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I do not consent to Covid Collectivism

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Imagine living in a world where, if one person coughs, the whole country locks down.


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The other day I was sipping coffee and watching a small group of protesters against lock down. A guy in his car pulled shouted: “You’re all nuts! You’re going to infect people you selfish assholes!”

And just like that…freedom came to be considered selfish

Like these protestors, I’m in the minority, but I’d like to officially go on record saying:

I do not consent to the lock-down. 

The more people can say that, the sooner it’s over.

I’ve been clinically dead once and near-death another two times, so I’m not too worried about it. I actually look forward to the day I can ascend to a higher place, so I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I never demanded that you shut down your Business. In fact, I was never asked. Would you demand that Businesses be shut down to avoid a virus spread? Or would you just stay home, if you were worried about an infection?

Global lock down measures have been an assault on small Business. Many have gone broke and let go employees. All this “for the sake of the collective”? For those “less fortunate”? What about the families of the employees who lost their jobs?

Lock downs should have required peoples explicit consent. If they didn’t in your country, then your Government acted unlawfully. Why are the majority of people accepting of unlawful actions? Due to unfamiliarity with law. Their acceptance is taken as implicit consent.

The Covid-19 farce is just the latest outfit that collectivism is wearing. Those who embrace it have a short memory span. They’ve already forgotten the failed 20th Century relics called Communism and Fascism, which left hundreds of millions of people starved, desperate or killed.

“What’s wrong with giving up your selfish “freedoms” if you can save just one life? Viewed superficially, it makes sense. If I can save just one life,  why not give up my freedom of movement, of association, of Business? Except that giving up your Business negatively affects your community in the long run. More deaths come through poverty than through viruses. In poverty you don’t have access to good medical care, good food and the inner well-being required for a resilient physical body.

In many countries it was or is now illegal to run a restaurant, hotel, gym, meditation studio, office space, etc. My job as a success-coach will become quite challenging if it becomes illegal to be successful. Small Businesses are the backbone of civilized society, because they help regular people and their communities, make a living. Once they are gone, all you have left are large Corporations and Government, and no middle class. That’s why there was no lock down with SARS, Swine Flu and other more deadly viruses.

Every time collectivism rears its head, militarism and mass-surveillance soon follow. Hence, in some countries you now have military enforce covid curfews and spy-drones check for people breaching lock-down restrictions.


If you’re too sanitized and “protected”, your immune system never develops any defenses and becomes weak.  Once everyone is locked in to prevent virus deaths, death will find another way in.  If it’s your Souls’ time to go, then so be it – death is not as tragic as they make it. All of our fear-measures can’t prevent it. If anything, extreme focus on “coronavirus”, has caused more deaths, because resources and attention are drawn away from other, more severe illnesses such as heart-disease, cancer or even other forms of flu. Peoples isolation causes additional psychosomatic problems.

“But Fred…what if a more severe pandemic outbreak happens? Will you still have the same views? Don’t you think its right to quarantine people to prevent the spread of something potentially deadly?”

Yes, it’s a good idea to quarantine people…if they are sick. It’s not a good idea to collectively quarantine everyone, even the healthy. In a sane society, the sick are quarantined for a time. In a dysfunctional society, the healthy are quarantined. Covid-19 did not mark the beginning of a global dysfunction, it revealed the dysfunction we were already living in. Dysfunction always leads to collectivist zeal, which leads to more problems in the long run.

In a healthy, enlightened society, there are things that should be determined collectively and things that should be determined individually. If you take the model of a small village, it’s easier to see what’s right and wrong. If one person in the village gets a contagious illness, who should be quarantined: The sick person or the whole village?

Collectivism has never worked. Did you know that all positive breakthroughs in human advancement came from individuals, not groups, committees, corporations or organizations? The most negative events in human History usually come from Mobs. Individuals that bring positive change are normally “outsiders” and “misfits” who don’t easily fit to any one group or collective.

The most important inventions were not made by subsidized Corporations, but by lone mavericks. Important inventions have in common that they are initially resisted, called impossible, unusable or unimportant.

The steam turbine, radio and wireless communication were invented by the much attacked Nikola Tesla, the Telephone by Johann Phillip Reis who was self-taught, phonograph and lamp by Thomas Edison, the car was invented by Carl Benz, the airplane by the Wright Brothers, the Jet Engine by Frank Whittle, the commercial computer by Eckert and Mauchly, Polaroid Photography  by Edwin Land, Cinema by the Lumiere brothers, Celluloid film by Eastman, etc. Anyone using a light switch, turning on a TV or Computer, making a phone call, listening to music, driving a car or flying a plane, is doing so thanks to a lone individual, not institutionalized science, not a governmental research group, not a large corporation.

Likewise, no progress in spiritual knowledge has ever come through an institutionalized religion. All progress in spiritual knowledge has come through lone sages, saints, mystics, prophets and messengers. Oftentimes they are first hated and mocked by those institutions and gain recognition through word-of-mouth of regular people.

Collectivism also doesn’t work when it comes to Accountability: We speak of “the media” and “the Government” and “the Corporation”, but there is no such thing. People say “the media tells lies”. But who is “the media”? Because its a collective term, a specific culprit cannot be targeted. He can hide behind “the media”. “The Government covered it up” Who is “the Government”? Who exactly covered it up? “The Corporation treats people badly”. None of these statements can be true. It can only be true that a specific person treats another badly, a specific person covers something up, a specific person lies. Who is it? Collectivism obscures accountability. In reality, a specific person is responsible for doing a specific thing.

As long as things are referred to as some generalized collective, no truth can be established. Notice that all Wars were wars against some demonized collective. We say we are “at war” with some nation or culture. But in many cases, the regular people of those cultures, have little interest in war and weren’t even asked.

The word “Collectivism” is the act of giving a group priority over the individuals in it. But a collective is made up of individuals. When that’s forgotten, the collective becomes cruel. Throughout human History, nobody had to ask permission to go fishing, collect rain water, build a house, own property, start a business, renovate ones home, use a transportation vehicle, get married, go hunting, cut hair, sell a product, protest, grow food on your property or set up a lemonade stand. Today, in most places around the world, these things are “prohibited” unless you ask someone else for “permission”. That’s collectivism turned cruel and out of control.

What can you do about it? Maintain your unique individuality, viewpoint and creativity. Keep questioning group-think and fear-based thought. Know the laws of your country. Focus on ways people have cured themselves from symptoms instead of focusing on how “others might infect me”.  In a world of homogenized news-reporting, homogenized measures and homogenized opinions, dare dissent.


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