Out of Body Travel

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

This is a recording of the guided Meditation I have used to help people induce an out-of-body experience. I cannot guarantee results with this (unlike other guided processes of mine). It depends on your level of consciousness and remembering already-existing out of body experiences you have at night. You leave your body every night, but probably don’t remember. Staying aware while falling asleep, can trigger an “out of body experience”. What’s really happening is that you are noticing it, it’s not that it happens for the first time. It happens every day. This recording is best used repeatedly, while falling asleep. You should have your first out of body experience latest by the tenth repetition. If you do not experience anything by then, put this recording aside, don’t waste your time. Maybe at another time in your life. But if you do notice a vibrating sensation, wild dreams, lucid dreams, ejecting sensations, floating sensations or similar you are on the right path and should keep practicing.

I have added this recording to the Member Videos section. The Members section contains hundreds of amazing recordings. Or, you can also purchase this process separately, here: Out of Body Travel.

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