is that almost ANY career path teaches the skills of attention, will, creativity, responsibility, etc. Just choose one of the 100 options that feel more fun and discard one of the 10 000 options that don't feel fun. Decide.

The Yes/No principle is what governs much of my life. Example: 90% of the emails I get are a quick "Yes or No" whether I will respond or not. 10% remain undecided "Maybes" so I let them sit for a day or two before I make my Yes or No. Letting something sit for a while, makes it clearer. I would be in trouble if 90% of my emails were "maybe". I wouldn't get much done while being torn back and forth on all kinds of minute details. People with guilt issues and money-fears are often the ones who have too many "maybes": "But if I take this job today, what if something better comes up in a week? I can't commit to this right now, just in case something better comes along???" Well, guess what: He will likely get neither of the jobs. Decision making leads to lessons both good and bad. But in the end you realize that all LESSONS are actually good, because you learned. Hence, those who fear making decisions are those who do not learn. And those who do not learn are those who don't succeed in the long run.

None of this is to say that you cannot change your decision later on. You might commit to one thing and later it turns out it was the wrong thing. That's fine. The whole point of deciding and committing is to learn by trial and error what is and isn't good for you. Yes/No thinking helps you with Reality Creation in that it makes commitment a habit. And with commitment, anything can be achieved.

People who are afraid to say "No" carry issues of approval-seeking. People who are afraid to say "Yes", are uncertain of what they want or afraid they might fail. One of the mechanisms in mass consciousness that undermines Yes/No thinking is in limiting the options, often as if there are only two options or even only two negative options to choose from: "Do you want criminals to steal from you and rape you, or do you want to always stay home after 8 pm?" "Do you want to pay high taxes by bankwire or by cheque?" As if these were the only options. Well, frankly, I want none of the above. I do not want to be raped while out at night and I do not want to stay home every night. Both are a NO. Going out at night to safe places is a YES. I do not want to pay high taxes, so thats a NO. Low-taxes is a YES.

Here's a little exercise. List all the things you have a definitive YES to, whether they already exist in  your life or you would like them to exist in your life. You are 100% certain that these are things you want and like in your reality:






(the list can be longer) And then list all the things you have a definitive NO to, whether they already exist in your life or you would like to remove them from your reality. You are 100% certain these are things to release, clear, dissolve or remove yourself from:






(the list can be longer)

And now list all the things in your life or that you might have in your life, that you are "MAYBE" on.






(the list can be longer, but hopefully it is not)

There you just created the master-plan for the coming weeks and months. You know what you really do want to focus on and really no longer want to focus on. That's huge. It may include activities, habits, thoughts, people and places. So seek to remove the "NOs" and spend more time with the YES stuff. As for the MAYBES: See if you can transform them into definitive yes or no right now. A little hint: Most "Maybes" are actually a NO. Things that are really aligned with who you are, are mostly an easy YES (unless you are in a very low vibe state, from which it becomes difficult to ascertain whats good for you). If you cannot transfer some of the Maybes to a yes or no, seek to learn more about the subject until you can make a decision.

The Result? You feel more Clear. Your energy-level is up. First get Clear, then get Focused.


Kindness - The Underestimated Power

The world tends to underestimates the power of kindness and overestimate the power of cruelty, anger, force and violence...qualities which actually lack power and weaken a person. We are generally afraid of cruel and unkind people, not realizing that kindness can completely obliterate, vanish, dissolve any sort of negative influence. In some respects we have been conditioned to underestimate kindness and overestimate force and cruelty. The subconscious cannot tell the difference between what you see on TV, what you visualize in your mind and what you see in daily life. It's all just "experiences" to the inner child. Since most movies primarily advertise aggression as a way to solve problems, most peoples subconscious has not only been traumatized and desensitized, but accepted the idea that kindness is nothing but ineffective weakness.

The dictionary defines Kindness as the quality of being friendly, generous or considerate. It is related to Empathy, which is the ability to connect with and understand how other people feel. Its brothers and sisters are forgiveness, gratitude, and appreciation.

