Psychedelics and Consciousness Levels

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Frederick Dodson

A lot of my readers ask me about Psychedelics. They love Psychedelics, but I don’t. Not even “microdosing” – a thing offered to me almost every time I visit California.

My rejection of psychedelics is not from ignorance. As a teenager I tried Mushrooms, LSD, DMT and Ecstasy multiple times. I wasn’t impressed.

Drugs provide a horizontal shift in consciousness. I’m looking for a vertical shift.

Drugs are an external source. I’m looking for a shift from within.

Once you train body/mind that the external thing creates the state-change, you’re wired into falsehood.
You tend to forget that body/mind can produce these chemicals. For example, I could mimic an LSD state through certain breathe-work.

That takes a little more effort, but it’s free, it’s longer lasting and more empowering. Effort = growth. Popping a pill = lazy.

In 1998, while most of you microsoders were still in diapers, I wrote a book titled “How to get High without Drugs”. I wrote it in German because I was living in Germany at the time. The book is dated, not recommneded, but it shows I’ve always been into state-change without externals.

No, wait: Not state-change, state-improvement. Vertical, not horizontal.

When I did DMT, which is stronger than other psychedelics, I realized I’m seeing glimpses of the mid-astral realm. It was dazzling but didn’t do anything for me in daily life except make me brabble on about the “experience”. It’s like watching a popcorn-movie – a vehicle of entertainment, not transformation. My

out-of-body experiences,
lucid dreams
prayer and meditation experiences

created much stronger states. The drug-states look to these like a mazda to a lamborghini, like lycra to cashmere, like pickleball to tennis.

I accept that many disagree with me on this. But if you haven’t tasted fresh coffee then you think instant coffee is good.



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