Reader Feedback on “Levels of Heaven and Hell”

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Last week I asked you to send me a picture of your copy of “Levels of Heaven and Hell” along with some Feedback on it. The three best Feedbacks would receive a signed copy of my next book for Free. Winners will be notified. Feedback containing “spoilers” or quotes were not included. 

Thanks to everyone, its greatly appreciated. 

Please keep sending your pictures of books and notes of Feedback to [email protected]! Thank you!

Dear Fred,
what a great new book and what a great way to publish it. I have been following you (reading your books and applying your meditations), I think, for almost a decade. I was very excited to learn about „Levels of Heaven and Hell“ and, of course, at first disappointed when I could not IMMEDIATELY download an E-book. But then I just went with it and ordered the hardcover. At that time I was moving, so a couple days in at the new place, your book was my first package there 🙂
I read the beginning of the chapter about hell but skipped to the chapter about heaven. Thank you for „warning“ about reading the hell chapter. I was very stressed at that time and I felt very clearly that it wasn’t the right time for me to read those parts. I will come back to it when I feel more centered. But, oh boy, did those first couple pages make sense!!! 😀 I haven’t finished reading the whole book, but it is very interesting, like a puzzle that is put together and the reader gets to see more and more of the picture. I love it!
Now, I really like having a real book. I often stop reading e-books, I don’t know why exactly. And I love it, that this book is a „fairtrade“ book. I didn’t know that amazon gets (takes) most of the money! So, this is really nice! I can’t wait for the next book, not after your announcement today! 😀 Mindblowing?! HELL yeah! 😉







Hi Fred, I must say, this book brought me closer to God. That’s all I need to say. Thank you


I was fascinated with tales at age 5-9 and remember reading probably around 100 books in that area. Tales and myths from various cultures. Fred’s book helped to put all that unused knowledge and memories into an adult context.
Chapters about heaven and hell expanded upon earlier levels of energy books and even though I don’t recall, at least right now, experiencing higher dimensions, I’m happy to have this knowledge as a contextual building block for the future experiences. Also it reinforces a more serene worldview, where you don’t expect to be suddenly dropped into hell. You will see it coming long before and will be able to do something about it.
Whenever I was researching planetary history I felt quite confused about the subject and it felt like juggling many opposing beliefs. Information about ancient Language provided a solid ground to stand on in this area and increased my perceived sense of certainty when intuiting that which is true and that which isn’t.
Last chapter about God was the most important to me. It have changed my whole relationship with the Most High and my life was different since then, in a good way.
Thank you for another upgrade to my consciousness, Mr Dodson.
Dovidas T

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First of all, I read all of your books on Kindle and reading it in print somehow feels better. Im glad I got this. Secondly, it was a real page turner, lots of fun! It answered a lot of questions I didnt even know I had 🙂

The book managed to reconcile different strands of data into a unified whole. As you say, its about finding the context within which things that at first seem contradictory, fit together. The book made me feel relieved and curious to learn even more. Thank you!



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