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Panoramic Seeing

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

“When you begin to understand the interconnection of light and awareness, you can more easily soften tendencies to look at objects and allow them to simply be in your field of awareness. One day you may realize that you are not even focusing on a particular object. You may note your perception taking on a more rounded, three dimensional aspect and become more aware of the relationship of objects and space. At some point you may sense the field of awareness expanding to encompass all objects panoramically, as if you were looking at the reflection of a thousand stars in a pool of water, seeing each one distinctly, yet all of them simultaneously. It is important to exercise this capacity to its fullest.

As your practice continues, you may find that seeing merges with meditation: seeing becomes meditation, and meditation becomes seeing. This meditative seeing connects with objects in a different way. Day or night, objects are seen as having a luminous light quality; they lose their solidity and appear almost translucent. Experiencing objects in this way transforms your way of being, softening judgmental and critical tendencies and allowing more openness for compassion and skillful action.

Eventually you may come to understand how awareness related to the eye enables you to perceive qualities inherent in objects around you, but that now pass you by without noticing. Among them are dimensions of beauty: perfections of shape, color, movement and proportions that can enrapture the mind, unfolding layers of meaning and purpose. Uplifted by beauty and attuned to deeper purposes, consciousness transforms”.

From the book Kum Nye, 1978 by Tarthang Tulku

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