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Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

This is an article series on how ancient sages, prophets, mystics and saints practiced the miraculous. The purpose of this series is to inspire and empower. 

This page is updated with new articles throughout 2020.

Table of Contents

  1. The Flying Saint
  2.  If you’re out of money, Levitate
  3. Align Your Intentions with a Probable Future
  4.  Are Human Beings Grown and Harvested?
  5. Why Mystics are given a hard time in the World
  6.  Religious Prophecy: Predestined or Created by Belief?
  7. Let’s Gaze at a Wall for 9 years
  8. It’s easier to manifest more of what you already have
  9. A light brighter than 600 Trillion suns
  10. How to Heal People with Your Hands

The Flying Saint

Joseph Cupertino was a man who lived in Naples, Italy between the years 1603 and 1633. He’s a good example of a person of “higher level of consciousness” and also a reminder that having too high a level may not be practical for daily life. His story is representative of many similar experiences.

Cupertino was persecuted and punished by the Catholics for…having a higher state of consciousness. Later, after seeing the error of their ways, the Catholic Church declared him patron saint of aviators and astronauts, because of his tendency to unintentionally float and levitate off the ground.

In his early adult years, he was considered somewhat of a “village idiot” who could neither read nor write and spent a lot of time “gaping” (blankly staring into empty space). His lack of intellect may account for having achieved the no-mind state needed for ascending consciousness levels. Or maybe his already present no-mind state was mistaken with stupidity. As explained in my book series Levels of Energy, above a certain state of consciousness, one can’t help but simply stare in silent awe. The beauty of Infinity is just too stunning to do anything else.

Cupertino had frequent fits of ecstasy. He said that during these states he visited sacred places and heard heavenly music. He is also known to have healed many people, some inadvertently, just by physical proximity.

While in these states, villagers tried to pierce him with needless, slap him in the face, burn his skin with candles or drag him around but none of those efforts got him out of his bliss, nor did they appear to have any effect on him. Immunity to pain and suffering is typical of higher states.

Due to his inability to read or write , Cupertino was rejected from school. But he was accepted into the Franciscan Order, who recognized his mystical state. It is said that as much of an “idiot” as he was, he was able to pass tests with the use of prayer rather than memorization. Joseph spent most of his time meditating, gardening cleaning and praying. He was eventually ordained a priest. Villagers reported that he often got lost, would forget where he was, forget who he was and appear in places without knowing how he got there. Having no sense of time or space is also typical of very high levels.

On October 4, 1630, the following happened in front of a crowds of witnesses. The town was holding the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi. As the town walked in procession, the participating Joseph suddenly started hovering up into the air and levitating above the crowds. He flew through the air for a while. After descending and realizing what had happened, he became so embarrassed that he fled to his mothers house to hide. The event was seen by the entire town and reported by hundreds of witnesses.

After that initiating event, he was more frequently seen suspended in the air. Typical of the times, these events did not only cause admiration but also widespread suspicion. He was accused of “practicing witchcraft”. But in reality, Cupertino was too empty-minded to be practicing anything, his levitation was a non-Ego event. He was banned from attending choir, procession walks and Mass in Church. His superiors commanded him to get out of his ecstasy and come to the ground. At one point he accidentally levitated in front of Pope Urban VIII until he was sternly ordered to come down. By then he had become known as “The Flying Saint”. Throughout his life Joseph was brought before the Inquisition and detained for several weeks. Finally, he was exiled by the Pope himself because it was feared he would attract the crowds. Eventually the Church forbid him to talk to anyone.

Very high states are not always welcomed with open arms in our World. It tends to attract the attention of the gatekeepers of low consciousness and anyone resisting change. On the other hand, that doesn’t much matter to the person in that high state. When Joseph fell ill people gathered and offered various herbs and treatments. Joseph, being ecstatic, declined any offers for healing. It is reported that he had a joyful death.

If you’re out of money, Levitate

The following story regards the Buddha and is from the Lalitavistara Sutra.

In due course he arrived at the banks of the great river Ganges. At
that time the great river Ganges was swollen and flowed on the same level as its
banks. Now since the Buddha wanted to cross the river, he approached a ferryman about this.
The ferryman told him, “Gautama, you must pay the crossing fee.”

The Buddha replied, “Sir, I do not have any means to pay the crossing

Then he flew through the air from one shore to the other.

When the boatman saw this, he felt great regret, thinking, “Oh no, how sad! How
could I refuse to give a ferry ride to such a venerable man worthy of being served!”

He then fainted and fell to the ground.

Later the boatman recounted the story to King Bimbisāra: “Your Majesty, when I
asked the mendicant Gautama to pay the crossing fee, he told me that he did not have
money to pay the fare. Instead he just flew through the air from one bank to the other!” When King Bimbisāra heard this, he waived the crossing fee for monks from that day onward.

In this way the Buddha traveled through the land. Finally he arrived at the city of Varanasi. At dawn he dressed, put on his mendicant robe, and took his alms bowl. Then he entered the city of Varanasi to seek alms. Soon he had acquired enough offerings and sat down for his meal.

There are many stories of the Buddha levitating, but this is one of my favorite because it contains two consecutive instances of him not having money and getting by just fine.

People unfamiliar with energy and consciousness, tend to lament about money. I have conducted thousands of Coaching sessions with people whose main aim was “money”. But in this story, Guatama crossed the river and had dinner without a cent of money. The meaning of this story is, that excessive focus on money can prevent what you need and want, from manifesting.

That’s not to say that the story is only allegorical. I consider the miracle stories of the Buddha to be factual. He really did levitate. I’m fascinated how, in the old days, people took skills such as levitation, for granted. Both the boats man and the King take levitating as a special event, but not one that is unheard of. The miraculous was not commonplace to them, but it was not denied entirely, as in modern times.

The Buddha does not levitate to show-off, but only when absolutely necessary or to teach a lesson. He needed to get to an important sermon on Varanasi. But as is typical in sacred scripture, there is always more to a story than meets the eye, additional layers to uncover. One of the secret layers of this story:

He goes to seek alms in town so that he can have dinner. Some people have felt ashamed or awkward for the Buddha. Why does he have to beg?

But he doesn’t! Just like he did not really depend on the boats man and could fly over the river, he is not dependent on begging for food and could likely manifest it out of thin air or have manna fall from Heaven, if he so intended. The asking for a ferry ride and the asking for food are not about him or for him. They are done for the sake of the people, to give them opportunity to deny or show compassion. Had he levitated over the river from the get-go, that opportunity would have been wasted.

An interesting side-note on Levitation: The word Levitation comes from the Latin “Levitas” which means lightness. The more light your state is, the more one tends to float, as seen in the previous article in this series. The latin Levitas, by the way, likely originates with Greek and even earlier with Hebrew, where the “Levites” where the priestly class that were allowed to be close to God.

To summarize: Raise Your Consciousness Level, and all else will be taken care of. 

Align Your Intentions with a Probable Future

The following story is from the Book of Genesis, which is said to have been written around 3400 years ago (but refers to stories much older).

Genesis 24:10-19 tells the story of one of the servants of Abraham:

10 Then the servant left, taking with him ten of his master’s camels loaded with all kinds of good things from his master. He set out for Aram Naharaim and made his way to the town of Nahor. 11 He had the camels kneel down near the well outside the town; it was toward evening, the time the women go out to draw water.

12 Then he prayed, “Lord, God of my master Abraham, make me successful today, and show kindness to my master Abraham. 13 See, I am standing beside this spring, and the daughters of the townspeople are coming out to draw water. 14 May it be that when I say to a young woman, ‘Please let down your jar that I may have a drink,’ and she says, ‘Drink, and I’ll water your camels too’—let her be the one you have chosen for your servant Isaac. By this I will know that you have shown kindness to my master.”

15 Before he had finished praying, Rebekah came out with her jar on her shoulder. She was the daughter of Bethuel son of Milkah, who was the wife of Abraham’s brother Nahor. 16 The woman was very beautiful, a virgin; no man had ever slept with her. She went down to the spring, filled her jar and came up again.

