On negative personality changes after the death of a loved one

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Frederick Dodson

In my coaching work, I’ve heard of a number of personality-changes to the negative after a loved one died.
After the grieving phase is over a loving father started drinking and becoming violent.
An employee started stealing funds from his company.
People divorce from their spouses.
Some grieving is normal but don’t get stuck on a low emotional level because it attracts the unwanted. Check your beliefs around “death”: Is the person really gone forever? (No) Does your sadness benefit the person? (No) Is the separation temporary? (Yes) Is the universe a loving place and the person therefore in good hands? (Yes).
Thoughts more closely aligned with truth/reality makes the grieving process easier/lighter. Then the process feels like a softening of the heart rather than abandonment. The person who has passed away benefits most from you wishing them well. Instead of succumbing to pain, put attention on the deceased and think “May you find peace”.
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