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I’ve decided to test various self-improvement products that I’ve always been curious about but didn’t believe in enough to pay for. Honestly, I don’t believe in external stuff that much – that’s why I teach reality creation! There are not many products that really work, independent of the placebo-effect (they work because people believe they work, not because of something product-inherent). As not to be too narrow-minded, dismissing anything external, I’ve decided to take ten different self-improvement products for a test ride. 

The first product I tested, around the beginning in December 2022, is the Orgone Blanket. On Etsy there are several handmade ones being offered. There are also mass-produced ones being offered as-if handmade. Wouldn’t it be nice if Etsy got back to its roots of only allowing handmade items? I ordered a handmade Orgone Blanket (I won’t say which because they’re all roughly the same).

I’m willing to believe there’s something to the Orgone Accumulators because of the way its inventor – Wilhelm Reich – was treated by the U.S. Government. At one point, armed FDA agents raided his house, stealing all of his equipment and papers. At another point, the Government ordered all of his books burned. Today the country of “Freedom and Democracy” simply causes unwanted books to disappear from it’s assets Amazon and Google, but in the 1950s they burned them.

Finally, the Government jailed Wilhelm Reich because he wouldn’t quit his scientific research. He died in jail. These events were in the 1950s but not much has changed since then. Alternative methods of treatment, healing and energy are still suppressed. The FDA still prefers pharmaceuticals over actual healing.

Image: Wilhelm Reich

I had been aware of Wilhelm Reich since the 1990s but had never tried an Orgone Accumulator. The word “Orgone” stands for lifeforce, energy, prana, chi. The Orgone Accumulator is a box that anyone can build themselves, for very little money. There are plenty of PDFs and Videos on it available in the Internet. The Orgone Blanket is a lesser version of the box, something more simple. It is made of layers of sheep wool and steel wool and a cotton cover. The layered mixture apparently accumulates orgone. A skeptic might say that steel wool merely accumulates a slight electrical charge and those are the currents felt in an orgone chamber. My response to that is: Aren’t small electrical currents precisely what is used in electromagnetic pulse or electroceutical therapy nowadays to assist in the healing of various ailments?

Image: The Orgone Accumulator

Anyone can also self-make the blanket for very little money, but I preferred to order one because of the importance of supporting small Businesses in the self-improvement field (if you really want to live in a better world, support people who do good and withdraw support and money from those who don’t).

I’ve never tried any Orgone stuff before because the people peddling it haven’t convinced me. I haven’t witnessed any miraculous healings as with the internal techniques I described in my book You can heal anyoneThe orgone users I’ve met didn’t look any more enlightened or healthy than your average Joe. On Etsy you can find hundreds of people peddling new-agey looking orgone stones, orgone gems, orgone rocks, orgone crystals, orgone wires and a lot of other stuff that has little to do with Wilhelm Reich. Wouldn’t it be nice if peoples’ desire for truth was higher than their desire for making a quick buck?

I read some books around the topic and also heard the Testimonials of how the Orgone Accumulator healed arthritis, muscle pains, chronic fatigue syndrome, sleeplessness and more serious issues. But how reliable are these results? Do they differ from placebo? I couldn’t find any newer scientific study involving a control-group receiving a fake orgone accumulator vs. one that was receiving the real thing. That’s how you test if something works independent of belief.

The product I ordered came with a little booklet that made me aware of the first problem: If I have my Wi-Fi or Phone on near the blanket, it becomes charged with the electromagnetic fields of those devices and will have a negative effect on me. If I hang it outside to get some sun, it will be charged with that and have a positive effect on me. In my neighborhood I’m surrounded by Wi-Fi and cell phone radiation 24/7, so how should I find out of the blanket works? I’d have to drive it out into the woods to use it. It’s impractical for our times.

Before using it, I put it out into my garden to catch some rays. Then I’d go out my rocking chair and put the blanket on. I did this about once a week.

The “scientific community” has fully rejected the existence of orgone, of chi or prana. Any indication thereof is labeled a “pseudoscience”.

One other scientist that knew how electromagnetic fields can heal people was Bob Beck. He was smart enough not to call it orgone or chi or even energy but rather, “electric charge” and “electromagnetic fields”. As a result, many of the things he discovered in the 1970s and 1980s are used in mainstream medicine today (without giving him and his colleagues credit for it).

A few days ago I posted this video on my social media account. Bob Beck brushes a pen through his hair and then transfers feelable energy onto the audience:


This energy that, according to “science” doesn’t exist, is as real as it gets. Anyone can replicate the “hair trick” with a pen or pencil at home. Where do you think the ancients got the idea of magic wands from?

Putting on the blanket I did feel the energy each time. The blanket was definitely charged and felt different than other blankets. For me it was a state similar to after drinking coffee. So there was that. That’s a good sign – I felt and experienced a change of state even though I had no expectation. My wife felt nothing initially, after some time she experienced tingling sensations. Sometimes I felt “overcharged”, almost unwell, as if I had gotten too much of a good thing. So I reduced the time spent under it from 20 to 10 minutes. I used it about once a week.

One of the problems of testing alternative-health products is that I rarely have any troubles. I heal myself from within, before troubles arise. I sometimes experience pain in my arms or knees from wrong movements while playing Tennis, so I tried the blanket on that. But it had no effect on alleviating my pain, unfortunately. One day I had a slight “tennis elbow” and put the blanket on it for twenty minutes. There was no change. My laying hands and speaking on it had a much greater effect than the blanket. My wife once had stomach cramps and I asked her to try the blanket. She did and said it helped her. Her cramps disappeared within 20 minutes of use.

If I could choose again whether to buy it, I probably wouldn’t. Don’t get upset with me, I’m just being honest. It’s not that it doesn’t work, it’s that I don’t need it. I am equipped with knowledge of my inner divine self and my self-healing body. An orgone blanket is no replacement for what is lacking within, it magnifies what is already there. It magnifies healthy things such as sunlight and less healthy things such as Wi-Fi. Since I have my Wi-Fi on almost all day (I turn it off at night) an Orgone Accumulator is impractical for me. Does it work independent of placebo? I’d say “yes”, but I am not aware of its long-term effects yet.

On a scale from 1 t0 10, 1 being horrible 5 mediocre and 10 awesome, I’d give it a 6.5. which is “good”, but not good enough for me to become an endorser. I’ll keep the blanket and experiment with it some more. If my experience changes, I’ll update here.

If you have a similar or different experience with Orgone products (negative or positive) feel free to comment below this post on my Twitter account:



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