17 The servant hurried to meet her and said, “Please give me a little water from your jar.”

18 “Drink, my lord,” she said, and quickly lowered the jar to her hands and gave him a drink.

19 After she had given him a drink, she said, “I’ll draw water for your camels too, until they have had enough to drink.” 20 So she quickly emptied her jar into the trough, ran back to the well to draw more water, and drew enough for all his camels. 21 Without saying a word, the man watched her closely to learn whether or not the Lord had made his journey successful.”

It later turned out that his journey had been successful – exactly has he intended and verbalized. This servant had been taught well by Abraham.

The Components of Reality Creation are all in place:

  1. He believes in a Source that is able to create anything at all.
  2. He specifies the intention by describing exactly what he prefers to happen.
  3. He had taken action by going to the Well and subsequently treating Rebekah well.

Simple as that.

It’s noteworthy that the servant was a normal person, like anyone else, and felt confident to voice these supplications.

He starts out by saying “Make me successful today” and “May it be that when I say to a young woman, ‘Please let down your jar that I may have a drink,’ and she says, ‘Drink, and I’ll water your camels too’—let her be the one”. This is a remarkable way of having something manifest, because it puts the one who speaks the word, in control of the scenario: “Let the one I talk to, be the one”. Not only that, but he also declares what he wants her to say. He imagines she will say “Drink, and I’ll water your camels too” and that’s exactly what she says.

So does that mean he imposed his will on her, without her knowledge? And isn’t that manipulative?

No, that’s not necessarily what it means. Rather, it means he intuitively picked up on the right woman and what she would say and then aligned his intention with his intuition. The best way to manifest is to align your intention with a probable future that you intuitively sense, to align yourself with an already existing trajectory, instead of trying to force something to which there isn’t already a tendency. 

This kind of instant manifesting works, if one is of strong belief and/or at a higher level of consciousness. It’s likely that this servant learned his skill from Abraham, a high-consciousness sage and prophet. In fact, the manifestation of this particular reality could also be ascribed to Abraham because it was he who originally intended that a wife be found for Isaac.

But once Rebekah appeared, the manifestation still wasn’t complete. Rebekah had to be treated well, before she consented to marriage.

In this sense, most manifesting is a combination of Divine Will or already-existing-trajectories (that one could call “Destiny”), the intentions that you really feel in your heart and taking action at the right time.

Are Human Beings grown and harvested?

In my 2019 Book “The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny” I wrote the following:

If these veils were not firmly ingrained in our minds, we’d be free and already part of a galactic society of peace and prosperity. Free energy, interstellar travel, teleportation, instant healing and possibly even time travel would not be mocked as “impossible” but considered normal, or at least worthy of research.

The problem with that is that then Planet Earth would no longer be a place where souls come to balance out negative karma. It would no longer be a place of harvesting a select few every couple of thousand years. So there is a positive purpose to hiding the greater truths from us, one of them being: It is our task, as individuals, to regain them.

What? Did this author just say humans are harvested? Yes, he did. And if you look at the big picture, it doesn’t sound all that crazy. Charles Darwin tells of a process of “natural selection” and “survival of the fittest”. Religion tells us that only the pure reach Heaven. Can you see how both of these stories essentially refer to a process of selection?

The idea that humans are crop to be grown and harvested can seem scary or inspiring, depending on your viewpoint. Just like the image above can appear either scary or beautiful, depending on viewpoint and context.

The concept of Harvest is scary when it’s portrayed like in the 1999 movie “The Matrix” where humans are artificially grown and their energy harvested like batteries. It is inspiring when we imagine it as a kind of game-show where we do our best to “get selected”. One is what I call the Gnostic point of view, the other is the Abrahamic point of view

So is life on Earth like a contest where you go through different tests and levels? Is that why we have such a fascination with shows like ‘American Idol’ or sports competitions? Or is it more of a conspiracy and we are caught on a prison planet? Or is it neither? It’s wise to consider every possibility. A mind that fixes itself on one answer and no longer entertains other possibilities, loses awareness.

Our most famous ancient scriptures seem to hint at the possibility that we are grown and harvested. The most famous example is the story of Noah and the Flood, which involved keeping the “best seed alive” while destroying the rest. The Bible says it’s going to happen again “at the end of the age”. Jesus kept speaking about fields and harvest until finally, in  Matthew 13:36-39 he explained:

Then he left the crowd and went into the house. His disciples came to him and said, “Explain to us the parable of the weeds in the field.” He answered, “The one who sowed the good seed is the Son of Man. The field is the world, and the good seed stands for the people of the kingdom. The weeds are the people of the evil one, and the enemy who sows them is the devil. The harvest is the end of the age, and the harvesters are angels.”

According to this, the purpose of life on earth is to grow humans and then harvest their souls. In this context it’s interesting to note that, across many cultures, “death” is often portrayed as a Being holding a sickle (such as “The Grim Reaper” in my culture).

And the idea is not limited to Abrahamic Religion. Buddhist sources say this about Enlightenment:

“Buddhism of the Harvest: The Buddhism directed toward the salvation of those who received the seeds of Buddhahood in their lives through the practice of Buddhism in their past existences. The process by which The Buddha leads people to Enlightenment may be divided into three stages called sowing, maturing, and harvesting” Source

Is that to say that if I achieve the “Enlightenment”, I’m ripe for harvesting?

And what if this has gone on over many ages? If you recall my books on Atlantis, there are accounts of many civilizations having come and gone over the last hundreds of thousands of years. Mythology tells us of many human and human-like cultures being created and destroyed. Some, such as those of the Mayans, the Egyptians and the Sumerians, speak of a few specimen being saved before the rest were discarded in global cataclysmic destruction.

So is earth merely a Laboratory for growing quality-human?

And if it’s true that we are being grown and harvested: Is it as food for an alien race? Or is it to join a heavenly realm as worthy members? Big difference.

I don’t know the answer to these questions. Because I’m a happy person, I prefer to believe that life is school and those who learn its lessons move up to the next level in the afterlife. It’s like job-training. Then, in the afterlife, you get the job. That’s pretty long job-training, isn’t it?  This Belief is true to me, based on everything I have read and experienced. I don’t believe we are food for aliens, at least not our souls.

Even if it weren’t true that life is a school, it’s a useful thing to believe, because it ensures a personal investment in growth. If I believed that my destiny is to be eaten by some alien, it all wouldn’t matter. You know that some schools of thought actually believe in this? Carlos Castaneda, a bestselling and very popular shamanic author of the 70s to 90s, believed that we are destined to be eaten up after we die, unless we achieve certain spiritual powers to avert it at the moment of death. I read the books as a teenager, but was never happy with their pessimistic outlook. Sadly, Castanedas fame ended when in the late 90s several of his companions were found dead at different places, having commit suicide. That’s a good example of how I pursuing negative belief-systems usually ends in negative results. No surprise there.

If I’ll imagine anything negative, it has to be to my benefit. I’ll imagine that my negative emotions – fear and hate – are food for negative beings. That helps me steer clear of those emotions.

Ridiculously optimistic beliefs tend to attract beneficial health, wealth and well-being into your life. So go ahead and live your life as if a harvest is coming and you;d like to be chosen, if that gives your life context and purpose. But if it doesn’t empower you, if it puts you under pressure or makes you obsess about perfection or feel guilty when you make a mistake, then drop the belief. Beliefs are not set in stone, they are vehicles to get you from one place to another.

So when is the next harvest due? That doesn’t matter. This whole thing about “end times” and “last days” seems like an Ego-Preoccupation to me. All predicted dates for the end of the world have turned out to be false and new ones made every year. What’s the point? Your true self just wants to enjoy the today with no worry of tomorrow. It doesn’t want to prepare for the worst by stocking up on supplies and reading doomsday materials. It wants to live in the trust that all is well. It’s the Ego that’s eventually going to die, so it’s naturally worried about anything. But your essence never dies. Abide in your essence and all will always be well.