In reality, Kindness is more powerful than any type of magic, persuasion, marketing or hard labor. Simple acts of kindness and care will generate more money for you than endless hours of hard work. Softening your heart will help you perceive truth and reality more easily than if your empathy were dulled and desensitized. It will disarm enemies and those who have ill intentions toward you. An adversary might be superior in his army, his technology and his wealth, but the spiritual quality of kindness can easily supersede all material strength. It generates an energy-field in which cynicism, snide remarks, criticism and grim seriousness and even hardship, melt away as fast as ice-cream in a furnace.

Some who are kind-hearted, think they'll be taken advantage of if they are too soft, tolerant and forgiving. But kindness does not mean being naive, ignoring problems, doing nothing about peoples misdeeds or approving of ill-intentions. People who ignore problems are not being kind, they are afraid of confronting reality. Facing the issues, handling them and still being of generous heart - that's kindness.

A kind heart sees all life situations as inherently valuable, understands that humans are generally fallible and imperfect and offers a helping hand rather than resentment. Resentment builds a hard stone in your heart that damages your immune system and clouds your ability to think and see clearly. True Kindness can say "No" to the negative, but from a place of forgiveness and understanding.

People are fuzzy on the distinction between being authentic vs being imposing on others, so I'll clarify the difference here: Being true to your feelings and clearly expressing your views, opinions, thoughts, desires and needs is NOT being imposing on others. You have the right to express yourself. You have the right to stand for something. You have the right to follow your values and whats good for you. You have the right to praise or criticize. When you express yourself fully (and without anger or as a statement of extortion), you are not being imposing. Imposition begins when you try to change what others are thinking, saying or doing. That's when the line is crossed to being imposing. You can be fully yourself without needing to change others. Others will either agree or disagree with who you are, but that is nothing for you to change, thats their responsibility. With this formula you should have no more communication problems with anyone.

Experiment: Make a critical remark about someone with a tone of disapproval or anger. See how they react. At another time, make a critical remark in a mood and tone of kindness and without intention to change the person, simply as a statement of preference. One might sound like this: "I don't like X about you. You better stop X, otherwise I am going to quit working with you!". The kind version may sound like this: "I don't like X, I prefer Y. I'd like to do it the Y way, you'd like to do the X way. How can we find a solution?". In which of these communication-modes are you more likely to have another act as you prefer? Well, if the other is afraid of you or somehow dependent on you, then they will do what you say, no matter how you say it. But with the anger-fear version, they will build subconscious resentment toward you that will one day backfire. Management-by-Fear may be more effective short-term, but it fails in the long run. Management-by-Kindness is always smarter. This is especially true with high-consciousness, non-fear people, or your professional equals and superiors, who will laugh at your attempt to bully or force them.

How and why do people become unkind? It is usually because they themselves have been treated unkind. The abuser was likely himself abused at an earlier point in life. So rather than being the victim of abuse, it feels better to be the abuser. Being unkind and abusive is a method to overcome victim-hood. And it actually works to some extent, but that is still so much weaker than kindness. On a scale of energy from 1 to 10 (see my book "Levels of Energy"), the levels of strength look something like this:


2 Victim of Unkindness or Abuse

3 Abusive or Unkind Person





8 Kindness



Why settle for one level higher, if you can jump several levels?

Kindness can manifest in lending a hand, in giving support and in taking care. But this should never be to your own detriment. That's not kindness, it's energy depletion that usually grows from guilt. So rather than being loving and caring in order to share from your own abundance, you are caring for others out of pity and guilt. The former creates healing, the latter creates subconscious resentment in both parties. In order not to fall into the trap, remember that kindness also includes kindness to yourself...including your own time, space and emotions. People often speak of the "sacrifice" they made for others. But if they complain about their sacrifice later or blame the other for not reciprocating, it was not really a "sacrifice" but a "giving with strings attached". Kindness gives without strings attached or not at all.

So cut yourself some slack. Cut others some slack. But dont slack off. Rather than softness of heart making you weak and vulnerable, it will make you stronger, more popular, and more beautiful than ever because of the tangible energy field it creates around you. It is actually abusive behavior that makes you weak and vulnerable. Many dont understand that unkind people are not actually strong, they are in a state of weakness. They may appear strong, but they aren't. The soft side always wins because it resists nothing, so nothing can harm it

Commit random acts of kindness every day. Look at your day by how kind you were, for that is a successful day.

