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Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Yesterday I saw the Portuguese 2010 movie Nosso Lar (Our Home) for the first time, based on a book written in 1944. I’m usually skeptical of movies like this, because they turn out cheesy or poorly made. But this one was professionally done and surprisingly accurate from a metaphysical standpoint. The movie has several crossover points with my book Levels of Heaven and Hell.  I felt like the makers of the movie had seen the same things I have seen.

The English language release was called “Astral City” which is not such a great title. Based on a true story, it shows how the main character, a selfish and arrogant doctor, dies and goes to a lower, purgatory-like realm of suffering and darkness. After praying and calling out to God from the Heart, he is taken out of Hell and elevated to a Paradise-like Planet, called “Heaven”.

Readers of my book will recall “seven Levels of Heaven”, the first Level still being semi-physical and earth-like, but at a higher frequency. Everything is just like here, but in an improved version. People can still suffer, but they get healed quickly through “Healing with Hands” and sending Compassion (as taught in my recent Webinar “Healing Hands”). Their thoughts manifest more quickly. They can still descend back to Earth or lower realms and still require merit to ascend. The movie shows that there are “higher spheres” which are less dense and to which other people have ascended. Sometimes they float down to the Planet to show themselves to people of Level 1. It shows how people descend to and stay at lower realms through their own choice and how the path upward is always found in compassion, owning their issues and choosing better thoughts (Reality Creation). The Paradise-Planet is at a higher vibration, but not so high that there are no mistakes.

The Beings that come from this slightly higher realm (which, according to my book, encompasses numerous Planets, not only one) to Planet Earth do so voluntarily. They want to come to Earth because, as the movie (and presumably the book, even though I haven’t read it) say, there are certain lessons that can only be learned on Earth. “Heaven Level One” may be too peaceful to learn compassion at a deeper level. Some wish to return to Earth out of Love toward a specific person (which some view as Attachment rather than love). Once they come to Earth, most people forget where they came from. The Amnesia is intentional, so that they can fully experience the Earth-Realm.

As explained in my book “Time Travel”, it is gravity that creates the perception of time, density and also leads to the Amnesia. Under Gravity, everything is done “one thing at a time”, as if linear. You have certain intentions and reasons to incarnate on Earth, but the moment you hit Gravity, you forget why. That’s why “Raising ones Consciousness” is first about transcending linear time.

The main character descends to a lower realm because he was a suicide. He did not see himself as a suicide. Later, he learns that his harboring of negative emotions is considered gradual, unconscious suicide. “Hell” is accurately shown as a process of purification rather than mere punishment.

I recommend this movie to anyone who would like to see what the intermediate realm between the spiritual and physical (Heaven Level 1) looks and feels like and what it’s purpose is.

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