Here’s another optimistic thought: Winning the game of life and moving on up to the next level is easy: Be Loving. That’s not too much asked, right?

mystics hard time in the world

Why Mystics are Given a Hard Time in the World

 High consciousness people are usually admired and revered, while very high consciousness people are given a hard time. They are attacked, persecuted, shamed, humiliated, killed or nailed to a cross. Why is that? Is it because the world is ruled by those who seek to keep humanity enslaved? From a certain perspective it can appear that way, but there’s an even higher truth: Oil and water don’t mix. A system discards everything that doesn’t fit to it, spits it out. Trying to introduce level 1000 to a level 200-world results in attacks. It’s as if, in this world, one is “permitted” to reach a certain level, but the moment you go beyond, you’re asking for trouble. The good thing is, once you are way up there, you no longer care. Oil and water don’t care that they are discarded by each other, they go their own way.

History has many famous examples of very-high-consciousness people being treated poorly by the crowds, Jesus Christ being the most famous. But I’ll provide a less known example here.

A Mystic by the name of  Mansour Hallaj, who lived in the 9th Century. This mystic is so “controversial” that, a few years ago, after mentioning him in a Seminar I was giving in the Middle East, a student came up to be and warned me on talking about him. “You are going to loose a lot of followers if you talk about him“. I was surprised that some mystic, who died a thousand years ago, was still upsetting people. In my culture, most people have never heard of him. When someone tells me not to talk about someone or not look into something, it inspires me to do just that.

I’m quoting from the Wikipedia entry (italic writing) with my own commentary interjected:

He is best known for his saying: “I am the Truth”, which many saw as a claim to divinity, while others interpreted it as an instance of annihilation of the ego which allows God to speak through the individual. Al-Hallaj gained a wide following as a preacher before he became implicated in power struggles of the Abbasid court and was executed after a long period of confinement on religious and political charges. Although most of his Sufi contemporaries disapproved of his actions, Hallaj later became a major figure in the Sufi tradition.

In the overall context of Al Hallajs teachings, it’s obvious that “I am the Truth” refers to transcending the Ego rather than aggrandizing it. Ill-intended people took the statement out of context. You’ll see that kind of reputation-smearing with a lot of mystics.  They’ll take statements out of context or focus on one or two statements to cause argument and division, at the disregard of thousands of other statements.

Al-Hallaj memorized the Qur’an before he was 12 years old and would often retreat from worldly pursuits to join other mystics in study at the school of Sahl al-Tustari. During this period Al-Hallaj lost his ability to speak Persian and later wrote exclusively in Arabic.

It is a common pattern for mystics to periodically retreat from the world. They are “in the world, but not of it”. Is it a must to retreat from the world to achieve higher consciousness? My personal view is that it’s not absolutely necessary. Nor is it advisable to permanently dissociate from other people for the sake of higher states. But some life phases of retreat from the world are certainly required.

In Mecca he made a vow to remain for one year in the courtyard of the sanctuary in fasting and total silence. When he returned from Mecca, he laid down the Sufi tunic and adopted a “lay habit” in order to be able to preach more freely.

In Islamic culture, a mystic is called a Sufi. But even that was too formal for Al-Hallaj. True mystics commonly take issue with rigid formality. The Infinite is more flexible than the petty rituals made up by the human mind and the Religions were never meant to be turned into ritualistic re-enactments. Rigidity is there for lower-consciousness-levels who would feel confused or disoriented without their rules.

Al-Hallaj made his second pilgrimage to Mecca with four hundred disciples, where some Sufis, his former friends, accused him of sorcery and making a pact with the jinn.

It is also common for mystics to be accused of worshiping jinn (entities, demons, lowest consciousness). People seem to have a hard time discerning between high and low consciousness. That’s why I teach the levels. The teachings of low levels and the teachings of high levels have remained pretty much the same over ten thousands of years.

Afterwards he set out on a long voyage that took him to India and Turkestan beyond the frontiers of Islamic lands. About 290/902 he returned to Mecca for his final pilgrimage clad in an Indian loin-cloth and a patched garment over his shoulders. There he prayed to God to be made despised and rejected, so that God alone might grant grace to Himself through His servant’s lips.

In mundane thought, mystics are seen as victims of the world. But in reality, mystics either don’t mind or outright desire being treated poorly, as it helps them transcend the world. No person of higher consciousness is ever a victim.

After returning to his family in Baghdad, al-Hallaj began making proclamations that aroused popular emotion and caused anxiety among the educated classes. These included avowing his burning love of God and his desire to “die accursed for the Community”…

The proclamations of mystics commonly “arouse anxiety among the educated”. It’s a pattern as predictable as any. The intellectual-class of any time period is always at odds with the mystic (but the mystic is not at odds with anyone). This is because mysticism transcends the mind and it’s education, it is direct experience rather than learned knowledge.

The conditions of Al-Hallaj’s confinement varied depending on the relative sway his opponents and supporters held at the court, but he was finally condemned to death in 922 on the charge of being a Qarmatian rebel who wished to destroy the Kaaba, because he had said “the important thing is to proceed seven times around the Kaaba of one’s heart.”

Being accused of or prosecuted of fake charges is another pattern common to many other mystics, saints, sages and prophets. There was no time throughout History were “news” wasn’t fabricated by the ruling political class. So afraid were the powers-that-be of this mystic, that they reportedly published false books in his names, containing teachings which his contemporaries and friends said he never taught.

According to another report, the pretext was his recommendation to build local replicas of the Kaaba for those who are unable to make the pilgrimage to Mecca. The queen-mother interceded with the caliph who initially revoked the execution order, but the intrigues of the vizier finally moved him to approve it. On 23 Dhu ‘l-Qa’da (25 March) trumpets announced his execution the next day. The words he spoke during the last night in his cell are collected in Akhbar al-Hallaj. Thousands of people witnessed his execution on the banks of the Tigris River. He was first punched in the face by his executioner, then lashed until unconscious, and then decapitated or hanged.

Extreme violence is also a theme common to some mystics deaths. But a person of high consciousness has transcended physical pain and will not experience it as such. The ignorant believe they have achieved a victory with their violence, but the mystic is the one victorious, by having transcended the pain. Reportedly, Hallaj was smiling and laughing while being executed.

 Witnesses reported that Al-Hallaj’s last words under torture were “all that matters for the ecstatic is that the Unique should reduce him to Unity,” after which he recited the Quranic verse 42:18. His body was doused in oil and set alight, and his ashes were then scattered into the river.  

Al-Hallaj addressed himself to popular audiences encouraging them to find God inside their own souls, which earned him the title of “the carder of innermost souls” (ḥallāj al-asrār).

“Finding God within”, is one of the teachings that make mystics around the globe so hated. The teaching appears to contradict all Religion, that teaches to “find God above”. Critics argue that equating oneself with God is a Luciferian philosophy and the root of all evil. But a closer look at both what mystics and the respective religions teach, reveals two concepts: God Transcendent (Above) and God Immanent (Within). These two concepts are not mutually exclusive and both are taught in the esoteric and exoteric versions of all the Great Religions. Just because institutionalized Religion downplays God Immanent, doesn’t mean it wasn’t taught by the great sages and prophets of old.  It lies in the nature of low consciousness, to create conflict and contradiction where there is none.

He preached without the traditional Sufi habit and used language familiar to the local Shi’i population. This may have given the impression that he was a Qarmatian missionary rather than a Sufi.

Mid-level intellectual consciousness  tries to label, categorize, divide and separate things so that they can be put into all kinds of identifiable, repeatable, reliable sects, orthodoxies and groupings. But that’s not really the way reality works.

Al-Hallaj was popularly credited with numerous supernatural acts. He was said to have “lit four hundred oil lamps in Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre with his finger and extinguished an eternal Zoroastrian flame with the tug of a sleeve.

The miraculous and supernatural common in higher consciousness, but some don’t not wish to show their skills as not to detract from the teachings. Being humble is good, but shouldn’t be taken to a point where the miraculous is denied altogether. The Universe is an amazing place and that can be known to all.