One of the most common errors of the Ego is to believe that violence and evil can be conquered through violence and evil. Any deep examination of History will reveal that violent revolutions worked temporarily, never permanently. Directly attacking an enemy eventually begets a counter-attack. Non-violent revolutions and non-angry revolutions on the other hand, that come about after raising consciousness and vibration, work permanently. Look for example, at the permanent change created through the peaceful, high-vibe approach of Martin Luther King, vs. the regression created by violent protesters. Or the peaceful power-transition facilitated by Ghandi, vs. what violent revolutionaries created before him (nothing). The Negative on Planet Earth is not overcome through and violent upheavals, but through every individual raising his own awareness of how reality works and increasing his own field of kindness.

How to Overcome Screen Addiction

Human Being has increasingly become screen addicted. What started as TV and Cinema Screens has graduated to Computer Monitors, then iPhones, iPads and Laptops, which many are excessively glued to. Before releasing the Addiction, one would have to acknowledge that a) it is an addiction, that b) this addiction is intentionally engineered or not in your best interests and c) that you will be happier without the addiction.

The following is the first page of US Patent 6506148 B2 Titled "Nervous System Manipulation by Electromagnetic Fields from Monitors". It dates back all the way to 2003, before everyone was glued to their phones. The entire document can be read here: Google Patents.

The Patent says that through screens, one can remotely influence a persons mood, sexual arousal, relaxation, tension, etc. Of course this is apart from the already known and obvious manipulation of thought and emotion through visible images and audible signs. We are all familiar with those, but have yet to become familiar with the hidden and subliminal aspects of it.

Another image from the patent suggests how this is to be done remotely by someone else to you:

The inventor of this Patent has 10 other previous inventions that deal with the remote manipulation of the nervous system. It is therefore not all that credible that this inventor warns of "unethical uses" of this knowledge:

"Certain monitors can emit electromagnetic field pulses that excite a sensory resonance in a nearby subject, through image pulses that are so weak as to be subliminal. This is unfortunate since it opens a way for mischievous application of the invention, whereby people are exposed unknowingly to manipulation of their nervous systems for someone else's purposes. Such application would be unethical and is of course not advocated. It is mentioned here in order to alert the public to the possibility of covert abuse that may occur while being online, or while watching TV, a video, or a DVD"

- Quoted from the end of the Section "Background and Invention" of the Patent.

My point in presenting this old Patent is to show that it is indeed possible to remote-manipulate the unaware. Your body, mind and spirit are powerful emitters of electromagnetic energy. With this energy, you create or attract specific realities. It is impossible to control or manipulate you when you are in full awareness and strength, know yourself and your emotions. But it is easy to manipulate you when your are weak and unconscious or when you want to be manipulated.

There is more going on with these screens, more than fits the context of this article. For example, Samsung and iPhone have entire labs to test the attractiveness of various icons and sounds, all with the outright aim of getting people hooked to their products. If one can create pleasant feelings associated with the phone...feelings you have not been able to create on your own, because you haven't been practicing emotional awareness or visualization...then it is easy to see why so many are screen addicted.

Where the most attention goes is where the most energy goes (and where the most money goes). So if someone can gain lots of attention, he probably will. This is why I assume that these companies are fully aware and supportive of the addictions being created. Meanwhile, many put more attention on their screens than on anything else in the world (or outside of it). It's the first thing they see in the morning and the last thing they see at night, as if it were a lover. It goes with them in their pockets to work, to vacation...anywhere. Recently a friend told me she has trouble "letting go" and asked if I could suggest her a technique. I said: "OK...let go of your phone for a week". But she absolutely refused to do so: What if I want to text a friend? Find my way around town? What about my Business emails? Impossible! I could see she was, like many of us, a lost cause. Hard to imagine that only 20 years ago, nobody needed this little device for getting around town, doing Business or talking to friends. Its also puzzling that nobody seems to care that their precious phone doubles as a 24/7 tracking and surveillance device. But that"s a topic for another article.

