Prosperity Consciousness

Who are the richest people in the world and what can you learn from them for your own prosperity? What are the psychological and spiritual factors involved in wealth-creation? How can you generate passive income? How can you develop more mental toughness and pro-active power? What do Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity teach on how to get rich? What are Millionaires thoughts, words and deeds that create their abundant reality? This book will help you understand and apply what it takes to become stronger, happier and richer.

Reviews of Prosperity Consciousness

Prosperity from many different sides

This book is great because it looks at “Prosperity” from many different sides: The spiritual and religious viewpoint, the sociological viewpoint, the psychological viewpoint and the metaphysical viewpoint that we attract into our lives what we radiate mentally and emotionally. Surprisingly, the author manages to combine all of these streams of influence into a coherent and congruent overview of the rich, the middle-class and the poor and precisely what kind of education, upbringing and “energy-field” is required for humans to be rich or poor. The author does not promise that you will become a “Millionaire” but he does say that you will know exactly what thoughts, words and deeds lead to an improvement of your money situation. Herein you will find the old laws of money as they are laid down in ancient Jewish and Hindu teachings as well as modern ideas on attractor fields and earning passive income. Recommended for anyone, especially those who think they already know it all.


This one of best fred dodson books It has many techniques and ideas which you can use not only for financial situation but other aspects as well Love it

Rich within

This book is so different from other books that discuss prosperity because it talks about prosperity in a deeper level. A level that is deep within you, were everything excites. It touches the base of your subconscious mind to clean all past conditioning about money. This book can shift your old consciousness to prosperity consciousness. By the time I finished the book I’ve discovered that I am already rich but I didn’t see that due to lack consciousness. I really recommend this book to who is ready to make a paradigm shift in his life.

Eisa Al Muhairi

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