One of the many stories of the miraculous around Hallaj: He was spending time in prison (as many times before), when he drew a Boat on the wall. He asked other inmates to go to that boat. They chuckled, not believing they could reach the boat, by walking into the wall. And yet, soon thereafter, the inmates he had shown the boat to, mysteriously disappeared from the prison, never to be seen again.

And that probably means that he didn’t have to remain in prison but did so voluntarily.

Among other Sufis, Al-Hallaj was an anomaly. Many Sufi masters felt that it was inappropriate to share mysticism with the masses, yet Al-Hallaj openly did so in his writings and through his teachings. This was exacerbated by occasions when he would fall into trances which he attributed to being in the presence of God.

Hallaj also had the tendency to wear the clothing of the culture he was with. While in Pakistan, he wore Pakistani clothes. Travelling around, he also wore arabic clothing, indian clothes, etc. His critics attacked him for it. What was wrong with him that he couldn’t stick to one identity? He answered that he is not any of those identities, he is beyond cultural identity.

His presence infuriated some”Muslims”, just like Jesus presence infuriated some “Jews” and the presence of Muhammad infuriated some “Christians”. It’s common for an awakened Being to infuriate the narrow-minded.

Higher states of consciousness cannot be put into the confinements and words of the mind. People spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to define and argue over topics that are beyond the minds understanding. That’s why a lot of mystics were actually never heard of – they kept it to themselves. But some act as ambassadors, sent to the ignorant, to awaken them from slumber. This happens when consciousness on Planet Earth sinks so low that it’s in danger of self-destructing. A high-consciousness being is sent to raise the overall level.

Why isn’t it permanently raised?

The answer to that question are my books titled “Journeys in Spectral Consciousness” and “The Pleiades and Our Secret Destiny“.



Here’s a question you don’t hear often:

Are the predictions of the Religions foretelling something predestined or are these scenarios created through our belief in them? And if they are predestined, can our free will change them? 

In exploring these questions, allow me to cite examples from three “different” Religions. Disclaimer: I mean no disrespect to any Jew, Christian or Muslim, I greatly appreciate your traditions.

An Example from Judaism

In World War II, Adolf Hitler is said to have burnt Millions of Jews in Iron Furnaces. What is usually not mentioned in documentaries about the Holocaust, is that, over thousands of years, the Jewish people kept reciting and repeating stories and fears about “the Iron Furnace”. A few Samples:

“But God has taken you and brought you out of the iron furnace, out of Egypt, to be His people, an inheritance, as you are this day. – Deuteronomy” 4:12

“…which I commanded your forefathers when I brought them out of the land of Egypt, out of the iron furnace, saying, “Obey Me, and do everything that I command you, and you will be My people, and I will be your God.” – Jeremiah 11:4

“…for they are Your people and Your inheritance, whom You brought out of Egypt, out of the iron furnace, 1 Kings 8:51

“…our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace” – Daniel 3:17

Surely the day is coming; it will burn like a furnace. All the arrogant and every evildoer will be stubble, and the day that is coming will set them on fire,” says the LORD Almighty. “Not a root or a branch will be left to them”. – Malachi 4:1

As the story goes, God delivered his chosen people, the Jews, “out of the Iron Furnace”. And as his people sinned against him, he delivered them back into suffering and calamity. The implication was, if his people disregarded the Law, he would deliver them back to the Iron Furnace.

So the big question I have always wondered about is this: Did their thousands of years of recitation and repetition of these stories have anything to do with the fact, that this reality was created? That’s certainly a controversial question that I’ve never seen asked anywhere.

Image: A Furnace in the Concentration Camp of Auschwitz

The word Holocaust is also from the Torah or Old Testament and refers to “burnt offering” or “sacrifice” (as in “animal sacrifice’). There are hundreds of references to it in the ancient scripture. I find it odd that in our modern day, we would refer to the killing of Millions in Furnaces, as “The Holocaust”. The Torah or Old Testament (which are largely the same books) primarily tells the story of “Gods Chosen People” vs. the evil “Idol Worshipers” and how the Jews themselves kept falling back into the evil ways, which also included the forbidden deed of Human Sacrifice. Why then, do we use the same word that the ancient Jews used for something positive (burnt offerings), to describe something as horrific as what happened in World War II? Why refer to Hitlers work as “Human Sacrifice”?

What’s going on here? Three different explanations spontaneously come to mind:

  1. Hitler, in sheer malice, used Iron Furnaces intentionally, because he was aware of Jewish Traditions.
  2. Jews were delivered into the Iron Furnace out of fear and guilt over having lost their Way.
  3. All was simply predestined by Yaweh, as it is written.

The fist explanation says it is devious planning, the second says it is “the law of attraction” and the third says it is predestination. Of course a mix of all three is also possible: A thing is predestined by a higher power, but only comes into play once the Jews feel enough fear and guilt, by which they attracted the malice of Hitler.

An Example from Islam

Another example (and yes, there are thousands of examples I could cite), from the Islamic Tradition. The most Holy Site for Muslims is the Kaaba in Mecca, said to have been built by Abraham. This is where Billions of people come to pray and circle the black cube.

Billions of People aligning their intentions, creates a strong, positive energy-field, affecting the health and fortunes of even those not involved. Many were therefore disappointed to see how, in the year 2012, a gigantic structure of negative-energy had been built towering above the mosque, completely dwarfing the holy site. Notice how small the Kaaba (the black cube) is, compared to the clock-tower:


Why do I call it a negative structure? Because spiritual locations are meant to be places of humility, not grandiosity. The top of the structure features not a Crescent Moon, but rather “Devils Horns”. The clock is the biggest one in the world. This means what was previously a place of timelessness is now locked into time. The Hotels and Shops in the building and those surrounding it, feature the usual array of faux-luxury-consumerist shops such as “Luis Vuitton” and “Paris Hilton” – in other words, nothing to do with the spiritual traditions of the place. The building was built by the Bin Laden family. Through their construction company, they were the first people to cause death and bloodshed at the site, when one of their building cranes collapsed on the praying people.

What is mind-blowing, is that exactly this Tower was predicted as a negative sign in Islamic Tradition, as happening in the “latter days” of Earth:

“When you see the belly of Mecca with passages dug out and you see the buildings taller than the mountain tops, then know that the clock has cast its shadow” – fa’lam anna’l-amr qad azallak ’36

The clock tower does in fact cast a shadow on the entire area. And the building is indeed taller than the surrounding mountains, it’s one of the tallest in the World.

So again, just as with the previous example, the question arises: If Muslims knew about this for more than a thousand years, why wasn’t it prevented from happening? Who commissioned the building? Why is it of much greater concern in Saudi Arabia that a woman cover her face, than having an aggressively anti-muslim structure at their most Holy Site?

So what’s going on here? Three different explanations come to mind:

  1. There are people planning and working in the background, doing things, “so that the prophecy comes true”
  2. The collective belief in the prophecy made it come true.
  3. It had to come true because it was so ordained and predestined by Allah.

Of course it could also be a mixture of all three: It was ordained and predestined to come true, but the people would decide the time, through their collective belief (or lack thereof) and additionally there are people working on fulfilling it, in the background.

Either of the three explanations is mind boggling. If the correct explanation is, that we create events through our collective belief, that is utterly mind boggling. Then events in the world are a reflection of our collective consciousness! And that means we always have the choice to believe something more favorable and should stop looking at doom and gloom.

If the correct explanation is that things are predestined as written by the ancient prophets, that is also utterly mind boggling. It means there is a pre-written, laid out plan, known since millenia and we are merely actors playing our part in a grand play. In that case, we need to purify ourselves in accordance with their teachings.

And if the first explanation is correct, that too is utterly mind boggling. It means that we need to start looking into what is going on behind the scenes of our world and expose the people who are creating no-beneficial realities that the majority have not consented to.

I do not know which of these explanation is the correct one and that’s alright. By “knowing” my mind closes, in “not knowing” I keep an open mind. Why need answers? Stay in the question and you see so much more.