I am not in any way "against" screens. I love my little Samsung Galaxy. I read books on it, phone with it, read emails, etc. Its one of the most useful inventions of all time. I am merely pointing out the problem with massive dependence and addiction. Most people are opposed to drug addiction, but seem to have no issue with device addiction. Imagine, if you will, a word in the far and distant future, where people taking a walk, people at a restaurant, people in cars, people at home, people in bed, people at work, keep staring into this little device. Oh...wait a minute...that's already happening, isn't it?

The issue is of concern to me, because I teach an art called Reality Creation. Reality Creation is the steering of your own attention and imagination toward preferred outcomes with the intent of manifesting them as real life experiences. Screen addiction is the opposite of that. It is the steering of your attention and imagination by external devices and images planted by other people. If therefore, you wish to regain some control of your experiential reality, I recommend you do a digital detox every few months.

I have avoided addiction through simply deciding that there are times for screen and there are times for no screen. I make sure to find something so interesting, that I forget the screen. The only times I actually use computer screens are when creating articles or videos for this website, responding to paid coachings by email or skype or educating myself on a specific topic. Random and goalless internet surfing is very rare. I have decided that there are certain days where there are no screens. Sunday for example, is a no-screen day, not even my phone. When I sit with other people, dine with them, meet with them, I no longer use any screens (unless required for Business demonstrations). At breakfast, lunch and dinner, no screens. When I deliver seminars, no screens. I've had to deliberately define and cut out no-screen times. Do I require the same of others? Of course not. I am responsible for my own state of mind, not theirs. But they are missing out on a lot of present-time energy by focusing on second-hand realities delivered in the screen.

You will find that this kind of mental cleansing and psychic detox, elevates your mood. Why? Because we have generally become addicted to the slight mood-upswing provided by screens. There is a subtle relief people feel when they enter screen-world. You can see it the best in children, when they breathe a sigh of relief the moment the TV Screen or iPad screen goes on. This sigh of relief is no different than that of a Heroin or Cigarette addict getting a hit of the substance. Doing without the Screen now and then, allows you to re-learn your inherent ability to create that relief within, independent of the screen. In fact, it is not only the screen you are addicted's just another item of distraction among a long list of other things...addiction to foods, addiction to approval, addiction to money, addiction to sex, etc. By noticing when you feel that RELIEF, you can quickly detect what you are actually addicted to, and aim to release dependence on the external world, bit by bit. True and everlasting RELIEF can only be found within. In fact, those who are already in a positive state to begin with, never get addicted to Screens, Foods, Drugs, etc. They can use them rather than being used by them. The addiction only starts, when a person has lost the ability to change his own thoughts, emotions and breathing patterns for internal relief. Then something outside of self needs to deliver the fix. Think of it this way: You cannot take your phone with you to the afterlife, so you might as well get used to being without it right now. And if you can be without it entirely, then its much more enjoyable to be with it once in a while. This applies to anything. If you can do without money, you can much more easily deal with it. If you do not need sex, sex will feel more free and enjoyable. And so forth.

You can therefore, perhaps acknowledge that a) it is an addiction, that b) this addiction is intentionally engineered or not in your best interests and c) that you will be happier without the addiction.


Let Go of Waiting

A state of waiting for things, to the point of impatience, prolongs their manifestation. Why? Because you are assuming they are not already done and taken care of. You have probably experienced this phenomenon yourself: The more impatient you get, the longer it takes for something to get done. Is it a coincidence that on the very day you are in a hurry to get somewhere, there is a traffic jam? Can you see the correlation between your impatience about "getting the money", "making the sale", "finding the right partner", "resolving the case", etc. and your lack thereof?

In general, you should get everything incomplete, done and finished, as soon as you can. Having no unfinished Business gives you a sense of peace in the present. But what about the things you seem not to be able to get instantly? In my view, you should imagine or feel that they are done, to have them be "already manifested" in consciousness rather than worrying, hoping, wondering about them. Fix the things you can fix, let go of the things you can't fix right now. "Letting Go" does not mean you are no longer interested. It means that you give life, the universe or others some time and space to work things out for you. Patience does not mean putting up with incomplete stuff, it means knowing what you want without letting that bend you out of shape. It means knowing there is a right time for everything and there is great, great wisdom in postponing some things you thought you should have "instantly". I wish I would have known this much earlier. Embrace the fact that its a BLESSING that some things don't come straight away. REALIZE that some things not coming right away, is in your FAVOR, for your own GOOD, for your protection.

