Positive thinking = Spiritual death

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Frederick Dodson

A reader on my X-account responded to my latest book with the following question: “Doesn’t this kind of subject lower us?”

It’s a question I often get. I responded:

With increased energy one can take on the tougher subjects that don’t only involve ones personal issues, but collective trauma. Above that level of consciousness, it doesnt drag you down, it creates compassion. Individually, anyone can ascend, but collectively we’re not ascending unless we confront certain painful truths. I’ve never taught positive thinking, I’ve always taught confront-then-replace. Life is not just positive, it’s both. With trauma, you first confront reality, THEN you pivot to what you prefer. The book does exactly that. It presents the trauma, then it pivots to what each individual can actively do to transcend the problem and ascend.

Another reader asked: “Giving it attention gives it energy whether negative or positive?”

My response:

Mere awareness of a thing does not equal “giving it energy”. Giving it energy is when I act out of fear. This new-age idea that just considering/thinking something equals “creating it” is harmful. It’s caused an entire generation of people to become unaware and unfamiliar with most everything that is going on in their world. Thus, you can lock them down, force-vax them, steal their election and then lie about the whole thing two years later and they’ll say “now, now Fred, don’t be negative, all is well”. All IS well for me individually. That’s why I dedicate my life to helping others get well. But even though I am well, the world is not well. And I contribute to its healing the same way I contributed to the healing of coachees in my courses. Just today I received an email of a student I had only a few months ago. His intention was to lose weight. He told me he lost 60 pounds since our coaching. THAT is wonderful. But did he achieve it by PRETENDING there is no problem? Did he say “I am pretty the way I am, stop fat shaming me”? No. That’s DENIAL. And a LOT of people especially in the new-age and self-improvement field are practicing denial, not reality creation. Effective living includes an awareness of ups and downs, valleys and mountains, light and dark. Life is the perfect balance of light and dark. Expose the dark, promote the light – in your own life, your community and in the world. Keep doing it and you’ll in fact be VERY well.

Another reader said:

“Yeah seems to me fred is sometimes too focused on this demonic conspiricy stuff, its like every day at least one negative post nowadays”

This is another example of the issue described in my last two posts. Anyone who has read any of my books knows I never taught “positive thinking”. “Positive thinking” = spiritual death. Check out my book “The Reality Creation Technique” which alternates between positive and negative until all the garbage is processed and you can authentically be positive, without suppressing, oppressing and pretending.

“Spiritual death” by the way, since some people inquired, is just a figure of speech.

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