An Example from Christianity

Almost everyone in the world is familiar with this verse from the Book of Revelation, written by the John, an Apostle of Jesus:

“He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark—the name of the beast or the number of its name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666″.

The Book of Revelation tells of a time when no one can buy or sell without having “the number of the Beast” on his right hand or forehead. “The Beast”, according to the book,  is something or someone that rules over the entire world and is “admired” and “worshiped” as “an image”.

Over the last 2000 years numerous experts have provided thousands of ideas on what this might mean. But only now, in our 21st Century, its meaning begins to reveal itself, as we are heading toward a cashless society. Most people now buy, sell and pay from a card, using “paywave”. According to Futurists, the next step is to tattoo the chip to your right hand, so that you can “paywave” without having to carry around cards.

Considering these developments, we could now speculate that “666” actually refers to WWW (world wide web). In the language of the author, ancient Hebrew, the letter 6 corresponded to the Hebrew letter Vav (which is W in English) in Gematria. It is possible that, two thousand years before the rise of www, John was telling us about it. And maybe he knew that it would take 2000 years before people understood what it meant.

Or so I speculate.

All this once again begs the question: Why does a culture, that knows of such predictions for two thousand years, willingly ignore the warning, as it manifests in front of their eyes? One would think that repeating the warning in sermons and readings for such a long time, would prevent it from happening. But seen from the perspective of Reality Creation, repeating it would actually tend to make it happen.

And if this comes true (maybe we take a more positive alternate timeline), did it come true because it’s what people were afraid of or because it’s predestined?  Or because there are strange people in the halls of power, who are scheming to make it come true?

Personally, I believe both are possible. It is possible that the game of Life is predestined and that we exercise our free will choice within the grander game. What speaks for this theory, is this: Anyone who has looked into History, can see that it repeats itself, similar to a pre-programmed routine, entirely predictable. Unpredictable on the other hand, are the choices of the individuals within the program. They have free-will within a predestined story-line.

On the other hand, it is also possible that our belief in these realities creates them and that there is zero predestination as everything is created in our own consciousness. Just in case this is true, I have refrained from promoting negative warnings and predictions. I don’t want to contribute to their manifestation, but rather, live a happy and successful life. If the doom and gloom predicted by Religions is really coming, what’s my worry going to change about that? Nothing.

What I truly believe is a mixture of the two above. As told in my book “Parallel Universes of Self”, a set of , say 100 train tracks are pre-defined, but which of those 100 you choose and when you choose them, is up to your free will. And if you ascend to the next level of the Game, then you might have a hand at defining which train tracks there are. Regardless of what is or isn’t true, what times are or aren’t to come, ascending in consciousness levels is always your best bet.



Let’s Gaze at a Wall for 9 Years

Like any other spiritual great awakening turned “Religion”, modern “Buddhism” is a pale shadow of its former self. Some self-proclaimed Buddhists today, reject the miraculous under the guise of humility. They’ll call it a “distraction” or deny it altogether. “Miracles should be understood as more of an allegory in Buddhism, not a tangible reality” I once heard a well-known teacher and bestselling author say. “Claims of the supernatural are later additions to Buddhism and not part of the actual Tradition” I have read on a mainstream Buddhist website.

While the miraculous is not the only point or perhaps even the main point of spiritual practice and the Ego can get distracted by gimmicks and “having powers”, it’s not good to dumb down spiritual traditions to an entirely materialistic-atheistic level. Denying the miraculous = a dumbing down. I don’t disagree with the statement that “birds whistling in the trees are the true miracle”, but there is much more going on than that. I have directly witnessed and experienced the miraculous in my own life many times. 

Bodhidharma is the name of the Buddhist monk and a true Mystic.  He lived during the 5th Century and is said to be the founder of the extreme physical training of Shaolin Kungfu, as well as the first teacher of Zen Buddhism. 

According to ancient accounts, Bodhidharma spent nine years of his life in a cave, facing a wall. After nine years, an imprint of his shadow was supernaturally left on the cave rocks. Today, the cave is a tourist destination in China, listed as a “must see” in Tripadvisor. The shadow imprint has been cut out and put into a glass casing. Isn’t it funny how, instead of doing the practice recommended by the teacher, we instead build shrines? Bodhidharma said “Do the Meditation of empty wall gazing”. He did not say “Build a shrine where I did wall gazing and go visit it as a tourist”. Mystics don’t ask to be worshiped, they have asked people to practice.

The point of wall gazing? Without arousal of the senses and no input for the mind, he awoke and experienced consciousness itself as reality. Rather than get bored due to the lack of external stimuli or entertainment, he probably saw more deeply into the Omniverse than most humans ever will.

9 years might seem like an excessively long time, but not if one considers the legends that say that he lived for 200 years. “Official sources” say, without evidence, that he lived 57 years. In reality, nobody knows how long he lived and it’s difficult to determine when exactly he died because he was reported to have been seen several times after his supposed death.

This is what he said about wall-gazing:

Those who turn from delusion back to reality, who meditate on walls, the absence of self and other, the oneness of mortal and sage, and who remain unmoved even by scriptures are in complete and unspoken agreement with reason.

It is written that he created Shaolin Training because he was bothered at the poor physical shape of monks. In addition to Meditation, he therefore taught them Martial Arts. He told them that their ability to mentally focus and practice would increase if they became physically disciplined.

I agree and think that’s a good idea. Only sitting, meditating all day should be reserved for the aging (Bodhidharmas practiced wall-gazing when he was old). A human being is not only spirit and mind but also body. The body is the outermost extension of spirit. Because you are a physical incarnation, you ought to be physically active. Lack of physical activity is one of the causes of an unsettled mind. Accumulated negative energies are stored in the muscles and physical activity releases them (this is my teaching, not sure what Bodhidharma would say to that).

Tales of the miraculous are numerous. Here’s one:

Three years after Bodhidharma’s death he was seen walking while holding a shoe. He was seen by Ambassador Songyun of northern Wei, in the Pamir Mountains. He asked where he was going and replied: “I am going home”. When asked why he is holding a shoe, he answered “You will know when you reach the Shaolin Monastery. Do not mention that you saw me or you will meet with disaster”. Upon arrival at the Palace, Songyun told the Emperor that he had met Bodhidharma. The Emperor said that Bodhidharma was already dead and buried and had Songyun arrested for lying. The monks at the Shaolin Monastery informed them that Bodhidharma was dead and had been buried in a hill behind the Temple. The grave was then exhumed and was found to contain a single shoe.

The abilities of Shaolin Monks also border on the miraculous, but they are the result of lifelong training more than they are results of the supernatural. Some Shaolin fighters are able to run up walls,  stand on their heads, generate high body temperature while sitting in the cold, demonstrate extreme pain-threshholds and show incredible agility. There are even Videos online of some making their bodies so light that they can run some distance on water. Of course, what much of modern thought is missing is that all of these abilities would come more easily if spiritual consciousness were added to the physical exercise. It’s fairly ignorant to practice all these eastern martial arts without developing spiritual consciousness. Physical and Spiritual Training go together.

Once, Bodhidharma is said to have gathered his disciples, before leaving them, to test them:

Bodhidharma asked, “Can each of you say something to demonstrate your understanding?”

Dao Fu stepped forward and said, “It is not bound by words and phrases, nor is it separate from words and phrases. This is the function of the Tao.”

Bodhidharma: “You have attained my skin.”

The nun Zong Chi stepped up and said, “It is like a glorious glimpse of the realm of Akshobhya Buddha. Seen once, it need not be seen again.”

Bodhidharma; “You have attained my flesh.”

Dao Yu said, “The four elements are all empty. The five skandhas are without actual existence. Not a single dharma can be grasped.”

Bodhidharma: “You have attained my bones.”

Finally, Huike came forth, bowed deeply in silence and stood up straight.

Bodhidharma said, “You have attained my marrow.” 