  Things that you are desperately or eagerly or urgently waiting on, tend to take longer to manifest because while waiting, you are sending out the energetic pulse or message that "it's not done" and "I don't have it". If something is that urgent, it points to an inherent sense of lack within. What do you NOT have in the here and now, that makes this thing so urgent? Whatever it is you are waiting for, you assume that "getting it" will solve your issues and make you happy. But that's an illusion. If you cannot be happy in the now, then "getting" that thing will not permanently make you happy either. Instead, after getting it the NEXT incomplete and lacking thing will show up in your life. Finally got the money? You'll feel lack of relationship. Finally got the relationship? You'll feel lack of attention. Finally got the attention? You'll lack the completion of a Business project. And so forth. Lack is an endless cycle. Feeling fulfilled and at ease in the now, by letting go of things you are waiting for, ends this constant focus on what you need NEXT and NEXT and NEXT and you can be at peace. And then? And then, things come true for you more easily, because you are already fulfilled.

I'll leave you with a little exercise:

  1. Identify something you have been waiting for. If you have been waiting, it means you subconsciously imagine not having it.
  2. Briefly think about how it might possibly be a secret BLESSING that it's not coming true instantly.
  3. Imagine having it.
  4. Then, imagine not having it until you can accept that without resistance.
  5. Then imagine having it, until you can accept that without resistance.
Repeat these steps over and over until you are at peace with the subject and can easily imagine already having it. That will help you to let go obsessing over it. And it will help you shift your attention away from imagining not having it (waiting IS subconsciously imagining NOT having it...I repeat this because it is so crucial. If you imagine NOT having it, guess what you are eventually going to manifest?).

If you experience trouble doing this exercise, use one of the many guided-processes in the Audio-Downloads section.

To be free of tension and worry, let go of waiting. There is nothing "better" in the future. Any "better" is always TODAY. If you do not have what you think you "should" have today, then make use of and notice what you DO already have today. The resources, people, opportunities, feelings, ideas you DO have today. You will also find that no longer waiting for results, will give you better ideas on how to actually create those results you have been waiting for all your life. Life is not a lengthy process, there is nothing to wait for. Life is an experience in the now. Things you do not already feel in the now, will not magically appear in the future. But whatever you do already feel now, will be reflected to you now and in the future.

Do you really think Google is Free?

Some see Google as a glorious provider of free search, free maps, the free android system on your phone, free storage space, free email, free access to unlimited, free, free.

But in reality, Google is not a charity organization and nothing in life is completely "free" - there is always some kind of exchange of energy involved. How could any Business survive without a pay off? Naturally, the company will let you be quite aware of what you are getting from them, and less aware of what they are getting from you.

So what are you giving them in exchange for all these "free" services that apparently make your life so much easier?

You are giving them Data. Apart from the NSA, Google has the largest Database in the world (and I am not entirely sure Alphabet (the company that runs Google) and the Alphabet Agencies (NSA, CIA) aren't part of the same outfit). You are giving them data about your identity, your connections, your lifestyle, your desires, your aversions, your interests, your location and your daily habits. You have sold your privacy, in exchange for free services. This is a deal you have consented to of your own free will.

For example, your Android (Google) Phone is a location tracking device, as used by secret agents for decades prior to Internet. You have consented to and welcomed being tracked everywhere you have been and everywhere you are going. You have welcomed every search term you type into Google and every word you write into Gmail, to be stored indefinitely.

"Oh come on. That's paranoid. I delete my emails. I delete my Google Maps History". That's all well and good, but do you believe they delete it? Police reports in the news have shown time and time again, that all kinds of data can be "recovered" by the right "specialists". Have you ever wondered why, in your Gmail Account, they show side-ads related to the words you are typing into the email? Its because something is reading as you write. Did you know that even if you write an email and erase it again, its still stored? In other words, even the stuff you said but take back, is recorded.

