Out of Body Travels

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Frederick Dodson

Up until age 25 I used to slip out of body naturally.

Today it would take deliberate retreat and exercise to do it. That’s because I’ve been mingling with earthlings, I’ve been earth-focused.

And it doesn’t interest me because I’ve already been there. Once a thing is mastered, you naturally let go and put attention to other things not explored.

Anyone would benefit from some experience in lucid dreaming our out of body travel because they are too dense, rigid, serious, physical. True spiritual experience lightens you up. The word “lighten” can mean less weight or more brightness and both apply.

In my early twenties I did out-of-body workshops. I quit doing them because I realized:

1. Most people are not willing to go out of body, even if they claim they are. It took an enormous amount of finesse to conduct these workshops but the results were still mediocre with maybe 20% having a genuine out of body experience.

2. Everyone already goes out of body every night. Nobody lies around in bed for 8 hours. When you fall asleep, you naturally leave the body. It’s a normal process, there is nothing mystical, esoteric or strange about it. The goal is not “astral projection” – you’re already doing that. It’s remembering that you did it . It’s breaking the amnesia barrier.

3. But the amnesia barrier is there for a good reason. It’s to help you focus on this life. You came here with a purpose. A lot of people believe they have to or should

“get out”

but this contradicts their original intention of being here fully, with others.

You can experience stuff in physical reality earth that you can’t experience anywhere else.

3. Best practice is to get a sense of a higher realm, not necessarily the lower-astral and mid-astral, which surround the immediate earth. Once you get a sense of this heavenly realm, the job is to bring some of this quality down to Earth and live it already, so that when you pass away the distance between you and that higher realm is not as great.

Earth is just prep-school for a higher mission.

If you’re too dense/fearful then by all means, practice some lucid dreaming or out of body. I uploaded a lucid dreaming course to my website a few months ago. I also uploaded a higher-realms audio course. All the tools you’ll ever need are already available.

But if you’re already floaty-and-airy like me, it’s better to focus on earth-stuff lest you drift too far off.

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