So let’s go spend the day staring at a wall, shall we? Does that seem like a waste of your precious time? If so, you underestimate the wholesome power of stillness. The longest I’ve sat in front of a wall was 9 hours. I recall the week after as one of the most vivid and lively weeks of my life. I saw and heard beautiful things. Heaviness, confusion and tiredness lifted and I felt light. And that’s just from 9 hours. I can only imagine what abilities Bodhidharma had after 9 years. If only people knew that most of their problems would solve themselves if only they could sit in silence a little. Could you? For even just 15 minutes?

Says Bodhidharma:

All know the way; few actually walk it.
Not engaging in ignorance is wisdom.
Freeing oneself from words is liberation.
Many roads lead to the path, but basically there are only two: reason and practice.
As long as you’re enthralled by a lifeless form, you’re not free.
To find a Buddha all you have to do is see your nature.
According to the Sutras, evil deeds result in hardships and good deeds result in blessings.
Buddhas move freely through birth and death, appearing and disappearing at will.
But while success and failure depend on conditions, the mind neither waxes nor wanes.
Your nature is the Buddha.


It’s easier to manifest more of what you already have

This is a miracle-story from Hadisic Jewish sources. It regards the mystic Rabbi Elimelekh, who was one of the founders of the Hasidic movement.

On New Years Day, it was usual for fifteen hasidim to come to Rabbi Elimelekh, and his wife gave them to eat and to drink. But she could not serve them very generous portions, because at that time she did not have much money to spend for the household. Once – quite late in the day – no less than forty men came instead of the expected fifteen. “Will you have enough for them to eat?” asked Rabbi Elimelekh. “You know how we are fixed!” she replied. Before the Afternoon Prayer he asked her again: “Couldn’t we divide what food we have among the forty, for they have – after all – come under the shadow of my roof!” “We hardly have enough for fifteen” said his wife. When he said the Evening Prayer, the rabbi prayed fervently to God, who provides for all creatures. After the prayer, he announced: “Now let everyone come and eat!” When forty had eaten all they wanted, the bowls and platters were still full. 

The ability to multiply food is shared by many mystics across cultures. Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and Krishna all have stories of multiplying food, as do regular people who believe that “God provides for all creatures”.

I’ve heard it said that “They could create food out of nothing!”, but if you pay closer attention to these stories, you see it’s not so. Genuine mystics normally don’t create food out of nothing. In order to create food or water, food or water it is better if food is already there. In other words,

even miracles follow certain laws and rules.

To us, Miracles appear as things that upend and break all rules. But in reality, miracles are still within the laws of the Universe. They follow a higher order of rules.

This is one of several instances of Jesus multiplying food, from Matthew 14:13-21:

13 When Jesus heard it, He departed from there by boat to a deserted place by Himself. But when the multitudes heard it, they followed Him on foot from the cities. 14 And when Jesus went out He saw a great multitude; and He was moved with compassion for them, and healed their sick. 15 When it was evening, His disciples came to Him, saying, “This is a deserted place, and the hour is already late. Send the multitudes away, that they may go into the villages and buy themselves food.”

16 But Jesus said to them, “They do not need to go away. You give them something to eat.”

17 And they said to Him, “We have here only five loaves and two fish.”

18 He said, “Bring them here to Me.” 19 Then He commanded the multitudes to sit down on the grass. And He took the five loaves and the two fish, and looking up to heaven, He blessed and broke and gave the loaves to the disciples; and the disciples gave to the multitudes. 20 So they all ate and were filled, and they took up twelve baskets full of the fragments that remained. 21 Now those who had eaten were about five thousand men, besides women and children.

As in all genuine examples, the primary motive behind multiplying food, is compassion. The motive is not of the bragging Ego (which could be classified as attempted magic rather than miracle). The already existing fish and bread were multiplied. There is no mention of any food being created that wasn’t already there. No grapes, potatoes or beef were materialized out of thin air (many con-artists have claimed to be able to do just that). In order to manifest something, it’s seed must already be present. I have taught this principle for the last 30 years and summarized it in my books “Reality Creation and Manifestation” and “Parallel Universes of Self“.

Here’s another story, from Matthew 15:32-39:

32 Now Jesus called His disciples to Himself and said, “I have compassion on the multitude, because they have now continued with Me three days and have nothing to eat. And I do not want to send them away hungry, lest they faint on the way.”

33 Then His disciples said to Him, “Where could we get enough bread in the wilderness to fill such a great multitude?”

34 Jesus said to them, “How many loaves do you have?”

And they said, “Seven, and a few little fish.”

35 So He commanded the multitude to sit down on the ground. 36 And He took the seven loaves and the fish and gave thanks, broke them and gave them to His disciples; and the disciples gave to the multitude. 37 So they all ate and were filled, and they took up seven large baskets full of the fragments that were left. 38 Now those who ate were four thousand men, besides women and children. 39 And He sent away the multitude, got into the boat, and came to the region of [a]Magdala.

Once again, the motive for working a miracle is Compassion and the means of the miracle are already present.

Here’s a similar story from Islam, about Mohammed (referred to as “Allahs Apostle”) multiplying food:

Abu Talha said to Um Sulaim, ”I have noticed feebleness in the voice of Allah’s Apostle which I think, is caused by hunger. Have you got any food?” She said, ”Yes.” She brought out some loaves of barley and took out a veil belonging to her, and wrapped the bread in part of it and put it under my arm and wrapped part of the veil round me and sent me to Allah’s Apostle.

I went carrying it and found Allah’s Apostle in the Mosque sitting with some people. When I stood there, Allah’s Apostle asked, ”Has Abu Talha sent you?” I said, ”Yes”. He asked, ”With some food? I said, ”Yes” Allah’s Apostle then said to the men around him, ”Get up!” He set out (accompanied by them) and I went ahead of them till I reached Abu Talha and told him (of the Prophet’s visit).

Abu Talha said, ”O Um Sulaim! Allah’s Apostle is coming with the people and we have no food to feed them.” She said, ”Allah and His Apostle know better.” So Abu Talha went out to receive Allah’s Apostle. Allah’s Apostle came along with Abu Talha. Allah’s Apostle said, ”O Um Sulaim! Bring whatever you have.” She brought the bread which Allah’s Apostle ordered to be broken into pieces. Um Sulaim poured on them some butter from an oilskin.

Then Allah’s Apostle recited what Allah wished him to recite, and then said, ”Let ten persons come (to share the meal).” Ten persons were admitted, ate their fill and went out. Then he again said, ”Let another ten do the same.” They were admitted, ate their fill and went out. Then he again said, ”Let another ten persons (do the same.)” They were admitted, ate their fill and went out. Then he said, ”Let another ten persons come.” In short, all of them ate their fill, and they were seventy or eighty men.

The practice of dividing people into groups before serving them miraculously multiplied food can be found across different cultures/traditions. I suspect this is done as not to shock the people and keep the miracle “low key”.

And here is another story from Islam:

My father had died in debt. So I came to the Prophet and said, “My father (died) leaving unpaid debts, and I have nothing except the yield of his date palms; and their yield for many years will not cover his debts. So please come with me, so that the creditors may not misbehave with me.” The Prophet went round one of the heaps of dates and invoked (Allah), and then did the same with another heap and sat on it and said, “Measure (for them).” He paid them their rights and what remained was as much as had been paid to them.

In both instances Mohammed multiplied already existing food. There is no mention of other food being manifested out of thin air.

That is not to say that creating food out of nothing is impossible. There are examples of food manifesting from nothing, such Manna falling from Heaven for the Jewish People. But it’s easier to manifest more of something already there. It should be the preferred method of manifesting for us mortals.

That’s why Jesus says in the book of Matthew 25:29

“Unto every one that has shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that has not shall be taken away even that which he has”.

In modern terms we call this “the law of attraction”, by which the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Only  Success Attracts Success.

You will notice that once you have plenty of something, it’s easier to get more of it. If you therefore do not have something but want it, you need to focus on the little of it you already have. Be grateful for the little of it you already have and it can grow, because what you focus on grows. If you don’t already have it, you need to at least imagine it or be in physical proximity to it.