"Yeah...but I turn off my Wifi when I dont want to be tracked". Well, thats good for you. The moment you reconnect to Wifi or turn off Airplane Mode, all kinds of Metadata on your whereabouts-while-Wifi-was-off is sent to Google.

"Yeah, so what. I can opt out of location services". OK, but even when you turn off location seervices, Google Maps still has some idea of where you are. Even when I am driving in no-connection areas, I can still get an approximate location of myself on their Map.

Have you also noticed that Android stores a bunch of your voice recordings and that it can even record your voice when you did not click a specific record button?

"Yeah, so what. I dont use Android, I use Apple. And I dont use Google Search, I use Bing". But these facts of data storage are the same for Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and many other companies.

"Yeah, so what. I dont care. Im not doing anything wrong. My life is not that interesting". OK. Fair enough. I figure the same, that's why I continue to use all of these services.

Nonetheless, I do sometimes wonder. How do you achieve global mass surveillance without peoples protest or avoidance? Only if they themselves consent, welcome and embrace it. You cannot control people against their own free will. If that were the intention, the plan worked brilliantly.

This is neither a complaint nor a paranoid rant. Its just a matter-of-fact awareness of the pay-off, of the exchange being made. I very much embrace access to unlimited info. I love using Google Earth and being able to see specific locations around the world, as if I had my own spy satellite. But I know it comes at a price.

Of Course Companies like Google offer people to "Opt Out" of all kinds of stuff. But that also means not benefiting from a number of services. Not to mention that most people do not bother to "opt out" of privacy-invading apps out of convenience, laziness and simple unawareness of what is going on. Nor does "opting out" actually guarantee that your data stays anonymous. What about the emails you send to others? Nothing guarantees that they "opted out" of your conversations and emails to them being recorded and stored. I'd go so far as to say that there is no such thing as anonymity in the Internet. The Internet is 100% public. Everything you do there and put into it cannot be assumed to be private, just like you cannot leave your house and assume that your movements outside will stay unseen.

But that at least leaves the privacy of your home, right? And if you disconnect from the Internet, at least the files on your computer are private, right? Wrong. People are welcoming surveillance devices such as "Google Home" and "Amazon Alexa" into their private lives en mass. Do I sound cynical in calling them "surveillance devices" rather than helpful info tools? I don't think so. But even before this home invasion, it was technically possible to listen in on your conversations at home through hijacking your computers webcam, through digital television sets and even through your iphone or smartphone. Do you really think that your window to the whole world is not at the same time a window back into your world?

So what exactly do Companies like Google use all of this data for? According to them, it is used for ad-targeting. Marketing Companies work with Silicon Valley firms to establish comprehensive Personal Profiles and Databases of your Behavior. Somewhere out there, there is a Database with your name on it, that can be accessed by various advertisers and Businesses. Your profile contains  listings of everything you like and dislike, every place you have been and people you have been associated with. If you don't believe it, do your research. Everything I am saying here can be easily verified. Accessing your database costs a lot of money. In other words: To them you are a PRODUCT. Once a Business has your database, they can target you with ads, products and services that you will likely pay money for.

What makes this just a little creepy, is that many people appear to be unaware of it. It's not like these companies openly say "We are compiling a massive database on you, so that we can predict your behavior and take your money". How would people feel about it, if that were openly said?

Moreover, there could be other, ulterior motives behind mass surveillance that we aren't even aware of. If all this data and power were to fall into hands of a totalitarian state, then what? Such a state could easily round up anyone who has views dissenting from their own. They would know who has dissenting Beliefs, where they live and who their family and friends are. Blackmail could be applied to certain public figures whose private activities don't align with their public persona.

Could there be any benevolent use of mass-surveillance? Sure. It could be used to detect and weed out organized crime. That's what entities such as CIA and NSA claim to be doing. "We snoop in on everyone to end Terrorism". Even private organizations such as Wikileaks claim to be compromising peoples privacy and leaking their innermost secrets to expose wrongdoings and make the world better.

