NEW BOOK: What do you know about human harvesting?

Picture of Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Because of personal experiences and spiritual realization, the author embarks on a quest to find out whether there is an anti-human or alien reptilian presence on, above or under Earth seeking to harvest human beings as energy, food, slave labor, for sex and other purposes. Among the many “forbidden” subjects covered in this book: The disappearance of “reptilian” researchers, the “human meat” conspiracy, missing children, propaganda and brainwashing techniques, how to spot and remove psychopaths from organizations, astral and dreamscape manipulation and many other things too controversial for mainstream “conspiracy” literature. Unlike other books of the genre, the author also presents methods to counter, combat and transcend nefarious agendas so that we can work together to take back our planet and restore freedom, peace and prosperity for all.

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