Just yesterday I was working with a student who wished to manifest the “perfect husband”. But she was not imagining that perfect husband talking sweetly to her. She was not going out of her house where there was the possibility of seeing various men. She was instead focused on concerns about her age and the belief that there are not many opportunities in her area. However:

“Unto every one that has shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that has not shall be taken away even that which he has”.

It is much easier to get more of what you already have. If she already had men interested in her, she would likely attract even more men who are interested, until finally the right one is interested. And if there are none interested in her, she’d at least have to imagine it, pray for it, envision it and get used to the idea that she is attractive. And that’s exactly what we coached her into.

If you want something in your life, then it can be provided for you. Increase your appreciation of the thing you want. Increase your Belief that it can be given. Notice any aspect of it that is already in your life. Even if there is only a little of it, focusing on it will make it more. Or notice the good already in your life – List it or think it or feel it. And with a sense of authority, declare that it shall happen and it shall.





A light brighter than 600 Trillion suns

The Upanishads (spiritual writings of ancient India), describe the highest Source as “a light brighter than ten thousand suns”. They teach that one should visualize and meditate on the brightest light imaginable, for extended periods of time. One would thereby be filled with light and naturally reach a higher consciousness level.

Without knowing these particular texts, I did exactly that when I was 14 years old. I focused on a shining light for 7 hours straight, with eyes closed and without falling asleep. And I did achieve an extraordinarily high state of consciousness that lasted for several weeks (described in one of my books, I forget which).

Astronomers have already found things that are brighter than ten thousand suns. For example Quasars. Quasars are said to be the cores of early galaxies. There is a Quasar astronomers have called  J043947 that shines with the equivalent to 600 trillion suns from a distance of 12.8 Billion light-years to earth. Now that is bright! It is so bright that it defies imagination. So bright that we can see it from such a mind-boggling distance. If you thought the Upanishads “brighter than ten thousand suns” was extraordinary, you haven’t seen a Quasar!

I share this, of course, to give you a feeling of the enormity of the Universe you live in.

Consider: The core of an atom is brightness. The core of star is brightness. The core of a solar system is brightness (in its sun/star). The core of a galaxy is brightness. It therefore follows, that the core of the Universe is also brightness. Even though we cannot see the core or source of the Universe with our naked eye, we can extrapolate that it must be an extremely bright light, because all cores and sources in the Universe that we do see, are bright lights.

When therefore ancient cosmologies say that the Source-of-All-things is Light, they are probably right.  The Source or Core of a thing – any thing that exists, is bright light, both in a physical sense and in a spiritual sense.

The ancient vedic text Bhagavad Gita says in its Chapter 8:

These light and dark are beginningless and eternal as the material universes; the former leads to salvation, Nirvana and the latter leads to rebirth.

That means that the highest state of en-light-ment or Nirvana is to return to the Light, merge with the Light, become the Light. That is our final destination as Souls.

The New Testament of the Bible says:

God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.

John 1:15

The Old Testament of the Bible says:

“God said let there be light, and there was light”

Genesis 1:3

God is the Lord who has shown us Light.

Psalms 118

The Quran says this:

Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The similitude of His light is as a lustrous niche, wherein is a lamp. The lamp is in a glass. The glass is as it were a glittering star. It is lit from a blessed tree — an olive — neither of the east nor of the west, whose oil would well-nigh glow forth even though fire touched it not. Light upon light! Allah guides to His light whomsoever He will. 
Quran 24:36
All religions and all “mythologies” refer to the Source-of-the-Universe as Light. And they also say that Light is within us:
The mystics say it:

When you have accepted the Light, O beloved, When you behold what is veiled without a veil, Like a star you will walk upon the heavens.


The divine say it:


If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of Light.

Matthew 6:22

This means that if your heart is focused on the highest Light only, your body will be full of light.

While you have the light, believe in the light, that you may become sons of light.
John 12:36
If then your whole body is full of light, having no part dark, the whole body will be full of light, as when the bright shining of a lamp gives you light.
Luke 11:36


“How many sources of light are in the world
By means of which the world is illumined?
We have come to ask the Blessed One this:
How are we to understand it?”

“There are four sources of light in the world;
A fifth one is not found here.
The sun shines by day,
The moon glows at night,
And fire flares up here and there
Both by day and at night.
But the awakened one is the best of those that shine:
He is the light unsurpassed.”



Just like the light of the stars congregate around the central light and the planets congregate around the sun, humans congregate around the light of cities, the family congregates in the room where the lamps are on and electrons circle a nucleus. Everything in the Universe revolves around the Light. Everything is in Orbit. The brighter the light, the stronger the power and energy.

If you ever don’t know what to think about or visualize, then think of Light. It’s one of the best things you can think about. Your body is electromagnetic. Your body is also a producer of electricity and heat. So again, you are light not only in a spiritual sense, but in a very tangible, physical sense.

If you ever wish to clear your home of gloomy vibes, let in the sunlight. Light creates a better mood.

The word Light itself, derives from the Latin word “Lux”. The same word is also the root for “Luxury”. Light and Luxury have the same root. Luxury however, is the external light and Spirituality is the internal light. Those who have little inner energy or light, overemphasize external luxury. And those who have a lot of inner light, sometimes neglect any external display of riches. Ideally one can balance inner light and outer light. Finally, rather than looking for the light, I recommend you be the light. Why? Because:

When you shine a light for another, you light your own path. 


How to Heal People with Your Hands

I have personally healed several people through “laying hands” or “palm healing”. When I was 24, I had a student who was suffering from migraine and had been for many years. I laid my hands on her head and guided her through an energy exercise. The headache disappeared and never returned. That was the first time I did it in front of witnesses. The funny thing is that it wasn’t a Healing Seminar, it was an English Class. Even funnier, three weeks later this person sent her friend, who also wanted to be healed, under the guise learning English. I healed her too and she started spreading the word. Later, in official healing seminars, I stopped using hand-healing. Back then, I felt embarrassed to be seen as some kind of miracle healer and preferred if people heal themselves. Today I know that it is not “me” doing the healing, I’m just the conduit of source-energy.

I’ve done this many times since. The most important thing I have learned from this is: An invisible, spiritual healing energy or life force really does exist and it is more effective when sent with the intention of love. When I add love to the healing session, I can feel that love as a wave flowing from my chest, through my hands, into the persons body. Often, if it wasn’t healed by then, it is instantly “blown away” when compassionate love is added. 

While healing with hands is known and practiced throughout every culture, modern and ancient, this article will focus on its two most popular manifestations: “Reiki” from the East and “Faith Healing” from the West.


I open Wikipedia on the word Reiki and read: “Reiki is a pseudoscience and is used as an illustrative example of pseudoscience in scholarly texts and academic journal articles…there is no empirical evidence that such a life force exists”.

I’ve spent a lifetime experiencing this miraculous life force and yet, “official sources” keep telling me “it doesn’t exist”. Who are these official sources? Who appointed them?  I’ll close Wikipedia and simply go from memory of what I know about Reiki.

In the West, Reiki is known for the practice of putting hands slightly above or sometimes on people and allowing energy to be transferred for emotional and physical healing. Strictly speaking, you don’t really need an official label such as “Reiki” for it, any human being has this ability from birth. Mothers do it instinctively with their children, helpers do it instinctively with a wounded soldier, nurses do it instinctively with a patient. Your hands radiate heat and that’s a soothing factor, but not the only factor. There is also the strength of the intent of the mother, nurse, soldier, etc. When I’ve seen a person in pain, I approach them with a strong mental intent of healing, which I transfer to them. Other factors include the confidence of the healer, faith of the patient and the level of consciousness of the healer.

In my own Seminars, I teach ways for the healer to create a more dominant thought-form (belief). The thought of healing needs to be stronger than the thought of illness. If the patient too easily falls back into focusing on the problem after session, then the healing-thought is not yet dominant. But I digress, these are my own ideas, lets get back to talking about Reiki.