So I guess the real question to be asked, in our increasingly transparent world is: How can we find a balance between Privacy/Secrecy and Transparency/Disclosure? And that very much depends on what kind of world we are living in! If we are living in a positive world, then any sort of secrecy is actually suspicious. If what you are doing is for the benefit of humanity and legal, why the secrecy? Why the need for privacy? On the other hand, if we are living in a negative world (such as a totalitarian state), then privacy/secrecy suddenly becomes something positive and calls for transparency become suspicious. So there are really only two types of people concerned with privacy: 1. Those with negative intentions 2. Those who believe that "the powers that be" have negative intentions. How to solve this dilemma?

The short answer is: By knowing that we live in a world that is a perfect balance of negative and positive. With positive people it pays off to be 100% transparent. With those who have ill-intentions toward you, it pays off not to reveal any of yourself.

Metaphysically speaking, the same rules that apply to a microcosm also apply to the macrocosm. In other words, what works well on a small scale, in peoples private lives, will also work and have positive effects on a large scale or in society as a whole. In my private life, I generally mind my own Business and do not snoop into other peoples. I do not look into their documents, emails or even rooms of their house without their consent. I respect their space and have come to learn that benevolent, positive people, also respect my space and privacy. It is usually the creeps that snoop, spy, invade and impose. If however, negativity starts accumulating around a person I work with or live with, it is time to start having a closer look and to ask for more Transparency. Let's say you have a roommate and you have been respecting their privacy. So far so good, but one day, you notice that items in your house have been stolen and your roommate is, as far as you know, the only person who has access. So you ask him about it and he denies any involvement. But after that, items still go missing. In that case you might, for the very first time, invade his privacy and enter his room. And lo and behold, you find a small chipped off part of one of your items in the rug there. You then confront your roommate and he still denies involvement and deflects by saying that you have invaded his privacy. You see what I am getting at here: He has invaded your space first, by stealing from you. He therefore has little room to complain about your invasion of his space.

Privacy is anothers precious right until such a time you are sure it is being abused against you. Some will take this to mean that it is OK to invade peoples spaces based merely on the suspicion of their wrongdoing. To be entirely clear, that's not what I am saying. Suspicion alone is not enough to invade someones space. There has to be actual evidence, such in the case above, where items went missing and there was only one other person with access to these items. Finding a chipped off piece of the item on the rug is further evidence, which warrants further investigation and the accompanying loss of the suspects privacy.

Which brings us back to these Internet Companies: They have been known to collect data, practice surveillance, track your every move and sell your data to advertisers without your aware, informed and express consent. That's what makes this whole thing less than clean. "But people do give their consent when they click on "I agree to the Terms and Conditions" these companies say. And that's the whole crux of the matter: You actually do consent. Except that hardly anyone reads those deliberately long and tedious "Terms and Conditions".

The metaphysical laws of the Universe are such, that nothing can be done to you, unless you give your consent.

That's actually good news. And I mean that quite literally: Everything that has ever happened to you in your reality, you have said YES to on some level. The only way for negative influences to exploit this fact, is by getting you to say "Yes" in a semi-conscious or lazy state. The main problem then, once again goes back to YOU and your lack of awareness, not to some external agenda. It is through my own laziness and convenience that I haven't bothered using other email providers, smartphone providers, map providers and search providers than Google and that I have not bothered to read their T&C.

This article then, is not actually about Google, it's about YOU. I am not a social critic, I am a success-coach.

You complain about a politician...but did YOU bother to research his life, before voting for him or her?

You complain about overweight...but did YOU bother looking at the ingredients of the food before you bought it?

You complain about loss of privacy....but did YOU actually read the T&C you consented to?

You complain about lack of funds...but did YOU actually secure your funds when you had them?

What I am getting at here: It is good to assume all is well and working out for the best. But that kind of optimism and positive outlook is no reason to become careless. A positive vibe combined with Awareness is what makes for smooth Sailing through life. Speaking of the Internet, I do not give my consent to "cookie tracking" on my web-browser. Why? Because I am aware of the attempt to build a profile database of me. That doesn't mean I am afraid, merely aware. I actually take the time to read contracts before I sign them or demand clarity if anything is unclear. Yesterday I was holding some Jam in the Grocery store. It was advertised as "gluten free". Why would Jam have to be "gluten free"? Jam doesn't or shouldn't contain any gluten in the first place? The more aware you become, the less susceptible you are to being scammed.

