Playing Games is Intuition Training

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Frederick Dodson

“Battleships” is an ESP/Remote Viewing game. Playing it as such, turns a boring game into a somewhat interesting one.

“Mastermind” can be played as logic/elimination or as Extra-Sensory-Perception (or both).

Most old-school games have an intuitive/ESP aspect to them.

If you can stay calm/receptive you’ll mostly win against non-intuitive players (NICs).

I recall a 30-game winning streak in UNO against my girlfriend, some 25 years ago. It drove her up the wall. To rub it in, I started keeping track on a piece of paper I hung up in our place.

It’s because she didn’t perceive UNO as a game of intuition but as a game of pure chance. “Skill has nothing to do with it, it’s luck. You’re just incredibly lucky”. Can a 30-game winning streak be “luck”? Of course not.

Intuitive techniques are hard to explain. One of them was anticipate what card she would put down next and have the appropriate card ready, playing it extremely quickly. For example I laid the yellow 8, anticipating she might change it to an 8 of another color, so I am holding on to another yellow 8 I have. The instant she places her green 8, I smack down my yellow 8 that I was already holding.

How weird is that?

What’s the point?

Three reasons:

If I repeat this many times it creates a magic momentum – a self-sustaining energy field – that makes the recurrence of the same more likely.

It creates the impression of foreknowledge, as if you’re dominating the game with ease. Even if the opponent is not consciously aware of it, their subconscious is wondering how you “knew the card in advance”, as shown in your body language (and if it’s not the right card, I rapidly pivot to something else).

The quickness of the move, keeps the opponent in reactive-mode. In reactive-mode, intuitive abilities are less likely accessed.

There were also non-intuitive techniques, such as keeping all the best cards for last. If you’re last card is a 4+ it’s much more likely that your “UNO” will turn into a win.

Anyway, after I revealed some of my techniques and the role of intuition, the game evened out and my winning streak soon ended.

From this we understand why people keep secrets and why intuitive people enjoy uncovering secrets.

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