As in many other traditions, modern versions of Reiki are a degenerate form of its original. If effective, it’s often not because of what the healer learned in a westernized “Reiki Seminar”, but because of the power of the healer.

The creator of Reiki, Sensei (Teacher) Mikao Usui, was into long-term fasting, meditating and breathing-techniques. He underwent lengthy retreats of meditation and traveled across countries to learn from different traditions. That’s a little different than “attaining” a Reiki degree over Youtube. Being lazy (= unloving) about learning these skills, won’t make you a good healer. You might not get the results you expect and give up on it. To be a healer at the miraculous level, requires more depth.

Some westerners offer Reiki in a combo-pack along with massages, facial treatments and mud-packs. I guess that’s great for a temporary chill out, but it has little to do with what Reiki originally was. I’ve also seen it offered with sexual massages and channeling sessions. I’m not a purist, but it’s interesting how far a teaching can drift from its original intent. And then there are scammers who turn it into a subscription  model were you keep paying to “recharge your reiki symbols” or some such nonsense.

The founder of Reiki had something different in mind. Mikao Usui was raised a Samurai. He was born in 1865 in a small village in Japan. He was married and had two kids and ran a company. After some time, he renounced worldly life to explore the nature of Being. Usui learned Chinese, Sanskrit and Tibetan. He studied medicine. He traveled to China, India, Nepal and Tibet. It was in Tibet that he said that he learned the most about Reiki. But he was still not satisfied, feeling that he was missing something essential. Upon his return to Japan he spent more time meditating. One day he decided to climb the sacred mountain of Kurama for long-term fasting and meditating. He said he would not return from his fast until he understood the essence of Reiki, even if it cost him his life. That kind of single-pointed determination is sure to create results.

A life time of focus, finally culminated in the miraculous:After 21 days of fasting and almost nonstop meditation, an apparition of Avalokiteshavara, a Being of Love, Healing and Compassion, appeared to him and began teaching him right there and then. And so we see that, as with so many other movements, Reiki started with a supernatural event. These initial high-energy events are what spark the wide spread of spiritual movements. Without that initial spark movements fizzle out much sooner.

Now he felt he was fully initiated and ready to teach. He became a travelling monk, initiating more than 2000 people into Reiki. Reportedly, Usui was a humble man who did not seek riches but genuinely desired the truth.  He taught the importance of improving yourself because he himself had worked so diligently over the years. From his students he asked that they practice a variety of energy-exercises, fasting, self-inquiry and meditation.

Unbeknownst to many westerners, “Reiki” is actually a branch of the Chinese practice of Qi Gong. One would probably be better off to learn Qi Gong and then use Reiki as one aspect of that. Qi Gong does not only teach about transfering energy through the hands, it teaches management of energy in general and first and foremost on oneself, before healing others. Reiki is a mixture of a branch of Qi Gong, combined with what was revealed by the apparition on mount Kumara.

In 1921 Usui opened a Reiki school in Tokyo and conducted healing sessions for many. In 1923 a massive earthquake shook Tokyo and the amount of people seeking healing with Reiki quadrupled. Soon he became so popular that he opened a bigger Reiki clinic. Reiki spread quickly because it worked.

He died in 1926, leaving behind a huge legacy. He did not appoint a successor as widely claimed. Nor were there Masters, Grand Masters and Lineages, as is falsely claimed by some who would like to put a copyright on energy. By the 1940s there were more than 40 schools in Japan teaching Reiki in many variations. The school that Usui himself originally founded, still exists today, in Tokyo.

Just like we “in the west” teach a form of Yoga that is stripped of its original spiritual meaning and context, as if it were some kind of Gym stretching exercise, Reiki of the west has mostly been stripped of its overall context. In the west, Reiki is primarily concerned with the laying of hands for the purpose of healing and doesn’t teach about much anything else. Originally however, healing with the laying of hands was only one aspect of overall teachings on Energy. If you are a Reiki Healer, you can benefit from learning more about energy in general and also learning other modes of energy healing.

Usui said this:

“Reiki is love. Love is wholeness. Wholeness is Balance, balance is well-being. Well-being is freedom from disease”. 

Faith Healing – The Real Christianity

Anyone who has read four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) of the Bible, knows that Christianity was originally about healing. There was no Church, no Doctrine, no Rituals, no Pope, no Fancy outfits, no Donations and no Priests. It was Jesus and his Apostles walking around wearing sandals, clothed in rags, sometimes even walking barefoot. They spent most of their time laying hands and healing people of all sorts of illnesses. When they weren’t walking around healing, they were praying and fasting. Not only did they have no “Religion”, Jesus actively opposed and mocked the Religions of those days because they were rigid and closed-minded. He also mocked the academic class.

What Jesus taught was very simple. The disciples would have to cleanse and purify themselves through fasting and prayer. When healing, they could either lay hands or command the healing or a combination of both. Jesus and the Apostles often healed with just one command, as in “I command this illness to leave you”. That’s all it took. Nothing more to it. Raise your level of energy, then heal. Simple as that.

It was the Roman Empire that later made a whole Cult out of it. Because the Romans were already idol-worshiping cultists, they turned Christianity into a similar belief-system. For example, Catholics around the world go to “Mass” on Sunday and re-enact “the last supper”. They have a fancy name for this, calling it “The Eucharist”. Imagine that: 2000 years later, people keep reenacting a dinner you had, instead of doing as you did – healing the stick. For many, celebrating festivals such as Christmas and Easter, of which there is zero mention in the Bible, has become more important than fasting, praying and healing.

As a consequence, nowadays, there are very few genuine Christians around. A genuine Christian is a person who practices Faith Healing. And even among those who practice Faith Healing, there are many fakes. Just like there are many con artists practicing Reiki. I was looking for an example of Faith Healing on Youtube and found that most of the sermons and faith healing congregations were fakery and showmanship.

How do you whether a “faith healer” is faking or not? It’s a vibe. Smart people sense it. Frauds are a dime a dozen. Genuine Healers usually don’t seek attention or fame. The video below is an example of genuine faith healing that I found while browsing Youtube. I don’t know the guy and know nothing of his background or teaching, but it’s obvious he’s authentic. He acts in a humble, “regular guy” type of way. He doesn’t need to put on a show. He is not asking money and not using trickery. This you can tell by the fact that not all people are healed. Con men make it look as if everyone is healed. They will edit the footage to remove “unsuccessful heals”. Those who are healed are real people who are sometimes awkward. They are not paid actors who make all the right moves and gestures.

You’ll get the idea just from watching a few minutes:

Long story short: Suffering is optional, not obligatory. You can be healed or you can heal yourself. The methods discussed here were Reiki or Qi Gong and Faith Healing. A method I teach is Emotional Clearing. You could combine all of these methods and more, don’t fixate.

The reason you will hear the media-industrial-complex say that Reiki and Faith Healing “don’t exist” is because the pharmaceutical industry is worth 1170 Billion Dollars a year. The healthcare industry is worth 3.5. Trillion Dollars a year. There is a lot at stake. If everyone learned how to self-heal and heal each other through the laying of hands, the industry that profits off peoples illness, would collapse.

In Reiki, the hands are often seen slightly above the body, in faith healing they are often placed directly on the skin. Does it make difference? Not that I know of. I often combine the laying of hands with a guided meditation to let the person do some processing while I am laying hands. Sometimes I add prayers and words of power. Just like your hands emit energy, so your words carry vibration. Once, I spoke words of healing for an entire hour, while laying hands. In between, I kept asking ” is it now healed?” and at anything other than “Yes, it is healed”, I continued. Sometimes a healing session can be carried out like that, until it heals. At other times it’s good to take a break as not to deplete your own energy and to give the patients body some time to process the energy. Normally your energy is not depleted, you are a conduit for divine energy and you feel energized after a healing session. If you feel depleted, its because the Ego is getting in the way and you believe its “you” doing the work and that “you” are responsible and that “you” need to do it and that “you” are sending energy. Healing is more effective and fun if this “you” gets out of the way and simply allows healing to happen.

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