As long as planet Earth has not reached a certain level of consciousness, it pays off to be aware. In an enlightened civilization, nobody would proclaim jam "gluten free" and Googles T&C would be short, concise and clear. But as long as civilization is not enlightened, you can be.

Just Say No to Gossip

The Dictionary defines Gossip as "casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details which are not confirmed as true". Gossip is common, Gossip is popular...and Gossip is generally negative. If ascension of consciousness is your intent, then cut it out.

People typically engage in Gossip to break an awkward silence or have a conversation topic to latch on to when they lack creative power. Talking positively about others, however, is not Gossip. Speaking well about someone behind their back is actually empowering to all involved. Gossip is speaking poorly about someone when they are not present, revealing private details, falsehood and slander about others just to garner attention and glee.

When you are with someone who likes to gossip, be very careful what you tell that person about yourself. Why? Because some day they will gossip about YOU. Anybody who eagerly participates in gossip, does not understand that consciousness is not limited in space or time. Your words - as energy - fly straight to the person you are gossiping about and they can feel it. Moreover, what you say about other people reflects back on yourself. That's why, when I am with someone who is gossiping about another, I usually stay quiet and fairly neutral.



"I see"



I try not to confirm or deny. I cannot judge someone based on hearsay. More often, I become more suspicious of the gossiper than the person he or she is gossiping about. Whether the bad stories they say about a person are true or not, remains to be seen.

Social Media proliferates mass-gossip. It seems that anyone can make up anything they want about any person at all and spread it among their followers who want to believe. If someone wants to believe a piece of gossip about someone, they won't do any research or question what is being said, they'll just retweet or share it.

Report of peoples badness or wrongness should generally be frowned on. Exceptions to this rule are, if someone is sharing information about truly cruel or ill-intended people and seeks help. That's not gossip, that's information. What makes gossip gossip, is the intention behind reporting the information. If I report information in order to make someone look bad (as many "journalists" do), if I report something in order to get attention or cheap laughs, if I report something to entertain at the expense of another, then its gossip. If I report in order to enlighten, educate or exchange knowledge, if I report in order to help and support, then its not gossip. The distinction is important. The only negative reporting that is not gossip is the negative reporting that comes from the heart with the intent to help. Sensationalist journalism usually has no intent whatsoever to help the situation but serves rather as outrage-porn.

We often fall into gossip unwittingly as habit of speech. To prevent this from happening too often, you could have a conversation with your friend or spouse on "what gossip is" and how it might not be helpful. Simply recognizing gossip as such, helps to reduce it. Having had that conversation, you can than refer to it in future talks: "Let's not get into too much gossip now" or "Let's stop gossiping". But first there has to be the realization of the subtle degrading effect of gossip. Gossip ruins friendships, reputations, breaks trust and a number of other things. As long as gossip is perceived as acceptable or entertaining, it will continue. Many aren't even aware that they are gossiping or that it's no fun...especially when you are at the receiving end of gossip. And if you have engaged in gossip about someone else, you can be sure that others have gossiped about you. What you put out is what you get back, its the law on which the whole universe runs.

I recently overheard a phone conversation of an acquaintance who was phoning a friend. One hour earlier, she had been complaining and gossiping about this same friend. Now she was acting all cozy with her. Her friend, on the other hand, was gossiping with her about yet another person. Later, I remarked:  "That's a lot of gossip going around". She said "Don't judge me. We're just having fun". Two days later this same acquaintance was outraged when she found out (through gossip of yet another person), that this same friend had gossiped about her. I said: "Why are you surprised? Not only did you gossip about her with me, but you gossiped about another person with her, and then you're shocked when you are being gossiped about by her?" The whole situation eventually spiraled down into a story of intrigue, jealousy and spite between the different parties involved. I'm glad I remained unaffiliated. You will notice that when you do not participate in gossip, people have a hard time gossiping about you.

Do you not know that there are topics, conversations and views that elevate you and those that degrade you? Have you ever noticed the unbecoming facial expressions of those that have made it a habit to speak poorly about others? Just like certain foods help you either feel heavy or light, certain conversations will leave you feeling better or worse. Every word you utter is a ray of energy leaving your mouth, shooting out into the universe and it will boomerang back to you in some way or another.